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Chapter 568 - The EU Party

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 568: The EU Party

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    Richard snorted and was still angry.

    He wanted to show off his family background in front of them, but Chen Fan didn't even spare him a reply.

    "Miss Linda, let's not pay him any mind. A Deputy Chairman of the European Union announced that he was going to host a party. There are going to be many famous directors and actors present at the party. I have tickets, would you like to accompany me?" Richard said softly. His gaze lingered on Li Xinru's thin waist and her sumptuous curves, as excitement flashed in his eyes.

    Li Xinru was one of the most attractive Asian ladies he had ever seen. She was in her early twenties, and had that deadly blend of innocence and seduction about her.

    Lo and behold, Li Xinru's eyes brightened after she heard the invitation.

    Although she was an A-list actress in China, she was relatively unknown in the rest of the world. This party would allow her to network with many famous upper class patrons, as a way to build important connections for her career outside of China.


    Li Xinru hesitated, and looked at Chen Fan as he was leaving.

    Li Xinru had only met Chen Fan once three years before; however, she would never forget Chen Fan's incredible display of power. That day, he had killed Young Lord Nie and forced Nie Yuanhu to his knees.

    Li Xinru had asked around afterwards and learned that Chen Fan had supporters in the military.

    If Li Xinru could gain Chen Fan's protection, she would never need to worry about her future. On the other hand, Richard's invitation was also a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    The Timmons family was extremely influential in the entertainment industry.

    If she was able to take a few gigs from the hotshot directors from Europe, she would transcend from a Chinese actress into an international star.

    Seeing that Chen Fan had left, she heaved a sigh and agreed to attend the party.

    Chen Fan and Oleg left the restaurant and got into the vehicle that the European Union had sent for him.

    "Dear Mr. Chen. I hope you could forget about the misunderstanding between us after the party."

    Councillor Charles welcomed Chen Fan at the door. He had once been Austria's Deputy Prime Minister. He had been working in the European Union ever since his term ended. Nevertheless, he remained a heavyweight in the European Union's political landscape.

    "A misunderstanding?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gave him half a smile.

    Charles' face paled a little, but he quickly gathered himself and said, "I must admit that some of our officers were fooled by Damon. However, we have also suffered devastating damages. The entire Black Sea Fleet is gone; some nations' leaders were still unable to sleep at night."

    The annihilation of the Black Sea Fleet was a massive blow to many counties.

    Despite the governments downplaying the event, rumors had spread quickly all over Europe. People claimed that a Sage from Myanmar had arrived in Europe and confronted the European Union's military.

    Ever since Chen Fan's battle in Myanmar, the term "Myanmar Sage" had always been the highlight around the world.

    "Why would I care? I was attacked by your men for no reason. The European Union needs to offer me an explanation," Chen Fan said lightly.

    "That, I promise you. We will compensate you properly."

    Charles grimaced in his mind and faked a reassuring tone.

    The generals involved in the battle of the Black Sea were quickly made into scapegoats in both the public opinion and the military court.

    The party was located inside the WYN International Center, in a grandiose ballroom.

    Charles guided Chen Fan and his companions into the room.

    Natasha turned her head and glanced behind her as she walked through the threshold; she saw a flurry of dazzling flashlights shining on a crowd of famous entertainers.

    Among the actors and actresses were local nobles and tycoons wearing elegant dresses. The host had invited many famous Europeans as well as leaders of the Austrian government. Although not a lot of them knew the reason for the party, they showed up nonetheless.

    "Many celebrities are here," Natasha exclaimed in excitement.

    "Ma'am, I can introduce you to any one of them," Charles said with a warm smile.

    He was the Councillor of the European Union and had a much higher social status than most celebrities.

    "That's fine. Thanks anyway."

    Natasha shook her head, realizing that she was too old for chasing idols.

    After a while, Charles excused himself and left the table. He was the MC of the party. Charles invited Chen Fan to open the floor with him, but he refused.

    "I haven't been to such a fancy place in decades," Oleg said with a wry smile.

    "When you reach my level, you will find all of this is just too boring."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Oleg was a Russian General, the captain of the Blood Wolf Guards. Although delegates from the European Union never liked him, they showed a great degree of respect to him.

    "Sir, are you really not concerned about the Dark Duke?" Oleg asked curiously.

    "No." Chen Fan answered coldly.

    On the contrary, he wanted to settle the score with the Dark Duke. Otherwise, he would have already returned to China.

    Even as the three enjoyed the live music while sipping their wine, Chen Fan heard a surprised voice calling out to him.

    Chen Fan looked back and saw Li Xinru and the heir of the Timmons family. Timmons wore a sullen expression as soon as he noticed them.

    Li Xinru skipped across the room toward Chen Fan; surprise and joy were written all over her face.

    "What a coincidence!"

    Li Xinru had made up her mind to hang around Chen Fan during the entire party.

    "Linda, would you like to meet this year's best director?" Richard tried to lure Li Xinru back to him, but failed.

    After Li Xinru rejected him a few times, Richard's temper flared.

    "Bitch! Don't forget who got you the ticket for this gala."

    "Mr. Richard, please watch your language," Li Xinru said with a stone cold face.

    "Haha, do you think I don't know what kind of slut you are? Your acting is better on the bed than on the set! If you weren't a whore, you wouldn't have accepted my invitation."

    Richard hurled insults at the girl hotly.

    Li Xinru's face paled but she didn't reply.

    Richard reached out and tried to drag Li Xinru away. She struggled to break free, but failed. She looked at Chen Fan pleadingly. Although she was an A-list celebrity in China, she was helpless in Europe.

    "That's enough!"

    Before Chen Fan got involved, Natasha intervened.