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Chapter 580 - The Supreme Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 580: The Supreme Power

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    The Earl of Terror, God of War Barr, Blood Knight and the Devil of Death had perished; the Dark Duke had run away with only half a breath left in him.

    Chen Fan's last punch had shattered the boundaries between realities, and even with the protection of the Divine Goblet of Blood, the Dark Duke lost half of his body and nearly lost his Divine Soul.

    "WE WON!"

    It took awhile for A'Xiu and the others to wrap their minds around what had just happened.

    As they cheered in joy, the Arbitrators lowered their heads; despite the masks they wore, their fear and despair were obvious at a glance.

    "Master, what should we do with these men?" Yukishiro Sa asked.

    Her white shirt had been tainted by specks of blood which mirrored her red cheeks. Even though she had mastered the Sword Art of Azure Flower, dealing with so many Arbitrators in one go had exhausted her energy. All of them belonged to the Blood Race; each of them had incredible speed and strength.

    "Sir, I am the Chairman of the Dark World Arbitration Department."

    An old man cloaked in a black robe stepped forward.

    His robe has a silver trim along its edges, symbolizing that his status was just below the chiefs. A dark and mysterious energy rippled about him; it reminded Chen Fan of the Snowwolf King, Galdan. He was the leader of the group of Arbitrators.

    The elder bowed slightly and said, "Since you have defeated the Chiefs, we are willing to bury the hatchet from now on."

    Everyone held their breath and waited for Chen Fan's reply.

    Over the last hundred years, the Dark World Arbitration Department had never bowed to anyone other than the United States of America and the USSR. The world would be in turmoil once the old man's offer was leaked.

    "You have offended me. Therefore you won't leave without paying the price."

    Chen Fan smirked and linked his hands behind his back as he issued a command, "Finish them."

    "How dare you!"

    The old man rounded his eyes in anger and fumed, "These men are the descendants of the mighty Blood Race. You have already killed Damon and four Blood Guards, if you don't stop now, the Blood Ancestor would never forgive you."

    "I will be waiting for him right here then," Chen Fan said indifferently. His face was as cold as stone.

    He had already reached the peak of the Immortal State and was only a few steps away from reaching the Earth Level Deity realm. He could easily win a fight against a Earth Level Deity with the powerful arts at his disposal. Not even the Blood Ancestor would pose a threat.


    As soon as Chen Fan waved a hand, Yukishiro Sa and the other warriors charged at their enemies.

    "Break out of here! We need to awaken our master and make him aware of this!" The old man shouted. Suddenly, the crowd of Arbitrators dispersed with lightning speed in all directions.

    Their speeds were so fast that they left a shadow trail. Yukishiro Sa tried to intercept them, but was only able to catch up with a few.

    Yukishiro Sa thought to herself as she hurried.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department's supremacy was not only because of the five chiefs.

    These dozen Grandmaster level Arbitrators were also the backbone of the Dark World Arbitration Department. They could annihilate any sect in the world if they joined forces.

    "You might have been able to get away if I hadn't reached the Divine Sea."

    Chen Fan was not worried about them getting away. He cracked a smile and extended an arm.


    A force drew blood from Blood Knight's corpse until he turned into a grey empty husk. That blood converged and formed a large blood sphere.

    The untamed magic of the Dark Force was contained within the ball.

    Be it Blood Knight or the Earl of Terror, they were both Half Breeds and their aether had more Qi in them than a Connate Spirit Beast. They could be further refined to make superior-grade Spirit Pills.

    However, Chen Fan was using them for another purpose.

    "Blood Fiend Damon cursed my father, so I have sworn to eliminate his race. I shall fulfill my oath today," Chen Fan said. Suddenly, two flames emerged from his eyes.

    Li Fire Golden Eyes!

    "Blood Origin Curse!"

    Chen Fan's hands shifted and created numerous signs; each movement was accompanied by eruptions of brilliant lights. He suddenly extended one hand to pull out fire from his left eye and hurl it at the ball of blood.

    Tang Yuanqin would gasp in shock if he were there.

    Chen Fan had used the same Bloodline Curse that he had used to kill all the members of the Sheng Family.

