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Chapter 582 - The Aftermath

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 582: The Aftermath

    Although the European Union was a leading economy that had dozens of member states, wealth wasn't something valuable to Chen Fan. He was only a step away from attaining the Connate realm, money wasn't something he cared for.

    "But it doesn't mean that the North Qiong Sect and North Qiong Corp don't need it," Chen Fan pondered with his hands on the armrests.

    The power of the North Qiong Sect had expanded from China to most of Southeast Asia and had started to encroach on Europe. It could definitely take the place vacated by the Dark World Arbitration Department.

    But this move would need approval from the European countries.

    After all, England and France were both superpowers and they were supported by the United States. If they didn't agree, the North Qiong Sect would only be able to run wild in Europe for a while; it would eventually be smothered by those superpowers and would have to leave in the end. Even though Chen Fan was powerful, he wouldn't want to pick fights with them. England and France might drop their nuclear weapons if he pissed them off.

    "Apart from granting powers to the North Qiong Sect, I also want the European countries to offer North Qiong Corp a pass which allows us to enjoy the same benefits the European companies have, to spare us from any censoring," Chen Fan said calmly.

    As he listed out his conditions, Charles eventually became expressionless.

    Many European forces were dissatisfied since the North Qiong Sect wanted a share in the European underground world. As for North Qiong Corp, they could easily sweep through the European markets with the Vitality Serum. By then, many medical and pharmaceutical companies would probably end in bankruptcy.

    "I'm afraid the leaders wouldn't agree with these conditions."

    Charles wiped his cold sweat off.

    "Well then, I'll stay in Europe for a little longer. I must kill the Dark Duke anyway," Chen Fan said earnestly.

    "Oh God!" Charles almost screamed.

    Chen Fan had chased after the Dark Duke three times, seemingly unable to kill him. Instead, he randomly slaughtered countless powerful families and drenched the underground world in blood. If he kept killing, the entire Europe would be gone.

    "Let me go and discuss with the leaders. I'll get back to you."

    Charles left anxiously.

    "Teacher, why don't you just kill the Dark Duke?" A'Xiu wondered.

    Based on her understanding, Chen Fan would never let any enemy escape, but he was still unable to kill the Dark Duke. That didn't make sense to her. The Dark Duke couldn't even stand a single punch from Chen Fan, how could he escape so many times?

    "Master is doing it on purpose! If the Dark Duke is alive, the European countries will still have a thread of hope and they wouldn't rush into a dangerous situation. On the other hand, if he dies, they will ask the United States for help and there won't be any more negotiations."

    The others nodded as Yukishiro Sa explained.

    "It's mainly because I'm too lazy," Chen Fan said and everyone was speechless.

    The real reason was that Chen Fan couldn't track down the Dark Duke within a short period of time. He seemed to be using some secret arts to hide in a different world. Besides, Chen Fan wanted to see if the Blood Ancestor did exist. If he killed the Dark Duke, he would lose the lead to the Blood Ancestor.

    "Don't worry about the Dark Duke. I've left a tracing mark on him, so I will know when he comes out. He has received severe injuries so I guess he won't be showing up in a few years."

    Chen Fan stretched his body.

    After dealing with the other matters, Chen Fan started to look at the gains from the battle.

    Setting aside the enormous wealth the Dark World Arbitration Department had, the Winter Palace alone was worth hundreds of millions.

    It was much more when compared to North Qiong Corp's assets. Besides, the Dark World Arbitration Department had plundered the Earth for a few centuries and their warehouse was filled with gold, gems, emeralds, diamonds and other rare treasures, which were all hard currencies the Dark World Arbitration Department had from all over the world and could probably sell at a good price. Needless to mention that the Dark World Arbitration Department also controlled shares of many consortiums and deeds around the world.

    "However, those shares and deeds might not be recognized by the consortiums and countries, and they only represent worldly treasures. The treasures that are really useful for me are the Spirit Artifacts and the Spirit Medicines."

    Chen Fan then took out a few Spirit Artifacts from the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    The Forlorn Crimson.

    Blood Knight's saber, which was said to have been previously owned by the French royalty and was made by a cultivator from Northern Europe. There was blood of the Blood Ancestor on the saber and it was so sharp that it could cut through diamonds. It was a low grade Spirit Artifact.

    The Staff of Death.

    The Dharma Treasure of the Earl of Terror, it was the staff Anubis had given to his high priest. There were two cursed gems on the head of the staff which were powerful enough to kill an Immortal State Warrior. It was also a low grade Spirit Artifact.

    The Decapitator's Axe.

    The weapon used by the Undead God of War Barr, that the Consul of the Roman Empire had asked a Saint to make. Seven runes had been engraved on the axe which could increase its power by seventy times once activated. It was a low grade Spirit Artifact as well.

