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Chapter 564 - Death of Damon

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 564: Death of Damon

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    Blade of Divine Essence!

    Chen Fan created that weapon right after he had entered the Divine Sea. It contained Chen Fan's unimaginable force of Divine Will and was particularly deadly against deities and Divine Souls.

    Even the Mortal Deity Li Changsheng was unable to withstand it's deadly blow.

    Damon was a powerful foe, being a master of many mystic-arts from both the east and the west. However, he would still be unprepared to handle a blow from the Blade of Divine Essence.

    Under the Dark Duke's furious glare and the many soldier's incredulous eyes, Chen Fan brought the Blade Of Divine Essence around; it created a smear of golden Blade Aura in the air and then he brought it down onto Damon.

    "Stop him!"

    The Dark Duke reached out an arm and sent out a plume of dark mist toward the incoming attack.

    Many soldiers trained their tesla-rifles at Chen Fan and fired. The Kindred Warriors stood afar and also charged against the Blade Of Divine Essence.

    However, none of the counter measures worked.

    The Blade Of Divine Essence had an otherworldly quality to it. Bullets, blades and even bodies passed right through it without having any effect over it.

    "You are ballsy indeed!"

    Damon was taken aback. He didn't expect Chen Fan to attack while being surrounded by so many deadly weapons.

    His body flickered as fire sprouted from his body. The bloody red flames were created from Damon's powerful Blood Force inside of him and they could even protect him from cannon shells. Damon was confident that he would remain unharmed as long as he was under the fire's protection.

    However, Damon's disbelieving eyes witnessed how the Blade Of Divine Essence drove right through the protection and went into his Divine Soul.


    Damon let out a saddening howl.

    Everyone watched as the fire surrounding Damon suddenly lost its intensity, disappearing entirely a few seconds later. Shortly after, the fiery flame inside Damon's eyes diminished as well and the energy inside of him ebbed away. After losing his momentum, Damon fell from the sky.

    Damon's Divine Soul was split in half by Chen Fan's attack.

    Even an undying body would perish without the Divine Soul.


    Damon's soulless body was greeted by the ground with a thud, kicking up a plum of dust.

    A pin drop silence suddenly fell over the place.

    Everyone gaped in silence and even the pilots watching the development in the sky were shocked, forgetting that they were piloting aircrafts.

    Was Damon dead? The same Damon who had plagued Europe for hundreds of years and ranked number three on the Divine Roll?

    Arthur, Poseidon's Sect master, was floored by the outcome. He murmured, "He's dead? Impossible… We are doomed."

    Meanwhile, the Dark Duke's face was heavy and dark. He had lost his usual calm and unflappable demeanor as his rage flared in his bloodshot eyes. He glared at Chen Fan and asked, word by word, "Chen Beixuan, do you know what you have done?"

    "Why of course. What's the big deal?" Chen Fan replied with a derisive smile.

    He sensed an uplifting sensation in him as soon as he killed Damon, as if a heavy weight had been lifted off his mind. That was the oath he had made to himself to kill Damon. Since he had died, the spell was lifted; the rage and anger would fade from his mind.

    The Dark Duke was unable to hold back his fury any longer, so he waved his hand and commanded, "Kill him!"

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    The soldiers fired their Tesla-rifles at once, shooting many deadly pluses of electromagnetic plasma at Chen Fan. Those Tesla-rifles were deadlier than high caliber armor piercing rounds and could easily penetrate Chen Fan's Arcane Energy Bulwark.

    However, that was if Chen Fan would allow them to land a hit on him.


    Chen Fan's body disappeared as he broke the sonic barrier and then he reappeared right before his attackers.

    Soldiers wearing exoskeleton suits closed in and swarmed him, but they were reduced to a pulp on the floor by Chen Fan. Their exoskeleton suits might be able to protect them from tanks, but not from him.

    In a blink, Chen Fan obliterated the soldiers with armored suits and was about to break free from the encirclement.


    A red hot laser beam was shot at Chen Fan. Lasers traveled at the speed of light, much faster than Chen Fan's reaction speed; he received the attack since he couldn't dodge it.


    The laser beam easily went through Chen Fan's Arcane Energy Bulwark and landed on Chen Fan's shoulder, slicing through his skin.

    That was the first time Chen Fan had been injured ever since he arrived in Europe.


    Chen Fan hacked with his blade, sending out a jet of energy that destroyed the beam emitter. Before Chen Fan could gather himself for another attack, furious Kindred Warriors swarmed him from all directions.

