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Chapter 577 - On the Last Leg?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 577: On the Last Leg?

    Li Fire Golden Eyes!

    Chen Fan had gained this Divine power since his Foundation Establishment Stage breakthrough; it had been his second most powerful skill right after The Blade Of Time. It might appear less impressive in the beginning, but its power would increase greatly with Chen Fan's growing level of attainment.

    A crackling golden flame came up and illuminated the sky.

    It streaked across the cosmic vault, leaving a vacuum tunnel in its wake. The vacuum was being created due to the rapid consumption of oxygen in the air. By then, the Li Fire Golden Eyes could reach such an incredibly high temperature that it was hotter than the burning core of the Earth.


    The attack of the Li Fire Golden Eyes flew towards the Earl of Terror while the latter panicked.

    He had no clue what this golden flame was, but judging by the intense energy around it, he knew it was extremely powerful. Worse, the flames were of pure Yang nature, and were particularly effective against the Dark Races.

    Even the undying body of the Blood Race would be reduced to ashes upon contact with the flame, making it impossible to regenerate.


    The Earl of Terror snarled as a plume of dark energy rolled out from behind him. He held the Staff of Death in both hands and struck the ground with the end of the staff. The Curse Gems on the Staff of Death suddenly lit up with an eerie crimson glow.

    This light opened the gates to the underworld, and condemned any living being to eternal death.

    However, Chen Fan's nine blades were no pushovers, either. Those blades were the Dharma Treasures of Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator and their power was on par with the Spirit Artifact. The nine blades weaved a golden net that covered the entire sky.

    Try as he might, the Earl of Terror could not penetrate the Sword Array.

    Meanwhile, the Li Fire Golden Eyes spell was almost ready. The Earl of Terror stood about ten meters away from the fire, but he could still feel the encroaching heat nibbling at his soul.


    The Earl of Terror's eyes widened in fear.

    He had lived three hundred years and this was the first time he smelled death. He hadn't felt fear even when he was up against Saint Antonio.

    "Go to hell!"

    Golden flames poured out from Chen Fan's eyes, burning anything in their path. Be it the Blade Aura from Blood Knight's sword, or the curses cast by the Devil of Death, they all melted the moment they came in contact with the Li Fire.

    No two Divine Powers were the same, but they were all unmatched in their own right.

    Without the power of an Earth Level Deity, no one could have stopped it.

    The scene stirred up many strong emotions amongst the audience.

    They watched as Chen Fan turned the table around. Many of them held their breath and watched expectantly for the downfall of one of the Dark World Arbitrators. Their organization had dominated the world for hundreds of years, and never once had any of their Chief Arbitrators died in battle.

    "Is our teacher going to win?"

    A'Xiu batted her lashes and asked herself excitedly.

    Her elation was shared by Yukishiro Sa and many other Perfected Cultivators from the North Qiong Sect.

    Suddenly, a husky and sinister voice drifted into everyone's ears from a distance. It sounded like a wailing from the deepest chasm in hell, where demons battled against each other for eternity.

    The voice mumbled a strange world, but its meaning came to everyone instantly.

    It was one word, spoken in a hellish dialect:


    As soon as the voice drifted across the space, a river of blood appeared in the sky, dividing the space between Chen Fan and the Earl of Terror. The blood was so thick that it was almost black, tainted by the blasphemous forces of evil. The profane energy quickly permeated the area, filling it with the smell of decay and sulfur.

    As the river of blood washed around the nine blades, their glow started to diminish, and their shiny surface was blotched with rust. Chen Fan felt the connection between him and the blades fade by the second.

    Meanwhile, the Earl of Terror bathed in the blood moaning with pleasure. His wounds regenerated quickly and his energy was also surging.

    "Pptz, pptz…"

    As the golden flames and the river of blood came into contact, the edges of both energies sizzled as if a bucket of ice water had been dumped over a campfire.

    The Li Fire Golden Eyes could burn through anything; the river of blood did not pose a challenge at first.

    However, the river seemed to have an endless supply of energy, eventually taking things to a stand still with the Li Fire Golden Eyes.

    "What the…"

    The turn of events took many people by surprise.

    They watched as the Dark Duke held out a roman style golden goblet fully decorated with carvings of monsters and beasts. This was the source of the blood.

    "The Divine Goblet of Blood!" someone said in a shaky voice.

    "What is that?"

    Many people had never heard of the name before.

