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Chapter 559 - The Western World Was Enraged

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 559: The Western World Was Enraged

    Dan Brownton.

    The Earl of Bauhinia of England, the Spanish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the special envoy of the European Union Council. When he was appointed as the special envoy, he wasn't representing only himself, he also carried the glory and power of the European Union.

    Any Overlord would be scared in front of the European countries.

    In the eyes of the European countries, the seemingly powerful organizations, like the Dragon Hall, the Hong Sect and the Dark Witch Sect, were like ants. Even the entire Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia together couldn't fight against Europe. They were once the dominators of the world and America had their backs.

    "Mr. Chen Beixuan, do you know what you're doing?"

    Clooney, the deputy envoy of the European Union, glared at Chen Fan. "If you offend the great Europa, you're provoking the European Union. This is a declaration of war! This is war!"

    "If you want to fight, then let's fight."

    Chen Fan flicked his sleeves, then turned around and left. Oleg and the others reluctantly kept up.

    All the people from the European Union stayed in the conference room with a dull face. They could see the fury in everyone's eyes.

    The death of Dan Brownton swiftly swept through the upper class of all Europe.

    The Western World was enraged.

    "This is a provocation! This is disrespect! This is war!"

    The Minister of Defense of Spain pounded the table and said furiously, "Even the former Soviet Union wouldn't dare to kill our envoy. Chen Beixuan is provoking all of Europe. I request to pass the proposal right now. Reprimand Chen Beixuan with force!"

    The Generals of the other countries were upset as well.

    Not only did Chen Fan disrespect Spain, but also other European countries.

    The Italian General Major Giorgio Wood frowned and said, "Dan Brownton was too rash. He should have known that he wasn't facing the leader of a small country, but a moody, invincible Overlord. He should be responsible for his own death."


    The National Defense Minister of Spain glared at him and almost gave him a punch.

    "That's enough. "

    General Nord then knocked on the table and said elegantly, "Set aside why Mr. Brownton died, representing the whole Western World after all. We can't let Chen Beixuan get away. I agree to use force against him."

    "I second it."

    The Spanish National Defense Minister was the first one to agree.

    "I agree."

    "I agree."

    The German, French and Austrian Generals supported the proposal.

    Giorgio Wood raised his hand and said, "I think we should attack only when Chen Beixuan truly enters the European territory. Of course, I also agree to give him a warning and ask him not to underestimate the power of Europe."

    The Council quickly passed the proposal.

    They commanded the armies of the European countries to gather around the coastal area of the Black Sea in Hungary and Bulgaria. The Eurofighter Typhoons and Rafales departed from the military bases of France, England and Italy with tons of missiles and weapons, and started cruising above the Black Sea.

    They received an order to attack immediately once Chen Beixuan crossed the Black Sea, without asking for permission.

    At the same time, the European Union asked their ally, the United States, for satellite monitoring support and their commander based in Europe immediately agreed to do so. The Pentagon also wanted to see how powerful Chen Fan was.

    Pieces of intel flooded from different countries to Europe.

    "Chen Beixuan is still at the Port of Poti's Hilton."

    "Chen Beixuan is negotiating with Oleg."

    "Eurofighter Typhoon has reached the Black Sea."

    The Generals looked at one another and nodded. General Nord of England then said, "Command the Black Sea Fleet to be on patrol at all times and give them permission to fire."

    Other than the normal army.

    Two special departments of England and France secretly sent their super troops specialized in dealing with Immortal State Warriors to the Black Sea. In the meantime, tension started growing at the Black Sea and the whole world was watching.

    In an old castle in Austria.

    Four elegant people were sitting on a luxurious couch, drinking wine.

    "Mr. Damon, is it? The European countries won't let Chen Beixuan enter Europe," said a middle-aged, blonde man while he held a wine glass.

    There were two more people next to him other than Damon. One looked completely pale and ghastly; the other was an old man in a black robe.

    The three of them were the leaders of the top three underground organizations in Europe and were also the famous Immortal State Warriors from a hundred years before.

    Sandro, the Grand Wizard of the Withered Castle.

    Arthur, the sect master of the Poseidon Sect.

    Norland, the president of the Dark Council.

