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Chapter 557 - An Army of Ten Thousand Men

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 557: An Army of Ten Thousand Men

    Meanwhile at the Krasnovodsk Gulf, Turkmenistan.

    Turkmenistan is one of the five big countries in the Middle East, covering an area five times larger than the Jiang Nan Province, but it only has a population of five million people. This insignificant country, however, had become the focus of the underground world.

    "The Blue Bird Mercenary Group."

    "The Holy Blade from Oman."

    "Vipers from North Africa."

    Many infamous mercenary groups were gathered in Turkmenistan. Even though the government was aware of it, they couldn't do anything to fight those powerful organizations due to the lack of sizable military forces.

    In less than half a day, tens of thousands of mercenaries had surged into the country.

    Almost all militant organizations in the Middle East were there. Their men were all fully armed; many were Extraordinaries and Internal Force fighters. Some organizations had even mobilized missiles and anti-tank guns. These forces together were enough to topple a country and dominate the Middle East.

    "Have you located our target?"

    "Not yet, but we do know that there's only one target and he seems to have come from China via Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We are trying to contact the organizations he defeated on the way, to see if we can get some information about him."

    "Strange. Is he a powerful Overlord from the East?"

    Many of the leaders exchanged intel with one another, trying to find out who their target was.

    They preferred to err on the side of caution, although they had so many men that only the armies from the Permanent Five of the United Nations could scare them off; not even an Immortal State Warrior would try to engage them.

    "Hm? The Persian Warrior from Iran is also here. Rumor has it that he specializes in the royal martial arts of ancient Persia and can kill an elephant with a kick."

    "That's the leader of the Shadow Assassins. Ever since the Blood Skull collapsed, the Shadow Assassins had become the most influential assassin group in the world."

    "I think I saw the Battle Emperor of Caucasia. He's one of the strongest on the Dark Roll."

    Shocking news kept flowing left and right in a short period of time.

    Not only was the number of fighters impressive, each of them were also infamously fierce. Some were even listed on the Dark Roll.

    The leader of the Blue Bird Mercenary Group said, "We've never gathered so many powerful fighters since the battle at Warg Valley."

    The leader of the Vipers said coldly, "This is a billion-dollar job! Plus, it should be safe with this many mercenary groups fighting together. Some will get money just by showing up, so why not? My only concern is that our target may turn tail once he sees our welcoming."

    In the meantime.

    A was heard on the radio, "This is Falcon Unit. Target located. He's an Asian male… Shit! The target found us… Oh wait… He's…"

    The voice suddenly stopped; it was replaced by static noise.

    The leaders' faces fell at the same time.

    "Although the Falcon Unit only has nine members, each is a capable Martial Artist or a level B Extraordinary. I guess we're facing a bigger challenge than we've expected since they were killed so quickly," said the leader of the Blue Bird Mercenary Group anxiously.

    "Whoever he is, prepare to fight. Even an Immortal Level Overlord from the East would fear me."

    The leader of the Vipers snorted.

    Once the order was issued, the ten thousand men at the border surged out and scattered around. Each of the large organizations consisted of a few hundred people and they were all fully armed, so they needed room to work.

    There seemed to be a dozen battle fronts formed along the coast of the Caspian Sea. They didn't go to Turkmenistan. Instead, they stayed at the coastal area; Chen Fan had to pass through there to enter Europe.

    At the time, clouds began to gather at the Krasnovodsk Gulf.

    The leaders sat quietly in the command vehicle, waiting for news from the front line.

    "We've lost contact with the Hummingbirds."

    "The minefield at Norman Valley has been destroyed."

    "The target has gone past the blocking position. We've lost contact with all of the sixteen Shadow Assassins…"

    Pieces of news arrived one by one.

    The faces of all the people present became paler and paler.

    They had set up a line of defense thirty kilometers away, just to see who Chen Fan was. It included many small groups of soldiers, remote drones, cameras and minefields.

    But since the moment Chen Fan engaged the first Falcon Unit, he had broken through almost eight lines of defense in just a few minutes.

    He rushed forward like a rampaging train, without stopping for a second.

    Even the camera couldn't capture anything.

    The Battle Emperor of Caucasia said, "This is the toughest opponent I've ever encountered."

