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Chapter 546 - One Against Four

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 546: One Against Four

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    Yao Daoyi was the leader of the Dao Sect.

    A few decades ago, he had already entered the mid-stage of the Immortal State and the power of his Thunder Seal had even reached the peak. Right then, he had progressed to the peak of the Immortal State and his Thunder Seal was powerful enough to defeat a Mortal Deity.

    The old azure Thunder Seal displayed its many spell carvings as it spinned rapidly in the air. In an instant, a purple thunder appeared and created a gap between the clouds, striking towards Chen Fan.

    "A Spirit Artifact?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    That was the first Spirit Artifact he had ever seen on Earth. Even the nine flying swords of Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator and the seven Magus Artifacts of the Dark Witch Sect hadn't reached the Spirit Artifact level.

    In the realm of cultivation, artifacts could be categorized into the following:

    Dharma Artifacts, Spirit Artifact, Spirit Treasure, Divine Treasure, Sacred Treasure, Immortal Treasure, and so on.

    For the Thunder Seal to be upgraded to a Spirit Artifact, the person had to be at least in level two, and it required more than one Earth Level Deity, meaning that there had to be a few of them in the Heavenly Master Sect.

    "I have one too."

    Chen Fan sneered and hit the small gourd on his waist.

    Just like a comet, a golden blade aura shot from Chen Fan's waist and headed to the sky, swiftly flying towards the purple thunder.


    The purple thunder clashed with the golden blade aura and created a thunderous sound, as if all the sects were firing at the same time. The clouds at the peak rolled and the residents at the foot of the mountain were so startled they almost dropped their cups.

    "What's going on? Why is it thundering? It's not raining."

    Everyone came out and looked over to Yunwu Mountain.

    But it was so foggy they could only see a cloud of white mist; a shimmering purple light was also visible.

    Some of them thought.


    Chen Fan didn't care about people down the mountain. He quickly brought out the Sword of Essence Restoring and struck a purple blade aura towards Yao Daoyi. Although the spell of the Thunder Seal was powerful, it wasn't strong enough to compete with a Mortal Deity; even Lin Shuming wouldn't be able to ward it off.


    Yao Daoyi picked up the artifact, looking serious.

    The old Thunder Seal spinned in the air, then suddenly flew out with a flash of lightning; it collided with the Sword of Essence Restoring.

    The azure Thunder Seal was knocked out, followed by a banging sound. It was a powerful Spirit Artifact and so was Chen Fan's Sword of Essence Restoring. Chen Fan spent three years refining the nascent form Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator had left and upgraded it to the level of Spirit Artifact.

    The impact of the clash between two artifacts depended on their energy.


    Yao Daoyi groaned and trembled.

    His arcane energy was apparently weaker than Chen Fan's.


    Chen Fan flicked his sleeves and sent out another golden light towards Yao Daoyi with his sword. Yao Daoyi's face fell. His power hadn't recovered, so it was impossible for him to stop it.

    "Yao Daoyi can't stand it. I have to save him," Tantai Qingxuan said.

    Her fingers stuck out one by one like a lotus coming into bloom and a strange Dharma Seal appeared, which seemed to represent Great Perfection, Great Enlightenment and Great Brightness.

    Bright white light appeared from the Dharma Seal and turned into a lotus of a few meters wide, slightly attached to the golden blade aura.


    The white lotus blocked the Essence Restoring Sword for just a while and was split into half. Tantai Qingxuan's face turned pale and she stepped backward. The Dharma Seal in her palm crumbled, leaving her terrified.

    Tantai Qingxuan had just entered the peak of the Immortal State, but even Ye Qingcang couldn't break the spell, and now it couldn't even block a strike from Chen Fan. How could she believe that?

    But this attack had bought the others time.


    Dharma-rāja Sakya turned over his palm and a Dzi Bead appeared.

    The bead shot out like a comet with a fiery rainbow Buddha's halo and clashed against the Sword of Essence Restoring. Watanabe then stepped forward; he drew out his blade with both hands and struck down.


    It looked like a lightning strike.

    No words could describe it.

    The blade aura was a few hundred meters long and it was truly powerful, as if the universe were falling and the world had been cracked. Clouds in the sky were directly split in half. They could feel the power of the blade aura before it actually arrived.

    If Takemiya Hiro saw this, he would be overwhelmed with shame.

    "The Blade of Heaven Trampling!"

    That was an attack Watanabe made with the power he had accumulated in the past sixty years. A few decades before, he had already reached the peak of the Immortal State. That was why he could fight with Lin Shuming for three days and three nights. Even though he hadn't become a Mortal Deity yet, this strike was comparably powerful.

