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Chapter 550 - Annihilated

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 550: Annihilated

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    Guru Rama.

    The strongest body tempering cultivator in the world; the top martial artist in South Asia, seventh on the Divine Roll. Chen Fan had killed a body that almost reached the Godfiend level and even destroyed his soul.

    The first Immortal State Warrior had fallen.

    But it was just the beginning.


    Watanabe, who was the second, had a thread of blood on his forehead. The cut then made its way down to his nose, lips, neck, chest, and finally, his body was split in half. The powerful energy that was roaming inside him was finally released through the split.

    "Impossible… It's impossible I'm going to die here…"

    Watanabe couldn't believe it and his Divine Soul quivered, trying to merge with his body again. Unfortunately, Chen Fan had shattered his body together with his Divine Soul.

    In the end, the uncontrollable energy inside Watanabe burst out and tore him apart.

    Watanabe, the last Sword Sage that dominated Japan, also fell.

    And the third one, Dharma-rāja Sakya, his Divine Soul had been split into halves without being able to say a word.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya's mortal body had already been injured and all of his protective artifacts were battered. Without the protection of his body, the defensive power would decrease no matter how strong his Divine Soul was. Even if he had Primordial Essence, he couldn't defend against Chen Fan's Thread of Blade Essence.


    Tantai Qingxuan appeared again.

    The last lotus under her feet also withered.

    "Fortunately, this substitution artifact from the sect can block four deadly attacks. Chen Beixuan is too powerful and he can kill me easily with a single move. My last lifesaving chance is gone. I should leave as far as I can right away."

    Tantai Qingxuan glanced at the other three and patted her chest.

    When Tantai Qingxuan was about to leave, Li Changsheng and the others suddenly gave her a sympathetic gaze.

    Before Tantai Qingxuan knew it, a blade cut appeared on her forehead.

    The cut was only half inch long, like a red mark.

    Once the cut showed, Tantai Qingxuan suddenly trembled and the light in her eyes dimmed. She seemed to have lost control of her body; finally, she fell from the sky.

    The goddess of the Mystic Sect died just like that?

    "A substitution artifact might be able to save you four times, but what about a fifth time?"

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    The Thread of Blade Essence was powerful enough to kill an Earth Level Deity. Tantai Qingxuan couldn't escape in time and her Divine Soul was shattered.

    "Four of you were killed with one attack. Looks like my level is still not high enough. If I'd entered the last stage of Divine Sea, you three wouldn't have lived until now."

    Chen Fan placed his hands behind his back, then he turned around to see their pale faces.

    Only Li Changsheng, Damon and Yao Daoyi survived the strike.

    Li Changsheng had strong powers. Damon was nearly immortal. Yao Daoyi had the protection of the Thunder Seal. Even though they had managed to escape from Chen Fan's attack, they had also paid their price.


    The three of them blanched and there was fear in their eyes.

    Chen Fan's attack was extremely horrifying. Li Changsheng didn't know that flying swords could be that powerful. Even the Astral Dharma Array they set up to gather the energy of the universe had been broken by the strike.

    Luckily, Chen Fan had already killed four of them and his power had weakened a bit. If not, they would have died as well, no matter how strong they were.

    "The seven peak-stage Immortal State Warriors can kill an Earth Level Deity but not you? Chen Beixuan, who exactly are you?" Li Changsheng looked over fearfully.

    This Mortal Deity had lost confidence for the first time.

    If even the ‘Deity's Bane' was unable to deal with Chen Fan, then his power had surpassed all the Immortal Cultivators in the world, having reached an unbelievably high level.

    "Ask this question in hell." Chen Fan snorted.

    "Chen Beixuan, I guess you won't be able to make a similar attack again. Why don't we make peace?"

    The Thunder Seal spinned above his head.

    A crack appeared on the seal, almost splitting it in half. Just one more strike, this Dharma Treasure of the Heavenly Master Sect would definitely be scrapped.


    Chen Fan chuckled. "It's too late to beg for mercy. I told you I was going to kill all of you, then I would exterminate your sects, erasing everything related to you from the face of the earth."

    Chen Fan then hit the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    Nine rays of light shot out from the Blade Strengthening Gourd and the nine flying swords appeared in front of Chen Fan.

    The powerful Nine Abandonments of Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator!

    Yao Daoyi looked devastated. How could they stand the nine flying swords if they couldn't even fight the Sword of Essence Restoring?

