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Chapter 561 - Damon Was Scared

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 561: Damon Was Scared

    The European Union had three major fleets.

    They were the Black Sea Fleet, the Mediterranean Fleet and the North Atlantic Fleet.

    These fleets were of different sizes based on the area they covered. The Black Sea Fleet was the smallest while the North Atlantic Fleet was the largest. The Black Sea Fleet had three destroyers and half a dozen corvettes.

    The main military function of the Black Sea Fleet was to chock Russia's sea route in the Black Sea. Therefore, it wasn't designed for real combat and it had never been deployed for that purpose. When the situation suddenly escalated, the commanders of the ship were unsure about what to do.


    A destroyer that had a tonnage of over seven thousand was hacked in two by Chen Fan.

    In less than ten minutes, Chen Fan had decommissioned two destroyers and four corvettes, annihilating nearly half of the Black Sea Fleet. Each of the destroyed warships was worth billions of US dollars.

    Even the smallest warships in the fleet were well over a hundred meters in length and their weight was as heavy as a small mountain. They were made out of a material much more durable than the metal used on tanks or armored vehicles. Even a direct impact with a cannon shell would not be enough to sink a warship.

    However, Chen Fan had cut through those metal beasts as if they were watermelons.

    Most of the ships couldn't even withstand a single blow from him.

    The European Union's generals watched the battle with an increasing agitation due to the mounting losses.

    "Order the air force to intercept Chen Beixuan. We can't let him destroy the entire Black Sea Fleet," General Nord shouted furiously.

    Half of the Black Sea Fleet's funding came from the British Navy. Losing the Black Sea Fleet would be a tremendous blow to its nation.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    A dozen fighter jets circled around Chen Fan and harassed him with persistent missile strikes. They knew those missiles wouldn't be able to kill him; their goal was to slow him down.

    Chen Fan's patience was wearing thin. The earlier bombardment would have cost him dearly if he hadn't used the Armor of Golden Flame.

    Even then, Chen Fan still felt lucky to have made it through.

    "I underestimated the power of modern weapons. One missile might not be able to do much harm, but the combined effect of a dozen missiles could be deadly. No matter how powerful a Connate Body is, it has limitations and lacks a regeneration ability similar to the Dark Wolve's."

    Chen Fan was slightly annoyed by the thought.

    He had been holding back his power in order to spare his opponent's lives.

    But not anymore. Chen Fan had decided to crank up his damage output and break the sonic barrier. His speed would make it impossible for missiles to lock onto him, but he would be unable to maintain it for a long time, even with his level of attainment.

    "I will finish this battle in less than half an hour!"

    Chen Fan darted to a side in order to evade a Harpoon Missile. Then he fused his energy with the blade, transforming his body into a part of the Blade Aura. In a blink, the Blade Aura went through another corvette, slicing it half. Meanwhile, the command center also upped the ante and ordered many fighter jets to cross the safe zone, trying to attack Chen Fan up close.

    "You are courting death. Do you really think I can't kill you?"

    Chen Fan snorted.

    He tapped the Blade Strengthening Gourd and summoned nine blade auras. Although these blade auras lacked the brilliant luster that the Essence Restoring Sword had, they could easily break the sonic barrier and plunge into the incoming jets.

    "What's that?"

    The officers at the command center were shocked by what they saw. They couldn't even handle one blade, much less nine of them.

    "Pull back, pull back!" Many pilots shouted, doing 180s with their planes and bolting away, only letting out sighs of relief after gaining a twenty kilometers distance from Chen Fan. However, they were dealt a blow by the nine rays of Blade Qi before they could even finish sighing.


    The impact created nine fiery balls of explosions in the sky.

    Chen Fan had destroyed nine fourth generation fighter jets in less than ten seconds.

    "I thought his effective range was only twenty kilometers. He fooled us! We need to retreat now!"

    The other pilots gave all the thrust their engines could handle, trying to get as far away from Chen Fan as possible.

    However, Chen Fan was determined to make an example out of the European Union air forces, so he wouldn't let anyone of them escape.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    Another nine fighter jets were struck down by Chen Fan. He only retrieved the swords until the fighter jets were beyond the fifty kilometer range. By then, the Air Force had lost forty jets in total.

    Although he could project his Divine Will as far as eighty kilometers, the longer the distance, the riskier it was to control the blades. Chen Fan figured that fifty kilometers was the upper limit of a safe range.

