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Chapter 566 - The Dark Lord

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 566: The Dark Lord

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    "The Dark Duke?"

    There was a calmness at the forum.

    After a while, someone asked with a doubtful tone, "Who's that? I've never heard of him."

    "Yeah, there's no such person on the Divine Roll."

    "Is he a hidden Immortal State Warrior from the West? How can he defeat everyone in the East all by himself?"

    People wondered.

    Ye Qingcang, Lin Shuming, Watanabe, Yao Daoyi, Li Changsheng, Tantai Qingxuan… There were at least a dozen Immortal State Warriors in the East and a few of them had even reached the peak stage.

    But the Western World only had Damon and the Three Lords of the Underground World. Together with the Dark Duke, could they really defeat the East?

    "The Dark Duke has never appeared on the Divine Roll, but he's the one who arranged it centuries ago," the Observer said.


    Everyone was surprised.

    Someone who could arrange the Divine Roll surely had overwhelming powers. The CIA could do that because they were supported by the invincible forces of the United States. If every Tom, Dick and Harry claimed that they ranked the Immortal State Warriors in the world, they would probably have been killed.

    "The Dark Duke you're talking about, could he be… the Dark Lord?" an experienced netizen suddenly said.

    "The Dark Lord really exists?" someone exclaimed.

    Someone has been controlling everything behind the Dark World since ancient times. The many rules that were set in place—including the categorization of the mercenary groups, bounty hunters and the Extraordinary, as well as the ranking on the big rolls and the ranking of the assassin organizations—all of it was set by the Dark Lord.

    The Dark World's ability to thrive and stay away from the suppression of the superpowers was also due to the Dark Lord's power.

    Rumor had it that he was the controller behind the Western World. Countless consortiums and countries were manipulated by the Dark Lord. Even the few Immortal State Warriors of the West World had to obey his orders.

    But it was only a legend. Nothing had ever proved his existence.

    Being able to manipulate all the European countries sounded like a joke.

    England and France were both the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Their nuclear power could destroy the world anytime.

    "Yes, he's the Dark Lord."

    The Observer nodded unexpectedly.

    This time, everyone was surprised beyond measure.


    Many of them couldn't believe it.

    "To be exact, the Dark Lord is not a person; it is a nation, a department, a group of people. The Dark Lord is only their leader," the Observer said.

    1With his explanation, the netizens on the forum finally knew the truth.

    England had established a department, centuries before the British Empire was thriving, which recruited the top fighters of the underground world in Europe to contend against the Christian Church.

    Vampires, werewolves, Dark Warriors, wizards and witches, all of them could enter.

    The department was called the "Dark World Arbitration Department," which was headed by the Dark Duke.

    The Dark Duke led such a department three centuries before and had gathered the Overlords of all Europe. He had also implemented rules for the Dark Powers all over the world to consolidate their might and raise a front against the Christian Church together.

    The war between the Dark World Arbitration Department and the Christian Church lasted for a few centuries.

    The fight continued until the First and Second World War came to pass, when countries became stronger and modern weapons started to appear, especially after the development of nuclear weapons; it was then that the Dark World Arbitration Department finally defeated the Christian Church and shut them down.

    "The Dark Duke continued to be in charge of the Dark World Arbitration Department for centuries. He has set rules for the Dark World and has arbitrated disputes between major organizations and countries, so people respectfully call him the ‘Dark Lord,'" the Observer ended his explanation with this statement.

    All of the others were stunned.

    "We've been following his rules for so many years."

    A dark mercenary commander heaved a sigh.

    "It doesn't sound right. Even an Immortal Level Overlord can only live a hundred years, how is the Dark Duke still alive after three centuries?" someone said in a doubtful tone.

    "The Dark Duke comes from a legendary long-living species, one of the purest breeds of vampires. Some say his bloodline can be traced back to the Blood Ancestor from a thousand years ago. He not only has a long life, but also a power that surpasses a normal Immortal State Warrior; he's comparable to a Mortal Deity but has no age limit." the Observer explained.

    The Japanese samurai gloated. "The Dark Duke is so powerful? So, Chen Beixuan killed Damon and pissed the Dark Duke off?"

    "Hm, the Dark Duke can't do anything anyway. Plus, even the European armies and the seven Immortal State Warriors were defeated by Chen Beixuan. The Dark Duke is nothing to him," the Chinese warrior immediately refuted.

    Many netizens on the forum started arguing about whether the Dark Duke or Chen Fan was stronger!

    Although Chen Fan had been the top Immortal State Warrior in the East or even on Earth, the Dark Duke had lived for three centuries and he used to be the ruler of the Dark World, an entity that was even superior to the Overlords of the East. So, technically, he wouldn't be inferior to Chen Fan.

    "You're all wrong. As I've said before, the Dark Lord is not a person, but a group of people," the Observer said, "The Dark World Arbitration Department has five arbitrators and the Dark Duke is one of them. He and the other four arbitrators together are the rulers of the Dark World."

    The entire forum immediately became silent.

    Nobody said a word.

    "Five arbitrators? Five powerful beings equivalent to the Dark Duke? Five Mortal Deities?"

    It was unimaginable.

    A warrior like Lin Shuming and Ye Qingcang alone could already dominate China, but five as powerful as the Dark Duke? No wonder they were jointly called the Dark Lord, and could set rules for the Dark World, defeat the Overlords in the East and almost make the East become the colony of the Western World.

    "Chen Beixuan is in great trouble."

    The Japanese samurai giggled.

    The Chinese warriors were at a loss for words.

    Someone thought.

    In the meantime, Chen Fan was sitting in a restaurant next to JSDT in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

    1Opposite to him was the white-haired Oleg and the blonde agent Natasha.

    "Sir, you're in big trouble."

    Oleg shook his head.

    "Are you talking about the European Union? They won't use their nuclear power." Chen Fan shrugged.

    "No, I mean the Dark Duke!"

    Oleg said seriously, "He's one of the thirteen guards of the Kindred's Blood Ancestor. I've never thought he'd still be alive after all this time. If the Dark Duke is here, his four companions should also be present."

    "More importantly, if the Dark Duke is right, Damon is indeed the direct descendant of the Blood Ancestor…" Oleg said with a wry smile.

    "The Blood Ancestor?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.