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Chapter 563 - You Cant Kill Him!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 563: You Can't Kill Him!


    The black shadow blocked Chen Fan's earth-splitting attack with one hand.

    Chen Fan's blade had almost reached its limit after destroying the array; It had also slaughtered Sandro and Norland, and it even broke Arthur and Damon's spell. Being able to block it was a sign that the black shadow was as powerful as Li Changsheng and Lin Shuming, or it may have even surpassed them.


    The Blade Qi exploded in the hand of the black shadow and pushed him backwards. His hand was blown into pieces, but then it started healing at a visible speed.

    "Who are you?"

    Chen Fan frowned and looked at the man.

    He was wearing a luxurious tight noble suit with a black cape and a rhino leather belt imprinted with complex patterns, as well as a pair of black riding boots. He was a middle-aged man of extremely good looks and scarlet eyes; he looked as if he were the king of darkness.

    His Dark Energy was as deep as the ocean, surpassing every person Chen Fan had met on Earth. There was even a slight Connate sense, which made Chen Fan think he was looking at a Connate Cultivator.

    "The Dark Duke?" Arthur's eyes immediately popped out and he yelled doubtfully. It seemed that he didn't expect to see the Dark Duke.

    "The Dark Duke of Queen Elizabeth. A pleasure to meet you."

    The Dark Duke bowed.

    He was acting with an ancient and elegant manner, just like a Medieval noble. Damon was like a child compared to him; his strength and experience were leagues away from the Dark Duke's.

    "You're the Guardian of England?" Chen Fan asked as he narrowed his eyes.

    China was guarded by Ye Qingcang, Russia by Oleg, and other big countries would certainly have their own. From what Chen Fan heard, the strongest guardian among all wasn't Ye Qingcang or the one from the United States; it was the one in England.

    The British Empire, the world's dominator a hundred years before.

    At that time, England was regarded as "the empire on which the sun never sets" and they had territories all over the world. The plains in North America and Russia were their cornfields; Canada and the Baltic region were their forest zones; their sheep farms were in Australia; Gold from South Africa and Australia was sent to London; Indians and Chinese grew tea for them…

    England had indeed dominated the world on its own. They had suppressed the world, confronting the Christian Church in a time that had no nuclear power. Nobody could imagine how powerful England was and how much dark power they had.

    "You can say that. Me and my companions have indeed been guarding that old kingdom for almost three hundred years," the Dark Duke said slowly.

    He wasn't lying.

    Chen Fan could feel the incomparable Dark Energy and his body's centuries of age. Normally, an Immortal State Warrior could only live up to a hundred and fifty years. He wasn't even an Earth Level Deity, so how could he be three hundred years old?

    Chen Fan glanced over the Dark Duke's healed palm and said, "A pure Kindred? No, if you were a pure Kindred, your hand wouldn't have been injured. So, you're a half-blood Kindred?"

    What was a half-blood?

    A half-blood had a mixed descent in which the father or mother was pure blooded while the other wasn't.

    Adult pure-blood Kindreds were all Connate Beings but the strength of the half-bloods was also terrifying, not being far from Connate Beings. Only part of their blood was from the Kindred lineage, but their power had surpassed the Werewolves and Oleg.

    "Mr. Chen is indeed a mighty figure of the East. You know the Kindred very well."

    The Dark Duke was shocked.

    "The Kindred is a long-living species. They live much longer than the Immortal Cultivators of the same generation and an adult Kindred can live up to a thousand years. Even though you're a half-blood, you should be able to live up to three hundred years."

    Chen Fan shook his head. "I never thought there were still half-blood Kindreds on Earth, but you shouldn't stand in my way. Even a real adult Kindred wouldn't stop me from killing Damon."

    Hearing that, Damon instantly yelled. "Uncle, this asshole chased after me from China to Europe. Norland and Sandro are dead. Also, he's an Immortal Cultivator and seems to be related to those from the Gate of Heaven. You have to take him down…"

    "Shut up!" The Dark Duke turned around and scolded Damon, then he looked at Chen Fan seriously.

    "My dear Mr. Chen Beixuan, I know you're an invincible Overlord from the East, or you may even be one of the legendary Immortal Cultivators, but I can't let you kill Damon. He carries a noble bloodline and is the descendant of my Lord. He's under my protection. Please stop for my sake."

    "As compensation, we'll offer you Earth level treasures and secret arts, or holy artifacts of the Christian Church. I can give you everything you want," The Dark Duke said confidently.

    The United Kingdom had once dominated the world for centuries. Nobody knew how many treasures the British Royals and the Dark Duke had. They could kill countless Immortal State Warriors simply by using the treasures and artifacts in their possession.

    Even Ye Qingcang and Lin Shuming would die for them.

    "Move, or I will also kill you," Chen Fan shouted with cold eyes.

