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Chapter 552 - Is He Chen Fan?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 552: Is He Chen Fan?

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    Blade Of Divine Essence!

    This blade was made from three components: Divine Will, True Essence and Aether Qi. Chen Fan had kept this art for the last moment due to its tremendous consumption of Divine Essence.

    Chen Fan had decided to use this art against Earth Level Deity.

    Therefore, even when he was up against Lin Shuming, he had kept this particular weapon in its sheath. However, he had to use it to end the battle as soon as possible.

    He used to know many Mystic Arts when he was the North Mystic Celestial Lord. Ever since he entered the Divine Sea Level, he was able to bring back to life many of those arts, such as the Armor of Golden Flame and the Blade of Divine Essence.


    The body of the blade was suffused with a blooming golden glow that had an ethereal and otherworldly quality to it.

    The scintillating blade plunged into Li Changsheng's powerful Essence Qi, uprooting all the protective spells Li Changsheng had previously cast as if they were less than nothing. Blinding lights flowed down from the blade, warping the reality around it, making the attack look like it came from a different world.

    "Is this… a Soul Blade?"

    Li Changsheng barely had enough time to blench, let alone putting up any defense.

    By then, Chen Fan had reached the mid-stage of the Divine Sea, his Divine Will was able to reach as far as eighty kilometers away, nearly as far as the range of an Earth Level Deity. In addition, his Divine Will was extremely condensed, which further enhanced the potency of the Blade of Divine Essence.

    This attack would even injure an Earth Level Deity; Li Changsheng wouldn't have a chance.

    Everyone watched as Li Changsheng staggered a little and the glow in his eyes diminished. So powerful was the attack that it had cut through his Divine Soul. However robust and endurable Li Changsheng's Divine Soul was, it was no match against the Blade of Divine Essence.

    "I… I was defeated after all."

    Li Changsheng grimaced and closed his eyes. His body turned into a wash of violet glow and fell into the water.

    A Mortal Deity was killed and would soon be forgotten by the world.

    Chen Fan floated in the air, linking his hands behind his back. He looked as haughty as ever.

    "If I had this Blade of Divine Essence three years ago, the fight against Galdan the Snowwolf King would have been much easier. That being said, the art is a black hole for energy. That single attack ate up a three-months worth of cultivation."

    Chen Fan pulled back the Blade Of Divine Essence. He grimaced as he noticed the blade was three centimeter shorter.

    Then he turned around and found that he wasn't alone. A group of onlookers had gathered by the shore; Jiang Churan and Li Yichen were among them.

    Li Yichen and the other onlookers had observed the battle from a distance.

    Both Li Changsheng and Chen Fan fought with immeasurable energy they drew from the environment. A simple attack could turn the Yangui Lake upside down.

    Amidst the chaos, they saw two washes of light: one azure and the other violet, clashing into each other.

    The two glows had unleashed godly power that could split the lake at the middle and conceal the sky with one palm. Such display of power was beyond any mortal's wildest imagination.

    "OMG, I never believed the news about the Sage in Myanmar… who would have thought that it was real?"

    Han Ming gaped in surprise.

    "Of course it's real. There are many videos to prove it. We just don't know everything because the governments tried to cover it up," Zhang Yumeng said and then asked with newfound excitement, "Don't you think that azure figure looks like the one in that footage from Myanmar?"

    "That's right!" Many people agreed with her observation.

    Shrouded in an azure light, Chen Fan let his dark hair flow to his shoulder. He stood haughtily like the King of all Gods. Even from afar, there was a striking resemblance to the figure in the footage that came out of Myanmar. When he delivered his final blow, his handsome and decisive move tugged at the heartstrings of the girls watching him. Their eyes turned into hearts as if they had met their favorite idol.

    1Li Yichen furrowed his brows and asked, "Churan, didn't you say Chen Fan was attacked? What do you mean?"

    "Indeed! Ran Ran, didn't you see how dangerous it was up there with thunder, explosions and all? It was like a war zone. Some mansions were blown apart. I was so worried for you, thinking you might be up there. Luckily I was wrong," Zhang Yumeng said as she rubbed her chest to gather herself.

    "By the looks of it, Chen Fan surely died if he was there," Si Yinxia said as he shook his head.

    The others agreed with him.

    "Even the mountain peak was destroyed, how could a human survive that?"

    "Getting involved in battles against sages was his own fault."

    Mo Hill smirked gloatingly.

