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Chapter 558 - Killed by One Slap?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 558: Killed by One Slap?

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    The Western World…

    To a westerner's ears, no string of words could have jived better. The West is the World, and so was the other way around.

    Ever since the sixteen century, the west swept across the world with their gun boats, touting their religion and settlers. They quickly expanded their sphere of influence to the entire world.

    Even then, Europe was still the center of the world's political landscape.

    Three out of five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council were from this continent.

    Six of the G8 countries were from Europe.

    1The European Union represented half of the world's economic power.

    With their close ally America on their side, Europe could keep both Russia and the newly rising China in check. The USSR border used to stretch all the way from Europe to Asia, but Russia in recent days was a ghost of its former self. Ever since the fall of the USSR, no nation had been able to challenge the supremacy of the West.

    Until this fated day.

    "Damn it! Chen Beixuan is on his way!"

    "Curse those three lords of the west! He set us up against Chen Beixuan!"

    "Chen Beixuan must be after Damon the Blood Fiend. Without Damon, the entire western dark world would quickly fall under Chen Beixuan's might."

    The event suddenly dropped a bomb in the Underground World, making everyone feel on edge.

    Many people looked to the Caucasus mountain in Central Asia, and focused on that azure figure.

    Chen Fan had crushed the military and killed off Immortal State Warriors in the east. Was the west his next target?

    The news of Chen Fan's arrival was much better received by the Underground World than by the nations in the west.

    "How dare he barge into our territory?"

    "Send people after him right now, so that he knows that the day he entered Europe was the day he declared war against us."

    The generals in the western countries gathered together and held a meeting to discuss their next step.

    They wouldn't have bothered meeting if they were up against a normal Immortal State Warrior. The West had killed many Immortal State Warriors in the past. However powerful an Immortal State Warrior was, he would not be able to stop missiles or survive a nuclear bombardment.

    However, Chen Beixuan was different since he had defeated the Infantry Division 116 in Russia. In the eyes of many western nations, the Russian Army was crestfallen, however, that didn't mean it was weak; they couldn't overlook Chen Beixuan's capabilities.

    The chief Strategist of the Spanish Army slammed the desk and said hotly, "The European Union was not Russia who fell from grace, and neither are the small nations in Southeast Asia. We ARE the world, and we control the world! Chen Beixuan should know his place. "

    The generals from other nations also shook his head disapprovingly.

    The Deputy Minister of Belgium's National Defense said with furrowed brows, "Chen Beixuan is after Damon the Blood Fiend; he didn't mean to challenge the west's military prowess."

    The Lieutenant General of the German Air Force said with a smirk, "I don't care why he is here. His presence is an egregious affront! Order him to stop now, or it will be Cuba all over again. We will annihilate him at all costs."

    A White-haired elder in Austrian military uniform said firmly, "We don't need to waste our time with him. If he dares to enter Europe, we will use weapons of mass destruction and remove him from the world. It will also be a lesson for the Dark World. "

    The Italian General Major Giorgio Wood watched the other meeting delegates with a cold and distant glance.

    He knew that the Blood Fiend Damon had clawed his fingers into all nation's governments and had his skin in nearly all the major financial groups of Europe. That was why the representatives of the european nations were unequivocally on Damon's side.


    Giorgio Wood cast a glance at the Generals from England and France; he saw they were shaking their heads.

    England and France were the closest to the center of Europe's power. They were not only the part of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, but they also possessed an ample store of nuclear arms. Their decision was what mattered in the end.

    After the delegates had deliberated for a long time, General Nord from the British Royal Navy finally spoke, "I put forward a motion to send a representative to deliver our warning to Chen Beixuan. We need to make it clear to him that Europe wants nothing to do with the feud between him and Damon. However, if he wants to settle scores with Damon, he needs to do it outside of Europe."

    "I second it." A french general nodded

    "I agree."

    "I agree."

    "I agree."

    Seeing that England and France had already made up their minds, the other nations agreed to the motion.

    The Austrian general's face flushed red with anger. Although the outcome wasn't what he had expected, he wagered that he had done enough for the Reed Financial group to earn the thirty million incentive.

    The few hawkish generals looked at one another and they all saw the dollar signs in their eyes.

    The Caucasus Mountain was on the other side of the Caspian Sea, where three different countries occupied different parts of the mountain range.

