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Chapter 575 - One Versus Four

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 575: One Versus Four

    The Thunder Seal!

    It was the most precious treasure in the Heavenly Master Sect; Yao Daoyi had kept the heretic sects in check using this artifact, due its bonus damage to evil and Yin elements. The Dark Blood race was also of the Yin element.

    "Crack, crack."

    Endless blue electric energy arced across the Thunder Seal. Chen Fan had been repairing the seal ever since he obtained it. The artifact had fully recovered its power by then.

    "Yao Daoyi is a fool. He only knew how to summon lightning with it, but that is only a small attribute of this Dharma Treasure."

    Chen Fan shook his head and started an art.

    The Thunder Seal swooshed up in the air as it resonated with Chen Fan's energy. The etchings on its surface started to glow, funneling energy from the clouds into itself. Suddenly, a crack of lightning plunged down. The seal absorbed its sizzling energy and increased in size.


    Chen Fan started an art and commanded the Thunder Seal to charge at his enemies.

    By then, the Thunder Seal had increased to the size of a vehicle and it was packed with crackling energies, as ferocious as the attacks of a Heavenly Venerate.

    The Dark Duke pulled a tight face and shouted, "That's a Thunder Divine Artifact, pull back!"

    The sizzling energy on the Thunder Seal was of pure Yang in nature. If the Dark Duke's forces were to meet the attack head on, they would be severely wounded. Even their incredible regeneration abilities wouldn't help them much.


    The Earl of Terror summoned Terror Qi from behind him. A dark hazy smoke rose up; there were countless ghastly apparitions swimming inside of it. The Earl of Terror forced himself to the limit and poured out all of the Terror Qi he had.

    However, that wasn't able to stop Chen Fan's attack at all.


    The Thunder Seal rushed against the black smoke and banished the corrupted souls from this world in an instant, reducing them into a puff of grey smoke. More lightning energy crashed into the dark smoke ten meters away from the four warriors, instilling fear into their hearts.


    Blood Knight Claude pulled out his long blade as an eerie crimson glow was spread across his body. This True Qi was much more condensed and solid compared to what any other martial artist from the East could emit. It was nearly as thick as blood.

    The Forlorn Crimson

    This was a legendary blade kept secret by the French royal family. Thousands of years ago, a saint from the Christian Church used it to slaughter an Ancestor of the Blood Race. It was tainted by the eldritch energy of the Blood Race's Ancestor upon contact with him.


    Claude brought Forlorn Crimson to a swing and landed a blow on the Thunder Seal.


    The sizzling lightning energy and the crimson glow crashed into each other violently.

    The Thunder Seal and the blade were both Spirit Artifacts of a comparable grade. However, the Blood Knight's personal might was no match against the Power of Heaven and Earth wrapped inside the Thunder Seal. Claude's body shivered as a crack of lightning ran down from the body of the blade and zigzagged toward Claude.


    The Devil of Death hurried to save his friend. Dark smoke rose around the dagger in his hand as he plunged it into the Thunder Seal, carrying all its curses with it. As the curses erupted, lethal venom started to spread over the Thunder Seal, trying to corrupt it. Although the lightning energy was able to keep those curses in check, its speed was reduced.

    The Dark Duke and the Earl of Terror attacked as well.

    The Dark Blood Race was the avatar of the Primordial Darkness, and possessed Dark Energy from birth, making them as powerful as Earth Level Deities. Although they were Half Breeds, they had awakened all of their abilities through hundreds of years of cultivation.

    The Earl of Terror grasped something in the air and beamed down three rays of dark energy at the Thunder Seal, trying to overwhelm it.

    The Dark Duke's method was more direct, simply punching the Thunder Seal.

    His attack created the black hole void once again, drawing the Thunder Seal's energy into itself. The Thunder Seal finally gave in and was sent flying by the slew of attacks.


    The onlookers were terrified by the deadly scene.

    They were not only impressed by the Dark Lord and his cohorts' power; Chen Fan had held out against four deadly warriors and was able to stand his ground firmly. His opponents were not ordinary foes; they were Curmudgeons who had lived over three hundred years.

    "Don't waste time, let's finish him now."

    The Dark Duke fixed his gaze on Chen Fan and didn't even pay any attention to the other fighters from the North Qiong Sect.

    The rest would be easy once he got rid of Chen Fan.


    The Dark Duke charged forward, breaking the sonic barrier, creating a dry corridor in the air behind him as he darted across space through the downpour.


    The Dark Duke used his Fiend Fist of Annihilation again.

