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Chapter 571 - Must Kill Chen Beixuan!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 571: Must Kill Chen Beixuan!

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    In a spectacular manor in the outskirts of Austria's capital.

    The manor was called the "Wisteria Manor" which included a small villa and a farm; it also operated as a winery with a vineyard, a wine mill and a wine cellar. The entire manor covered an area of tens of thousands of square meters and was one of the top ten wineries in Austria. The wine produced every year was worth billions of U.S. dollars and was the favorite of many European royals.

    The European Union offered it as a present to Chen Fan as an apology.

    Together with the Wisteria Manor was a check for fifty billion euros, which was equal to a few hundred billion yuan. Chen Fan could withdraw fifty billion euros anywhere in Europe with this check.

    "Looks like the European Union is suffering from a huge loss. The Black Sea Fleet was destroyed and thousands of soldiers died. The pensions alone will be enough to bankrupt the European countries." Chen Fan sat under the vine and read the newspaper.

    The newspaper headline was: "A rare storm raged at the Black Sea. The Black Sea Fleet sank. Leaders of various countries expressed their condolences."

    Below were the analyses made by several experts, proving that the storm did destroy the Black Sea Fleet. However, anyone who had a wisp of IQ would notice the lie.

    The Black Sea was an inland sea, why would there be a storm?

    Even if there were a storm, a modern fleet could resist at least level-twelve waves. How could a storm bring down a thousand-ton destroyer? If so, the surrounding countries of the Black Sea should have been engulfed by a tsunami.

    "There has been a heated discussion on the Internet, saying that the media is lying. Rumors are everywhere; some claim that the spirits from Myanmar were to blame, some suggest that a devil was born and others say it was an alien attack."

    Li Xinru chuckled.

    She was almost thirty years old. She was wearing a white shirt and jeans, showing her hourglass figure. She had light makeup on her face and her eyes were watery and charming, which made her look particularly feminine.

    "I heard that you had problems with your former boss."

    Chen Fan glanced at Li Xinru and talked about something else.

    "It was fine at the beginning, but a year ago, he suddenly told me that you had died and he tried to force me to sleep with him; I refused so I fell out with him. After that, he paid the media to denigrate me on the Internet and I left the entertainment industry in China out of spite," Li Xinru said as she lowered her head.

    "Mr. Chen, Mr. Nie had already given me to you so I'm all yours. I would never betray you."


    Chen Fan didn't know what to say.

    Nie Yuanhu did offer Li Xinru to Chen Fan, but how would he lay eyes on such an indifferent woman? He had never thought that Li Xinru would still remember. Chen Fan then gave Li Xinru a deep stare.

    She was a smart woman. Although she used her body as a bargaining chip, she knew exactly that loyalty was far more reliable than physical relationships.

    "I'll get even with Nie Yuanhu when I go back to China," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Li Xinru was thrilled, but when she saw Chen Fan shift his attention back to the newspaper again, a glint of sorrow flashed in her eyes.

    Then, Natasha came with a glass of wine.

    "General Chen, Councillor Charles from the European Union is here."

    In those six days, Li Xinru stayed with Chen Fan and met a number of significant figures who all had a higher status than Richard, including the Austrian officials, celebrities from different countries and many leaders of the European families and consortiums.

    Li Xinru even saw the head of the Timmons Family begging Chen Fan on his knees, making her curious about Chen Fan's identity. What kind of person was he that could frighten so many prominent leaders?"

    "Charles? Show him in."

    Chen Fan wasn't surprised.

    When Charles entered, he said with an expressionless face, "Mr. Chen, the Dark World Arbitration Department has issued a ‘Must-Kill Order' against you. I think you should leave Europe immediately."

    "Why? The European Union doesn't want me here?"

    Chen Fan put down the newspaper and said with a faint smile.

    Charles heard him and his face fell. "Mr. Chen, the European Union doesn't want to be involved in the dispute between you and the Dark World Arbitration Department. You can keep the gifts we offered you but we hope that you won't start your war in Europe."

    Since they couldn't defeat Chen Fan without using nuclear weapons, the European countries had the idea that they had to answer to all his requests and respect him at all times, so as to avoid any harm. Now that the Dark World Arbitration Department had reappeared, the European Union was emboldened.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department was so powerful and the five arbitrators were even known as the legendary Dark Lords. The European Union thought that Chen Fan couldn't even take care of his own matters, so there was no need to be respectful to him anymore.

    Thinking about this, Natasha was a bit angry.

    But Chen Fan wasn't angry at all. Instead, he said with a playful smile, "I'll leave when I'm ready. You don't have to worry about it. As for the matter between me and the Dark World Arbitration Department, it's my private business and it has nothing to do with the European Union. You can ask the Dark World Arbitration Department to leave Europe first."


    Charles was enraged, but considering the man in front of him had deadly means, he calmed himself and said, "I've given you a warning. Take heed or not, it's your own business. Goodbye."