    Even an Immortal Artifact of a Dao Level Perfected Immortal couldn't stop Chen Fan from killing Damon, not to mention the treasure of an Earth Level Deity. Everyone had weaknesses and family was Chen Fan's.

    Arthur, the sect master of the Poseidon Sect, said, "Sir, you might not know the real identity of the Dark Duke."

    "The Dark Duke and his companions have guarded the United Kingdom, while ruling the entire Dark World and confronting the Christian Church for centuries. Even the nine Immortal State Cardinals can't do anything to him. After all, he helped the Christian Church when the United States forced them to shut down."

    "The Dark Duke even ranked among the Overlords on the Divine Roll centuries ago."

    Arthur stood in awe of him.

    The Divine Roll was a list of all the Immortal Level Overlords in the world. To rank among the Overlords meant that his power had exceeded the Immortal State to an unimaginable level.

    "That was a hundred years ago, but the dominator of the world nowadays is the United States. No matter how strong we are, we can't fight against nuclear power. The United States has the lead in the Divine Roll now," the Dark Duke said calmly.

    Even so, he couldn't hide how he arrogantly despised the world.

    "You talk too much."

    Arthur and the Dark Duke thought Chen Fan would take a moment to consider. Instead, he snorted as he immediately sent out the Blade Qi and struck at Damon with roaring sounds. No matter who the Dark Duke was or how powerful he was, he couldn't stop Chen Fan from killing Damon.

    "How dare you!"

    The Dark Duke suddenly put his palm out.

    The pure Dark Energy seethed in his palm, then it turned into a ray of black aura, striking with force at Chen Fan's blade.


    The black aura and the Blade Qi exploded in the air. The energy was swept through the underground of the castle and destroyed everything that was in it. Even Arthur and Damon were pushed back.

    What surprised Chen Fan was that the Dark Duke had blocked his attack without using the power of Heaven and Earth.

    "You're indeed a half-blood Kindred, not pure blooded after all. You're not a Connate Being."

    Chen Fan's eyes were glinting. The Blade Qi then turned into a twenty feet long golden aura and slashed again. This time, his attack was so powerful that even Li Changsheng and Lin Shuming wouldn't be able to block it unless they became Mortal Deities.

    "You go first. I'll stop him."

    Seeing his attack, the Dark Duke also looked grim.

    He swayed his body and sent out five crimson shadows. Each of them broke the sonic barrier, then they merged to form a fist; it punched the flying sword with a horrifying energy.

    The Dark Duke could surprisingly break the sonic barrier with his own body, even consecutively within a short period of time.

    His body had to be nearly immortal, similar to Chen Fan's.


    It sounded as if a nuclear bomb had exploded on the ground.

    The soaring qi energy destroyed the castle above and it blew a pothole on the ground. Arthur and Damon immediately turned into two shadows and shot from the ground, escaping to the distance.

    "Where are you going?"

    Chen Fan combined himself with the blade, turning into a golden aura that was shot at Damon. However, the second he left the ground, several metal bullets hit the sword.

    Those metal bullets were highly penetrative with their armor-piercing shells, and they also carried a high voltage current.

    It made Chen Fan's blade aura vibrate violently.

    He scanned through the ground with his Immortal Will and saw dozens of soldiers in black streamlined armors, like the robots in sci-fi movies. They were shooting at Chen Fan with the strange rifles in their hands.

    On the other hand, some soldiers were running from all around Chen Fan at a high speed, trying to stop him. They all had scarlet eyes and seemed as powerful as the Blood Wolf Guards of Russia. There were around dozens of them.

    Somewhere far away, there were also laser cannons aiming at Chen Fan.

    "Chen Beixuan, I've set up forces all over the place. Surrender now!"

    The Dark Duke came out from the burrow behind and said assertively, "There are dozens of French special force soldiers in modern armor and carrying electromagnetic rifles. Each and every one of them can be compared to an entire army."

    "There are also fifty three Kindred Warriors trained by myself, who are even stronger than Russia's Blood Wolf Guards. Besides, a lot of missiles and laser cannons are aiming at this location. Even an Earth Level body would be unable to take the attack of a laser cannon. At the same time, over ten thousand forces of the European Union are gathering close by. So, how about you leave and we make peace?"

    Since he had been an old leader of the Western Dark World for three centuries, the Duke had always planned ahead; he would never attack easily. Once he did attack, it had to achieve his goal with a single strike.

    Chen Fan scanned through the surroundings with his Immortal Will and found that countless weapons both on the ground and in the sky were aiming at him.

    He even sensed that some of them would threaten his life.

    Damon stood far away in the sky. He wore a smug grin, thinking that Chen Fan would surrender.

    "Haha, you?" Chen Fan snickered. "Even the Immortal Masters of the Kindred wouldn't dare to threaten me."

    A golden blade was then shot from between Chen Fan's eyebrows and it sped towards Damon.

    Blade Of Divine Essence!