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Chapter 570 - The Arbitration Department Has Risen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 570: The Arbitration Department Has Risen

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    The quarrel between Li Xinru and Richard was originally their own business, but it would be different if they dragged Chen Fan in.

    Chen Fan watched this indifferently with a glass of wine in his hand.

    The European Union invited him to a cocktail party especially organized for him, so they should have arranged everything perfectly. Since such a big problem emerged, they should be embarrassed about it. Chen Fan didn't mind killing in the venue. He was only waiting for the European Union to deal with it.

    "Strange, why are there Chinese people in a prestigious venue at the WYN? Are they heirs of the major families in China?"

    "One of them seems to be a Chinese starlet who's been working in the European entertainment industry. Did she offend Richard?"

    "Poor little girl. Who doesn't know the Timmons?"

    People either shook their heads, sneered or gloated.

    Many of them stared at Chen Fan doubtfully. He looked very familiar to them but they were unable to figure out who he was.

    "You want us to get out of here?" Chen Fan had a sip of his wine and looked at Richard pitifully.

    Natasha crossed her arms and curled her lips with disdain in her eyes, while Oleg was watching calmly. Oleg wouldn't argue with such an insignificant person; he would simply kill that person if he felt annoyed.

    Li Xinru was the only one that had a blanched face.

    "Of course! As far as I know, this cocktail party welcomes only celebrities and descendants of the major families in Europe. The only Asians they have invited are our most distinguished guests, and I guess you wouldn't be one of them, am I right?" Richard said with disdain.

    He heard that the European Union had organized this cocktail party to express their sincerity and apology to a man, and that man was the Asian Overlord who had destroyed the Black Sea Fleet and slashed his way through Europe.

    But Richard didn't have access to the detailed information about the Asian Overlord.

    "The Asian you're talking about is me."

    Chen Fan shrugged.


    Richard almost burst into laughter.

    Li Xinru stood next to them, trying to calm herself.

    She knew that the Timmons had a very high status in the European entertainment industry and it was a major family in Austria, but Chen Fan had to be someone influential as well. He was a mysterious man who had a Chinese military background, he mastered different spells and curses, and could kill from a distance.

    Li Xinru prayed in her heart.

    "Our guest is Mr. Chen Beixuan from the East. He is distinguished and has dazzling good looks. How would he be a Chinese like you?"

    Richard sneered.

    He had no idea that what he said had left Li Xinru open-mouthed, and some of the people around them also seemed to have remembered something.

    Suddenly, a loud voice was heard.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the WYN International Center. Let us give a big round of applause to our dearest guest, Mr. Chen Beixuan."

    Councillor Charles stood next to the rostrum.

    As he pointed, a spotlight landed on Chen Fan.

    The lights dimmed and Chen Fan stood in the spotlight, shining like a superstar. Even Director Stern and Li Xinru were shrouded in his brightness. More importantly, everyone in the venue was astonished by Chen Fan's true identity.

    "You are Chen Beixuan?"

    Richard's eyes popped out as if he had seen a ghost.

    Not only him; many others looked at Chen Fan with ogling eyes.

    Many prominent tycoons and family heads went to the cocktail party just to meet the legendary Chen Beixuan and to build a close relationship with him.

    For this, they had brought along their most beautiful granddaughters and daughters. Every one of them was gorgeously dressed and had alluring figures.

    "Who's Chen Beixuan?"

    Director Stern was clueless about the sudden revelation.

    The title of director sounded superior, but his actual status wasn't as high as expected.

    Nobody answered him.

    Chen Fan placed his hands behind his back and walked towards Richard. "I don't want to see you anymore." He then moved toward the rostrum. People from the European Union understood what Chen Fan meant and looked at Richard with compassion.

    Richard's face became even paler than Li Xinru's.

    With Chen Fan's status and his relationship with the European Union, even the Timmons Family would be unable to reject his order. By then, they would hand Richard over to the European Union obediently.

    "Mr. Chen, it is our pleasure to have you here."

    The Mayor of WYN came forward and shook Chen Fan's hand.

    Li Xinru was stunned and she couldn't believe what she saw.

    Li Xinru was confused.

    She saw many special figures whom she could barely see in Europe; all of them were sincerely bowing and shaking Chen Fan's hand, as if they were meeting a royal family member.