    Charles left right away.

    "General Chen, he's being disrespectful. Even the leaders of the countries or the president of the European Union wouldn't talk to you like that."

    Natasha was furious.

    "But General Chen, the Marshal said the Must-Kill Order of the Dark World Arbitration Department has only been issued seven times throughout history. It has killed seven Immortal State Warriors, including one from the East. Because of that war, the East fell and became the colony of the West."

    Natasha was worried.

    "Don't worry, there's always a solution for every problem. How dare a half-blood rat clamor before me?"

    Chen Fan didn't mind at all.

    Li Xinru listened to them quietly and was extremely curious.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department, Mortal Deities and Must-Kill Orders were all things she had never heard of. In the next few days, she felt a bit strange that no more European figures paid them a visit.

    Everybody seemed to be frightened. They all stayed far away from the manor to avoid getting in trouble.

    Those European directors who had been asking Li Xinru to take part in their movies all seemed to be avoiding her like the plague, which made her anxious.

    "What exactly is this Must-Kill Order? Everyone seems to be afraid of it. I wonder if Mr. Chen can get away from it."

    She was currently on the same boat with Chen Fan, so it was normal for her to be worried.

    Meanwhile, many people on the major underground forums weren't positive about it.

    "The Dark World Arbitration Department has only issued the Must-Kill Order for a total of seven times."

    "The first time was three centuries ago when England became the dominator and issued the Must-Kill Order to kill the Cardinal of Spain, Antonio. Antonio was the top Overlord of the Christian Church at that time, a man regarded as the reincarnation of a Saint and had almost gained an angel's body. However, he died under the siege of many arbitrators of the Dark World Arbitration Department."

    "The second time was two hundred and seventy years ago against the last War Wolf King of the Werewolf League…"

    "The fifth time happened during the second Opium War a hundred and sixty years ago. The Arbitration Department issued the Must-Kill Order against the Grand Preceptor of the Qing dynasty, Dharma-rāja, and mobilized the Immortal State Warriors in the world to hunt him down. The Dharma-rāja was the strongest Overlord of Tantric Buddhism throughout the last five centuries. He had achieved the body of an arhat and his power could compare to a Daoist Mortal Deity; and yet, he was defeated. Since then, no Immortal State Warriors in the East could fight the West."

    "The sixth time…"

    "The seventh time…"

    Someone listed the seven Must-Kill Orders issued throughout the last few centuries on the forum.

    Many of them were speechless.

    The Spanish Cardinal Antonio was a recognized Saint. When he was born, there were seven sacred scars on his hands and feet. The Pope was going to grant him the title of "Saint Antonio" but the Dark World Arbitration Department killed him before the coronation.

    The War Wolf King of the Werewolf League was even more horrifying. He almost united the Werewolves in Siberia and was about to declare himself King, but he was murdered by the Dark World Arbitration Department. Since then, the Werewolves had completely fallen and had been living in seclusion in Siberia.

    As for the Dharma-rāja of Tantric Buddhism, he was a Grand Preceptor of the Qing dynasty who settled the Taiping Rebellion and was regarded as the living Mortal Deity. Yet, he was also slaughtered, following the Must-Kill Order from the Dark World Arbitration Department.

    "The Dark World Arbitration Department is so terrifying. No wonder they were called the Dark Lord," a Rainforest Warrior exclaimed.

    "Otherwise, how could the western superpowers dominate the world and conquer the entire Africa, America and Asia?" The priest of a North African tribe sniggered.

    "Immortal State Warriors were everywhere in different continents, but the West had the two horrifying organizations, the Dark World Arbitration Department and the Christian Church. The Dark World Arbitration Department swept through the world with the power of the British Empire, while the Christian Church dominated the West for a thousand years and almost exterminated the vampires and werewolves."

    Everyone's heart stopped.

    The many powerful groups in the present world were only jokes to the two terrifying organizations. There was even a time when the Dragon Hall, the Hong Sect, the Green Gang and the Mystic Sect relied on the westerners to survive.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department arbitrated the world. They could decide the life of a Mortal Deity and the rise and fall of a country.

    If the United States and Soviet Union didn't conquer the world with nuclear power, the Dark World Arbitration Department and the Christian Church would have remained in charge, and countries like China and Korea would still be struggling to get rid of their destiny of being a colony.

    "Now that the Dark World Arbitration Department has issued the Must-Kill Order, they won't stop until they kill Chen Beixuan."

    Many shook their heads.

    "This battle will decide who's the real dominator of the Dark World, the Dark Lords or Chen Beixuan; which organization is the top power of the world, the Dark World Arbitration Department or the North Qiong Sect; and which side owns the world, the East or the West!" the Observer concluded.

    The entire world had their eyes on Austria and this twenty-one years old young man.

    December 5, 2011.

    Three days of rainstorm, perfect for killing!