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Chapter 578 - Level Up!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 578: Level Up!

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    Chen Fan channeled energy into the Thunder Seal, releasing a flash of azure light that landed on the river of blood. The resulting pure yang energy quickly expelled and vaporized it.

    However, it didn't stop blood from ceaselessly gushing from the goblet .

    So far, Chen Fan had eliminated over ten tons of blood, but there was still more coming.

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    The space inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd was only a few cubic square meters.

    As Chen Fan increased his power, so did the space inside the Blade Strengthening Gourd. By then, it had reached over a dozen cubic meters, but it was still a far cry from that of the Divine Goblet of Blood.

    The thought gave Chen Fan an urge to kill.

    Cultivators were mortals and had feelings.

    Chen Fan's hand was also bloody, but he never took anyone's life for a reason as trivial and selfish as filling up the Divine Goblet of Blood.

    "Chen Beixuan, surrender now and you might live. When the fiend blood touches you, you will be cast into eternal darkness," said the Dark Duke as he held the Divine Goblet of Blood in one hand.

    Everyone watched as a bloody deluge surrounded Chen Fan like a net. Through the crimson energy, people could see a faint image of electric energy.

    The Fiend blood could even corrupt an angel, let alone a mortal.


    A'Xiu and Yu Wenjin both looked at Chen Fan with great concern.

    The Arbitrators wore ugly grins and charged at the last two members holding the True Martial Seven Kill Array. Despite the Array's belligerent energy, it had a hard time repelling the attacks.


    Tong Shan snarled and tried to get back on his feet.

    However, his injury was too severe to allow him to stand. The apparition of the Tiger Demon also disappeared after letting out one last roar.

    "Chen Beixuan, I will cut your servant's head off and you'll be next! You will be the example of what happens if you oppose the Dark World Arbitration Department."

    Barr let out a peal of obnoxious laughter.

    He pinned Tong Shan under one of his boots and prepared to swing the Decapitator with both hands. Crimson light ran down from the axe's deadly edge and it looked as if it could crack open the whole world.

    Even as the North Qiong Sect were seized by despair, a voice came out from the bloody river.

    "I am a human warrior and I will never be defeated by savage races like yours."

    Chen Fan lifted the Thunder Seal and shouted, "Open!"


    The lightning bolts above the clouds slammed down as if they had received a command. They were of a pure violet in color and carried deadly electric currents. They swooped down on the river of blood.

    Meanwhile, coutless cracks of lightning were also erupting from inside the blood.

    Tendrils of lightning zigzagged in all directions. Each tendril seemed to have a mind of its own and their nimble movement made them look like dragons.

    Being attacked from inside and outside, the River of Blood finally gave in.


    The attack had evaporated at least half of the blood. The blinding electric energy swam against the current toward the source: the Divine Goblet of Blood.

    Everyone gaped in expectation.

    They watched as a figure wrapped in golden flames and sizzling thunder waded through the bloody deluge while carrying the Thunder Seal. With each step he took, his energy increased slightly and by the time he left the river of blood, his power had multiplied by several folds.

    "Lord Master?"

    A'Xiu covered her mouth to stifle a cry of surprise.

    Grins curdled on the faces of the Arbitrators and they suddenly became silent.

    The Chief Arbitrators glared at Chen Fan in great trepidation.

    "He is leveling up!" someone shouted.

    "Chen Beixuan was already powerful, and he is going to level up to Earth Level Deity?"

    The same thought came up in many people's minds. Their eyes widened as they stared at Chen Fan in expectation.

    "Kill him, don't let him break through!" the Dark Duke shouted at the top of his lungs.

    However, he had never thought that Chen Fan could level up in the midst of combat. If he were to reach the Mortal Deity realm, no one present would be able to defeat him.

    "KILL!" the Devil of Death snarled.

    Barr had also stopped mutilating Tong Shan's body and charged at Chen Fan with the Decapitator. The Dark Duke hurried to channel energy into the Divine Goblet of Blood and summoned a gush of even more powerful blood to overwhelm Chen Fan.

    "I don't expect to use my last resort at all."

    Chen Fan lifted the Thunder Seal in one hand and approached them.

    Energy was surging inside him, pushing him toward the late-stage of the Divine Sea. Chen Fan had already reached the mid-stage of the Divine Sea before the fight, so he was only a half-step away from reaching the late-stage.


    Blood Knight hacked with his blade.

