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Chapter 555 - A Thousand-Mile Hun

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 555: A Thousand-Mile Hunt

    The Kindred wasn't a prominent race in the universe.

    Given their moderate clout, there were many races—including the sects in the realm of cultivation—who had developed more than a hundred ways to break their Blood Origin Curse. However, there were only three that matched with the environment of the Earth and Chen Fan's level.

    "The first method, find a pure blood from the Kindred and make a Curse-breaking Talisman with its spirit blood. Set aside the problem of finding pure blood on Earth, it's a Connate Spirit Being and I wouldn't be able to kill it even if I find one."

    "The second one, the ‘Worry-free Curse' of the Ten Thousand Dharma Sect. It's said to be able to break all sorts of curses, but it needs at least forty nine days to take effect. By then, Damon would have been long gone."

    "The third type is the ‘Yi Wood Spirit Spell' of the Sylvan Race. It's a spell composed of Spirit Blood of the Sylvan's God and Yi Wood Spirit Qi, and is used to break various curses of the Kindred…"

    Chen Fan's eyes twinkled when he considered the third type.

    The Sylvan Race was one of the most powerful races in the universe. They had developed such a spell since they hated the Kindred. Chen Fan had Yi Wood Spirit Qi. As to the Spirit Blood of the Sylvan God…

    "The Sylvan God was the holy person of the Sylvan Race and had at least the power of the Soul Formation stage. My Azure Thearch Longevity Body came from the Great Azure Thearch and was at the stage of Reunion. Although I've only achieved the initial success level, it's enough to replace the Spirit Blood of the Sylvan God. Besides, Damon was only at the peak stage of the Immortal State. The curse he cast isn't as powerful as the original."

    Then, Chen Fan started working on it right away.

    He attempted to make a cut in his wrist with a sharp nail.

    His transparent nail was able to cut the skin open, making some clanking sounds as if metals were clanging against each other. It was as if his body were made of an alloy harder than diamonds.


    His skin was finally cut open and the glowing azure blood started to drip.

    The living room was full of Wood Element Spirit Qi once the blood came out. The bunch of withered plums in the corner were suddenly blossoming.

    It was the spirit blood of a Divine Body, so the spirit qi in just a drop would already be comparable to a hundred Essence Gathering Pills. Chen Fan was like Tripitaka who took the elixir of life.

    There were always heretics and alien races who hunted down disciples of the top grand masters to harvest their spirit blood.

    "Plop, plop, plop."

    Chen Fan extracted seven drops of spirit blood in total and his skin was healed naturally.

    He then combined the Yi Wood Spirit Qi with the seven drops of blood and drew in the air. A complicated talisman appeared. This talisman was ten times more complex than the "Inscription of Perpetual Life" Chen Fan had cast before.

    The talisman was made with the blood of a spirit body and it could bring people back from the dead.


    Chen Fan looked extremely serious. Every move of his finger moved slowly, making it seem as if he were carrying something heavy. Only the real ancient cultivators could cast this kind of spells, so he had to make strenuous efforts.


    Around three hours later, Chen Fan had finally completed the talisman.

    When he finished the last stroke, the whole talisman shined and green light bloomed from the inscription strokes. The sum of the strokes formed the shape of a tree, which was the first spirit tree in the world, the legendary ancestor of the Sylvan Race.

    "Talisman, break the curse."

    Chen Fan cast a spell and gently stomped his foot.

    The Yi Wood Spirit Talisman turned into a green light and went into Chen Gexin's body.

    Chen Gexin trembled with the green light's influence. Wisps of dark smoke billowed from his bones, forming a devil's face that looked like Damon, but Chen Fan immediately burnt it into ashes.

    As the green light became brighter, more dark smoke came out from Chen Gexin's body. In the end, his skin and muscles started to swell, from his fingers, wrists, shoulders to his chest, arms, legs and head.

    Chen Gexin eventually recovered.

    Wang Xiaoyun and the others waited outside the mansion for three days.

    In the meantime, people from the City Hall, residents of the Jiang Nan Province and tycoons from Si Shui went to pay a visit, but Wang Xiaoyun sent them back. The North Qiong Corp had almost a trillion in assets and the government gave them preferential treatment. Who dared to displease them?

    Three days later, Chen Fan finally came out.

    "Xiao Fan, how's your dad?"

    Wang Xiaoyun approached him right away.

    "Don't worry, dad is fine."

    Chen Fan smiled and comforted his mother. When he saw Wang Xiaoyun's exhausted face, he became even more vicious.

    "Damon, I'm coming for you!"

    Chen Fan turned around and walked outside.

    "Hey, Xiao Fan, where are you going?"

    Everyone looked at him with a surprised look.


    Chen Fan said the word coldly, then turned into an azure light and shot towards the West. Everyone was puzzled as they looked at one another.

