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Chapter 579 - Kill Them All

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 579: Kill Them All

    The Earl of Terror, Ravenci.

    He was one of the five Chief Arbitrators in the Dark World Arbitration Department and also a Kindred Guard of the Blood Ancestor. He used to control the entire Dark World in the west and had lived over three hundred years.

    However, such a powerful warrior was killed by Chen Fan with one slap.

    Although the Earl of Terror was the weakest of the five, the fact that he had died so easily spoke loudly of Chen Beixuan's power and begged the question as to how powerful exactly Chen Beixuan was.

    "Is he an… Earth Level Deity?" someone asked in a trembling voice.

    The Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings was frozen like a statue. Many other onlookers, be it Arbitrators or the members of the North Qiong Sect, all of them gaped at Che Fan in disbelief.

    "It's impossible! The Earl has an undying body. He can't be killed."

    A cloaked Arbitrator with a silver mask shook his head in clear denial.

    Although many people refused to believe it, the reality was that Chen Fan had reduced the Earl of Terror into a wad of messy pulp on the ground. There was no sign of his life force, neither from his Divine Soul. The only reminder of his existence was the Staff of Death that was lodged in the ground, with the Curse Gems blinking.

    "Yi Wood Connate Spirit Grand Qin Na Hand!"

    That had been the killing blow from the Five Elements Immortal Sect and only a Connate Spirit Cultivator could have unleashed its full power. Although Chen Fan has not yet reached the Connate Spirit level, he was very close.

    By then, it was evident that Chen Fan's power and abilities were truly terrifying.

    "You killed Ravenci!"

    Barr's eyes were agape, filled with rage and anger.

    His energy was surging and his blood boiled as if a knot of fire were being stocked up in his belly. He gritted his teeth and let out a few words in a deep growl, "Chen Beixuan, I swear I will tear open your throat, pull off your skin, drink your blood and decapitate you!"

    The words coming out of Barr's mouth miraculously gained a corporeal form in the real world.

    They looked like bloody symbols, twisting and weaving into each other, forming a blood seal.

    Barr was very close to becoming a Connate Being, so he could freely tap into the powers of nature and cast a spell just by incantation. The language Barr used had been invented by one of the primordial evils in the world during the beginning of creation.


    Barr brought Decapitator up above his head.

    The giant battle axe was over three meters long and had a hazy crimson glow. It was covered with seven ancient blasphemies written in a forbidden language. Those symbols started to shine brighter by the second as Barr brandished the axe and charged at Chen Fan.


    A ray of crimson light came up along the horizon.

    The three meter long battle axe appeared out of nowhere and broke the sonic barrier as it rushed toward Chen Fan. The runes carved onto the battle axe had the magic ability of increasing the axe's weight. When the seven runes were working at the same time, the axe weighed seventy times more than usual.

    By then, it weighed as much as an armored vehicle.

    Life and color was drained from many onlookers' faces as they were seized by terror.

    By then, they finally understood the full extent of the Dark Lord's power. Unlike Li Changsheng or Lin Shuming who could only unleash their full power for a few hours, those deadly warriors could fight in full capacity for much longer. They had reached the peak of the Mortal Deity level, and were only a few steps away from the Earth Level Deity realm.


    Chen Fan was unfazed by the seemingly overwhelming attack. His face was impassive, showing an indifference akin to a god's.

    Chen Fan reached out with one hand and closed his fingers to form a fist, then he punched.


    The power of the punch was beyond description.

    The onlookers suddenly felt as if the sky were falling around their ears, the moon and sun lost track of their celestial order and appeared at the same time. It was as if the whole world were being moved by Chen Fan's immeasurable power. He had emptied all the Essence Qi in a few square kilometer area and packed it into his fist.


    A ray of blinding azure light was launched from Chen Fan's fist.

    That Essence was so packed and concentrated that it had formed an energy beam. It was only as wide as Chen Fan's arm when it first exited the fist, but it quickly expanded as it absorbed more Essence Qi.


    As soon as the aura from the axe came into contact with the azure energy, it shattered into pieces, allowing the azure beam to land squarely on the Decapitator.

    Despite its weight, the Decapitator was knocked out of Barr's hand.

    Barr watched in disbelief as the azure energy pierced into his chest.

    "How is this possible?"

    Barr was still in a charging position, but his face wore an expression of disbelief.

