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Chapter 572 - The Enemies Have Arrived

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 572: The Enemies Have Arrived

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    There was a rainstorm at the Wisteria Manor.

    It seemed as if the faint lights of the manor were the only remnants of light in the whole world. Under the pummeling of the torrential rain, the lights were like gulls flying in the sky and boats being tipped over in a tsunami.

    "Ah, it's been raining for three days. How long is it going to last?"

    Old Logan got up from bed, put on a raincoat and toured around the manor with an oil lamp. He was an old man who had been in charge of security in the Wisteria Manor for decades, regardless of the changes in ownership.


    The horses whinnied.

    "That's weird. Why are the horses in the stable so restless today? They weren't like this even with all the thunder and rain in the last two days." Old Logan looked at the horses and wondered.

    Then, Old Logan found that his Shepherd Dog Andy was also barking at the door and hiding back in the corner, as if it had seen something horrifying.

    The last time Andy acted like this was when it saw a tiger in the zoo, and it wasn't nearly that frightened back then.

    "Quiet, quiet! Don't wake the young master."

    Old Logan went forward and held Andy's leash, but Andy kept barking anxiously as if it were facing a life and death crisis.

    "Hm, is something there?"

    Old Logan wondered as he looked outside the door.

    The rain was pouring and it was dark everywhere. Even the lamps could barely light up areas of two meters, at most. Right when Old Logan started to feel relieved, a man appeared under one of the lights.

    The man seemed to be wearing a black robe with a silver mask on his face, like the messenger of Death. Then, more of them showed up.

    One, two, three…

    There were ten of them in total. They walked under the streetlamps silently, then pushed open the fence and entered. What terrified Old Logan was that they didn't make any sounds when they walked, just like ghosts, and the raindrops slipped down their robes without leaving any watermarks.

    The men in black robes walked right past Old Logan, but none of them looked at him. The horses inside the stable stopped whining and Andy lay on the ground with a begging posture, putting its claws over its head.

    "These people came for my young master a few days ago. Why are they here again?"

    Old Logan was frightened.

    He wanted to shout and warn the young master, but a boundless fear enveloped him; his whole body froze, and he couldn't even move a finger tip. He couldn't do anything else but watch.

    He watched them head to Chen Fan's villa.

    The arbitrators stopped at the door of Chen Fan's villa.

    They stood in the rain and waited quietly, like a well-trained army.

    After a while, five people came. The five of them were wearing a black cloak with a blood red totem embroidered, with a gold inlay on the edges. They all looked pale, with scarlet eyes and an elegant demeanor, just like ancient nobles.

    The five arbitrators of the Dark World Arbitration Department!

    They were all there.

    A man in a bright red knight suit with red gloves said, "Chen Beixuan knows we are here."

    The Blood Knight, Claude.

    Rumor had it that he was three hundred and fifty years old and had once slaughtered throughout Africa. Many African Grand Magi of the Magus Poison Sect were killed by him, including three Immortal State Warriors. Some said that he bathed in blood, which later on gave birth to the name Blood Knight.

    "So what? Nobody can survive once the Must-Kill Order is issued."

    Another middle-aged man in a noble suit said calmly. He was surrounded by a horrifying Spirit Qi which blocked the rain in a three feet radius.

    The Earl of Terror, Ravenci.

    He had taken Satan's place as the entity to scare children in Europe throughout several centuries.

    "Don't underestimate Chen Beixuan. The number of Immortal State Warriors he has killed rivals ours; he has even defeated two Mortal Deities in the East," The Dark Duke told his companions.

    "That doesn't mean anything. Antonio was the reincarnation of a Saint and was able to control the Bright Essence Force, but we still managed to cut his throat and drink all of his blood!"

    The Devil of Death sneered.

    He was the messenger of Death who had spread the plague and death throughout Europe. Bodies were found everywhere he went to, and none of the people who saw him could live to tell the tale.

    The four of them together with Barr, the Undead God of War, were the five chief arbitrators of the Arbitration Department and the dominators of the Dark World from centuries past.

    "Kill him," Barr said.

    He was wearing a black skeleton mask, only exposing his scarlet eyes.

    The five arbitrators came together and stared at the villa. Even though they couldn't see Chen Fan, they could feel his powerful energy shine like the stars in the dark.

    "Chen Beixuan, in the name of the Dark Arbitration Court, we sentence you to death!" The Dark Duke said.


    The Blood Knight, the Earl of Terror, the Devil of Death and the Undead God of War all seconded the motion.

    "Death! Death! Death!"

    The arbitrators yelled together. Their cold voices were like the deafening sound of a horn which pierced through the sky, breaking the silence of the surroundings.

    "The war is finally beginning."

    Many of them had been lurking around the Wisteria Manor for several days, longing for this to happen.

    This war would decide not only the life and death of the Dark World Arbitration Department and Chen Fan, but also to establish whether the East or the West were more powerful. The West had the five arbitrators of the Dark World Arbitration Department, while the East had Chen Beixuan who had swept through the world by himself.

    1If the Dark World Arbitration Department won, the Dark World would remain in their hands. Other countries, except for the five superpowers, would be at their mercy.

    But if Chen Fan won…

    He would rise to the top of the world and become the best warrior in both the East and the West.

    When that came to pass, Chen Fan would be watching over the Earth with his blade and only the few powerful countries would be able to compete with him.

    Countless people were holding their breaths, waiting and anticipating.


    The door of the villa was opened. Chen Fan walked out calmly, together with the disciples of the North Qiong Sect, including Yukishiro Sa, A'Xiu, Zhou Jin Yi, Yu Wenjin, and so on.

    The last one was the three-meter tall hunk, Tong Shan.

    The North Qiong Sect had sent an Immortal State Warrior and twenty Perfected Masters. Except for Hua Yunfeng who was protecting the Chen Family at the headquarters, almost the entire North Qiong Sect had shown up to help Chen Fan.

    The war was about to begin!