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Chapter 554 - The Blood Origin Curse

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 554: The Blood Origin Curse

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    Even though Chen Gexin was shy and he seldom expressed how much he loved Chen Fan, he had brought him up after all. They had been depending on each other, having built a close relationship since the death of Chen Fan's mom.

    2In Chen Fan's eyes, his dad was someone who was upright and righteous. He always sat straight, no matter where and how tired he was.


    Chen Gexin was leaning on the sofa, thin as a rake. He was thrilled to see Chen Fan; he wanted to lift up his trembling arm, but he couldn't even move a finger. He was barely forty years old, and yet, he had become old and decrepit.


    A crimson shadow emerged from Chen Gexin's body.

    A perfectly handsome mixed-race man with a pointed nose in a black tuxedo appeared in the crimson shadow. It was Damon.

    Damon bowed to Chen Fan, looking elegant like an ancient noble.

    "Dear Mr. Chen Beixuan, your power astonished me, but you must have a weakness."

    "As you can see, your dad is under a curse called the Blood Origin Curse. It is one of the oldest curses in the world and there's no way to break it."

    "There's no need to try. Just remember the power of the curse will go deep into his blood and bones, and it will be with him until the end of his life. Half of his blood will undergo necrosis every seven days, so you'll have to constantly change his blood, cure him with all sorts of elixirs and spirit herbs, and strengthen his body with the vitality of a top martial artist, in order for him to live."

    Damon smirked.

    "Of course, you can also give up your dad's life and keep chasing after me. It's up to you."

    Then, the crimson shadow exploded and disappeared.

    Secretary Sun was frightened and Chen Fan looked expressionless.


    Two golden flames danced in Chen Fan's eyes.

    A surging viciousness gathered around his body and the floor was frosted over.

    Chen Fan had never been so murderous since he had been reborn four years before. The last time he felt the same was probably when the Chen Family had sent a car to hit his mother Wang Xiaoyun.

    Parents and family were like the heart to Chen Fan and he had returned to this life to make up for his regrets. He would never let anyone who hurt them get away, even if he had to crumble planets and slaughter through the universe.


    Chen Fan slowly stretched out his hand with a dull face.

    An invisible power gushed and gathered the shattering crimson shadow on his hands, displaying Damon's horrified face.


    Chen Fan shot out a golden flame which wrapped around Damon.


    "I, Chen Beixuan, swear to God, I'll find you wherever you are, no matter you're at the end of the universe or deep in time. I'm going to take out your Divine Soul and burn it for a hundred years, and I will exterminate all of your descendants. I'll never regret it and I will not enter the Connate Spirit Level until I kill you!"

    "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill."

    Chen Fan wrote seven "kills" in the air.

    Once he took the oath, a lightning struck and startled everyone around the mansion.

    The seven words then merged with the golden flame and turned into a golden talisman. It shot out a thousand miles away and stuck onto Damon's body.

    "The Seven Kill Curse of the Ten Thousand Dharma Sect!"

    From then on, Chen Fan would sense Damon's presence forever.

    Even if Damon's Divine Soul exited his body and reincarnated or even if it escaped to a different space, Chen Fan would still find him. This was the power of the Seven Kill Curse. Once a Ten Thousand Dharma Sect cultivator set the curse, he would have to chase after the target his whole life.

    If Chen Fan didn't kill Damon, he would be assailed by the mental demons or stopped by the whole world when he entered the Connate Spirit Level, since he made that severe oath.

    Chen Fan was a Grand Cultivator so he knew ways of breaking the oath, but he didn't want to do so.

    Right then, he just wanted to kill somebody.


    In a town in Dong Jiang Province.

    Damon stopped, looking complacent.

    "Chen Beixuan, you didn't see this coming, did you? Everyone said that it's useless to threaten you with your parents and that cultivators like you might be a reincarnation of an ancient beast that has no emotions. I knew, however, that you care a lot about your parents."

    Damon snickered.

    "If I killed him now, you'd definitely go mad and come after me. The Blood Origin Curse I cast on him was handed down by the Blood Ancestor and has once killed a Saint of the Christian Church. Even if you become an Earth Level Deity, you won't be able to break it. You'd better go help your dad with your vitality, hahaha."

    Thinking of this, Damon laughed without restraint.

    People under the curse could only rely on countless Spirit Medicines and elixirs to survive, or a top cultivator could use his own vitality to slow down the effect of the curse. It looked like nobody other than Chen Fan could help.

    But after that, Chen Fan would have a burden. Chen Gexin would soon die without his vitality, so he couldn't leave him for even a second.

