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Chapter 565 - The World in Shock

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 565: The World in Shock

    Warships, fighter jets and missiles… They were considered some of the most powerful conventional weapons and their technology was controlled by only a handful of nations. Most other countries still filled their military with dated weapons that had been used in the Great War.

    Even the mighty Black Sea Fleet was ahhilated by Chen Fan in less than half an hour.

    The Eurofighter Typhoons were lauded as the most powerful planes existing. However, they had zero defense against Chen Fan's flying swords. Those who had seen Chen Fan's ability to control the blade from 50 kilometers away were shaken to the core.

    They were also speechless after seeing Chen Fan survive the downpour of missiles unscathed.

    Meanwhile, in the Pentagon of the United States of America.

    Many experts of the US military, the most deadly force on earth, watched the satellite recording of the fight over and over again in silence.

    General Kane, the minister of National Defense scanned the meeting attendees and asked, "Gentlemen, what is your estimate of Chen Beixuan's level of attainment?"

    Although General Kane was sixty years old, his mind was sharp despite his old age. He was well known for his hawkish views.

    A Major General from the army said, "General, our European friends used almost the same equipment we have. If their missiles failed to bring Chen Beixuan down, I think it left us with no choice but to use the Super Anti-Armor Warheads or the Massive Ordnance Penetrator."

    "We could also use Lasers. Our new product, the Thor Laser Cannon can penetrate three layers of tank armor. I don't think there's anything that could protect Chen Beixuan from that," a strategist from the CIA chimed in.

    Major General Donald from the Air Force said with Furrowed brows, "It will be difficult to land a hit on him using a laser cannon. Our friends in France told us that the Austrians had used it against Chen Beixuan, but they were able to hit him only once."

    "Bunch of chalatants. They bragged about their Poseidon Troops all the time, where are their Gene Soldiers now?" a Senior General said with a smirk.

    This Senior General had three stars on this shoulder badge and was in charge of the Atlantic Fleet. He never liked the Europeans.

    "Their Poseidon class Armor is one generation behind our Ares class. And I knew their Gene Soldier project was a flop. They gave vampire's blood to soldiers and called that a Gene Soldier? Our Bio-Soldiers are much more advanced than that."

    The strategist from the CIA snickered.

    General Kane didn't say anything to rub salt in his ally's wound.

    As the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of America has its own standards.

    Its technology and military prowess had far exceeded that of France and England.

    General Kane knocked the table with his knuckle and said, "I want to bring your attention to the fact that Chen Beixuan was able to force the Dark Duke out of his hiding place. He had been quiet for more than ten years, ever since we ended the Christian Church's operation."

    "The Dark Duke?"

    The name darkened many senior officers' faces. Meanwhile, the young strategists and generals had no clue who they were talking about.

    "Who will scare the United States of America?" General Major Donald asked under his breath.

    The US had pinned all the Immortal State Warriors under their thumb. Even the mighty Hong Sect had to retreat to their little corner on a pacific island with their pressure, much less an individual.

    "I can think of two of them. Two and a half, maybe. One is the Dark Duke, the other is located inside the Christian Church. The remaining half is Ye Qincang in China."

    The CIA strategist shrugged and said, "Well, now we have Chen Beixuan. "

    The Americans' disbelief and shock was shared by many other nations; this was also the case for leaders of influential financial groups.

    Such was Chen Fan's terrifying power that he had single handedly subjugated the western nations, forcing them to give up the nuclear option.

    "No wonder they call him the Superpower Chen. Three of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have succumbed to him," White Tiger shook his head and lamented.

    He referenced a meme on the internet that listed three criteria for any country to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council: Nuclear Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs and to defeat three of the existing members.

    Chen Fan had fulfilled one of the three criteria.

    "Show some respect to General Chen!" Director Xiao knocked the table sternly and asked, "What about the European Union? What did they say?"

    "The European Union Ambassador officially requested us to be the mediator. They hope we can persuade Chen Beixuan," Red Sparrow said without much hope in her voice…

    Director Xiao scowled at that.

    He knew Chen Fan's temper and he was aware that the likelihood of persuading him to give up on taking revenge was zero.

    "Let me talk to General Li Wuchen and the Chen Family." Director Xiao scratched his head in annoyance.Red Sparrow asked with curiosity before the meeting was adjourned, "Director, who is the Dark Duke? I read a report saying that he had fought Chen Beixuan and survived."

    "The Dark Duke?"

    Director Xiao's face darkened.

    "He turned up?"

    While the leaders around the world focused on Chen Fan's fight with the Black Sea Fleet, the Overlords in the Dark World had focused their attention on Chen Fan's battle with Damon.

    "Tsk, tsk… Chen Beixuan is so relentless. He followed him all the way from China to Austria, killing many mercenaries on his way. They say the blood of the soldiers had made the sea turn red. He even killed two of the Three Lords of the Western Underground World," a Korean Taekwondo Grandmaster said gloatingly.

    When Chen Fan slaughtered all the eastern Immortal State Warriors, the estern Martial Artists scolded Chen Fan for being ruthless. But they had become diehard supporters of Chen Fan after his recent exploits.

    "Sandro from the Withered Castle, Norland from the Dark Council as well as Damon the Blood Fiend… they were the three most powerful Immortal Level Overlords in the west. Damon was even ranked number three on the Divine Roll for a time. "

    A Spell caster from Malaysia asked in confusion, "But I don't get it. If the west only has this small number of Immortal State Warriors, how did the east succumb to them a hundred years ago? There were more Immortal State Warriors in the east around that time."

    His question was left unanswered, as most others were as perplexed as he was.

    A hundred years back, the Overlords from the East took up half of the top ten list of the Divine Roll while only three warriors from the West had made it to the list. Why would the East fall so quickly under the western pressure?

    "That was thanks to the Dark Duke!" the Observer suddenly said.