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Chapter 548 - Undefeated

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 548: Undefeated

    Henyee Translations

    Henyee Translations

    Chen Fan had held back his strength for fear of endangering Jiang Churan. Since she had left the place safely, Chen Fan could finally unleash all his godly might to face his opponents.

    The surge in Chen Fan's power was immediately apparent in the form of a series of explosions.

    In less than a fraction of a second, Chen Fan had reached Dharma-rāja Sakya and attacked. As powerful as he might be, Dharma-rāja Sakya only had enough time to raise a hand and charge up the Protective Dharma Spell.


    Suddenly, a golden dome appeared above Dharma-rāja Sakya, protecting him from the attack. A deep dronning drifted into Chen Fan's ears as he saw the apparitions of a golden dragon and a ferocious tiger swimming around Dharma-rāja Sakya's body. On top of the dragon and the tiger were two Arhats.

    The Dragon and Tiger Mystic Spell!

    Yao Daoyi recognized the spell right away.

    The Dragon and Tiger Mystic Spell! This was a mighty protective spell from the Tantric Buddhism Sect. The caster communed with the spirit of the Dragon Arhat and the Tiger Arhat and borrowed their divine powers to protect himself. Dharma-rāja Sakya used this art during the British Army's siege of Potala Palace in tibet. The British soldiers bombarded the palace for three days and nights but couldn't even make a dent on the mighty castle.

    Meanwhile, an iridescent nimbus also rose from Dharma-rāja Sakya.

    The Sect Master of Tantric Buddhism had an incredible amount of Dharma Artifacts. Worse, the Tantric Buddhism sect was well known for their dual cultivation of body and spirit, so it was likely that his physique refinement skills were no less powerful than Tong Shan's.

    That being said, nothing seemed to matter before Chen Fan's fist since Chen Fan had channeled the maximum energy the Azure Thearch Longevity Body was able to offer into the punch.


    With a loud clang, Chen Fan's fist forced the golden dome to cave in. A second later, the dome shattered completely with the The Dragon and Tiger Mystic Spell also disappearing.

    Right away, Chen Fan heard a cacophony of crackling noises and watched as differently colored flashes of light erupted from Dharma-rāja Sakya's body. Those were the other protective charms exploding after taking on the tremendous load of energy. In the end, Dharma-rāja Sakya was sent flying back like a rag doll as blood spilled out from his mouth.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya couldn't stop the momentum until he was a few hundred meters away from the point of impact.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya's face was as pale as a parchment. A three-centimeter deep imprint in the shape of a fist was pressed into his chest. The fabric of his clothes were tattered by the attack, revealing Dharma-rāja Sakya's sinewy body. However, even with his advanced level of Physique Refinement, he was nearly killed by Chen Fan's punch.


    This outcome made all the observers draw gasps of cold air.

    Even the combined effect of the Dragon and Tiger Mystic Spell and his Physique Refinement arts had failed to ward off Chen Fan's deadly assault.

    How did Chen Fan cause such destruction with a single attack?

    The development had even alerted Damon the Blood Fiend as the crimson light in his eyes gained more intensity. The others were stupefied by Chen Fan's display of power. Tantai Qingxuan had felt ther heart skip a beat as she put herself in Dharma-rāja Sakya's shoes.

    I wonder how many attacks can you ward off?

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and stood with a great measure of pride. His eyes held an icy intent that threatened to kill.

    He had finally revealed the power of his Azure Thearch Longevity Body. His long dark hair danced in the air and his long sleeves flapped against the wind. A iridescent halo formed around him, making him look like a god.

    We need to overpower him together to make sure he can't use his arts.

    Li Changsheng drew a large gulp of air and waved his sleeve, summoning a strong pulse of violet energy toward Chen Fan. Watanabe and Yao Daoyi also followed suit and started their attacks. Suddenly, Chen Fan was assaulted from all directions.

    This time, Chen Fan decided to change his tactics and avoided a frontal impact.

    Chen Fan had tested the power of his seven opponents and figured that he might lose his edge should they swarm against him. There was plenty of space for maneuvering so it would be difficult for his opponents to land a solid blow on him.


    Chen Fan broke the sonic barrier and reached Tantai Qingxuan in the blink of an eye.

    Of the seven warriors, Tantai Qingxuan was the weakest since she had just reached Immortal State peak not long ago.


    Tantai Qingxuan's face turned pale as she hurried to unleash a Protective Spell. A large glowing white lotus flower appeared around her.

    However, nothing could stop Chen Fan's attack.

    Chen Fan's fist rammed straight through the Lotus flower and sent Tantai Qingxuan flying.


    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and registered that something was amiss.

    He had landed a hit on Tantai Qingxuan's Illusion Form.

    Chen Fan charged up his Divine Will and turned around to see the real Tantai Qingxuan standing a few hundred meters away. There was a platform surrounded by lush lotus flower petals under her feet, one of which was already shattered.

    It's a wonderful Dharma Artifact, or is it a Spirit Artifact? In any case, how many times can it save you from death?

    Chen Fan sneered.

    Tantai Qingxuan panicked; fear and shock were written all over her face.