    They charged him at an incredible speed, trailing dark shadows behind them. Some of them could run as fast as an Immortal State Warrior.

    The energy blades in their hands shimmered and vibrated, emitting a spark of Blade Aura from time to time. Those energy blades were high-tech weapons recently developed by the European nations against Chen Fan.

    "Lowly Bastards! How dare you challenge me?"

    Chen Fan cracked a cold smile and formed a blade with the tip of his finger and hacked at the air.

    A ten meter long azure Blade Aura was shot out from Chen Fan's finger and it sliced right through the bodies of the Kindred Warriors. However, more Kindred Warriors showed up behind the dead bodies and continued the charge.

    These Kindred Warriors wore tight black bodysuits that were made out of special materials. Chen Fan wagered that they were similar to the Bio-armor worn by the Blood Wolf Guards. Chen Fan also sensed a threat coming from those shimmering energy blades.

    The soldiers around Chen Fan also regained their morale and started shooting at Chen Fan.

    Even from where he stood, Chen Fan could see many laser cannons spitting fire from their barrels.

    "Get out of my face."

    Chen Fan's patience was wearing thin; he didn't want to waste one more second on cannon fodder.

    He tapped the gourd and summoned nine deadly blades, which went on to pave nine paths for Chen Fan using his enemies' blood. Be it the special force units or the Kindred Warriors, all of them were sliced in half at the waist by the nine deadly flying swords.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    The nine blades swooped down on their enemies again and again until the ground was painted red with blood. However powerful their gadgets might be, the flying swords were too fast for them to land a hit.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and asked the Dark Duke with a mild smile, "Dark Duke, do you still want to continue the fight?"

    The Dark Duke pulled a taut face as he tried to hold back the rage inside of him. After a while, the flame in his eyes dimmed and he said slowly, "Chen Beixuan, you killed the heir of our lord. That has turned you into the enemy of the entire Blood Race. We will keep fighting until the last one among us is dead."

    "One more move, I might as well kill all of you."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    Chen Fan didn't even consider the Dark Duke as an authentic member of the Blood Race. As for those Kindred Warriors, they had been created by having been infused with the Dark Duke's blood and DNA. The Bloodline force was so weak in them that they were a far cry from the real strength of the Blood Race.

    "Let's move."

    The Dark Duke waved a hand and retreated with his surviving forces.

    Chen Fan stood still and didn't chase after them. He had registered a sense of grave danger a moment before. He reckoned that there was only one thing that could give him such an ominous feeling: a nuclear weapon.

    "But did the British and the French really have the balls to use nuclear weapons in Europe?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The usage of nuclear weapons would be devastating to the land and the people living on it. The leaders of both nations would never choose to use such an option unless their lives were hanging by a thread.

    Unlike Siberia and the tundra, anywhere in central Europe was densely populated.

    Therefore, even the fight between the Dark Duke and Chen Fan was no more than a skirmish. Chen Fan could wager that the Dark Duke would come after him again once he was fully prepared.

    "I may have been wary if you were a real Blood Race member, but you're just a mutt. You're no threat to me."

    Chen Fan shook his head and then sighed.

    Then his body phased out of view.

    The news of the battle was quickly spread across the globe, shocking many leaders from different nations as well as people from the Dark World.

    Chen Fan had killed so many people since he was hot on Damon's heels that the river along his path had turned red with all the blood.

    He had also killed the delegate from the European Union. He also struck down over a dozen fighter jets and destroyed an entire fleet. Afterwards, he barged into Austria and killed Sandro the Grand Wizard, Norland the chairman of the Dark Council and Damon the Blood Fiend.

    So many achievements, each more unbelievable than the last one.

    Europe was much more powerful than Russia; it represented half of the Western World. Their status in the arena of world politics was right next to their ally, the United States of America. When it joined forces with the United States, the west could even force China and Russia into a corner. Meanwhile, both Britain and France were powerful nations with nuclear capabilities. It boggled people's minds to think that such powerful nations would be unable to subjugated Chen Fan.

    "Sandro, Norland and Damon, they are all dead. What does Chen Beixuan want? " an Overlord from the Dark World commented as he let out a gasp of cold air.

    many people thought to themselves.

    Compared to the death of the three Immortal State Warriors, the downfall of the Black Sea Fleet was even more shocking. It was a fully fledged modern Navy with state of the art ships that were armed to the teeth.

    "Who else could keep him in check if missiles and warships have failed to bring him to heel?"

    Many people lamented as more were still grappling with reality.