    Those three artifacts had been obtained from the arbitrators. Some were Divine Artifacts of ancient Deities and some were weapons the Saints had left behind, but they were all Spirit Artifacts.

    And yet, the artifact that impressed Chen Fan the most was the last one:

    The Angel's Thirteen Octaves.

    The dagger of the Devil of Death. It was a weapon made by the ancient God of the Tigris and Euphrates from the rib of an angel, and there were thirteen curses carved on its blade. It had been stained with the blood of several Deities and Earth Level Deities, earning the name "God-killing Dagger." It was a mid-grade Spirit Artifact.

    "This dagger is a mid-grade Spirit Artifact, but it's much stronger than the Thunder Seal. I guess it can nearly be regarded as a superior-grade artifact."

    Chen Fan held the Angel's Thirteen Octaves in his hand.

    The one foot and three inches long dagger produced a buzzing sound. It was surrounded by black mist and lights started to appear; each beam of light represented a curse. The thirteen curses seemed so horrifying that even a Deity wouldn't be able to escape.

    If Chen Fan weren't at the peak stage of Divine Sea, he wouldn't be able to survive a single attack from the dagger.

    "Engraving five runes or arrays on a Dharma Artifact would be enough to turn it into a Spirit Artifact, and this dagger has thirteen of them. The ancient God who created this dagger must have an unimaginably high level, at least at the peak stage of Connate or even the Golden Core State."

    But Chen Fan wasn't worried.

    The dagger was extremely old; it was probably made a few thousand years before. Even a Golden Core cultivator could only live a thousand years. A Deity might live longer but would have already turned into dust after a few thousand years.

    "Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu, Xiao Jin, you can have these weapons."

    The disciples then came forth to take the weapons.

    "Huh? Are you giving them to us, master?"

    Yukishiro Sa's eyes widened.

    They couldn't believe it.

    They had seen the power of those Divine Artifacts with their own eyes and had heard about their old tales. Each one of them had been made a thousand years or more in the past, having left a brand in history. The arbitrators could threaten Chen Fan with those artifacts, but Chen Fan was simply giving them away?

    Chen Fan said, "These might be the Divine Artifacts of many people's dreams, but being my disciples, you have to take the long view. The artifacts will only be a pile of scrap in the future."

    The Thunder Seal and the Sword of Essence Restoring he had were both treasures for cultivators, but those artifacts were the refinement tools for Deities. Even though Chen Fan could still use them, he wouldn't be able to exhibit his full power, so he would rather give them to his disciples to increase their powers.

    The girls had already achieved powers at the Dark Roll level. Together with those few Divine Artifacts, even Immortal State Warriors would be unable to compete with them.

    "Yes, Master."

    Yukishiro Sa walked forward and the others followed.

    Yukishiro Sa used swords so she took the Forlorn Crimson. Yu Wenjin was a Perfected Cultivator so she took the Staff of Death. A'Xiu fought with her bare hands so she chose the Angel's Thirteen Octaves. Finally, Chen Fan saved the last one, the Decapitator's Axe, for Tong Shan.

    With the Spirit Artifacts, the girls immediately became more powerful.


    Yukishiro Sa slashed with the Forlorn Crimson.

    A ten feet long crimson blade aura swept through the air and created a long mark on the floor of the temple. Yukishiro Sa was much more powerful than she used to be.

    Yu Wenjin spinned the staff and two crimson curse rays immediately shot out from it. Those two curse rays were terrifying. They skimmed across the air with a power that could smash everything, and the statues and stone pillars they hit would simply disappear.

    Spells cast with the Staff of Death had powers a few times stronger than usual and were close to those cast by an Immortal State Warrior.

    Only A'Xiu put away the God-killing Dagger without trying it out, but she had become the strongest among the several girls. Even an Immortal State Warrior would be unable to fend off an attack of the dagger; the Snowwolf King Galdan would have died immediately after being stabbed.

    A'Xiu could kill an Immortal State Warrior with this weapon!

    "Thank you, Master."

    All of them happily thanked Chen Fan for the weapons, as if they had found a treasure.

    The three girls looked at Chen Fan with their glittering eyes. Other people would usually try to give them sports cars, mansions and diamond rings, but Chen Fan gave them powerful and historical Divine Artifacts. How could they not be happy?

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Those artifacts might be like priceless treasures in the girls' eyes, but Chen Fan was the Celestial Lord who had fought throughout the universe. He wouldn't even lay eyes on Divine Artifacts from the strong races of the universe.

    "But I can also see my lack of treasures. My disciples don't have any good weapons. I have to find some in the West and schedule the production of a Dharma Artifact on the agenda at the same time."

    Chen Fan focused his attention on another treasure with a glint in his eyes.

    The reason why he didn't care much about those Spirit Artifacts was that they were found in the Dark World Arbitration Department.

    "The Dark World Arbitration Department is indeed powerful, but they were too easy for me to defeat."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.