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Chapter 576 - The Divine Powers Have Returned

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 576: The Divine Powers Have Returned

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    The power of four Half Breed Blood Race warriors was undisputable.

    Pure Breed Dark Blood Race were Connate Beings at birth. Their innate abilities alone could rival a Connate Cultivator. They could survive a nuclear bomb thanks to their ability to regenerate and heal. Even though their lineage wasn't pure, they had unlocked the terrifying power in their bloodline through hundreds of years of cultivation.

    Their current physique refinement abilities were only slightly inferior to Chen Fan's, powerful enough to rival an Earth Level Deity.

    Their strength allowed them to easily turn a tank upside down or to hack open an armored vehicle with their bare hands.

    Each one of them could break the sonic barrier with ease, and were no less agile and swift than Chen Fan.

    Their mystic techniques were…

    Other than those innate abilities, as Arbitrators, each of them possessed a powerful Spirit Artifact. The Blood Knight had the Forlorn Crimson, the Devil of Death had the Angel's Thirteen Octaves and the Earl of Terror had the Staff of Death. Although the Dark Duke lacked a Spirit Artifact, he was the most powerful among them.

    Even after being stripped of their special abilities, they were as deadly as Chen Fan when he was in the early-stage of the Divine Sea.

    They were four fully fledged Mortal Deities.

    Chen Fan had been slightly pressured while facing off against Lin Shuming; he had to face four of a similar caliber.


    Chen Fan prepared his fist and launched an uppercut, sending out a jet of azure energy. The blast soared into the sky and morphed into the shape of a dragon. The snarling dragon plunged into the Knight's Sword, knocking it aside and delivering a heavy blow on the Blood Knight's chest. Blood spilled out from Blood Knight's mouth as he retreated.

    Before Chen Fan had time to follow up with another attack, the Earl of Terror pointed his staff at Chen Fan and threw a curse at him.


    This curse originated from the Magus Poison Sect.

    The Fool had also used the same curse against Chen Fan, but its effect wasn't nearly as deadly. The Earl of Terror had lived hundreds of years and was well versed in almost all the curses and Mystic Arts in the world. The Staff of Death had been created by Anubis, the epyptian god of death, and it was kept by Anubis' most trusted servant.

    1The staff was made of gold and the tip was fashioned into a jackal's head. The eyes of the jackal were highlighted by two encrusted rubies.

    Those were the curse gems, stones with legendary abilities.

    The Earl of Terror waved the staff in the air; two rays of crimson lights shot out from the eyes of the jackal and landed on Chen Fan. The energy was so potent that Chen Fan had difficulty breathing.

    Chen Fan quickly gathered himself, but was no longer able to deliver another attack against Blood Knight. Meanwhile, The Dark Duke had hurled the Fiend Fist of Annihilation at Chen Fan again.


    Chen Fan turned around and punched straight at the Dark Duke.

    Fist to fist, the belligerent True Essence and the Fiend Fist of Annihilation crashed into each other. Wielding godly power, the Dark Duke was able to create black holes to devour anything in his path. Meanwhile, Chen Fan had a nearly indestructible body and was virtually invincible.

    After having exchanged six punches, the Dark Duke's fists were turned into two bloody stumps so he was forced to retreat.

    Even as Chen Fan was going to chase after him, the Devil of Death had charged at him with the Angel's Thirteen Octaves. The dagger was dark and incandescent at the same time, with an iridescent halo around it. Each color in the hazy rainbow was a deadly curse.


    Registering the threat, Chen Fan was alerted.

    Even he would be unwilling to take a direct hit from the Angel's Thirteen Octaves. It was a Spirit Artifact and therefore was capable of harming Chen Fan's body.

    Worse, this dagger had been created out of an angel's rib bone and was imbued with too many deadly curses for Chen Fan to handle confidently. It could weaken Chen Fan so badly that it would take him ten seconds to recover.

    Ten seconds might be a short time, but it would be enough for the four to endanger his life.

    The Spirit Artifact had been crafted for slaying gods. The curses within it were the oldest primordial forces in the world. They were etched onto the blade with a deity's blood and would last for thousands of years.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    The Devil of Death moved quickly and transformed into a dark shadow that floated swiftly around Chen Fan.

    He jabbed with the dagger while his body was an incorporeal shadow that hovered over Chen Fan from all directions. Chen Fan extended two fingers and summoned a Blade. He hacked at the blade in the shadow patch and forced his opponent to retreat. However, it wasn't long before the Devil of Death lashed out at him again.

    This time, Chen Fan used the Thunder Seal and summoned a crack of lightning.