    He could have chosen to ignore reality, but he couldn't ignore the wound on his chest. The light in his eyes dimmed until it was gone entirely. One second later, a pulse of violet energy erupted from inside him, shredding his body into bits and pieces.

    Chen Fan had killed Bear with one punch!

    True Martial Divine Fist!

    This was the art that had made the True Martial Celestial Sect the most powerful sect in the universe.

    This art was more advanced than the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms. It had forsaken rigid forms and focused on damage through a burst of raw energy.

    Chen Fan didn't use any tricks or gimmicks while delivering the attack. Barr's body was destroyed by the sheer amount of True Essence, while his Divine Soul was undone by the intense fury and terror unleashed by that fist.

    Even an undying body would be unable to regenerate without a Divine Soul.

    The development took the wind out of the Arbitrators' sails. They felt a cold breeze move around them as their minds were seized by despair.

    "The Undead God of War Barr is …dead?"

    "Did Chen Beixuan just punch him to death? He couldn't even regenerate his body?"

    "Who is Chen Beixuan? Is he a mortal or a god? Why is he powerful enough to kill a Dark Lord with ease?"

    The Arbitrators were shocked by the death of the Earl of Terror, and had been in a state of denial. However, the death of Barr was a wake up call for them. They knew they were dealing with someone truly terrifying.

    The remaining three chief Arbitrators and their minions were shaken to the core.

    In their minds' eyes, they saw Chen Fan becoming the Godfiend that they so fervently worshipped.

    "Have you become an Earth Level Deity?" the Dark Duke clutched the Divine Goblet of Blood tightly as he asked Chen Fan with caution.

    "Earth Level Deity? No."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said lightly, "However, I can kill an Earth Level Deity with ease."

    He approached the topic with such levity that it was as if Earth Level Deities were insignificant insects.

    Somehow, everyone felt that his attitude was apt. He had proven himself by defeating the Dark Lords who had reached the peak of the Mortal Deity realm. He shouldn't fare too badly against a real Earth Level Deity.

    "Let's go!"

    The Dark Duke and the other two gave each other a knowing glance and they broke the sonic barrier to bolt in three different directions.

    They had abandoned their minions to their own devices.

    Chen Fan's power had reminded them of their own master.

    "You want to escape?"

    Chen Fan curled his lips and formed a faint smile, then he turned into a path of shadow, darting across space.

    The shadow had an otherworldly quality to it, as if it were traversing in an alternate dimension where the laws of physics didn't exist. In a blink, Chen Fan had caught up with the Devil of Death.

    "Phantom Light!"

    It was a concealment art used by sages.


    The Devil of Death swung the dagger around and brought it to a side slash.

    He had used all of his strength in his attack and initiated all thirteen curses on the dagger. Suddenly, a droning drifted across space, uttering out the spell.

    Angel's Thirteen Octaves

    This Divine Artifact was designed to slay gods and it had killed more gods and angels it could count. Rumor had it that it had slayed an Earth Level Deity in the East two thousand years before. Its curses were so powerful that no Overlord could escape its lethal effect.

    However, to the Devil of Death's surprise, Chen Fan caught the blade with his bare hands. The thirteen deadly curses nibbled at Chen Fan but they had no effect.

    "Nice trinket, but you're too weak to harm me."

    Even as Chen Fan said that, he struck the Devil of Death with the other hand.


    An apparition of a huge palm slammed down onto the Devil of Death from above. The Devil of Death tried to evade the attack, but found that he couldn't move.

    Slowly, the giant palm pressed firmly onto the top of the Devil of Death's head. It was like watching a slow train wreck.


    Everyone watched as the Devil of Death's head exploded like a watermelon. But this gruesome scene didn't stop there, as the palm pressed further down, and the rest of his body parts exploded as well.

    Chen Fan had killed the Devil of Death!

    Chen Fan used the Phantom Light again and caught up with the Blood Knight. Without giving him a chance to fight back, Chen Fan landed a punch squarely on his chest, and annihilated both the knight and his shiny armor.

    The Dark Duke was the only one who had escaped the terror thanks to the Divine Goblet of Blood.

    When Chen Fan returned to the Wisteria Manor, he was greeted by silence.

    He had killed four out of the five Dark Lords with three punches and two palm strikes.

    "I think we are witnessing the rise of a new lord!"

    The Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings murmured in disbelief.