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Chapter 553 - No Immortal State in The Eas

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 553: No Immortal State in The East

    Damon the Blood Fiend used to rank number three on the Divine Roll.

    Guru Rama ranked number seven, and was seen as the uncrowned king of South Asia.

    Yao Daoyi was the leader of the Dao Sects in China, and had the mighty Thunder Seal at his disposal.

    Watanabe was the former Sword Sage in Japan; he had battled Lin Shuming three days and three nights, losing in the end only because of a minor slip up.

    Sakya, the mighty Dharma-rāja of the Tantric Buddhism Sect. He had forced the British army out of Tibet.

    Tantai Qingxuan, the goddess of the Mystic Sect, master of the Square Tower. She had been able to escape Ye Qincang three times.

    Last but not the least: Li Changsheng. A powerful Mortal Deity who could have claimed supremacy over the world but disguised himself as a quiet and humble Immortal State Warrior.

    Those seven Immortal State Warriors represented nearly half of the world's most powerful fighters and all of the Immortal State Warriors in the East. However, none of them survived the slaughter, except for Damon the Blood Fiend.

    No one could have remained calm after hearing this shocking revelation.

    All the people across the world became silent. Even the leaders of the most influential organizations in the Dark World had remained quiet.

    If the seven of them had joined forces, they could have toppled a nation and threatened a superpower of the world. However, they were slaughtered by Chen Fan after one battle.

    "How is that possible?"

    Many people found it difficult to wrap their minds around it.

    Meanwhile, at the Dragon Tiger Mountain…

    The main Spirit Tablet in the Heavenly Master Sect's Ancestral Shrine suddenly exploded; a fragment of Yao Daoyi's Divine Soul escaped from the cracked tablet. Each and every member of the Heavenly Master Sect had one of such tablets; some have used them at some point in life to revive themselves.

    However, never once was the Main Spirit Tablet used.

    Such development terrified the sect disciples and many couldn't believe it was happening.

    "Has Yao Daoyi died?"

    Meanwhile, a rainbow appeared above the Potala Palace.

    The sight immediately made an old monk break down into tears. The worshippers in the temple asked him what he was crying for. The old man pointed a shaky finger at the rainbow and said painfully, "That was our Dharma-rāja, he has left us."

    There was only one person in the Tantric Buddhism sect who was worthy of the Dharma-rāja title: Sakya.

    That day, the entire Tibet was steeped in sorrow and sadness.

    Martial artists felt the world was about to collapse onto them when they heard about Watanabe's death.

    Ever since the death of Takemiya Hiro, Watanabe had been their last shred of hope to regain dignity in Asia. He was the former Sword Sage, the teacher of the emperor and the backbone of the Japanese Martial Arts community. However, such a key person in Japan was slain by Chen Fan.

    "For the next thirty years, the Japanese Martial Arts community will be unable to compete with China."

    Erika heaved a sigh of resignation.

    She was the most prominent Kendo Master in Japan, and with the death of Watanabe, she had become the most powerful warrior of the country. Although the more powerful Demon God still resided in the Ise Grand Shrine, his power could only be unleashed when the future of the nation was hanging in a balance.

    Many Japanese Martial Artists weeped for their huge loss.

    Chen Fan had broken the backbone of the Japanese Martial arts community.

    Meanwhile, a poignant sadness permeated the entire South Asia.

    Immortal State Warriors had alway been the force that supported powerful organizations around the world. Without them, those sects and organizations would quickly lose their grip on power.

    Xie Yan had only disappeared for a year, and the Dragon Hall almost had a total break down.

    The Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect had lost his body and was forced to turtle inside a small island in the middle of nowhere without the ability to exert his influence.

    Chen Fan had killed six Immortal State Warriors in one go, taking down all the Immortal State Warriors in the East. This meant that he could finally claim the seat of power in China.

    This was a devastating blow to his enemies.

    Director Xiao was speechless for a while before he finally came to terms with reality. "I have underestimated Chen Beixuan once again. Damn it!"

    Ye Qincang and Li Changsheng were both major threats to China. However, even Ye Qincang could only scare the others away; he wasn't strong enough to bring them to justice. He had tried once; dealing with the wrath of seven Immortal State Warriors at the same time was the outcome. After that battle, Ye Qincang came into contact with Yan Jin and disappeared from the power dynamic.

    Chen Fan had to face even deadlier foes than Ye Qincang did fifty years before.

    His opponents consisted of six Immortal State Warriors at their peak state, as well as a Mortal Deity. Even Ye Qincang would have to think twice before taking on the challenge. However, Chen Fan nearly slaughtered all of his enemies.

    Red Sparrow and White Tiger were disheartened by the outcome.

    Even those who were the most adamant against Chen Fan had their lips sealed tight.

