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Chapter 547 - Power of the Godfiend

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 547: Power of the Godfiend

    "Why is it thundering?"

    Residents of the Dragon View's Garden ran out from their homes and looked at the top of the mountain with a confused look.

    Yunwu Mountain was always shrouded in mist throughout the year, and it became even worse after Chen Fan set up the Misty Cloud Array. Although he had already removed it, the mist couldn't be cleared in a short period of time due to the change in topography. On top of that, the vapor from the Yangui Lake kept pouring in, making the peak extremely misty.

    "Has a numinous treasure appeared? Or was an immortal born at the peak?"

    Some of them began to guess.

    Bombing sounds rang; purple and rainbow lights appeared on the top of Yunwu Mountain. It indeed looked as if something magical had happened.

    "You've been surfing too much of the Internet," someone rebuked, "I think Master Chen is back. That's where he lives, so I'm sure he's returned."

    Everyone was immediately silent.

    Master Chen was a taboo in Jiang Bei.

    One and a half years ago, Chen Fan had shed blood in Jiang Bei and killed five hundred people. Who wouldn't be afraid of him? Since then, nobody else dared to go close to the peak. Even though the array had been removed, it was still seen as a restricted area.

    A middle-aged woman clapped. "Oh no, the girl from the Jiang Family is still up there. I saw her going up there with a mop."


    Everyone was terrified and it turned into a complete chaos.

    Meanwhile, Jiang Churan was trembling next to Chen Fan.

    She had seen Chen Fan summon the dragon and his battle with Lei Qianjue above the West Lake; she had even watched the video of the fight in Myanmar's capital, but all those battles were far less astonishing than the one in progress.

    Yao Daoyi controlled the thunder.

    Tantai Qingxuan created lotus flowers.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya made the earth rumble with the Buddha's halo.

    Watanabe could split the sky with his blade.

    These four were just the beginning. The remaining three seemed to be the real masters.

    A hundred years prior, Yao Daoyi and Watanabe had been in the Divine Roll's top ten only occasionally, but Guru Rama and Damon had always remained in the top three, and Li Changsheng was a powerful Mortal Deity.


    Guru Rama started attacking.

    He took a step forward and shot out his palm.

    A big golden palm emerged from Guru Rama's hand. It was vast and threatening, like an ancient elephant trampling the earth.

    "Crack, crack."

    Before the golden palm arrived, the trees in the surroundings were already bent. Even Chen Fan's golden dome was shaking as if it was enduring great pressure.

    "I can't believe there are still body tempering cultivators on Earth."

    A light glinted in Chen Fan's eyes.

    Guru Rama didn't have internal force.

    He had only used the strength of his body to tap into the energy of Heaven and Earth; this enabled him to make such powerful attacks. This was a clear sign that he was a standard body tempering cultivator. However, after more than a hundred years of cultivation, his techniques were only a bit stronger than Tong Shan's.

    "Try this!"

    Chen Fan didn't use his arcane energy. Instead, he gently gave a punch with the power of his mortal body.


    A shapeless air fist seal appeared; it shot straight to the sky with an azure aura.

    The aura was condensed as a solid punch and it made the clouds roll around. The fierce wind caused by the aura created some piercing sounds in the air, similar to a fighter aircraft flying over at low altitude.

    Chen Fan's Azure Thearch Longevity Body had achieved initial success, so the power of his punch could quake rocks of hundreds of meters high without using any arcane energy. With just a single move, he was able to gather the Essence Qi around the world.


    The golden palm and the azure fist seal collided.

    Guru Rama trembled and his palm vibrated.

    "Crack, crack."

    Following everyone's shouts, the sleeves of Guru Rama's clothing exploded bit by bit like firecrackers. In the end, half of his robe was burnt into pieces and he was thrown back meters away before he could stop himself.

    "You have the power of the Godfiend?"

    Guru Rama turned to Chen Fan with a surprised look.

    Every move he made had the power of the elephant god; it was powerful enough to defeat a water dragon and stop a speeding train, but Chen Fan's power was a few times stronger than his. Guru Rama couldn't think of a power that could explain this might, other than the power of the Godfiend."

    "Master, don't fight against him with your physique refinement. Chen Beixuan has already developed a body of an Earth Level Deity, which is comparable to that of a Dao Sect immortal, the Bodhisattva and the Saints of the Christian Church," Li Changsheng yelled, then flicked his sleeves and sent out a jet of purple Qi.