    This was a purer version of the Blood Race's Blood Origin Curse. Due to Chen Fan's superior power, it was much stronger than the version used by Damon.

    Everyone watched as countless threads were shot at the back of the Arbitrator.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department was also a stronghold for vampires. Vampires on earth shared a common ancestry and each red line represented an offshoot of that main stem. One of the thickest threads was headed toward the direction where the Dark Duke was.


    Chen Fan summoned his Divine Power.

    A wave of golden flames was rising inside the blood ball.

    The flames were quickly spread along the threads, reaching the Arbitrators and engulfing them in an instant.

    Fire emerged from within their bodies, and it was impossible to extinguish.

    The weaker ones were reduced to ashes in a blink and only a few senior Arbitrators were able to fend off the fire using their dark forces.

    Nonetheless, they couldn't completely stop the fire from nibbling away at their flesh. The pain made them shout miserably.

    "Curse you, Chen Beixuan! You'll be doomed when my master awakens!"

    Their threats didn't have any effect on Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan looked at the ball and saw that most of the threads had already snapped; only the thickest one remained attached to the surface of the ball.

    That thread was directly linked to the Dark Duke. He was a Half Breed, which made him exceptionally tough to kill. However, Chen Fan had detected through his Divine Will that the Dark Duke had been gravely injured by the fire. The flame would have devoured his Divine Soul if he had not been protected by the Divine Goblet of Blood.

    "Is that what I think it is?"

    A light glinted in Chen Fan's eyes.

    He had noticed a thread so thin that it was invisible to the eye. Chen Fan linked his Divine Sense with the thread and searched its source. It wasn't long before he sensed a formidable dark force.

    It was someone much stronger than the Blood Knight and the Dark Duke. Its putrid scent of evil reminded Chen Fan about something he was very familiar with.

    "The Dark Blood Race. Could there be genuine Dark Blood entities on earth?"

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    The thread snapped even as Chen Fan was planning to sense further. In any case, he was a Connate Spirit Being, and would be too much for even Chen Fan to handle. However, he reckoned that the force was still in a deep slumber.

    "It's no big deal even if it was awake. "

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Chen Fan had reached the late-stage of the Divine Sea and possessed incredible strength. He was confident that no one on earth could defeat him.

    After considering this, Chen Fan turned around and scanned his surroundings.

    Although the onlookers were a thousand meters away from him, they sensed Chen Fan's ice cold gaze landing upon them; the intensity made them shiver. Chen Fan then looked up and saw how the dark clouds had dispersed, revealing a bright moon.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and thought,

    He also felt a heavy pressure had been lifted off of his mind. The pressure was originating from the Seven Kill Curse that had bound him to his oath to kill Damon. By then, Chen Fan had fulfilled his pledge and lifted the link to the curse.


    Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu walked toward Chen Fan with a skip in their steps. Joy and excitement were written all over their faces.

    The North Qiong Sect could finally claim supremacy after that day's battle. Other than Kunlun and the Christian Church, no other forces in the would could challenge the North Qiong Sect.

    "Clear the battlefield quickly, and come with me to the Dark World Arbitration Department. There are many treasures awaiting us there," Chen Fan said.

    Although Chen Fan had paid a massive price to win, it had been well worth it in the end. He had looted a few Spirit Artifacts from the Arbitrators, such as the Staff of Death and the Angel's Thirteen Octaves. Although some of those artifacts had been shattered during combat, most of them survived the violence unharmed.

    However, those were just the tip of the iceberg.

    The Blood Race had been eliminated, leaving the Dark World Arbitration Department unguarded and waiting for Chen Fan to claim all of its treasures. It would make the North Qiong Sect the richest power in the world.

    Seeing the North Qiong Sect members looting the powerful artifacts from the dead bodies, the onlookers exchanged glances in fear.

    "This is unbelievable! The world is going to change," someone murmured.

    December 5, 2011.

    Chen Beixuan killed four of the chief Arbitrators and uprooted the Dark World Arbitration Department. The Dark Lords who had dominated the world for three hundred years finally faded away and became history.

    The whole world was shocked by the news.