    Beyond the dark clouds, countless streaks of lightning started to appear; they all converged, forming a purple thunder bolt that plunged into the Devil of Death, shocking him with the electric force and burning his flesh to a crisp in the blink of an eye.

    The Dark Blood Race's regeneration ability quickly kicked in. The charred skin of the Devil of Death was already peeling off and the flesh started to regenerate.


    Chen Fan charged and crossed both arms in front of his chest, forming a Fist Seal. The seal contained the deadly power of the sun and the silver moon; they could annihilate anything in their path when combined.

    Of the four opponents, the Devil of Death posed the greatest threat to Chen Fan because of his deadly weapon. The Angel's Thirteen Octaves was a god-slaying weapon and could penetrate the defense of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    "Slow, aging, blind!"

    The Earl of Terror spun the staff in one hand and hurled three curses at Chen Fan.

    The effect of the first spell significantly slowed Chen Fan down.

    The second one made Chen Fan's dark hair peppery.

    The third one suddenly dimmed the flame in Chen Fan's eyes.

    The spells didn't last long and Chen Fan was recovering with incredible speed. However, it had given the Devil of Death enough time to get out of harm's way and allow the Blood Knight to charge at Chen Fan again.

    The four of them coordinated and didn't give Chen Fan a moment of respite.

    They had lived together over hundreds of years and worked as a team many times; their transitions were seamless, finally giving them an edge in combat.

    Chen Fan thought to himself while he looked at the other side of the battlefield.

    Although the North Qiong Sect was outnumbered, the Seven Kill Array and the power of seven perfected cultivators were able to make up for that weakness and gave them the upper hand in their battle against the Arbitrators.

    However, the same could not be said about Tong Shan.

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan knew that it was time to finish the battle.

    If Barr joined the fray, the balance of the battle might start to tip irreversibly.

    The azure flames in Chen Fan's eyes flared as he charged up his True Essence.

    By then, his body looked like a piece of incandescent jade. A divine pattern covered every inch of his body, and his life force had such a powerful presence that it pushed the dark clouds out of the way.


    The Blood Knight sneaked up on Chen Fan while he was busy fighting against the Dark Duke. He slashed open Chen Fan's Arcane Energy Bulwark and left a wound on his back.

    The wound was only three centimeters long and was about half a centimeter deep. This was the first real wound that Chen Fan had ever had. He was unharmed even while he was fighting against the Black Sea Fleet and Lin Shuming.


    Yukishiro Sa and many other onlookers were shocked by the development.

    "Teacher was hurt?"

    A'Xiu felt as if her heart had been caught in her throat.

    Chen Fan's robust body was his biggest strength, one of the main reasons for his invincibility.

    However, the weapons of the Dark World Arbitration Department were truly deadly.

    They had dominated the world for hundreds of years and had gathered many Spirit Artifacts; any of those could be worshipped on a pedestal.

    So powerful were those Spirit Artifacts that they could even harm Chen Fan.

    "F**k off!"

    The Blood Knight was dealt a blow on the shoulder before he had time to celebrate. The attack had shattered Blood Knight's bones, sending him flying in the process. He rammed through a building, shattering walls and ceilings.

    However, it wasn't long before the Dark Blood Race's ability recovered his health.

    In the few seconds that followed, Chen Fan had been injured again and again in multiple areas.

    Spirit Artifacts were Connate Dharma Artifacts, and they could easily damage Chen Fan's body. Although the wounds were mostly superficial and were healed within seconds, the curses took effect once the blow landed on him. Over time, Chen Fan's movement started to seem sluggish.


    Chen Fan punched, but his execution was so slow that the Earl of Terror was able to dodge the attack.

    The Dark Duke shouted in elation, "He's slowing down. Keep going, he'll perish soon once Barr joins us."

    Meanwhile, everyone heard Tong Shan's roar and Barr's hideous snickering.

    "Courting Death!"

    Chen Fan's rage was boiling inside of him.

    Each of the four Arbitrator Leaders was as powerful as Lin Shuming, and their power had been amplified by the Spirit Artifact they wielded. However, it didn't mean that Chen Fan was afraid of them.


    Chen Fan tapped the Blade Strengthening Gourd and summoned swords to confine the Earl of Terror's movement. Then, two needle-sized flames appeared in Chen Fan's eyes.

    Those two budding flames were tiny in the beginning, but they quickly expanded to fill up Chen Fan's eye sockets, spilling out in the end. The golden energy formed two fiery dragons which plunged into the Earl of Terror.

    The Li Fire Golden Eyes would burn through anything!

    The Divine Power had returned!