    This art combined the best from both the Eastern and the Western Martial arts, also imbuing them with the unthinkable power of the Blood Race. After a hundred years of refinement, the Dark Duke had mastered the art and used it at will.

    A sizable black hole, half a meter in width, appeared directly in front of the Dark Duke's fist. It was made to devour anything in its path, shredding their physical forms appart to bring down a complete annihilation.


    Chen Fan's fighting spirit surged the moment he saw that incredible attack.

    He had finally seen someone on earth using an art as powerful as those found in the Realm of Immortal Cultivation. Be it Oleg or the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect, they could only comprehend the power of the arts in the mortal world. Not even Lin Shuming; he could barely scratch the surface of the Immortal Cultivation arts.

    The Fiend Fist of Annihilation was the embodiment of destruction and total annihilation. Its power and intention transcended the mortal's comprehension and could only be understood by Immortals.


    Chen Fan flew up with a serpentine path, transforming into a zigzagging streak of azure flow. He extended his fist and swooped down to face the Dark Duke.

    Upon impact, the black hole collapsed onto itself, trying to devour Chen Fan's fist. The Black hole's lusterless surface suddenly turned incandescent as it cranked up its energy. However, Chen Fan's punch overpowered the black hole, going through the dark membrane between many realities and landing right on the Dark Duke's hand.


    The impact fractured bones in the Dark Duke's hand.

    However, Dark Duke didn't mind the injury, as if the fist didn't belong to him. Meanwhile, he had hurled his other fist at Chen Fan.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    The two stood face to face, exchanging over a dozen blows.

    Each impact produced by their fists sent a shock wave through space. So fast were the two that they both broke the sonic barrier.

    The Dark Duke's body trembled after each impact. By the end, there wasn't a single intact bone in his arms. Chen Fan had the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, so he remained unharmed.

    "Let me help you!"

    Blood Knight shouted and charged at Chen Fan, brandishing The Forlorn Crimson.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the new opponent; instead, the challenge intensified his battle will. He slammed a palm strike at the body of the Forlorn Crimson, containing its corruptive power with a pulse of azure True Essence.

    "Donn Donn Donn"

    Chen Fan fought two enemies at once and still maintained the upper hand.

    His kick and punch carried immeasurable energy that was too much for Blood Knight and the Dark Duke to handle. Both of them were Half Breeds, therefore, their physical strength fell short compared to Chen Fan's.

    That being said, Chen Fan was impressed by his main opponent, since he had lasted much longer than Oleg, the Bloodwolf King.


    The three rammed into the mansion, trailing a wild gust behind. They fought a few seconds outside the mansion and then were back inside again.

    They were so fast that no one could see their moves clearly. All the onlookers saw were two paths of crimson light clashing against a wash of azure glow.

    The display of power shocked everyone.

    Such speed and raw power! That was not a battle between mortals. Each impact came with an ear deafening blare and those unfortunate enough to get caught in the shock wave would be destroyed.

    "How come you have an even stronger body than us?" the Blood Knight asked in disbelief.

    The physique refinement ability had always been the Blood Knight's pride. The Dark Blood Race was a space faring race and therefore their bodies were much more durable than those of humans. However, the Blood Knight had never thought that a human such as Chen Fan could have possessed a body so strong that it surpassed the toughness of an Earth Level Deity.

    "You wouldn't get it."

    Chen Fan snickered and attacked The Forlorn Crimson again.

    His palm was crystal clear, like a piece of glass. It could withstand a direct blow from the Forlorn Crimson. Although it was protected by a layer of True Essence, its durability was evident.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was the most powerful Divine Body in the universe!

    Even though Chen Fan had just reached initial success in his Divine Body cultivation, his body was already tougher than that of an Earth Level Deity. Warriors of such a level had no knowledge about body and soul refinement, that was why their defense was a far cry from Chen Fan's.


    The battle was heating up.

    Chen Fan had completely fractured the Dark Duke's hands six times, and each time the Dark Duke was able to regenerate them. However, the constant regeneration had taken a toll on the Blood Knight's damage output; the frequency and vigor of his attacks started to wane.

    "They are nearing their limits," the Devil of Death said.

    "Chen Beixuan is truly powerful; it would be a shame to get rid of him. He shouldn't have killed our master's heir."

    The Earl of Terror was shrouded inside a dark energy; only his glinting eyes were visible.

    "Let's use Chen Beixuan's blood as a proclamation of our return to the world."

    The two other Dark Lords joined the battle.


    The situation took a turn, as Chen Fan suddenly had to face four enemies at once.