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Chapter 551 - Killing the Mortal Deity

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     The peak of Yunwu Mountain was shrouded in arcane energy and the wind was howling.

    The mist had already been lifted by the power of their battle, and the body of Chen Fan and Li Changsheng appeared. One of them was wrapped in azure light with black hair and black eyes like the Azure God, while the other was in the Taoist robe and was surrounded by purple Qi like a Perfected Immortal.

    Li Changsheng looked pale at the moment.

    Chen Fan said calmly with his hands behind his back, "You came along with six peak-stage Immortal State Warriors to fight against me, but five of them have already died and one escaped. You can only use three to five hours more of your Mortal Deity power with your reserves. After that, you'll explode without me moving a finger. Li Changsheng, what else so you have?"

    Every word he said made Li Changsheng's pupils shrink, becoming needle-thin in the end.

    The nine flying swords surrounded Li Changsheng and created flashes of blade aura from time to time, trying to attack.

    "I've never underestimated you, Immortal Master Chen, but you're even more powerful than I expected. I guess Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator wasn't even as strong as you are," Li Changsheng said as he flicked his sleeves. A strong arcane energy gushed and knocked out the flying swords.

    "I once told you that I wasn't a cultivator from the Gate of Heaven. I thought you would have kept your greed in check, but you still came to die."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    "Who can resist the lure of eternal life?" Li Changsheng burst into laughter, then eventually looked pained. "My teacher named me ‘Changsheng', hoping that I could live long and take care of the Wu Dang Sect. Alas, I still have to go through life and death."

    "How could you live eternally without surviving natural disasters and surpassing the universe? You would only live a bit longer," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    He then yelled with a fierce look.

    "I, Chen Beixuan, will kill Li Changsheng from the Wu Dang Sect today, at the peak of Yunwu Mountain!"

    His voice was as loud as thunder and it spread for miles, stirring up the clouds. Even citizens at the center of Chu Zhou City could hear him. Countless people down the mountain looked up with a horrified face.


    The blade aura roared and the purple Qi lingered.

    A Mortal Deity level battle was about to begin.

    At the same time, there was a surge of people coming out of the club at Yangui Lake.

    Yunwu Mountain was right next to Yangui Lake, so they knew for sure that something was happening on the top of the mountain. Many diners, employees and passersby including Li Yichen and the others went to the lake to have a look.

    "What's happening on the top of Yunwu Mountain? Why is it thundering?"

    Yang Chao was confused.

    "Yang Chao, do you remember whose mansion is up there?"

    Li Yichen asked.

    "You mean… Chen Fan?"

    Yang Chao gasped and Si Yinxia looked to the peak seriously. Zhang Yumeng was completely shocked. "Would it be him again?"

    "Who's Chen Fan? He seems incredible!" Han Ming stood confused and wondered.

    Li Yichen, Yang Chao and Si Yinxia came from prominent families and were basically at the top among the young people in Chu Zhou City. If the three of them were afraid of Chen Fan, maybe he came from a powerful background? A young master in the province?

    Lin Lulu was also there, looking muddled.

    Si Yinxia answered with a cold voice, "He is also known as Master Chen."

    "Jiang Bei's Master Chen?" Han Ming covered her mouth. The title, Master Chen, was a taboo and a myth in Chu Zhou City. Even though he had not appeared in Jiang Bei for a few years, there were still some legends about him.

    "Senior Chen is Master Chen, the murderous Butcher?"

    Lin Lulu's eyes popped out like the characters in cartoons did.

    Han Ming and Lin Lulu could not believe that the handsome and polite young man was the murderous, moody and frightening Master Chen in the rumors.

    "That is only his most ordinary title. There are a lot more," Li Yichen said with a dim face.

    Suddenly, Zhang Yumeng yelled, "Look, someone fell into the water. Wait, is that Jiang Churan?"

    Everyone looked over to the lake. There was indeed a girl. Who else would it be if it wasn't Jiang Churan?


    A single move of a Mortal Deity could summon the power of Heaven and Earth.

    Li Changsheng had the upper hand in the first few hours of their battle. Once he flicked his sleeves, a large amount of internal force gushed out and even the nine flying swords couldn't get closer to his body.

    "Li Changsheng, how long can you hold?"

    Chen Fan punched with a dull face and broke through the purple Qi.

    "Don't worry about how long I can live. First, I need to see you die." Li Changsheng raised his fair palm and clawed at the ground.

    He grabbed an entire mansion from halfway up the mountain, then turned it into a black shadow and threw it at Chen Fan.

    "It… It's a monster."

    Someone who escaped from the mansion witnessed this and was completely startled, so he immediately ran down the mountain.

