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Chapter 543 - Reunited with Jiang Churan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 543: Reunited with Jiang Churan

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    The eighteen-year-old girl who spoke was tall and had piercing eyes, as if she was used to commanding people. She had a pretty face, large breasts and a slim waist. A beautiful and capable girl like her had to be an influential person at school.

    As expected, Lin Lulu said weakly, "Senior Han, this is Senior Chen Fan. He's also here for the celebration. He graduated the same year as Senior Si and they know each other."

    "Senior Chen Fan? We don't have his name on the invitation list."

    Senior Han was shocked and she showed a slight hesitation. Chen Fan looked ordinary, but the clothes he was wearing were exceptional and decent.

    The alumni invited to the Ivy League High anniversary celebration were always successful people. Although Chen Fan had become famous, the level of Ivy League High was so low they wouldn't know it. Students from Class of 2008 would probably be the only ones who could remember his name.

    Chen Fan had a glimpse at Senior Han's name card. "You're Han Ming, this year's president of the Student Council? Do you know Li Yichen?"

    "Yes." Han Ming nodded.

    "Senior Li Yichen was the president of the Student Council in 2008 and is the best president throughout the Ivy League's history. He went to Yan Jin University and has been my idol and goal. Senior Li Yichen is also coming today. Are you a friend of his?" Han Ming said as her eyes twinkled.

    No matter how capable and fierce she was, she was still a twelfth-grade student so Chen Fan soon got the lead.

    Chen Fan wondered.

    In his previous life, Li Yichen and Jiang Churan were both admitted to Zhong Hai University. He didn't expect such a great change in this life.

    Chen Fan shook his head, thinking about how fickle the world was.

    "I'm sorry, Senior Chen Fan, you're not on the list. I'm afraid you can't go in," Han Ming said with a bit of sympathy in her eyes.

    She was observant, so it wasn't difficult for her to notice the brands Chen Fan was wearing. Even though he looked indifferent, he was apparently a decent and upper-class figure, so he might be a friend of Li Yichen.

    Han Ming immediately gave a suggestion, "How about I ask the principal to arrange a seat for you?"

    Chen Fan shook his head. "No, I'm just here to have a look. Save the trouble."

    He had only studied at Ivy League High for six months anyway, so there was nothing he missed other than Xu Rongfei and Jiang Tanqiu. As for Li Yichen and Si Yinxia, they wouldn't be able to fight against Chen Fan even when he was just reborn.

    When Chen Fan was about to leave…

    A clamor of voices suddenly came from the entrance. A group of young people then walked inside with the principal and the teachers surrounding them; they were all wearing a bright and proud smile on their faces.

    The students around were all thrilled to see them.

    "Senior Si Yinxia is here. He's really here. They're all our pride!"

    "I saw Senior Yang Chao. He was chosen for the National Team not long ago."

    "It's a shame Senior Xu didn't come. She's my idol."

    All the students present were in a heated discussion.

    The eyes of many girls brightened.

    Top students at the National University Entrance Exam, members of the National Basketball Team and students at Yan Jin University were all goals ordinary people spent their whole lives on. For a student in a small city, being like them would definitely bring honor to their families.

    "Senior Li and the others are here."

    Han Ming quickly greeted them with a bright smile, leaving Chen Fan behind.

    The girl Lin Lulu tried to cheer Chen Fan up. "Don't mind her, Senior Chen. You'll be just like them one day. I bet you're incredible, already driving a fine roadster at such a young age."

    "It's my sister's."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.


    Lin Lulu was speechless. Chen Fan didn't seem to have many big achievements when compared to Si Yinxia and Yang Chao. It wasn't difficult to make that conclusion since the school didn't invite him to the anniversary celebration.

    "I'm okay, girl. Go and enjoy the celebration."

    Chen Fan patted Lin Lulu's head and turned away.

    "So, when can we meet again, Senior?" Lin Lulu asked anxiously.

    "We'll see."

    Chen Fan waved at her and walked past his former classmates.

    They were all indulging in their honor and were talking happily with the teachers, so no one noticed Chen Fan.

    Except for Yang Chao, he took a glance at Chen Fan's back view and said, "That guy looks familiar."


    Li Yichen, Si Yinxia and Ji Xingyu looked behind them and saw Chen Fan leaving with hands in his pockets. They began to wonder who that was.

    Chen Fan only interacted a few times with them, and he had been away for so many years… how would any of them recognize his back view?

    "I don't remember, but I feel like we know him."

    Yang Chao shook his head.

