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Chapter 560 - Blow up a Warship

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 560: Blow up a Warship

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    Chen Fan darted across the surface of the Black Sea; he registered a few missiles piercing through the clouds, homing toward him at lightning speed.

    Each of the missiles were a few times faster than the speed of sound; they had covered a few hundred kilometers in a blink. They carried special warheads with highly concentrated TNT; their deadliness was such that Chen Fan didn't even want to test their power with the protection of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.


    Chen Fan tapped the gourd hitched to his belt.

    A strand of golden light spilled out from the Blade Strengthening Gourd and flew away a few times faster than the speed of sound.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    A series of explosions erupted in the sky; it looked like a splendid fireworks show when seen from afar. A huge flower of death bloomed in the sky after each explosion.

    This was just the first wave of attacks to identify his location.

    Afterwards, a few Eurofighter Typhoons circled around Chen Fan and locked their rockets onto him. These were fourth generation fighter jets and were more advanced than the F-15. The Air Force knew that Chen Fan had struck down an F-15 before, therefore, the Eurofighter Typhoons had kept a few dozen kilometers distance from Chen Fan at all times.

    "Do you think my range is just ten kilometers?"

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and conjured an art.


    The Sword of Essence Restoring darted across the sky, leaving a golden streak of light behind. It landed on a Eurofighter Typhoon and severed it into halves.

    "Shit, his effective range is much greater than we had estimated."

    The other pilots were terrified by the turn of events. They pulled up their planes, trying to get as far from Chen Fan as possible.

    However, the Sword of Essence Restoring was far too fast for them.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    Chen Fan had downed three Eurofighter Typhoons in a fraction of a second, and only two were able to get away. Chen Fan didn't want to expose his strength too much, so he turned the blade around and gave up the chase.

    In any case, he wouldn't be able to control the flying sword effectively if it were too far away from him.

    Chen Fan kept going after he had finished dealing with the annoying harassment.

    Meanwhile, everyone was shocked and speechless in the European Union's command room in Brussels. The generals from the european nations were disheartened after seeing Chen Fan's display of power on the big screen.

    "The thing he used to strike down the aircrafts and missiles is something called Flying Sword. The first time he used it was in Japan three years ago. However, it seems that the Flying Sword has become much deadlier and its attack range is wider. It's terrible news," General Nord said with furrowed brows.

    The Spanish minister for National Defense said with a heated tone, "Order the Navy to stop him with long range shots, don't let him get close. I need more air support, and make sure to stop him on the sea. Use the biggest gun you have if necessary."

    Chen Fan was unaware that the battle between him and the European nations was being monitored by the satellites in space.

    England, France, Russia, the United States of America and China were all capable of sending satellites into space.

    They had reconfigured their eyes in the sky to focus on the Black Sea. This was the first time any Immortal State Warrior had dared to challenge the military.

    Unlike the Russian Armored Motor unit, or the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the EU forces had fully achieved space-air-ground integration and were able to strike their enemies from a great distance. This was the true modern military power.


    The EU's Black Sea fleet mainly consisted of frigates and destroyers from the English and French Navy. As soon as they got the order, the HMS Jupiter, a British destroyer, started firing right away.

    The HMS Jupiter had a state of art fire-control system and could annihilate any living being within a fifty kilometer area.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    Shells fired from the HMS Jupiter pierced through the clouds and made a series of whistling sounds as they plunged toward Chen Fan like a blanket. Meanwhile, the other warships started firing as well.

    Suddenly, the sky rained death onto Chen Fan.

    Those shells landed in the sea, creating massive splashes that reached a few meters tall. The firepower of those warships was far deadlier when compared to tanks. However, Chen Fan didn't mind the danger as he went forward to meet the deadly shell shower head on.


    A jarring screeching sound came from the sky.

    Chen Fan looked up and saw a ten meter long missile bearing down on him with lightning speed. The missile alerted Chen Fan and made him sense danger.

    "Massive Ordnance Penetrator?"

    Chen Fan's face suddenly became severe.

    The Massive Ordnance Penetrator was designed to plunge into the earth and attack subterranean targets. The US military had even invented a weapon that they called the "Ancestral Bomb." It was able to penetrate sixty meters into the soil and up to fifty meter thick concrete walls.


