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Chapter 573 - The War Begins

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 573: The War Begins

    "This is the North Qiong Sect? A piece of cake."

    The Earl of Terror gave a once over at everyone who was behind Chen Fan and sneered with disdain in his scarlet eyes.

    The North Qiong Sect was currently thriving and dominating the East. No one could compete with them except for Kunlun. Yet, in the eyes of a mysterious organization with centuries of history, the North Qiong Sect was utterly powerless.

    "Chen Beixuan, you can appeal against the motion. The five chief arbitrators would deliberate and issue a fair and just verdict," The Devil of Death said.

    "Hm, appeal? Don't be stupid!" A'Xiu said furiously.

    "You'll have to cultivate for a thousand years more before you can sentence master to death!"

    Yukishiro Sa snickered.

    "How dare you!" The arbitrators shouted.

    "It's been so many years since someone last disrespected the Arbitration Department."

    The Blood Knight Claude sniggered.

    "The last person who didn't accept the sentence was the priest of Vodun in South America, and his head was cut off. His entire tribe was then exterminated by the Arbitration Department; none of the ten thousand people survived," The Undead God of War Barr said.

    The fame of the Dark World Arbitration Department rested on countless amounts of blood. Anyone who resisted them would be killed, together with their tribe, relatives and family.

    Even though a hundred years had passed, many terrifying legends remained.

    "Just several half-blood rats." Chen Fan was expressionless.

    "You and your half breeds aren't qualified to kill me. Ask your master to come here."

    "Our Master has been sleeping for a hundred years, so he won't wake up so easily. Chen Beixuan, you've killed our Master's favorite descendant. We shall cut off your head and offer your blood to him. The blood from an Earth Level Deity would definitely sate his appetite and quell his anger."

    The Blood Knight stuck out his tongue and licked his red lips. He stared at Chen Fan with an evil glint in his eyes.

    Chen Fan was only a human in normal people's eyes, but in the perspective of the half-blood Kindreds, his Earth Level Deity body was giving off a pleasant scent. His blood was filled with powerful Spirit Qi, basically making him a living oversized ginseng.

    The Kindred fed on blood.

    The blood of a cultivator was a delicacy, but the blood of an Earth Level Deity was superior!

    "Kill them!" The Dark Duke said.

    As soon as he gave the order…

    Many arbitrators wearing black robes and silver masks immediately flew towards Chen Fan. Every one of them had the speed and power of a wrestling master. Their eyes were red as blood and sharp fangs appeared in their mouths, which demonstrated their Kindred lineage.


    Yukishiro Sa yelled as she pulled out the ancient sword.

    The Perfected Masters gathered in groups and started setting up arrays. Aside from cultivation methods, Chen Fan had passed them down array formation techniques. The arrays from the Realm of Cultivation were more powerful than Li Changsheng's "Deity's Bane."

    Once the array was formed, its power surged out and it even stimulated the energy of the Earth. Countless water dragons, ice blades and rain curtains appeared in the sky.

    True Martial Seven Kill Array!

    This was the most basic array of the True Martial Celestial Sect. Seven martial artists could set it up, and it had the power to kill an Immortal State Warrior!

    The twenty Perfected Masters formed a total of three arrays. Each of the Seven Kill Arrays were so magnificent that even the five arbitrators were startled. Seven Perfected Masters together were strong enough to fight an Immortal State Warrior, and the True Martial Seven Kill Array was famous for being able to kill enemies with a higher level.

    A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin and Zhou Jin Yi each led a Seven Kill Array into the group of arbitrators like three meat grinders and broke their arms and legs. They were only able to withstand the attack until the three Immortal State arbitrators helped.

    Yukishiro Sa who was the strongest among them stood behind Chen Fan with Tong Shan, facing the five arbitrators.

    "Interesting," The Blood Knight said.

    "Our men are the real descendants of the Kindred and have the fighting power that surpasses a Grandmaster. There are only twenty of them, so they won't be able to hold for long. What concerns me is the big guy next to Chen Beixuan. He seems to be a Physique Refinement Immortal State Warrior, so he must be hard to deal with."

    The Earl of Terror frowned.

    "I'm on it."

    The Undead God of War Barr mumbled as he stood out from the group. He was the tallest among the five arbitrators, wearing a skeleton mask that showed his crimson eyes. Barr was regarded as the top warrior of the Arbitration Department and he only used his fists to battle through the world.

    "Tong Shan!" Tong Shan also yelled.

    He looked like a three-meter giant and every step he took produced thunderous sounds and vibration, just like a tank did. His body had wheat skin and he was brawny; he looked as if he were coated with iron like the Terminator.


    The two of them didn't say anything. They immediately turned into two black shadows and rammed into each other, creating a booming sound.

    Barr had a smaller figure than Tong Shan, but his power was extremely horrifying. He held Tong Shan off and fell back step by step.

    "Donn Donn Donn"

    The two clashed three times but it was always a tie.

    Ever since Tong Shan achieved the body of Tiger Demon, his body had become stronger than those of normal Physique Refinement Immortal State Warriors, right behind Chen Fan. Surprisingly, Barr's power was on par with his.


    Barr guffawed with his long hair hanging down loosely.

    His clothes then exploded, revealing his skeleton-like body. Barr was extremely skinny and there were basically no muscles on his body. His ribs were exposed and his fingers were bony, which made him look like a skeleton fighter.

    Even so, each of his bones was ten times harder than steel and their combined power was horrifying. Barr slightly moved his spine and instantly broke the sound barrier, giving Tong Shan a punch.

    "Arrrr!" Tong Shan roared like a tiger.

    The sound wave sent from his mouth turned the air into mist. An enormous Tiger Demon phantom appeared behind Tong Shan and made his power surge. He then rushed towards Barr, with claws that looked like sharp blades.

    "Boom, boom."

    They were like two ancient beasts which every move they made, each with boundless energy. After a while, they were even moving away from the manor. Wherever they passed, including the stable, the villa, the fences and some careless arbitrators, were crushed by their Qi Energy.

    After Tong Shan and Barr went farther, only Chen Fan and a few others were left.

    The Earl of Terror looked at Chen Fan and said, "It's our turn."

    The others didn't say a word. Nobody could escape from the arbitrators.

    The four half-blood Kindreds were as powerful as four perfect Mortal Deities and were the most terrifying forces on Earth. Even Yukishiro Sa was nervous while he was facing them. There was an upsurge of viciousness around them which cracked the curtain of rain in the sky.

    "Go and protect A'Xiu and the others. Watch me as I lop off their heads."

    Chen Fan waved his hand and slapped the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    A golden blade aura was shot out from the gourd and it reached the sky like a bolt of lightning.

    The war had begun.