    Even though Damon had run for three days, Chen Fan could always find him.

    "He's quick. Three days and he's already in the Middle East?" Chen Fan looked at the West and grunted.

    An Immortal State Warrior could fly, but just for a hundred miles. Only an ancient cultivator could fly a thousand miles and travel around the world in a day.

    Damon couldn't fly but he was also worried that Chen Fan would capture him, so it wouldn't be a good idea to take planes or trains and he could only walk. It was impressive he had run thousands of miles in just three days.

    Chen Fan took out his special communicator and called Red Sparrow while he was speeding down the road.

    "Hi, Red Sparrow? I want everything about Damon."

    The communicator was given by the Special Case Department so that Chen Fan could contact them anytime. Even when he was in a jungle, it would still be connected. Chen Fan used to put it in the Dimension Altering Dharma Treasure and this was the first time he had really used it.

    Red Sparrow replied immediately, "Are you going after Damon?"

    "The information is ready. I'll send it to you, but please be careful. Damon is an experienced Immortal State Warrior who has lived more than a hundred years. He's the leader of the top three underground organizations in the West and has close relationships with many European countries and tycoons. You'll be inside his area of influence once you arrive in the Middle East."

    Top three of the Immortal State?

    Lin Shuming was the head of Southeast Asia. She could gather people like the leader of the Hong Sect and Xie Yan with just a letter.

    Ye Qingcang controlled Kunlun and could mobilize a few millions soldiers. The Divine Arbiter was the strongest of the Christian Church and his potential was unbelievable.

    Chen Fan could kill Damon anytime if he were in the country. However, when he went back to his domain; he could start gathering powerful forces, even being able to call upon the army of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

    "Noted," said Chen Fan as he hung up and glanced through the information.

    "Damon, father was unknown, born in an ancient noble family in Romania and has a quarter of Chinese descent. He was brought up at the Dalun Temple in Tibet, then he entered a hermitage of the Christian Church. He has knowledge of both East and West, mastering countless secret arts and martial arts; he has even awakened the power of his bloodline and has a nigh-immortal body."

    "A few Immortal State Warriors from the Christian Church have tried to kill him several times, but he has managed to get away every time. He's the strongest in the Western Dark World and leads the top three underground organizations. Many organizations in the West have something to do with him and he is regarded as the leader of the Western Dark World. His power is unpredictable, suspected to be at the level of a Mortal Deity."

    The next segment was about the murders Damon had committed.

    During the Second World War, he slaughtered a few million people in Northern Africa, Central Europe and Easten Europe, finally awakening his bloodline and almost becoming immortal. He is also extremely cunning. The Christian Church has failed to kill him and he even escaped from the nuclear attack of the Soviet Union.

    "Looks like he's been hiding his strength."

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes when he saw the line about the Mortal Deity power comparison.

    When Damon fought with Chen Fan, the power he showed was only at the peak stage of the Immortal State.

    But from the record and information, Damon seemed to already have a Mortal Deity power, he just didn't use it. He must have thought it would be a better idea to escape after seeing that even two Mortal Deities weren't able to kill Chen Fan.

    After all, Damon ranked higher than Lin Shuming on the Divine Roll the other year.

    "No matter how powerful you are, it won't stop me from killing you."

    Chen Fan snickered and swayed his body again.

    Looking down from the sky, there seemed to be a westbound beam of azure light, right above the ground.

    The distance between China and the West was about 5500km, which was more than a thousand miles. Even if he took a plane, it might take a dozen hours to reach there. Yet, Chen Fan spent only nine hours to dash from Chu Zhou City to the border with an almost supersonic speed.

    Once he reached the desert in the Middle East, Chen Fan immediately felt Damon's presence, although faint.

    "Covering the Seven Kill Curse with secret arts?"

    Chen Fan sneered. "Unfortunately, you don't understand that the Seven Kill Curse is a deadly curse. Unless you vanish, there's no way to break our connection even if you escape to the outside world."

    Chen Fan continued chasing after Damon.

    When he crossed the border, Chen Fan suddenly had a strong reading of Damon's presence.

    Half an hour later, Chen Fan encountered a group of militants who were driving in pickup trucks with AK-47s in their hands and scarves on their heads. They placed themselves in Chen Fan's way as if they were ready to die.

    At first, Chen Fan only killed their leader to disperse the militants, and then, more and more of them came. They didn't even know who Chen Fan was, but they'd die for the money.

    After defending for a few times, Chen Fan finally showed his true power and started killing.

    All of a sudden, the militants were slaughtered one by one. Every move Chen Fan made killed almost a hundred of them, and finally, thousands died.

    Chen Fan then continued his journey to the West along the bloody road.

    Meanwhile, his hunt started to stir up the world.