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Chapter 562 - Whoever Stops Me Dies!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 562: Whoever Stops Me Dies!


    Damon was frightened by Chen Fan's earth-splitting attack, so he swiftly fell back to avoid it. Yet, how astonishing were Chen Fan's attacks while overtaken by fury? The world was filled with the thunderous roar of the blade; it produced sparks while it flashed through the air.

    The sound of the blade was overwhelming! It moved three times faster than the speed of sound.


    Damon didn't escape in time and was split in half by the blade aura. Half of his body was minced. Although he quickly turned into a crimson mist as he tried to recover, Chen Fan didn't give him any chances.


    Chen Fan yelled.

    The blade aura made another pass and split the crimson mist into four.

    Even an immortal body could perish after being minced, not to mention that Damon only had a Kindred's body and it wasn't even close to being immortal.

    "Help!!!" Damon screamed.

    Then, a skeleton claw that was a few feet large came out from the castle and flew towards the blade aura, but the powerful Sword of Essence Restoring destroyed the claw effortlessly.

    Right at that moment, a black aura enveloped Damon and sent him back into the castle. Three people appeared in the sky: Arthur, Sandro and Norland.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, I'm the sect master of the Poseidon Sect. Please listen to me."

    Arthur bowed. "We know about you and Mr. Damon. The Western Dark World is willing to offer you some compensation. We can give Mr. Chen Beixuan a hundred billion dollars and help in breaking the curse. What do you think?"

    Damon was frightened.

    He had almost died under Chen Fan's attack. Hearing what Arthur said, his face fell but he didn't say anything. Chen Fan's power had already exceeded his imagination.

    "Move, or you'll die with him."

    Chen Fan stood in the air, looking vicious. The golden blade aura circled around and sent out a deafening roar.

    A hundred billion dollars might seem attractive to any other Immortal State Warrior. Myanmar only made a yearly income of ten billion dollars. Whoever received a hundred billion would become the wealthiest person in the Solar system; even a Mortal Deity would step down for this amount of money.

    But no matter if it were a hundred billion, a trillion or ten trillion dollars, the safety of his family was the most important to Chen Fan.

    "Chen Beixuan, we don't want to threaten you, but this is our territory. No matter how powerful you are, don't try to mess with the Western World," said Sandro, the Grand Wizard of the Withered Castle, with a pale face.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan attacked without talking.

    The golden aura expanded. It became twenty feet long, just like a golden dragon flying in the sky; its power was unpredictable and there were even sparks appearing in the air.

    "Oh no, initiate the Guardian Array."

    Arthur and the others immediately retrieved their illusions.

    The Withered Castle was shrouded in black mist, which was the Death Qi that had been buried in the ground for a million years. The Withered Castle was located in a place that had once been a battlefield. Wars between countless empires of the East and the West had broken out there, producing heavy casualties; Death qi pervaded the area because of this.

    The mist immediately became dense as in the Ghost Realm.

    There were even ghosts appearing in the black mist.


    Chen Fan launched an attack. A bright golden aura slashed the black mist with enough energy to split the world.


    The black mist shook and a thirty meter gap appeared on it, which almost split the protection in half. Many believers and members in the Withered Castle emerged and looked up to the sky.

    "Who's that horrifying man? It seems like the Archangel Michael has come to Earth."

    "He's an Asian. The Lord set up the strongest Guardian Array, but he broke it with a strike. It's unbelievable!"

    "He's so young… Isn't he Chen Beixuan from the East?"

    Renowned as one of the three largest underground organizations in the Western World, the Withered Castle was as powerful as the Dragon Hall, the Square Tower and the Dark Witch Sect; it might be even stronger.

    There were seven to eight wizards in the castle. They all had control of the dark sorcery passed down from ancient times; they also mastered the use of different curses, assassination, poisoning and ways to summon the spirits of the dead. They were S-Level Overlords in the underground world, standing on equal footing with the Martial Arts Grandmasters.

    And yet, they were all startled by Chen Fan's mighty power.


    Chen Fan retrieved the blade aura and infused his True Essence into the blade.

    The blade aura then became twenty five feet long like a golden bridge across the sky.

