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Chapter 581 - New World, New Rule

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 581: New World, New Rule

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    "The Dark World Arbitration Department is gone?"

    The Underground World went silent after hearing the news.

    Be it organizations in the Dark World, major family clans or mercenary groups, no one believed what had happened.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department had dominated this world for many years and had five mighty Dark Lords. How could they have died by Chen Fan's hands?

    It was a joke!

    Although the Dark World Arbitration Department had retreated to the backstage for fifty years, its former glory had not diminished in the slightest. In many ways, it was very similar to the British Empire. It had been lauded as the empire where the sun would never set, and it was still a significant country in the world.

    North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia…

    They had swept across the world, killing many Immortal State Warriors who dared to rise up against it. Even during the time when Immortal State Warriors were abundant in the world, vampires lived under the shadow of the Dark World Arbitration Department. Even the Divine Roll had been created by the Dark Duke.

    However, such a deeply rooted and powerful faction in the power matrix of the world had been obliterated. Four of the five chief Arbitrators had been killed!

    "Unbelievable! How could Chen Beixuan be so strong?" a user called King of Fight posted.

    Many people knew that the King of Fight was the Brigadier General of the War God Mercenary Group. It was the third most powerful Mercenary Group after the Crimson Wings and the Diablo.

    "The five chief Arbitrators were all mighty forces that had pinned Europe under their boots for hundreds of years. Not even Antonio, Battle Wolf King or the Dharma-rāja could have brought them down. They were as powerful as Mortal Deities in the East. However, Chen Beixuan defeated all five of them on his own," another user called the Black and White Demon Hunter exclaimed.

    The Black and White Demon Hunter was the heir of the White Hair Reaper. He had become a Grandmaster at an incredibly young age.

    In less than a minute, a slew of famous characters on the internet posted their own two cents. The other internet users were shocked by their high status.

    "Blood Dragon William, nice to see you."

    Someone recognized the user.

    Blood Dragon William was the family lord of the Dragon Blood family in North Europe.

    Rumor had it that the family clan's ancestor had bathed in the blood of a Golden Dragon, giving his descendants a high chance to awaken innate abilities. The European Union and the United States of America had even extracted their blood, trying to come up with a serum that would emulate Dragon Blood.

    Blood Dragon William let out a wry smile and said, "I have to. How could I miss this? The Arbitration Department is no more and the Christian Church has yet to make a move. The world is about to change!"

    Everyone agreed with him with some degree of trepidation.

    "Does anyone know exactly how powerful Chen Beixuan is? Is there any video footage of the fight?" the King of Fight asked.

    "It was raining heavily at the time, so no one has any recordings. However, I heard people saying that the chief Arbitrators had virtually cornered Chen Beixuan, but he was able to turn the situation around by leveling up," said the Black and White Demon Hunter as he shook his head.

    "Level up? Is Chen Beixuan an Earth Level Deity now?!" someone exclaimed.

    That conversation thread immediately caught everyone's attention.

    "Earth Level Deity… Tsk, tsk."

    It was the stuff of legends. Earth Level Deities had not risen from the East in a thousand years. On the other hand, the West's equivalent of an Earth Level Deity was Saint Augustine, and he had ascended to heaven years back.

    If Chen Fan had reached the Earth Level Deity realm, he had to be the most powerful man on earth. Even nations with nuclear capabilities would not pose a challenge for him. That being said, no one had ever used nuclear bombs against an Earth Level Deity, so no one knew for sure their effectiveness in dealing with one.

    "Chen Beixuan said he wasn't an Earth Level Deity, but he can kill one," a user called Flaming Angel said.

    "He is the Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings, James Hutton," someone pointed out.

    "General Hutton, you witnessed the battle. By your estimation, how powerful is Chen Beixuan?" someone was curious and asked.

    "You would never imagine how powerful Chen Beixuan was until you see it with your own eyes," Hutton paused for a second and then said, "Although I'm not sure if Earth Level Deities or Saints exist or not, Chen Beixuan is definitely more powerful in comparison."