    "You're now an official member of the National Basketball Team. Anyone you see might look familiar since you meet lots of people everyday."

    The others burst into laughter.

    "Maybe it's another classmate. I guess his career is not going not so well if he doesn't want to meet us. We shouldn't force him," Zhang Yumeng said.

    After four years, Zhang Yumeng seemed to be even more gorgeous.

    She was Yang Chao's girlfriend, so she surely would follow Yang Chao back to his alma mater to share the honor.

    "Right, Meng Meng, is Churan coming?" Li Yichen asked.

    "She came back to Chu Zhou City with me but she's not here. I think she went home," Zhang Yumeng said.

    "We should go to lunch together if Meng Meng and Churan are back. We haven't seen each other for so many years, it's time for us to gather and catch up. It's a pity Xu Rongfei can't make it. She must be busy after becoming a superstar."

    Ji Xingyu clapped.

    Han Ming beside them had an idea.

    She wanted to tell them that the guy said his name was "Chen Fan" and that he was a former classmate.

    But she didn't after pondering for a while.

    Han Ming thought.

    Chen Fan had no idea what they were thinking.

    He just didn't want to see those people. Compared to Chen Fan, Yang Chao and the others were like ants under his feet.

    Chen Fan left Ivy League High and drove to Yunwu Mountain.

    Chen Fan dropped by Auntie Tang's place, but nobody seemed to be there so he didn't go in.

    "Auntie Tang was very nice to me in my previous life. I must repay her while I'm capable."

    Chen Fan then remembered his promise to Auntie Tang: to buy her a villa on the mountain. Now that he didn't need the mansion on Yanwu Mountain anymore, he was thinking of giving it to her.

    He arrived at the top of the mountain.

    Chen Fan had already destroyed the array at this mansion the last time he came to Chu Zhou City, but it was an area full of spirit qi after all and the form of the mountain didn't change, so there was still a little spirit qi; the place was surrounded by clouds and fog.

    "It's been almost four years."

    Chen Fan opened the doors.

    The villa should have been dusty and full of spider webs, but he found that it was completely clean, as if someone had just tidied it up.

    Chen Fan wondered.

    This was the house of Master Chen of Jiang Bei!

    The fear Chen Fan had spread in Jiang Bei one and a half years ago was still there, who would dare to come in without permission? Then, he suddenly sensed somebody familiar on the rooftop.

    Chen Fan was shocked.

    "Pada, pada."

    As Chen Fan approached the top floor, he started to feel the other party's pounding heartbeat. Once he reached the balcony, he saw a girl standing there, looking over to him with a mop in her hands.

    "Chen… Fan?"

    Seeing Chen Fan, the girl was so surprised that she dropped the mop. She was frightened, startled, shy, and a troubled look appeared on her gorgeous face.

    "Hey, Jiang Churan." Chen Fan smiled and greeted her, just like in the past.

    The beautiful girl who was holding a mop and was drenched in sweat was Chen Fan's former classmate, Jiang Churan.

    After three years, Jiang Churan looked the same but she was no longer cold and arrogant. She was now pure and pretty like a girl next door.

    "Yeah, it's been a while."

    Jiang Churan was frightened. She explained with an embarrassed voice, "You haven't been here for a long time, so I came to clean it for you after the fog lifted. It would be a shame if the villa became grimy."

    "I'm planning to give this villa to Auntie Tang. I made a promise in the past that I would buy a villa for her when I had money."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    "You still remember the promise."

    Jiang Churan covered her mouth, feeling unbelievable.

    When Chen Fan and Jiang Churan had gone there for the first time, they promised to buy Auntie Tang a villa.

    Jiang Churan thought Chen Fan was just bluffing and she despised him that time. Even Auntie Tang didn't take it seriously. She couldn't believe that after all these years, Chen Fan really kept his promise.

    "Yeah, you're an important figure in Zhong Hai and Jin City now, so you don't visit us so often," Jiang Churan said as she turned to Chen Fan with an indescribable feeling.

    Even though what she knew about Chen Fan was just the tip of the iceberg, it was already enough.

    Master Chen of Jiang Bei, Major General of Cang Dragon, Grand Master of the Heaven roll, Master of the North Qiong Sect and CEO of the North Qiong Corp… these titles were all unreachable to Jiang Churan. Ordinary people would never have what he had achieved in their entire lives.


    Chen Fan remained silent.

    He wasn't sure when it would be the next time they met.

    Right when they were at a loss for words, Jiang Churan's phone suddenly rang. She picked up the call and said.

    "It's Meng Meng. I'm going to the alumni gathering. Are you coming?"