    She felt truly threatened for the first time in her life. Chen Fan's hypersonic punch was so powerful that she might have died without the protection of her Dharma Artifact. That being said, her Dharma Artifact could protect her three more times at the most.

    Li Changsheng pulled a taut face and shouted, Stop him!

    Guru Rama charged forward, but his physique refinement skill wouldn't last long under Chen Fan's relentless attack.

    Pong, pong, pong!

    Chen Fan's third punch had sent Guru Rama flying out. Such was the power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body; not even the Guru who was well known for his beast-like strength could hold out against it.


    Chen Fan was swarmed by the others again, right when he was going to land a follow up attack.

    Chen Fan took a blow from the Heavenly Thunder and shattered Watanabe's Blade Auras, giving him time to break free from Tantai Qingxuan's spell. Suddenly, he registered an attack coming from behind, so he turned around and delivered a backhanded slap against the attacker. He felt as if he were hitting a bundle of soft cotton once the blow landed on his opponent.

    Surprised, he turned around to look at the attacker.

    He saw Li Changsheng surrounded by a hazy purple glow; both of his hands were clamped tightly on Chen Fan's attacking hand.

    Everyone talks about how powerful Wu Dang Sect's Dual Cultivation is. I wonder how long you will last.

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter and abandoned the fight with the other opponent to focus on Li Changsheng.

    Donn Donn Donn

    Floating in the air, Li Changsheng darted back and forth in the sky like a scurrying cloud patch.

    His True Qi was so condensed that it could match the potency of True Essence, validating his reputation as the Greatest Perfected Cultivator on Earth. His hands danced around, weaving in and out of Chen Fan's attacks with a great measure of elegance and economy of movement, like swallows gliding over a pool of water. The energy that glided in between his palms was powerful and mysterious. His transcendental moves would impress even an Immortal State Overlord who had achieved a great enlightenment through Martial arts proficiency.

    This was the Wu Dang Sect's Grand Void Force; it was as deep as the abyss and could nullify any form of assault, just like in the legendary realm of North Min.

    However, Chen Fan was much more powerful than him.

    Chen Fan's each and every attack carried immeasurable force and it was executed in the most unpredictable but perfectly apt manner, giving the impression of a Martial Sage flexing his divine muscles to the onlookers.

    In a blink, the two had exchanged ten rounds of blows.


    In the eleventh round, Li Changsheng's defense finally gave in and allowed a burst of ravenous energy to enter his system.

    The Daoist robe he was wearing was ripped open at the seams as Li Changsheng backed away. With each step he took, an explosion erupted under his feet, as the result of him transferring the force down to his feet and then to the air below.

    Li Changsheng didn't stop until he stumbled ten feet back. His face was flushed red after the struggled to regain balance.

    Hold him down, Perfected Cultivator Li needs to recuperate.

    The other attackers swarmed Chen Fan once again. Guru Rama charged at the forefront and attacked Chen Fan relentlessly. However, except for Li Changsheng, no one among the cohort could last more than a second.


    A cold light flashed in Chen Fan's eyes after he sent Guru Rama flying back again.

    He realized that it would be difficult for him to kill any of them without using Divine powers. The others would swarm in if he couldn't deal with one of them using a single blow, continuously forcing him to give up the killing blow.

    And Guru Rama had proven to be the most annoying opponent among them.

    His body tempering ability was only slightly weaker than Chen Fan's. Worse, his proficiency in Yoga granted him insight on many secrets of the human body and allowed him to regenerate his wounds. If Chen Fan had time, he could have killed Guru Rama many times over, but he was constantly distracted by the other attackers.

    Blade Arise!

    Chen Fan decided to change tactics.


    A shaft of golden light beamed to Chen Fan from the distance.

    It was the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    With the blade in one hand, Chen Fan yelled, Everyone talked about how skillful Lin Shuming was in Sword Arts, but little did everyone know that Lin Shuming had barely scratched the surface of the Sword Reigning Arts.


    The turn of events had terrified Chen Fan's opponent.

    They hurried to attack Chen Fan, in an attempt to stop his control over the sword.

    I will show you the real power of a Sword Immortal.

    Chen Fan's body flickered a little and turned into a golden pool that quickly fused with the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    Suddenly, a ray of golden light beamed up to the sky. It's brilliance illuminated the clouds and the golden stream it had traced across the space seemed to have severed the world into two halves. The light coming off from the sword was so intense that it could be seen from miles away.


    The Sword Aura turned into a current of energy that swimmed back and forth in the air, leaving a golden light trail behind it. Suddenly, the sword reached five times the speed of sound as the energy inside surged.

    Chen Fan had become one with his weapon, and commanded his weapon with Primordial Essence.

    This attack could easily hack an aircraft carrier into two halves.

    Before anyone realized what had happened, they heard a series of explosions.

    The blade went straight through Watanabe's body and pierced into Guru Rama's chest. Dharma-rāja Sakya, Damon and Tantai Qingxuan were also decapitated by the sword.

    Only Li Changsheng and Yao Daoyi had survived the attack. Despite their near escape, they were shaken to the core.

    Chen Fan commanded such terrifying force that he had killed three Immortal State Warriors with one blow.

    He was truly invincible!