    The crimson aura was formed from a highly concentrated Blood Race energy. It was as sharp as laser blades and it could slice through Immortal State Warriors with ease. However, the blade didn't even have any effect on the electric energy and the golden flame.

    "I reached the mid-stage of the Divine Sea a month ago but I didn't make the final breakthrough because I wanted to deal with the Earth Level Deity on earth. I had never thought that a group of insignificant insects such as you would be able to harm me."

    After he said that, two rays of Divine Light were shot from Chen Fan's eyes.

    Air exploded as the Divine Light penetrated through them, emitting more rays of energy. Chen Fan looked as godly as ever while he was basking in the shower of thunder and golden flames.

    "You shall die!" Chen Fan shouted at the top of his lungs.


    A ray of energy beamed up from the top of his head and pierced the sky. The energy inside him was quickly multiplied as he was getting ready for the final leap of faith.

    "Stop him!" the five Dark Lords shouted at the same time.

    They attacked Chen Fan like a group of mad dogs. Axe aura, Blade Aura, curses, Blood Qi; all of it rained on Chen Fan's Arcane Energy Bulwark. The Armor of Golden Flame flickered into view from time to time, protecting Chen Fan inside a ball of golden fire. The Thunder Seal also summoned coutless lightning bolts that swam around Chen Fan like dragons.


    The Dark Duke charged up the river of blood and attacked Chen Fan with another burst of deadly energy.

    By the end, Chen Fan was surrounded by attacks coming from his opponents' Divine Artifacts. Those weapons could kill an Immortal State Warrior with ease; their combined forces could even waste a god.

    "How is our teacher doing?"

    A'Xiu looked over her shoulder worriedly. Her heart was caught in her throat, suffocating her.

    The tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Many Arbitrators had also stopped their attacks to look at the battle.


    The azure light suddenly disappeared into thin air.

    Everyone's hearts sank to the bottom.

    "Was Chen Beixuan killed at the last moment?"

    The Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings turned around and saw an incredible scene.

    When the light had completely diminished, a golden figure appeared hovering inside a large crater. He was wearing a suit of ancient armor, letting his hair flow down to his shoulders. His skin was iridescent and glistening, like a crystal lamp shade. Despite the attacks he had taken, there wasn't a dent on his body.

    However, the energy inside Chen Fan was as feeble and weak as the one found on Internal Force Users.

    "Did he level up or not?"

    Everyone was confused by the development.

    Even as many Arbitrators were about to celebrate their success, they watched as Chen Fan's eyes jerked open.


    The shape and color of Chen Fan's eyes were beyond description.

    Two rays of golden energy beamed out from his eyes and grazed past many Arbitrators. The energy beams were searing hot; it reduced those Arbitrators into piles of ashes in an instant. They landed on a five story building, rammed through it and was suddenly launched upward.

    As they soared higher, they pierced through the dark clouds, revealing the bright moon.

    The eyes of communion shall see through the Three Realms.

    Such ability was the stuff of legends.

    Then, the deep roar of a dragon drifted out of Chen Fan's mouth.

    "Today, I shall enter the peak of the Divine Sea and dominate the world."

    The light in Chen Fan's eyes suddenly disappeared as he lashed out at the Earl of Terror.


    The attack carried enough force to rend the world appart.

    A deep grinding noise drifted down from the sky as an apparition of a large azure palm appeared in the clouds. The incorporeal form of the palm was surprisingly detailed and realistic, so much so that one could even see the fingerprints. The palm bore down on its target, carrying as much weight as a mountain.

    The Earl of Terror let out a shriek as he shot out a beam of red energy from the Curse Gems.

    Death Ray!

    This was Anubis' signature ability. It could shatter any living being's soul.

    Those two rays of energy were as thick as an average thumb and they landed squarely on Chen Fan. However, they didn't even make a dent on his body.

    "How is that possible?"

    The Earl of Terror was shocked.

    Before he had time to understand what had happened, the azure palm was already upon him. The Earl of Terror shouted in panic and unleashed all of his Primordial Darkness to stop the palm.

    However, his resistance was futile.

    The giant palm easily crushed the dark energy and pressed its victim flat against the ground.


    The desperate shrieking was cut short as the palm thundered on the ground. When the energy finally dissipated, people saw that the Earl of Terror had already been reduced to a bloody pulp wafer.

    Everyone gasped and was speechless by the turn of events.

    Did Chen Fan just kill a Dark Lord with a single attack?