    As an experienced Immortal State Warrior, Damon had always prepared for the worse so he planned ahead to make an escape plan.

    While he was gloating and feeling pleased, a golden talisman suddenly flew swiftly towards him.

    "What's that?"

    Damon was frightened. He quickly sent out a crimson aura to stop the talisman but it was invisible, as if it didn't even exist. In a blink, it went past the aura and stuck on Damon's body.


    Damon gave a bloodcurdling scream.

    The talisman was branded on his soul and a golden rune appeared on his face. That rune was composed of seven "kill" words; each of them carried the viciousness of the caster.

    "Chen Beixuan, you're abandoning your dad?"

    Damon felt furious, and he quickly ran to the West without looking back.

    After casting the Seven Kill Curse, Chen Fan asked Secretary Sun to leave, then he formed an array around the mansion; he forbade anyone to enter.

    By then, Secretary Sun had already recognized Chen Fan. As Chen Gexin's secretary, he knew a bit about the Chen Family. He immediately left the mansion and stopped the onlookers, then he contacted Wang Xiaoyun and Chen Huaian.

    At night.

    Wang Xiaoyun, Chen Huaian, An Ya, Fang Qiong and Hua Yunfeng quickly went to Si Shui from Zhong Hai and Jin City, but Chen Fan had set the array and they couldn't go in.

    "Don't worry, master must be saving Ancestral Master inside," Hua Yunfeng said.

    Yu Wenjin and A'Xiu added, "Yeah, master is almost like an immortal. A single curse wouldn't put him off."

    Wang Xiaoyun reluctantly put a smile on her pale face and gazed at the mansion with worries.

    "Ah, Gexin was too stubborn. If he had taken my advice and resigned, he would have gone back to Jin City or to Zhong Hai; this wouldn't have happened." Chen Huaian shook his head.

    Zhong Hai was protected by Hua Yunfeng and Tong Shan was guarded by the two Immortal State Warriors.

    Jin City also had the Green Dragon Grand Array. The White Drakeling had already left for nine days, so even an Earth Level Deity would be unable to break the array and hurt the Chen Family.

    Since Chen Gexin was alone in Chu Zhou City without any protection, Chen Fan's enemies would surely target him.

    Wang Xiaoyun stomped her foot and said, "I'm definitely asking Gexin to go back to Zhong Hai after this."

    Everyone looked at the mansion anxiously.

    Meanwhile, in the mansion, Chen Fan sat with staring eyes.

    "The Blood Origin Curse is indeed troublesome. I've scanned my dad's body with my Immortal Will and I found that the power of the curse is rooted in his veins. Unless dad abandons this body and reincarnates or takes another person's body, the curse would be with him forever, even passing it down to his offspring. Looks like it is the oldest curse on Earth."

    Chen Fan explored it with his arcane energy and found it tricky.

    It would be placed in an upper rank even when compared to all curses in the universe. He didn't know there would be such a knotty curse on this small planet Earth.

    "But… why does the curse seem familiar to me?" Chen Fan wondered as he tried to remember.

    Suddenly, he recalled a long-lost memory buried deep in his mind. Chen Fan's eyes brightened. "Isn't this… the Kindred's ‘Curse of the Bloodline Origin'?"

    The Kindred and the Dark Wolves were both one of the Universe Clans.

    Pure bloods of the Kindred could become Connate Spirit Beings once they grew up.

    Unlike Dark Wolves, the Kindred were better at spells and curses. The Curse of the Bloodline Origin was one of them and it was said to be able to trace one's ancestors and descendants. If it was cast by a cultivator at an Immortal Enlightenment level, he could kill up to a hundred generations of ancestors and a thousand generations of descendants.

    There had once been a mighty figure from the Kindred; he had killed a clan of over ten billion members with the Curse of the Bloodline Origin.

    Chen Fan had once exterminated the Chen Family with the Bloodline Death Curse of the Ten Thousand Dharma Sect. It was a reformed curse based on the curses of the Kindred and was three times more powerful than the Curse of the Bloodline Origin.

    "Damon is one of the Kindred? No, I think he's only a half-blood. No wonder he's so close to being an immortal. I think he has truly awakened the root of the bloodline."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    "Even if you're pure blood, so what? I've killed the seven Immortal Masters of the Kindred and the entire race was almost exterminated. You dare to hurt my dad, then I'll chase after you till the end of the universe."

    Once he knew it was the Curse of the Bloodline Origin, dozens of ways of breaking the spell immediately came to his mind.