    "Fine, we can only keep fighting. Even if we run away, can the disciples of the sect escape?" Li Changsheng said seriously. The energy radiating from his body began to soar to an unpredictable level. He seemed to have connected with the world and every move he made drove the godly power of Heaven and Earth.

    Mortal Deity!


    Damon let out all of his energy with his red eyes. His power was right behind Li Changsheng's, on par with Lin Shuming in normal conditions.

    "Ah, I disgraced all the founders of the Heavenly Master Sect."

    Yao Daoyi shook his head, then he spurted out blood on the azure seal.

    The Thunder Seal buzzed and started to gather thunder and lightning again. A crimson aura filled the gap on the seal, then it eventually became hotter and almost turned pure purple. However, Yao Daoyi became as pale as a piece of paper.

    The three of them together seemed to be even more powerful than the seven before.


    Chen Fan waved a hand.

    The nine flying swords turned into a river of swords and surrounded Chen Fan.

    Even though the Sword of Essence Restoring had been battered due to the "Thread of Blade Essence" and couldn't be used again, the nine flying swords weren't inferior. They were the closest to the Immortal Enlightenment level among the artifacts Chen Fan had.


    Chen Fan yelled as nine rays of light shot out like the earth-shattering blade aura. Although their power wasn't as strong as the Sword of Essence Restoring, the nine swords together would have an incredible might.

    Everyone looked over to the peak of Yunwu Mountain. There seemed to be nine magnificent rainbows.

    "I'll go in front of him. Mr. Damon, make direct attacks. Daoyi, cover us."

    Li Changsheng blew out a cloud of purple Qi, which was about a hundred feet long. It covered the sky like a protective screen and immediately blocked the nine flying swords.

    But the nine flying swords then formed a circle and surrounded Li Changsheng.

    Yao Daoyi made the Thunder Seal vibrate.


    The purple thunder struck fiercely. Damon sneered, then swayed his body and rushed through the sonic barrier towards Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan blocked the purple thunder with his Arcane Energy Bulwark and he fell down a few feet.

    The power of thunder summoned with the Thunder Seal was nearly the same as Lin Shuming's Mortal Deity attack. Damon broke the sound barrier with his body and sent out nine crimson shadows to fight.

    "How long can you three hold?"

    Chen Fan snickered and started fighting with Damon.

    This marital artist who used to be one of the top three on the Divine Roll a hundred years back was indeed threatening. He had mastered hundreds of eastern and western secret arts and his martial arts had reached the peak of the Immortal State. Every move he made was smooth; he even knew the Hong Sect's Thousand Illusions of Rolling Cloud. He was also like a shadow and couldn't be killed.

    But Chen Fan was truly terrifying at the moment.

    After three flicks, Chen Fan split Damon in half with his hand.

    After five flicks, Chen Fan crushed Damon into pieces with his shoulder.

    After seven flicks, Chen Fan made Damon explode with the Dao Fist.

    "No, I can't hold it."

    Damon appeared again a hundred meters away with a pale face, gasping for breath. It was too stressful for him to be reborn several times in such a short period of time. He couldn't bear it, even though he was a Blood Fiend and an immortal.

    "Hang in there."

    Yao Daoyi spit out some blood and summoned the thunders with the Thunder Seal.


    The thunder was double the size of the previous one and its power was comparable to that of a top Mortal Deity. People on the ground were stunned and they looked at one another without knowing what to say.

    "You are definitely playing with fire!"

    Chen Fan's eyes flashed, then he immediately broke through the sound barrier and rushed towards Yao Daoyi.

    This time, nobody defended Yao Daoyi.

    The first punch, Chen Fan knocked out the azure Thunder Seal.

    The second punch, Yao Daoyi's body exploded and his protection artifacts were destroyed.

    The third punch, Chen Fan broke the Divine Soul that flew out of Yao Daoyi's body.

    Yao Daoyi, the leader of the Dao Sect who had dominated the world for a hundred years and possessed the Thunder Seal, fell after three punches.

    "How dare you!"

    Li Changsheng gave an earsplitting roar from the sword array. Then there was a surge of purple Qi and Essence Qi, which created a crack; he became a ray of purple light that was shot out.

    At the same time, Damon swayed his body, and then turned into a crimson shadow that escaped to the vast skies.

    In just ten minutes.

    Five of the seven Immortal State Warriors were dead and one had escaped. Li Changsheng was the only one left.

    Almost annihilated!