    By far, no one would expect that one of the "sages" was Chen Fan. Although they knew that one of Chen Fan's titles was Master Chen, they considered him a mortal. Seeing the godly power of the two combatants, they had ruled out the possibility that one of them was him.

    "So Senior Chen is dead?"

    Lin Lulu flinched in disbelief.

    Did that modest and friendly senior die while caught in a fight between sages?

    "That IS him," Jiang Churan looked at the azure glow and murmured. Her voice was laced with complicated emotions.


    Everyone looked at the direction where the azure light was. Zhang Yumeng's face paled and asked, "Ran Ran, do you mean that Chen Fan IS the sage that fought in Myanmar?"


    Yang Chao and Si Yinxia both shook their heads.

    The Myanmar Sage was a powerful being; it was the only sage that had been proven to exist. The footage of his battle in Myanmar had caught the world's attention and earned him the same influence in the world as any political leader.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was just a local tycoon in Jiang Bei. He couldn't possibly compare with a sage.

    Even as Jiang Churan was about to explain to her friends, they heard a voice calling out to them.

    She looked up and saw the azure light float towards them from the center of the lake. Yang Chao and the others panicked while Zhang Yumeng's face turned lifeless and pale.

    Zhang Yumeng adored the Myanmar Sage for his unrivaled might and power, as well as his ability to take lives with ease. However, she started to worry for her own safety, being that close to her idol all of a sudden.

    "Wait, why is the Myanmar Sage coming towards us? Is he really… Chen…"

    Li Yichen screamed in his mind.

    Everyone watched in silence as the azure glow closed in and landed in front of tem.

    After the light diminished, a figure appeared.

    He was in his early twenties, with dark hair and dark eyes. His silky hair flowed to his shoulders and his glowing skin was as smooth as jade. His ethereal appearance made many girls' hearts skip a beat.


    Chen Fan slowly made his way to Jiang Churan. It was so quiet that they could hear Chen Fan's soft steps.

    People quickly make way for him, creating a path between Chen Fan and Jiang Churan.

    "Sorry for getting you involved in this mess," Chen Fan said.

    His voice was clear and powerful.

    "It's alright. I'm glad you're safe."

    Although Jiang Churan had seen Chen Fan's Immortal appearance before, his sublime features captivated her mind nonetheless.

    "Please send my apologies to Auntie Tang as well. I will build another mansion for her."

    Then Chen Fan gave Lin Lulu a nod and disappeared. He didn't even grace Yang Chao and his other former classmates with a glance.

    Everyone was speechless by the turn of events.

    After a while, Zhang Yumeng finally broke the silence.

    "Ran Ran, was that really Chen Fan?"

    Jiang Churan fixed her gaze toward the direction Chen Fan had taken, but she didn't answer.

    Yang Chao and Li Yichen already knew the answer, but they were left speechless by the strong emotions inside them.

    "Chen Fan is the Myanmar Sage?"

    "He was the one who killed the demons and caught the world's attention?"

    "How is that even possible? He's just a mortal who learned a few spells, he is not the almighty sage that could turn the world upside down on a whim."

    Yang Chao and the others found it hard to come to terms with reality.

    Jiang Churan had seen Chen Fan's real appearance, and so did Li Yichen and the others when they watched his fight against Lei Qianjue. However, they would have never thought that the warrior they had seen was Chen Fan.

    The thought festered in their minds and turned into many emotions.

    Jealousy, envy, shock, confusion and regret roiled inside of everyone's hearts. Li Yichen looked at Jiang Churan and then at the sky where Chen Fan disappeared. The sheen in his eyes dimmed.

    "Senior Chen turned out to be a sage! No wonder senior Yang said he would never catch up with him."

    Lin Lulu nodded as she finally wrapped her mind around the situation.

    Meanwhile, Han Ming was still dumbfounded and had no idea what was going on.

    Before Chen Fan left the battlefield, he scanned his surroundings for recording devices to destroy them if he found any. However, he had missed a few and it wasn't long before images and videos of the fight became viral on the internet.

    The news quickly became the headline on many news outlets.

    Re-emergence of the The Myanmar Sage!

    He had appeared in China's Chu Zhou City and killed a violet demon.

    The fight was witnessed by thousands of Chu Zhou citizens and many of them recorded videos. The news quickly spread like wildfire across the internet.

    People in both the eastern and the western world boiled over after hearing the astonishing news.

    Meanwhile, the Dark World was gripped by a gloomy mood and no one spoke a word about it.