    "Lin Shuming couldn't do it, can you?"

    Chen Fan snickered, then sent out a bright blade aura that ended splitting tons of mansions into half. The debris, furniture and reinforced concrete, all fell to the ground.

    "The body of an Earth Level Deity is strong but it isn't immortal. Let me capture you and overwhelm you with the mountains. If it doesn't work, I'll strike you with thunder or throw you into the lava. There must be ways I can kill you."

    Li Changsheng looked calm. He flicked his sleeves like a Heavenly Being.

    He seemed to have made the wind howl, stirring up the clouds along with it. The sky was then covered in dark clouds and it started raining.

    Earth Level Deities were also called Heavenly Beings and they could connect with the world. A fight between them would be unimaginable.


    Chen Fan snorted.

    His Azure Thearch Longevity Body had achieved initial success. Even though there were still a number of weapons that could injure him, such as lasers, electromagnetic cannons, special armor-piercing bullets and nuclear weapons, he wasn't afraid at all.

    "Li Changsheng, you're talking too much. Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan's eyes twinkled and he instantly turned into a stream of light. He surrounded Li Changsheng and constantly sent out powerful punches. The nine flying swords also formed a ring. Their energy was shot ten feet away, shattering the mountain rocks.

    "Bang, bang."

    They fought like two vicious beasts.

    Every single move they made could break rocks, cause a tsunami and send internal forces out a hundred meters. Even the tip of the mountain was cut off and the trees were all smashed.

    Chen Fan and Li Changsheng continued fighting.

    They moved from the peak all the way down to the foot of the mountain as they fought. Many mansions and houses were destroyed as if a storm had hit them.

    Fortunately, the residents escaped in time so there were no casualties, and they were all stunned by the scene. They vaguely saw two people fighting in the storm, but could humans be so powerful?

    "Perhaps… they're immortals?" someone wondered.

    Everyone around froze.


    In the end, their fight reached Yangui Lake. Even the enormous lake couldn't stand the pressure. It was churned up and spouts of water shot up to the sky like dragons.

    Li Changsheng created a monstrous wave filled with internal force. It crushed towards Chen Fan like an iron panel.


    Chen Fan waved his hand and the nine flying swords turned into an eighteen feet long blade aura. It first slashed the wave, then went all the way towards Li Changsheng.


    Li Changsheng sent out a powerful punch and it clashed with the blade aura, breaking it into pieces.

    His Mortal Deity power didn't seem to be inferior to Chen Fan's.

    Although Li Changsheng had weaker killing techniques than Lin Shuming, his energy and arcane qi were solid and strong, so he could stand for a longer period of time.

    "I can't hold up anymore. Otherwise, I'll have to use my last move."

    Chen Fan was anxious and his eyes glinted with coldness.

    The escaped Damon was Chen Fan's biggest worry. The threat a hostile peak-stage Immortal State Warrior could cause was too much.

    "Li Changsheng, you'll die with no regrets after having the pleasure to see this strike."

    Chen Fan stood up and his eyes twinkled.

    "What is that?" Li Changsheng narrowed his eyes and had a strong sense of danger.

    A golden thread appeared between Chen Fan's eye brows. Suddenly, it cracked and shot out a beam of golden light. The beam then formed a solid golden blade.

    The blade was only inches long and it was filled with inscription strokes. Once it appeared, all the onlookers, even those who were thousand meters away, could feel their souls being torn apart.

    "This is a blade I cast with my Immortal Will, True Essence and Aether Qi when I entered the Divine Sea Level. It's called ‘Blade Of Divine Essence', and it was made to destroy Divine Souls. A never-used weapon, previously hidden in the sea; I'll celebrate by using it to kill a Mortal Deity today," Chen Fan spoke calmly and flicked his sleeves.


    The Blade Of Divine Essence pierced the sky with a golden aura. The aura seemed to have split the entire world into half.

    Even if Li Changsheng could make waves with his unlimited True Essence and strong protection aura, he didn't seem to exist in front of the blade and it slashed right through his soul!

    "Jiang Churan, it's really you."

    Yang Chao and the others quickly got Jiang Churan out of the lake.

    Jiang Churan said as she cried, "Chen Fan is still on Yunwu Mountain and some people are attacking him together. I think he's in danger."


    All of them were stunned. They turned to the mountain and witnessed an astonishing scene.

    A beam of azure light and a beam of purple light were shot from Yunwu Mountain and blasted through to Yangui Lake. The azure light then swayed and an unbelievably bright golden aura shined in the sky!

    The golden aura looked powerful enough to kill an Immortal!

    "What is that?"

    Their eyes were wide open.