    A deadly silence fell over the command room since no one dared to say a word.

    Be it the National Defense Minister of Spain or the Austrian General, they all had gloomy faces, sulking over their defeat in silence.

    Chen Fan's last attack had astonished all the European Union's representatives.

    He had attacked flying targets fifty kilometers away. Of all the conventional weapons, only missiles could have such an effective range.

    Chen Fan had commanded nine flying swords at the same time, annihilating everything within a fifty kilometer radius. This ability had made him invincible before the European military.

    Everyone watched as Chen Fan went on to demolish the rest of the ships in the Black Sea Fleet and then he started moving west without even looking back at the explosions.

    "Gentlemen, what should we do now?" General Nord asked in a bitter tone.

    What were they going to tell the parliament about the downfall of the Black Sea Fleet? Even worse, they had failed to stop Chen Fan and the thought of him seeking revenge terrified them. Most of them would never have a good night's sleep from then on.

    Everyone looked at one another in silence.

    A hawkish young commander slammed the table and cursed, "Let's nuke that SOB!"

    However, his proposal was ignored by the others.

    It was preposterous even to think of using nuclear bombs on the European continent.

    It would be a political suicide for any European nation's leader to give the order. The representatives from the only two countries that had nuclear arms didn't even spare the young commander a glance. They knew that such a proposal would end their careers faster than anything else.

    "It's time for Plan B. Use the special force to remove him surgically."

    General Nord shook his head and said, "Let's touch base with our friend in the US. Maybe they could help us establish some rapport with the Chinese and arrange a meeting with Mr. Chen Beixuan."

    Many generals nodded in agreement.

    Meanwhile, Giorgio Wood observed the development in silence.

    He still remembered the smug smiles on those generals' faces, thinking they could do away with Chen Fan with their expensive toys. The delegate they had sent to negotiate with Chen Fan had even acted condescendingly from the first contact.

    As things stood, they would have to beg the Chinese Government to arrange a meeting with Mr. Chen Beixuan, in order to plead for their lives.

    "Strength can really make a difference. Without it, the European nations will only treat him like sh*t," Giorgio Wood lamented.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had reached the shore of the Black Sea and arrived in Romania.

    Chen Fan had been at a supersonic speed for over half an hour, and had merged his body with the blade many times; he felt slightly exhausted at the moment.

    "I am close. I can feel Damon's presence."

    Chen Fan locked his gaze on the western horizon.

    He could sense the Seven Kill Curse as well as the spell that Damon had cast over it to mask its presence.

    Chen Fan's priority was to kill Blood Fiend Damon; the punishment for the European Union would have to come second. He had gone all the way across the globe and killed tens of thousands of people along the way to track him down.

    "Damon, your mercenaries weren't able to save you, not even the European Union can."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and cast an invisibility spell over himself as he darted toward Damon's direction.

    The invisibility spell allowed him to slip through the satellite's detection. His sudden disappearance had made the leaders of European Union panic. They were afraid that Chen Fan would sneak into their residences and murder them in their sleep.

    The distance between Romania and Austria was only a few thousand kilometers and Chen Fan had covered that distance in less than two hours. In the end, he arrived before an ancient castle in Austria.

    This castle had been built a few thousand years ago, and was surrounded by thick forests. It looked as if it belonged to Snow White's evil stepmother.

    "Damon is inside."

    Chen Fan glared at the castle as an urge to kill came over him.

    Chen Fan uncloaked himself and flew to the top of the castle. He shouted, "Damon! Show yourself!"

    His booming voice rumbled across the sky, shaking the castle and the trees around it. If the castle hadn't been surrounded by dense forests, the din would have already terrified the people in many residences.


    A ray of crimson light was shot up to the sky, carrying Damon within it. He shouted incredulously, "Chen Beixuan, you're here already?"

    Shock and surprise were written all over his face.

    He had just gotten the news that Chen Fan was battling with the European Union over the Black sea. Before he had time to find out the outcome of the battle, the victor had already showed up at his doorstep. He was hiding behind the castle walls in order to avoid Chen Fan's detection, using the old concealment spell in the castle to mask his presence.

    "Impossible. You must have marked me with a spell. My concealment arts should have worked," Damon said.

    "You better ask that question to your maker." Chen Fan sneered.

    Not saying another word, he summoned a Sword Aura from the gourd and shot it at Damon.

    Chen Fan didn't hold back his power this time, as he was intent on killing.