    Red Sparrow hesitated for a moment before she finally asked, "Uncle Master, do you think the old man would be able to bring Chen Beixuan under control?"

    Everyone looked at Azure Dragon who sat in the corner of the meeting room. His eyes were closed as he contemplated the questions. After a while, he replied, "General Ye is on par with Chen Beixuan."

    Everyone's heart sank to the bottom after they heard the reply.

    Being on par was not the same as victory. Even though Azure Dragon admired Ye Qincang's abilities, he was unsure about the outcome of the fight.

    Needless to say that everyone knew that such a scenario did not bode well.

    They figured that the odds for Ye Qincang to defeat Chen Fan were not high.

    "He has single handedly killed all the Immortal State Warriors in the East. He even surpassed legends such as Zhang Sanfeng and the Great Magus. He is an exemplar of strength and power," someone exclaimed on the CIA website.

    "Hehe, what a fight! But did he ever think about the implication of killing off all the Immortal State Warriors in the East? What would happen if the West decided to wage a war right now? If not for those Immortal State Warriors, the East would have already fallen under the West's gun boats," someone else replied.

    His comment resonated with many other users from Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Those nations' guardians had been taken down and the void they left evokes fear and unease in everyone's hearts. The presence of an Immortal State Warrior in a nation could greatly reduce the chances of being invaded by underground organizations.

    After their disappearance, the smaller nations were suddenly vulnerable to many different malicious forces.

    "Chen Beixuan is too selfish. He could have spared their lives for the sake of the greater good. What are we going to do now if the western forces start to influence the nations in the East?" a Thai royal guard complained hotly.

    Even some Chinese martial artists criticized Chen Fan's methods for similar concerns.

    Even as the netizens argued with each other on the forum, the Observer surfaced and concluded the argument with only one comment:

    "The East has Chen Beixuan now. That should be enough."

    Just so! Chen Beixuan was the most powerful man in the East. He should be able to protect Asia from any form of invasion.

    The Observer's comment rendered the other martial artists speechless.

    After the fight, Chen Fan had claimed the seat of power in the eastern hemisphere and brought all the nations in Asia under his wings.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had already left Chu Zhou City to chase after Damon the Blood Fiend.

    He had marked Damon using his Divine Will, so he would be able to locate him regardless of where he was.

    "Although I had to consume a third of the Blade Of Divine Essence's energy, the reward was well worth it." Chen Fan fished out the Thunder Seal and examined it with joy.

    The seal was azure in color, but it lacked the luster that it used to possess.

    There was also a large and ugly crack that ran across its body. It used to be the Treasure of the Heavenly Master Sect, but it was as good as junk at the moment.

    "I might be able to repair it in a few months. This is a mid-grade Spirit Artifact; it would be a waste to throw it away," Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Spirit Artifacts were so rare on earth that even an Earth Level Deity would have to obtain it by sheer luck.

    The Exalted Cultivator had spent hundreds of years and could only produce a half-finished spirit artifact: the Essence Restoring Sword.

    However, the Thunder Seal had been refined by generations of Earth Level Deities in the Heavenly Master Sect. By then, it had been harnessing energy for over a thousand years. It was much more powerful than the Sword of Essence Restoring. Unfortunately, its former owner was not powerful enough to unleash its true potential.

    "I will have gained another life saving trick up my sleeve once I repair it," Chen Fan thought.

    Chen Fan landed on a highway and started running toward Damon's presence, trying to close in the gap.

    After a while, he realized that Damon had led him to Si Shui County.

    "Damn, my dad is still in Si Shui."

    The thought alerted Chen Fan. He charged up his energy to break the sound barrier and darted to the city. He covered the few dozen kilometer distance in less than a minute and reached his father's house.

    Before he entered the house, he saw a group of people crowding by the entrance.

    "I wonder what happened to Mr. Chen? I saw a flash of red light coming out from his house. The next thing I knew, he was on the brink of death."

    "I heard that medical experts were on their way, I wonder if they can save his life."

    "Sigh… I really hope he will be ok."

    Chen Fan's face darkened after he overheard the conversation. He stormed into the house, trailing a wild gust behind him that unsettled the people in front of the house.

    He saw Secretary Sun as soon as he was through the door. Secretary Sun was pacing back and forth in the room, face flushed red.

    "Who are you?" Secretary Sun asked in confusion.

    Chen Fan didn't reply. He looked to his sickly father in the bed and was immediately on the verge of tearing.

    Barely breathing, Chen Gexin lay motionless in the bed; his lifeless face had less color than ash. His shriveled skin was wrapped tightly against his bones, making him look like a skeleton. His heart quivered feebly and was about to give up.


    A sudden fit of rage overtook Chen Fan. An unswerving killing intent flashed in his eyes.