    "Because he's Chen Beixuan!"

    Oleg said slowly.

    In the current world, Chen Beixuan represented a country, a top power, which even Europe had to make peace with as they couldn't use their nuclear weapons.

    Everyone around nodded.

    Seeing this, Li Xinru was completely at a loss for words. She looked at the rostrum with twinkling eyes, as if she had found a treasure.

    After his high-profile appearance at the WYN International Center, Chen Fan stayed in Austria for a few more days and he met several heads of major families in Europe.

    Even though Oleg had left, he kind of knew what was on Chen Fan's mind.


    While Chen Fan was staying in a gorgeous manor and teased Li Xinru for fun, Natasha came with the long-awaited news.

    "The Dark Duke and his companions are here…"

    The Dark Duke.

    One of the five arbitrators of the Dark World Arbitration Department of England, the once grand dominator of the Dark World. His appearance has startled everyone on Earth and the news was instantly spread throughout the Dark World. This time, not only the Dark Duke was there, but also the other four Overlords.

    The "Earl of Terror," Ravenci.

    The "Blood Knight," Claude.

    The "Undead God of War," Barr.

    The "Devil of Death," Adriano.

    The five former arbitrators were present. Every one of them had accomplished epic deeds a hundred years in the past. They used to be superior and they arbitrated the entire Dark World.

    Even the Christian Church wasn't strong enough to fight the five Dark Lords, not to mention that the whole Dark World Arbitration Department had made an appearance this time!

    The overseer department of the Dark World had risen.

    The entire world was stunned by their appearance. Some said that all the Overlords of the European underground had rushed to London to meet the five arbitrators, and many consortiums and tycoons were quite anxious.

    "The Dark World Arbitration Department that has been quiet for centuries has suddenly made a move? Does it mean that the Christian Church is also coming back?" Someone wondered.

    "The Dark World Arbitration Department was forced to hide in England because of the suppression from the United States. Many of their powers were transferred to the CIA. Their reappearance would definitely replace Kunlun and become the top power of the world," an old caster said emotionally.

    "Have you forgotten about Chen Beixuan and his North Qiong Sect?" Another netizen replied with a sneering tone.

    Right, they had Chen Fan!

    Chen Fan was the most powerful and famous warrior in the last few years, especially after he slaughtered the Immortal State Warriors in the West and made all of Europe surrender. Even the Dark Duke had to avoid him, so how would the Dark World Arbitration Department let him go?

    "You have to know that the Dark World Arbitration Department doesn't have only five arbitrators but also many others members. Although these arbitrators aren't Immortal State Warriors, they are as powerful as the Overlords on the Dark Roll and the experienced ones can be comparable to Immortal State Warriors."

    Many shook their heads.

    If they didn't have strong power, why would they fight against the Christian Church? Be aware that the Christian Church had dominated the world for over a thousand years. They had a large number of Immortal State Warriors in every generation and their power was not what a normal sect like the Heavenly Master Sect could compare to.

    A wise man said, "Chen Beixuan is in trouble. The Dark World Arbitration Department must be coming after him"

    As expected, the Dark World Arbitration Department sent a message to Chen Beixuan two days later, asking him to go to London to meet the arbitrators and explain why he killed Damon.

    Their approach was just how they arbitrated the world a hundred years in the past.

    Chen Fan refused.

    The Dark World Arbitration Department issued a "Wanted Order" again and asked Chen Beixuan to see them immediately.

    Chen Fan refused again!

    The people of the Dark World Arbitration Department were enraged. They immediately sent a troop led by an experienced arbitrator to arrest Chen Fan. However, on the next day, thirteen bodies in the signature clothing of the arbitrators were found outside the manor Chen Fan was staying in.

    Rumor had it that there might be Overlords who were near to the Immortal State among the thirteen arbitrators.

    But they had all been stabbed through the heart and none of them survived. Chen Fan even hung them on the flagpole outside the manor to show the world what he had done.

    In a blink, countless people throughout the whole Western World were watching anxiously.

    Had Chen Beixuan just declared war against the Dark World Arbitration Department?

    On November 30, 2011, the Dark World Arbitration Department issued a "Must-Kill Order."

    They vowed to kill Chen Beixuan!

    The entire Dark World was stirred. Many people looked towards the West, towards Austria and towards the manor in the outskirts of Austria's capital.