    "Oh no, the protection shield can't hold it. Let's attack together."

    Sandro turned pale.

    A hexagon star then rose from the floor. Damon, the three Immortal State Warriors and two top wizards of the Withered Castle each stood at one of its corners; they began infusing their powers into the star.

    With the power of the four Immortal State Warriors, the Guardian Array closed up and became thicker. It looked like a shiny black metal shield from the outside.

    "Go!" Chen Fan shouted.

    The twenty-five feet blade aura struck down from the sky and split the world into two. The strong Blade Qi stirred up the air, making it look like the raging waves.


    A sound just like a missile exploding was heard.

    A hurricane appeared above the castle and it moved around the area. Trees within a few hundred meters were all toppled and cracked. The entire castle was shattering violently and tons of rubble fell.

    A fifty meters crack appeared on the black protection shield and everyone in the castle could be seen through it.


    The two top wizards couldn't hold it and were smashed into pieces by the overwhelming Blade Qi.

    Sandro, Arthur and Norland were strong warriors at the mid-stage of the Immortal State, but they couldn't stand Chen Fan's attack; they even took a few steps back. Only Damon was still hanging there with his body covered in a fiery crimson aura.

    Damon was giving it his full strength.

    Although he had yet to reach the Mortal Deity level, he was more powerful than Lin Shuming and Li Changsheng at their usual condition.

    "Chuff, chuff."

    The golden blade aura almost split the black mist to enter the castle, but Damon blocked it. The hexagon star array had developed an endless might and the blade aura could only fall back.

    "Phew, we finally made it."

    All the members of the Withered Castle smiled as they rejoiced. Suddenly, Chen Fan's body flashed, turning into a beam of light and merging into the golden blade aura.

    The Art of Sword Reigning, Merging Body and Blade!


    Damon was stunned. He quickly exerted his secret arts and prepared to fight.

    But it was too late. Chen Fan merged with the blade and the blade aura lengthened to thirty feet long, breaking the speed of sound in an instant.


    The Withered Castle's Guardian Array was cracked.

    Before everyone noticed, the bright golden blade aura had already entered the castle. Being a powerful organization for centuries, small-scale arrays had been carved on every brick of the Withered Castle, which could prevent its decay, including the attack from a cannon.

    But those bricks were as vulnerable as tofu before the powerful blade aura. Many ordinary warriors who were at the Dao-Reaching Level had been slaughtered. A number of wizards were slashed by the blade aura right after they activated the protection shield and they instantly exploded.

    "Stop him!"

    Sandro sent out a long dragon-like black mist from the Skeleton Staff in his hand. The black mist was filled with curses, Death qi and Ghost qi, as if the God of Death had heaved a sigh.

    The Sigh of Death.

    Sandro had once cast this spell on a battlefield in North Africa and it took away the souls of more than a thousand French soldiers, which earned him the title of Grand Wizard of the Dead. This time, the spell became even more horrifying; its power could even scare off an Immortal State Warrior.

    However, Chen Fan wasn't avoiding it at all. His blade aura immediately slashed through Sandro's black mist and cracked the Skeleton Staff. Sandro's body was smashed together with his soul.

    An Immortal State Grand Wizard who was on top of the world.

    He fell in a blink.

    Arthur and Norland blanched as they saw this. They were frightened out of their wits.


    Norland turned into a cloud of dark smoke and tried to run away, but his body had been split into halves by Chen Fan and only his Divine Soul escaped. Chen Fan's blade aura then surged again towards Damon with an incomparable energy.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    Damon sent out beams of crimson aura to stop Chen Fan, but they were cloven by the blade aura.

    A Sword Immortal could defeat anything with a single sword, so they never relied on other artifacts.

    "Stop! You can't kill him." Arthur created a wave that stood right before Chen Fan.

    "You can't kill me. Do you know who I am?" Damon yelled as he turned into a cloud of crimson mist, trying to escape from the Withered Castle.

    "I don't care who you are. I must kill you today. Whoever stops me dies!"

    Chen Fan's blade aura split the wave and broke a few layers of flagstones, then it went towards Damon with an unstoppable ferocity. Right before the blade aura would hit Damon… a dark shadow appeared in front of Chen Fan.