    Chen Fan shot out a flash of Blade Qi at the missile and made it explode in the sky.

    However, this was only the start of the onslaught.

    "Shoo Shoo Shoo."

    Countless jarring noises were heading toward Chen Fan from all directions.

    The warships fired a barrage of Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles at Chen Fan. These deadly hypersonic missiles were launched from the missile chambers on deck and they flew up into the sky.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan was surrounded by a downpour of missiles.

    To make things worse, warships that weren't equipped with sea-to-air missiles fired torpedoes at Chen Fan.

    It was a stunning display of how seamlessly the air and sea forces were integrated. Even Oleg who had been watching the battle through a satellite feed was stultified by the development.

    Oleg furrowed his brows and said, "Chen Beixuan is in trouble." He had the perspicacity to see the full picture of the aggression.

    "General, should we help him?" Natasha asked.

    Although she could figure out what was going on, she heard the blaring explosions and the screeching sounds of missiles. Each and every flash in the distant sea represented a deadly explosion that could kill any Immortal State Warrior on the spot.

    Could Chen Fan survive the attack of so many missiles?

    These were supersonic missiles and each was ten times deadlier than conventional missiles. Chen Fan cast a protective spell as soon as he controlled the Flying sword to strike down a few that had gotten too close to him. A missile had dealt him a blow even as he was preparing the protective spell.


    A blaring explosion erupted on the sea.

    However, this was only the beginning. A few dozen more missiles homed in a fraction of a second later. Each and every missile packed enough explosive energy to sink an ironclad destroyer. A few more torpedos joined the onslaught and exploded a few feet away from Chen Fan.

    The combined destructiveness of these missiles was ten times stronger than the Father of All Bombs from Russia. Even a hulking aircraft carrier would have been torn into pieces by the attack.

    Chen Fan's mortal coil would never be tougher than the armored hull of an aircraft carrier.

    "We did it!" The generals in the command center cheered.

    The Spanish minister of National Defense walked over to a cabinet and took out a bottle of champagne. Giorgio Wood frowned as he was taken aback by how easy the operation was. He shook his head and conceded, "Perhaps I overestimated Chen Beixuan's power."

    Meanwhile, the military experts in the Pentagon rounded their eyes in surprise. "Did Chen Beixuan die?"

    The United States of America had long since used Chen Fan as an opposing force during their military simulations. They were shocked to see that their biggest threat had been killed by the EU by using mostly conventional weapons.

    "Chen Beixuan has many tricks up his sleeves. He's not that easily killed."

    Director Xiao shook his head while watching the satellite feed in Kunlun's military base.

    Everyone who had tuned in to this battle waited patiently for confirmation of the final outcome.

    The EU had used a tactic designed for fighting against Immortal State Warriors. They used missiles to force their target into the firing range, to later fire a massive amount of missiles from the sea, land and the air, creating a net of deadly missiles that could entrap their enemy.


    A young man wearing a golden armor appeared on the screen, just as the generals were about to celebrate their victory.

    "Chen Beixuan!"

    "He's not dead yet?"

    "How is that possible?"

    The generals were floored by the turn of events.

    The Spanish minister of National Defense dropped the Champagne bottle in fear and his face turned purple.

    Under everyone's shocked eyes, Chen Fan turned into a wash of golden light as he broke the sonic barrier. He kicked up a line of white water on the sea as he charged westward.

    "Sh*t! He's heading toward our fleet. Order HMS Jupiter to turn around. NOW!" General Nord shouted a command.

    However it was already too lake.

    1Chen Fan covered the dozen or so kilometer distance in a blink and reached the five thousand ton behemoth.

    "The enemy is here!"

    The soldiers on deck panicked and some rushed toward the boardside guns to fire at Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan merged himself with the blade and transformed into a blinding ray of light that went up and then hacked down on the floating giant.

    Everyone watched in disbelief as the light cut through the HMS Jupiter from Starboard to Port. The hull's alloy armor was melted by the blinding light as if it were butter.


    The HMS Jupiter was cracked open from the middle and quickly sank to the bottom of the ocean.

    Chen Fan's body flickered a little as he lashed out at another Destroyer a few kilometers away.

    He wouldn't stop until he annihilated the entire Black Sea Fleet.