    He was two meters tall, standing there like a bear in armor; he could pick up a bomb with his bare hands. He had been the strongest warrior of the Siberian Training Camp in the last sixteen years; he was even more powerful than the six Caucasian countries and was at the thirteenth place on the Dark Roll.

    "No matter who he is, he should be afraid of us. We have ten thousand full-armed warriors." The Persian Warrior glanced through the surroundings.

    Surface-to-air missiles, man-sized portable air-defense systems, armed helicopters, M61 Vulcans, anti-tank guns…

    The underground organizations had set up a trap just a few kilometers away from the coast. The weapons they had brought, except the heavy tanks, were comparable to any used by elite troops in the world.

    Not to mention their powerful forces, with terrifying soldiers and Grandmasters.

    "The three largest organizations paid us to do this rather than doing it themselves, meaning that our enemy must be a mighty warrior, or even an Immortal State Warrior." The leader of the Shadow Assassins shook his head.

    "What about an Immortal State Warrior? If the United States can do it, we can also try," said the Persian Warrior with fierce eyes.


    An earth-shattering bombing sound came from afar.

    Everyone looked in that direction with a serious face.

    That was the last line of defense. The Holy Blade planted a bomb there. Once it exploded, its impact would cover a perimeter of a few hundred meters, similar to the fuel air explosives.

    "Even an Immortal State Warrior could get seriously injured."

    Many of them thought with anticipation.

    Although Immortal State Warriors were powerful, they couldn't fight many of the high-tech weapons. Nobody else in the world could stop a projectile with his own body like Chen Beixuan did.

    But what appeared in front of them made their eyes pop out.

    An azure light shot out from the fire without any injuries.


    The moment they saw the azure light, countless of them were completely startled, as if they had seen a ghost.

    "Chen Beixuan!"

    Chen Fan looked up with his stern eyes.

    While taking a leisurely walk in Turkmenistan, he had thought the lesson had been learned. And yet, they had returned to block his way when he reached the coastal area.

    Chen Fan immediately destroyed those drones, small groups and mines.

    But the blocking position set by the Shadow Assassins was a bit horrifying.

    Sixteen top snipers were carrying Barrett M82 and anti-material rifles which could shoot through a tank. If Chen Fan hadn't prepared for it, he would have been injured.

    Also, the sky-rocking explosion was as powerful as the one caused by the Father of All Bombs of Warg Valley, Even Chen Fan's face was partly ashen.

    "Since you've come to die, then don't blame me for what I do."

    It was pitch-dark everywhere.

    The viciousness in Chen Fan's eyes grew while the azure light on his body exploded and beamed across the sky.

    "It's Chen Beixuan!" someone exclaimed.

    It caused quite a commotion.

    Chen Beixuan.

    He was a worldwide legend who could fight against thousands of people on his own.

    Chen Fan had just killed six Immortal State Warriors in the East. Did anyone not know him? They didn't know that the enemy they had been facing was the invincible legend.

    "Damn it. I wouldn't have taken the job if they had told me he was Chen Beixuan.

    The leader of the Blue Bird Mercenary Group blanched.

    "It must be Damon! He's the only one who can mobilize those three organizations and the entire Western World. Looks like Chen Beixuan is hunting down Damon! We should fall back immediately. We shouldn't sacrifice ourselves!" said the Shadow Assassins' leader with a frightened tone.

    "It's too late. We've already pissed him off."

    Seeing the rampaging, horrifying light, the leader of the Vipers gave a wry smile.

    "Prepare to fight. Let's hope that Chen Beixuan isn't as terrifying as they say."

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Following the banging sound of the guns, Chen Fan had crashed into the underground organizations.

    Looking from up above, an unstoppable azure aura split the entire battle front and effortlessly destroyed the armored vehicles, tanks and helicopter gunships.

    Chen Fan had even sent out the nine flying swords.

    "Whiz, whiz."

    The nine beams of aura shot across the battlefront like the sickle of Death, killing many of the mercenaries. Even a Grandmaster like the Battle Emperor of Caucasia couldn't stop them.

    The Persian Warrior was split into halves by the Red Skirt sword.

    In a blink, the coast was filled with rivers of blood; countless bodies lay at the Krasnovodsk Gulf.

    November 15, 2011.

    Chen Beixuan destroyed the three large organizations and slaughtered seven Grandmasters in a row. Over ten thousand people were killed, turning the sea red.

    The news shocked the entire Western World.