    Before the Christian Church was established, they were the strongest warriors in Europe. There were other Immortal State Warriors, but none could compare with them since each had already formed outstanding organizations.

    The Withered Castle, the Poseidon Sect and the Dark Council.

    Those were the oldest three underground organizations in Europe, which almost had a thousand years of history. They had many strong fighters and countless Immortal State Warriors; they even had their own artifacts. European countries had long acquiesced their existence.

    "Arthur, my friend, you have to know that Chen Beixuan is unimaginably powerful. I doubt whether the army of the European Union can fight him."

    Damon shook his head.

    "The seven peak-stage Immortal State Warriors had the strongest power in the East but he killed them one by one. Although I did hold back at that time, I know I wouldn't be able to defeat him even with my full power."

    "Mr. Damon, you've been frightened by Chen Beixuan and have slept for too long, you don't know the power of modern technology."

    Arthur smiled and showed Damon a video.

    In the video.

    A man in an overall black armor was running very fast, which reached a speed of a few hundred kilometers per hour. His armor was so hard that a bullet only produced sparks on it and he didn't die even when a tank shell struck him. Damon also saw that the man rushed to the side of an armored vehicle and turned it over with his bare hands.

    "This is?"

    Damon's eyes popped out, even though Damon wasn't interested in the power of that man.

    His armor was obviously a modern technology product and the most important thing for modern technology was mass production. If there were ten or a hundred armored warriors, even Damon would be frightened.

    "It's the first holographic armor the Poseidon Sect and the Dassault Company in France developed together which the French Special Forces have been using. The alloy we use in the armor is very rare so we can't go into mass production yet, but we've made dozens."

    Arthur shrugged.

    "The United States seems to have already developed the second generation, which has the flying function like the one used by Iron Man. However, they only have a few of those, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of modern technology."

    Then, Arthur replayed the videos again.

    A group of ordinary soldiers carried a streamlined rifle that shot through a half-meter steel plate.

    Some had a small laser cannon that destroyed supersonic missiles from tens of kilometers away.


    "Some of these weapons have been in use and some are still in the lab. The world has been peaceful for a long time, but we've sped up the production right after Chen Beixuan was born. There might be even more high-tech weapons in the United States, like electromagnetic weapons and space-based weapons," Arthur said.

    Damon looked startled.

    Even though he was said to be immortal, some of the weapons would be able to kill him. Modern technology had improved as decades passed, instead of simply relying on nuclear weapons.

    "To our understanding, the Kindred Warriors of England were also dispatched," Sandro added while speaking slowly.


    Damon leaned back and heaved a sigh with evilness in his eyes. "Chen Beixuan, I bet you've never thought I'd prepare this feast for you."

    "Mr. Chen, you're too reckless. The European countries aren't the same as Russia. Their military forces and technology are far more developed."

    Oleg sighed.

    After all, Russia was on the decline, while the European countries were at the forefront of technology, right after the United States.

    "I've never felt frightened in my entire life. I never did, and I never will." Chen Beixuan smirked and looked at the West. "Whoever stands in my way will be my enemy and I will take him out."

    Oleg then said, "Please be careful, Mr. Chen. France's Ministry of National Defense has formed a Poseidon Troop which will be using the new exoskeleton armors. One of their soldiers will be as strong as a whole troop. Besides, the Secret Intelligence Service of England has started cloning descendants of the Kindred decades ago and has trained them to become the Kindred Warriors. Their power is comparable to our Blood Wolf Guards."

    Chen Fan didn't ask for the source.

    Russia was a big country. They must have their own information channels.

    He nodded to Oleg and Natasha, then stepped out and flashed toward the Black Sea. While being observed by the dockers, Chen Fan ran to Europe on the water of the Black Sea.

    Ahead of him was the Black Sea Fleet of the European Union.

    In the sky, countless fighter aircrafts of the European Union were cruising. In space, many satellites were scrutinizing. The armies were gathering in the coastal area of the Black Sea. A trap awaited Chen Fan.

    "There's Chen Beixuan. He's crossing the Eurasia border. Permission to attack."

    "Approved! The current operation will be called the ‘Hunt of the Immortal!'"

    "Launch the missile!"

    After a series of radio wave transmissions, a few supersonic missiles rose from the coast of the Black Sea towards Chen Fan.

    The war was about to start.