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Chapter 567 - Legends of the Blood Ancestor

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 567: Legends of the Blood Ancestor

    The Blood Ancestor.

    It wasn't the first time Chen Fan had heard of this name.

    He was said to be the last vampire in the world. The narration of Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator also illustrated his meeting with the Blood Ancestor when he was travelling in the West, but that was almost a thousand years in the past. If the Blood Ancestor were still alive, he would be a thousand years old.

    "Yes, the Blood Ancestor."

    Oleg said, "The Kindred are different from the Werewolves. Our ancestors were murdered by the Christian Church, which made us flee to Siberia. Unlike us, even though the Blood Ancestor was severely injured during the battle with Saint Augustine of the Christian Church, he survived in the end."

    "Some say he's sleeping in an old castle in Eastern Europe and he wakes up every few centuries to eat. He chooses a city in Europe and kills everyone every time he wakes up, causing a few million casualties. The last time he woke up was a hundred years ago, but not many people knew about it due to the undeveloped technology of the time. It might make sense that Damon really is the descendant of the Blood Ancestor, since Damon's father is quite mysterious and he disappeared a century ago," the Russian General said seriously.

    "Huh? He's a thousand years old?"

    Natasha was startled.

    Ever since she met Chen Fan and joined the KGB, she had come across all sorts of confidential information.

    Such as the werewolves, the Extraordinary, the Immortal State Warriors and the vampires, but a thousand-year-old monster was still unimaginable to her; consuming the lives of a complete city even sounded like a myth.

    "He can indeed live over a thousand years, if he goes into a deep sleep to reduce energy consumption."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    However, this was a method a cultivator or other alien races would use when they didn't have a choice. The entire body would fall into chaos once going into a deep sleep; a life that could span through ten thousand years wouldn't even be as wonderful as one lived fully through a hundred years like everyone else.

    "It's only a legend, and the murder also happened in South Africa, a hundred years ago. Nobody knows if the Dark Duke made up a story to threaten the Christian Church."

    Oleg shook his head.

    Earth Level Deities and the Blood Ancestor were way too unimaginable for the Immortal Level Overlords of the present day.

    After all, an Earth Level Deity had not been seen for the last thousand years and only legends were passed down, so even a Blood Wolf descendent like Oleg didn't believe in it.

    "The Blood Ancestor doesn't exist, but those five Blood Guards do."

    Oleg continued, "The Blood Ancestor used to have thirteen Blood Guards, but more than half of them died during their battle with the Christian Church and only five were left, including the Dark Duke. The five of them were in charge of the Arbitration Department and they controlled the entire Western World under the power of the British Empire. They're still influential figures in the West to this day."

    "Five half-blood Kindred?"

    Chen Fan nodded.

    The Dark Duke may be powerful but Chen Fan didn't mind him. His only concern was the Blood Ancestor.

    Just as Oleg said, the existence of the Blood Ancestor was still a legend. Even if he did exist, so what? Chen Fan's trump cards were specially prepared for these beings.

    "Right, the officials of the European Union want to organize a cocktail party especially for you, as an apology for what happened," Natasha said.

    "The European Union?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The attacks from the European Union were unable to hurt him, but they had upset him. They had to pay a higher price in order to extinguish his anger.

    While Chen Fan was talking to Oleg, he glanced outside the window and saw a fashionable Asian woman with an enchanting figure walking out from JSDT. Next to her was a tall, handsome white man.

    The woman saw Chen Fan and yelled in surprise.

    "Mr. Chen, I'm Li Xinru."

    She entered the restaurant with the man, looking thrilled.

    "Li Xinru?"

    Chen Fan was confused at first, then he eventually nodded.

    He recognized the woman. She was a famous movie star like Yun Qianqian and had once hooked up with Chen Fan on the cruise. He had never thought he would meet her again in WYN a few years later.

    JSDT was a popular music spot. Many people went there every year to meet the world-class music masters so it was very difficult to get a ticket.

    "Are you here to watch Miss Hettich's performance? Her voice is angelic and she looks gorgeous, like a spirit in the woods," Li Xinru said excitedly.


    Chen Fan didn't know what to say.

    The white man sized Chen Fan up with a slight disdain.

    Chen Fan had returned to his normal appearance by then. After all, his Azure Thearch Longevity Body was too handsome; it would make him conspicuous since many people knew about him. Besides, the Russian man and the blonde woman next to Chen Fan were also indifferent, since they didn't consider the newcomers as significant people.

    The man frowned when he saw Li Xinru's beaming smile when she spoke with Chen Fan; he waved at the restaurant's manager who immediately approached him. He said something to the manager, then he looked up and said, "Why don't you join us on the rooftop since you're friends of Linda's? Seats along the street are for ordinary people."

    Li Xinru also said, "Richard is the heir of the Timmons Family. He's already taken control of a few fragrance and fashion brands at such a young age. This restaurant also belongs to his family."

    The white man then politely introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Richard Timmons."

    Richard thought that the three of them would be surprised after hearing his family name. Still, their expression didn't change one bit.

    The Timmons family had a long and prestigious heritage in Austria.

    They once had the royal lineage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and one of their members was an Earl in Spain. A few famous fashion brands in the world had been established by the Timmons and they had a close relationship with the entertainment industry of the Western World. After all, fashion brands needed partnerships with movie stars.

    But Chen Fan and Oleg were the North Mystic Celestial Lord and the Russian General respectively; how would they take this family seriously?

    Seeing Chen Fan's expressionless face, a glint of gloom flashed in Richard's eyes. When he was about to continue, Chen Fan's phone rang. People from the European Union were wondering if Chen Fan would attend the cocktail party.

    Chen Fan got up and said, "Let's go and meet them."


    Oleg and Natasha also got up.

    The three of them ignored Richard and Li Xinru and straight away left the restaurant.

    Richard froze and remained speechless.

    Li Xinru said quickly, "Mr. Richard, Mr. Chen is a very distinguished figure in the East, even our boss respects him. Perhaps he has something urgent to do."