    The purple Qi was an energy Li Changsheng had cultivated for a hundred and forty years. It was way more powerful than arcane qi and was comparable to the arcane energy of a cultivator.

    "Body of a Godfiend?"

    Guru Rama's eyes twinkled. "If I rub your blood on my body and absorb your energy, I might be able to break through to the Godfiend realm in the ancient Brahmin stories."

    "Try it."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    He created a streak of azure light with his arcane energy and cracked the purple Qi.

    But then, Watanabe struck with his blade right away. The blade aura traveled for ten meters.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya took out a string of beads. Each of them was very bright and together they turned into twelve enormous light balls that were shot out like shells.

    Lotuses came out of Tantai Qingxuan's mouth, forming a sea of flowers.

    Once Yao Daoyi used the Thunder Seal, the sky started to rumble…

    In a second, the seven Immortal State Warriors attacked at the same time. Even Tantai Qingxuan, the weakest among them, was at the last step of the Immortal State. Their power was like dark clouds that covered the sky and the whole mountain was shaking.

    Blade aura, white lotuses, beads, thunder, purple Qi…

    The seven powers struck with unbeatable strength.

    By then, even Chen Fan was looking extremely serious.


    Blood flowed through his body like a river, his organs roared and sounds came out from his bones. The great arcane energy turned into an azure aura that wrapped Chen Fan's body.


    Chen Fan punched to the sky, looking fierce and determined.

    This punch had almost used up all of his arcane energy and body strength. The world seemed to be shattering and there was an explosion in the air. Thunderous roars were heard in Yunwu Mountain. The bright azure aura clouded everything and clashed against the seven powers.


    At that moment, Jiang Churan lost her hearing for a second.

    The area was covered in white smoke and all the place seemed to be drowned in chaos. The forces were spread out like a bomb explosion. Looking from afar, a huge cloud ring had appeared at the peak of Yunwu Mountain. The clouds shrouded everything and even dispersed air currents.

    The loud noise even broke the windows of many mansions and buildings.

    "What happened? Who won?"

    Jiang Churan was confused.

    After a while, she could barely see anything.

    Chen Fan was standing in front of her indifferently. As for the seven Immortal State Warriors, they were still in the air and seemed to be smiling.

    "Chen Beixuan, you have proven to have incomparable strength. I believe you're the only one in the entire world who can stand our joint attack. If it comes to power, you're definitely at the top on Earth, but how many attacks like this can you stop?"

    Yao Daoyi snickered.

    Tantai Qingxuan said, "Just surrender, Brother Chen. Give up the secret art and we can bury the hatchet."

    Jiang Churan then realized that Chen Fan's sleeves were torn. The clothes he was wearing that day were normal; it wasn't an outfit with Dharmic powers. It couldn't stand a battle of this level.

    Then, some crackling sounds were heard.

    The surrounding buildings started to crack, and the mansion on the mountain peak collapsed.

    Jiang Churan would have already fallen down if Chen Fan didn't grab hold of her.

    Chen Fan can't take it anymore, or he would have been able to protect his clothes and the mansion.

    Even ordinary people like Jiang Churan saw the problem.

    Seven peak-stage Immortal State Warriors together were far more powerful than Lin Langya and the other two Immortal State Warriors at the Dragon Hall. Chen Fan was still at a disadvantage, even with the formidable arcane energy and his tempered body.

    But Chen Fan wasn't scared at all. He sneered and said, "If this is what you've got, not even twice your number would be able to make me surrender."

    Chen Fan then tapped Jiang Churan's body with his palm. An arcane energy wrapped around her and immediately sent her away. Jiang Churan was confused and the only thing she heard was Chen Fan's last words.

    "Get Auntie Tang out of here."

    Then, she turned into an azure comet and shot over Yunwu Mountain towards Yangui Lake.

    No one was focusing on Jiang Churan. In the eyes of Li Changsheng, Watanabe and the others, ordinary people were like ants, unworthy of their energy and attention.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya placed his hands together and said, "Patron Beixuan, what's your decision?"


    Chen Fan snickered and stretched. Thunderous roars then began to come out from his entire body. "I can finally fight tooth and nail after sending away all the unrelated people."

    He then swayed his body and immediately broke the sonic barrier.

    "You're the first one."

    An azure aura swept through the sky so swiftly it could hardly be seen with bare eyes. After that, a resounding bang rang on the ground.

    Chen Fan broke the sound barrier with his mortal body.

    He started attacking without holding back.