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Chapter 574 - Divine Artifact?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 574: Divine Artifact?

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    The Blood Knight cracked a smile while he faced Chen Fan's infamous flying sword. He unsheathed a thin and slender Knight's Sword that was completely etched with complex patterns that looked like blood drops.


    As the Blood Knight swung the blade, a surge of crimson energy was shot out from the edge of the blade and it clashed with the Sword of Essence Restoring. Chen Fan's sword trembled a little, giving the Blood Knight time to lash out twelve more times. Each attack sliced through the air and it reached supersonic speeds.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring was forced back by the flurry of attacks. Its body vibrated violently, making a high pitch humming noise.

    Yukishiro Sa's eyes were wide open in disbelief.

    The onlookers around the battle were also shocked by the development.

    Did he just force back Chen Fan's Sword of Essence Restoring? How was that possible? An average Immortal State Warrior would never be able to do that. Even peak level Immortal State Warriors could only last a few minutes while fighting against the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    "That must be the power of a peak level Mortal Deity."

    Yukishiro Sa's face changed a little.

    Although she was confident in her master's ability, she started to worry nonetheless. The Blood Knight didn't come alone and there were three more Overlords in addition to the Blood Knight. She had doubts about whether she would be able to ward off their combined attack.

    "It's just so so."

    The Blood Knight sheathed his blade and cracked a smile.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows slightly. The Sword of Essence Restoring was a deadly weapon, and the fact that the Blood Knight's weapon was able to counter it meant that it was an even more powerful Spirit Artifact.

    "The Dark World Arbitration Department really lives up to its reputation for being wealthy. Even an Arbitrator of his rank has a Spirit Artifact. They are so rare that the Heavenly Master Sect has barely gathered one throughout its thousand-year-old history."

    Chen Fan was unfazed despite his enemy's deadliness. He prepared for another attack.

    "You can counter my attack once, but can you do it more times?"

    Chen Fan charged up his energy and channeled it to the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    The Sword of Essence Restoring suddenly replicated itself. Although the copies' Blade Aura was not as deadly as the original, they were potent and extremely sharp nonetheless.

    Art of Multiplying Blade Auras!

    This art was recorded on the Sword Art of Nine Abandonments obtained by the Exalted Cultivator. However, the Exalted Cultivator's enlightenment was not enough to learn this art. In the end, he had physically created nine flying swords instead of creating copies of one.

    On the other hand, Chen Fan had quickly mastered the art and was able to create the copies, making the art much more effective than before.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    Chen Fan pointed his fingers and commanded nine golden Blades to soar up into the sky and swoop down. Their Blade Auras illuminated the sky and their Blade Qis separated the rain curtain.


    Blood Knight's face was darkened by such a sight.

    Although he was revered as the most skilled swordmaster in the West, and he wielded a Divine Artifact passed down from a saint, his confidence faltered for a bit as he dealt with ten flying swords at the same time.

    "Clank, clank!"

    Many crimson Blade Auras erupted around the Blood Knight, protecting him within their glow. However, the ten blades swarmed Blood Knight at the same time and the protective Blade Aura quickly waned.

    By the third impact, the Blade Aura started to shrink.

    After the fifth blow, the Blood Knight staggered back, nearly losing his balance.

    After the seventh blow, Chen Fan's Blade Aura penetrated Blood Knight's defense and landed on his body.

    The next three attacks all landed squarely on Blood Knight's body; they went through and punched many holes in his body.


    Blood Knight fell to the ground.

    There were four large holes on his body, each located on vital parts, such as the chest area. Those wounds would have already killed him if he were a mortal.

    However, to Chen Fan's surprise, the gaping wounds were quickly closed off by themselves, and Blood Knight rose to his feet again. Other than his tattered clothing, there was no sign of any injury.

    An undying body!

    His body shared many similarities with Damon's. However, despite the healing of his wounds, Blood Knight's face was colorless. He had lost his ground after the seventh attack, meaning that he was no match against Chen Fan.

    "The Dark Blood Race's Half Breed has some truly powerful abilities," Chen Fan exclaimed.

    The Dark Wolf and the Dark Blood Races were renowned for their extreme vitality. Not only could they live longer, they also possessed an exceptional ability to regenerate their bodies. They could survive even without blood running in their systems. The only way to kill them was through decapitation and cremation.

    "I wonder, can you regenerate once I beat you to a pulp?"

    Chen Fan let out a faint smile and then he waved a hand.


    The ten golden Blade Auras were further split, creating nine more sets of three meter long blades. It looked as if there were a myriad Blade Auras in the sky.

    A hundred copies of one sword!

    The Art of Multiplying Blade Auras was the bread and butter of the Art of Flying Swords. The ability to split one Blade Aura into ten was the foundation of that skill, and the standard version was to split one Blade Aura into a hundred. As for the Perfected Immortals who had reached the Dao Reunion level, they could have created hundreds of millions of copies to overwhelm an entire planet.


    The Blood Knight was disheartened by the development.

    "I think Claude is about to give up. Time for us to join in," the Dark Duke said with a scowl.