    During ancient times, those three nations were the gates to Europe. They had helped Europe defend against the invasion of Asian Nomads, and during modern times, they were used by western nations as military bases for their aggressions on the eastern front.

    Chen Fan slowed down once he reached Azerbaijan's capital city Baku.

    He had traversed tens of thousands of miles and endured many ambushes and interceptions. By then, even his Azure Thearch Longevity Body needed to take a break.


    As soon as Chen Fan found a hotel and was going to take a break, he heard someone rapping on the door.

    He projected his Divine Will out and found out that the visitor was a tall and slim girl. She was wearing a short black coat and knee high boots that highlighted her pair of breathtaking legs.


    Chen Fan was taken by surprise as he didn't expect to be visited by one of his acquaintances.

    Chen Fan had saved the blond girl while he was fighting at the Warg Valley.

    He cracked the door open and allowed Natasha to go in.

    "Nice to see you again, Mr. Chen."

    Natasha's face bloomed like a flower; her eyes were flickering with excitement. She looked even more attractive than before and after a year of KGB training; she had gained a mysterious and cut-throat vibe about her.

    "What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay in Russia," Chen Fan asked in surprise.

    "Mr. Chen, I am now enlisted in the KGB as part of the Blood Wolf Guards. General Oleg sent me," Natasha said with a smile.

    "Oh? Oleg is here as well?"

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    He wasn't at all surprised that Natasha would choose to join the KGB. Chen Fan had not only let go of the old feud with Oleg once Andrew died, but he had also forged a very special bond with the Russian general.

    However, he wondered what Oleg was doing there.

    "The General is waiting for you at the Port of Poti," Natasha replied.

    "By the Black Sea? No wonder."

    Chen Fan nodded. Azerbaijan was a few hundred miles away from the Black Sea, therefore, Chen Fan's Divine Sense didn't pick up even a hint of Oleg's presence.

    "Let's go then. I wonder what he wants to tell me."

    Chen Fan sauntered out of the hotel

    Even if Oleg was there to plead for the Blood Fiend's life, Chen Fan would not spare Damon.

    The Blood Wolf Guards was a very influential force around the Caucasus Mountain.

    The Azerbaijan air force offered a helicopter ride to Chen Fan and Natasha to later drop them off in Georgia.

    The Port of Poti was one of the largest all season ports on the Black Sea.

    From here, Chen Fan could ferry across the Black Sea and finally reach Europe.

    Chen Fan met with Oleg at the Hilton Hotel in Poti. Chen Fan was surprised to see that Oleg was accompanied by another middle-aged man with a serious face.

    "My dear Mr. Chen, nice to see you again."

    Oleg bowed to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan had just reached the Immortal State when he left Russia. However, he was at the moment the most powerful man in the East. Even Oleg with the support of a mighty country had to be respectful.

    "It's been a while. How are you doing, Oleg? And this is?"

    Chen Fan landed his gaze on the stranger.

    Before Oleg introduced him, the man stepped forward and said in a derisive tone, "I am the representative of the European Union, Dan Brownton. I am here to lodge our official warning to you. If you ignore our warning and cross the Black Sea, you will be the enemy of the entire European Union."

    "Why are you telling me this?" Chen Fan waved a dismissive hand, cutting Brownton short.

    "Are you going to openly flout the decision of the western world?"

    Brownton glowered at Chen Fan.

    The western countries had dominated the Earth for a few hundred years.

    England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands…

    Those were all powerhouses that once had colonies all over the world.

    Even the powerful Christian Church had been brought to heel by the joint force of America and Europe. The American ambassador had barged into the Vatican, ordering to shut down the church.

    They had also kept other nations, such as China and Russia under their boots, forcing the mighty USSR to fall from grace.

    However powerful Chen Fan was, he was but one person; he couldn't compare with the whole Christian Church. If the western world could subjugate the mighty USSR, they would have no problems when dealing with any individual.

    "So noisy!"

    Chen Fan waved a hand, sending out a pulse of energy that reduced Brownton into a pulp.

    A deadly silence fell over the room as the other representatives that came with Brownton gaped in horror.

    Even the Russians like Natasha widened their eyes.

    The respected Special Envoy of the European Union, Mr. Dan Brownton, was smashed to death?

    Was Chen Fan provoking all of Europe and the Western World?

    "Mr. Chen…"

    Oleg let out a wry smile and shook his head, but he couldn't hide his shock.

    The other representatives of the European Union were shaken to the core.