    His answer cast a silence spell over the Forum.

    James Hutton, the Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings, number seventeen on the Dark Roll… he admitted that Chen Beixuan was more powerful than an Earth Level Deity.

    "So you agree with the Observer that the world is going to change drastically?" Blood Dragon William asked.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan and the North Qiong Sect were working diligently, uprooting the remaining forces of the Dark World Arbitration Department.

    December 5th…

    Chen Beixuan killed four Chief Arbitrators, and more than a hundred Arbitrators.

    December 6th…

    Chen Beixuan led the North Qiong Sect and laid waste to the Dark World Arbitration Department HQ on the outskirts of London, slaughtering anyone who dared to block their way. In the end, Hilo, the leader of the Dark Guard surrendered with the remaining forces and opened the gates for Chen Beixuan.

    December, from the seventh to the tenth…

    Members of the North Qiong Sect swept across Europe, looking for members of the Dark World Arbitration Department who had slipped away. Chen Fan hunted down the Dark Duke in the Dark World Arbitration Department's branch office in the island of Sicily.

    Following five days, the European underground world was in complete chaos.

    Not even the Christian Church could have brought down the Dark World Arbitration Department, but Chen Fan had done it. Even the most arrogant man in Europe would not dare to flout Chen Fan publicly.

    Meanwhile, inside a large palace compound outside of London…

    "Sir, please stop now. The leaders of Europe are all on edge," Councillor Charles pleaded.

    Charles' arrogant and derisive demeanor had been replaced by panic and fear. He lowered his head and begged Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan had killed many people in Europe. Although most of his victims had been from the Dark World Arbitration Department, some had been questionable civilians with ties to the Dark Lords.

    Those civilians were from powerful family clans and the downfall of those families was causing panic among the leaders of Europe.

    "I will stop whenever I like," Chen Fan said casually, lolling in a french style lounge chair. Li Xinru sat next to him and was massaging his shoulders.

    "You have already killed over a thousand people, and toppled seventeen royal family clans. Your sect also had a confrontation with the Spanish and the Italian police. If you don't stop now, there are going to be even larger skirmishes," Charles said in a trembling voice.

    The North Qiong Sect was operating outside of their home base, therefore, they felt less restricted by rules, and thought less of the implications of their actions. Many people had been able to record them while they executed tasks.

    It was the year 2011 and almost everyone had a smartphone; it wasn't very difficult to take videos and photos to share them on the Internet.

    Ever since the incident in Myanmar, the people's trust in the governments of the world had eroded significantly.

    They felt they were living in an apocalypse where terrifying monsters roamed the earth.

    Many people saw it as the sign of the Armageddon and some had even killed themselves in outbursts of despair and hysteria.

    "Really? That many?"

    There was a great degree of levity in Chen Fan's surprise. His face was calm and indifferent. "Sounds like the Dark World Arbitration Department had deep roots in the European Union Governments. I think we need to kill more of them."

    "What? More?"

    Charles nearly jumped out of his chair.

    Charles bowed to Chen Fan deeply and pleaded, "Sir, please sir, stop now. The European Union will no longer exist if you continue."

    Li Xinru watched as the white-haired elder who wielded unthinkable power in his hands begged Chen Fan like a subordinate.

    Li Xinru had been sent away from the Wisteria Manor before the battle started; she had missed the fight.

    When she was brought back, she was shocked when she saw his grandiose new residence. It was a huge palace compound outside of London, called the Winter Palace. It used to be a royal chalet for the king of England and had at one time been taken away by the Dark World Arbitration Department.

    London had the world's most expensive real estate; to own such a huge property at the outskirts of London would cost a few dozen billions.

    "Mr. Chen, what will make you stop then?" Charles asked as he gritted his teeth.

    Chen Fan let out a smirk as he recognized that it was time to name his price.