    "It has been ten years since the last time we joined forces. The last time we did it was against Antonio." The Devil of Death cracked a cold smile.


    The Earl of Terror attacked first.

    A plume of dark mist burst out from behind him and transformed into the shape of a snarling dragon that writhed toward Chen Fan.

    That dark energy was "Terror Qi" that he had collected every time he killed an innocent person. The plume of Terror Qi contained the rage and fear of over a million innocents before their deaths. It was able to corrupt even the Divine Soul of an Immortal State Warrior.

    "Kill!" Chen Fan shouted a command.

    A hundred or so rays of Blade Aura fell from the sky, each sharper than the one before it. Their appearance created many golden streaks in the sky, looking like golden threads from a distance.

    Rain of Flying Swords!

    The power of the attack could only be compared with the might of Mount Shu's Sword Immortals.

    Many onlookers pulled in a gasp of cold air.

    "So, is this Chen Beixuan's true power? It's unbelievable! No wonder the seven Immortal State Warriors couldn't bring him to heel even after they joined forces. I also heard that he had even killed a Mortal Deity," someone exclaimed.

    This man was wearing a tight black outfit over his hulking frame. There was a badge on his chest that depicted an angel with red wings. He was a mercenary from the Crimson Wings.

    It was James Hutton, the new captain of the Crimson Wings and a new name on the Dark Roll.

    "Chen Beixuan, Blood Knight, and the Earl of Terror, all of them are the stuff of legend. Each of them has marked an entire generation," a blond man lamented.

    If Chen Fan had seen his face, he would have surely recognized the Son of the God, Adam.

    "Shush now! the Dark Duke is going to join in," someone else cut him short.

    Nearly all the onlookers outside of the Wisteria Manor were famous Overlords in Europe and each represented a formidable force.

    "Peng! Peng!"

    A shower of Blade Aura pierced into the Terror Qi, and churned the deadly qi around. Despite the harmless appearance, the Terror Qi was able to significantly dim the golden aura upon contact.

    Such was the power of the Terror Qi harnessed over a hundred years by the Earl of Terror.

    However, the Blade Auras had an upper hand thanks to their number; they forced the Earl of Terror and the Blood Knight into a corner. Chen Fan still had about a dozen Blade Auras to spare, so he used them against the other attackers.


    The Devil of Death's body flickered a little.

    He faded in and out of view like a phantom, easily breaking the supersonic barrier and reaching twice the speed of sound.

    As the Devil of Death broke the supersonic barrier, twenty Blade Auras followed suit. The Devil of Death let out a snicker and then produced a dagger with a hazy looking body.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department's Divine Artifact!

    Angel's Thirteen Octaves

    This legendary Divine Artifact was created by a Deity who had thrived in the Middle East from the rib bone of an Angel. It was enchanted with thirteen curses.

    "Plague, aging, poison curse…"

    Each one more deadlier than the other.

    The Devil of Death had unleashed the Plague curse once, terminating the entire population of a small European nation as a punishment for that country's disobedience.

    "Clank, clank!"

    The black dagger and the Blade Auras clashed against each other.

    After each impact, the hazy darkness that shrouded the dagger was able to bring the brightness of the Blade Auras down a notch. So deadly and pervasive were the curses on the Angel's Thirteen Octaves that not even a flying sword could escape its deadly grip.


    The Dark Duke finally attacked.

    Of the five Arbitrators, he was the most influential and the strongest Dark Lord. His attacks were bound to make a difference on the battlefield.

    The Dark Duke's punch was so fast that it created a vacuum around it, which he quickly filled up with his Essence Qi, turning the qi-filled vacuum into a void in space that attracted all other energies around it.

    Ten Blade Auras were unable to fight back the inescapable force and plummet into the void.

    In the end, the Blade Auras as well as the black hole disappeared into thin air.

    "Fiend Fist of Annihilation."

    The Dark Energy had combined martial arts from both the East and the West, creating a new style in the process. So powerful was this punch that it countered ten Blade Auras at once.

    "Donn Donn Donn"

    The other four Arbitrators started their own arts to fight back against the Blade Auras.

    In the end, there was only one ray of Blade Aura left, and it belonged to the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    The sword vibrated in the air, letting out a saddened droning. It had sustained some damage during Chen Fan's battle in Chu Zhou City and it had yet to recover. Once it was split into many Blade Auras, it had finally reached its limit.

    "Come back."

    Chen Fan waved a hand and summoned the blade back.

    "Chen Beixuan, your Divine Artifact is useless now, what else do you have?"

    The Blood Knight Claude sniggered.

    The other fighters laughed gloatingly while Yukishiro Sa's heart sank to the floor.

    "Do you think that you're the only ones who have Spirit Artifacts?"

    Chen Fan shook his head and fished out an azure seal from the little gourd.

    The azure seal was covered with zigzagging etchings. A deafening clap of thunder erupted in the sky as soon as the seal was revealed.

    This was a Mid-grade Spirit Artifact:

    The Thunder Seal!