    By then, most people had guessed that Chen Fan's Li Fire Golden Eyes were one of the most powerful arts in the world. Little did they know that the Dark Duke possessed a Divine Artifact that was equally powerful.

    "Legend has it that the Divine Goblet of Blood was a sacred Divine Artifact of the Blood Race. Despite its size, it contains a tremendous amount of blood. The Blood Race would feed it with human blood and the goblet would transform the human blood into fiend blood. Fiend blood is extremely poisonous to mortals, but useful for the Dark Blood Race. This fiend blood can also taint the soul of the holiest man on earth," the speaker paused for a second as a flicker of fear flashed across his eyes, "I had heard that the goblet belongs to the Blood Ancestor… how did the Dark Duke get a hold of it?"

    The Divine Artifact of the Blood Race!

    The goblet's history shocked everyone.

    This was the Dark Race equivalent of the Holy Grail; no one had expected it to be in the hands of the Dark Duke.

    "Sthla… sthla."

    The fire bursts shooting out from Chen Fan's eyes were gaining intensity and frequency by the second.

    Looking from afar, two rays of golden energy were beaming out from Chen Fan's eyes, burning two holes in the fabric of reality.

    Meanwhle, dark and thick blood was continuously oozing out from the goblet, adding to the deluge that was in constant struggle with the Li Fire Golden Eyes. However hot and intense the Li Fire became, the blood kept pouring forth ceaselessly.

    "Chen Beixuan, this is the most powerful Divine Artifact of the Blood Race. I had never used it against anyone. It contains the blood of a million humans, do you think you can burn it all away?" the Dark Duke said, smirking.

    Chen Fan didn't offer a reply. Instead, he doubled down on his art.

    After hearing the Dark Duke's words, Yukishiro Sa's heart sank into an ice cave. No one had expected the Dark World Arbitration Department to be so powerful and resourceful, and no one knew they possessed the artifact most treasured by the Blood Race.

    "Shhh… shhh…"

    The Li Fire Golden Eyes continued burning, but they also had a limit.

    Three minutes later, the golden lights in Chen Fan's eyes were reduced to two feeble buds of flame. They flickered against the wind and looked as if they would go out at any moment.

    However, the river of blood kept flowing and inching closer to Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan unleashed lightning bolts from the Thunder Seal, but even the lightning energy was trapped inside the thick blood.

    "Is he going to be defeated?"

    A'Xiu and the others were turned into a bundle of nerves.

    Many onlookers shook their heads and said things along these lines, "Chen Beixuan might be powerful, but his strength pales in comparison with the Dark Lords. They have pinned the world under their thumb for hundreds of years and have looted many treasures across the globe. Without the aid of many miraculous artifacts, they would have never been able to keep the Immortal State Warriors around the world in check.

    The Brigadier General of the Crimson Wings rose to his feet and was about to leave.

    Meanwhile, he heard many Arbitrators cheer for their chief as they glued their eyes on Chen Fan, waiting for his impending doom.

    Suddenly, an explosion erupted from a distance.

    A hulking frame went into the Mansion through a thick wall.

    It was Tong Shan. His body was covered with claw marks. One particular wound ran from his neck and all the way down to his abdomen. It would have disemboweled the giant if the gush had been any deeper.

    "Haha! Come again!"

    The Undead God of War Barr stepped through the hole on the wall and appeared in front of everyone.

    He was holding a giant battle axe. Its edge had been tainted by bronze-colored blood.

    The axe was also a Divine Artifact.

    "The Decapitator!"

    Someone recognized the battle axe.

    It was said that it had been created by a reagent of the roman empire for the purpose of slaying monsters such as Dragons. It was so sharp and deadly that it could hack open a modern tank like cracking an egg open.

    Barr was physically stronger than Tong Shan from the outset; the axe only widened their gap.

    "Even Tong Shan is near his limit."

    North Qiong Sect fighters were gripped by despair.

    A few Perfected Cultivators were distracted by the development and moved slightly slower; they were killed instantly by their opponents as a result, disabling the True Martial Seven Kill Array. Meanwhile, Yukishiro Sa had tried her best to fend off the attackers and protect A'Xiu.

    Chen Fan was besieged, Tong Shan was near defeat, and the Seven Kill Array was no more!

    A crushing defeat was imminent.

    Was Chen Beixuan really going to fall off the pedestal?

    Holding their breath, everyone watched expectantly.