    Jiang Churan swayed and was about to fall.

    If Chen Fan didn't protect her with his arcane energy, her soul would have been shattered. Facing a powerful attack like that, Jiang Churan felt as if she couldn't breathe.


    Chen Fan put up his fist and gave a punch with fierce eyes.


    It caused a shock in the air.

    The azure fist aura shot through the air like a water dragon meters away and struck heavily on the blade aura. Azure scales seemed to be embedded within the fist aura, just like an old dragon growling at the moon.

    True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, Naga's Transform.

    Watanabe was shocked. He felt like he had just hit on a boulder and almost lost hold of his blade.

    Watanabe was startled.

    He thought there wasn't much difference between him and Lin Shuming, but it seemed that it wasn't the case. After all, Lin Shuming tied with Chen Fan and even forced him to use his Defensive Divine Power.


    A loud noise rang.

    The fist aura crumbled the long blade aura, and its power was also used up. It turned into dots of azure light and gushed like a tsunami. The trees on the mountain were swinging as if there were a typhoon. Only the Immortal State Warriors were still standing.

    The clash pushed Watanabe backwards but only made Chen Fan's body shake a bit.

    A single attack showed how different their powers were.

    Especially when Watanabe had saved his power for sixty years, while Chen Fan had only struck a casual punch and he even controlled the Sword of Essence Restoring at the same time.

    Fortunately, Watanabe's attack had made time for Yao Daoyi to recover, so he was able to control the Thunder Seal and fight against the Essence Restoring Sword again.

    "Pong, pong, pong!"

    The two Spirit Artifacts hit each other in the air.

    Every clash gave Yao Daoyi a shock and made him feel like a million-pound sledgehammer banged on his heart.

    "We're both at the peak of the Immortal State… why is Chen Beixuan a few times more powerful than I am?"

    Yao Daoyi was extremely stunned.

    What he didn't know was that Chen Fan was just at the mid-stage of the Divine Sea level, but his power was five times more powerful than a warrior at the peak of the Immortal State. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to fight against all of them and defeat Lin Shuming.


    Watanabe caught his breath and prepared another attack. This time, it wasn't as astonishing as the last one, but it was at the normal level Lin Shuming had.

    Dharma-rāja Sakya summoned a Dzi Bead.

    An enormous Rainbow Light Ball fell from the sky and rushed towards Chen Fan with overwhelming force.

    Tantai Qingxuan pointed at the air and white lotus flowers started to appear all over the sky. Each of them connected to form a net and covered the peak of the mountain. Every lotus then absorbed the aura of the earth and enlarged rapidly.


    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter.

    The arcane energy in his body flooded out and his body started to turn into the color of an azure sapphire.


    Chen Fan flicked his sleeves.

    A large azure aura struck from the ground to the sky. It submerged the white lotuses, the Rainbow Light Ball and the blade aura like the flood in a river, and a gap of three hundred meters long appeared between the clouds.


    The lotus flowers were the first to break and Tantai Qingxuan was pushed backwards. Every step she made left a lotus mark on the sky. After eighteen steps, she could finally hold herself steady.

    Then, the Rainbow Light Ball also exploded. That made Dharma-rāja Sakya tremble and his heart sore.

    Only Watanabe's strike went ten meters into the azure aura, but it got harder to go further as if it was standing on a cowhide. Finally, it was fragmented by the powerful arcane energy. Watanabe was completely frightened and he almost dropped his blade.


    A single move made such an impact!

    Everyone's face turned pale.

    Not only that, Yao Daoyi's Thunder Seal had also shattered into pieces, which made him tremble and almost fall from the sky.

    A crack appeared on the Thunder Seal.

    Chen Fan split it apart.


    The seven Immortal State Warriors gasped.

    Yao Daoyi, Watanabe, Dharma-rāja Sakya were all stronger than the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hong Sect. Even Tantai Qingxuan, who was the weakest among them, was more powerful than the Dragon Lord. Four of them together were equivalent to eight ordinary Immortal State Warriors. At the moment, Chen Fan not only fought against them on his own, he even gained the upper hand.

    "Everyone, let's attack together! This is indeed the strongest enemy we've ever encountered," Li Changsheng mumbled.

    Guru Rama and Damon both nodded.

    In a blink, seven ferocious auras fell from the sky and broke all the trees on the mountain.

    Chen Fan was still putting his hands behind his back, but there seemed to be a stronger viciousness in his eyes.

    The battle of the century was about to start.