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Chapter 542 - Back to Chu Zhou City

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 542: Back to Chu Zhou City

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    Wang Xiaoyun threw a punch and the shimmering golden fist aura that traveled eight feet; it made a hissing sound as it flew through the air, as if a tire had been punctured, then it finally struck on the wall.

    "Donn Donn."

    The ten-meter North Qiong Pavilion shuddered and an enormous hole appeared on the wall. The wind flushed in from the hole, producing roaring sounds.

    "Why did I become so powerful?"

    Wang Xiaoyun sized up her fist. She couldn't believe that such a powerful punch was struck by her hand.

    Although Wang Xiaoyun had practiced martial arts for three years, she had only reached the early stage of the Foundation Establishment level. Apart from being stronger and faster than normal people, she didn't have any other abilities.

    But once he achieved the Ethereal Enlightenment level, everything would be completely different.

    "This is the power of Ethereal Enlightenment. Mom, Sister An, you're both the best martial artists of the North Qiong Sect now. No one other than Hua Yunfeng can defeat you," Chen Fan smiled and said.

    An Ya and the others looked at one another.

    Of course, it wasn't just that. Divine powers would emerge once a martial artist entered the Ethereal Enlightenment level.

    But the three of them relied on elixirs to reach the Ethereal Enlightenment level, so they would need to develop divine powers slowly. Chen Fan would then stay at the North Qiong Pavilion to teach them some spells.

    For example, the Invisibility Spell, the Breath-Control Method, the Illusion Spell, and so on.

    These powers were really useful in modern society. They immediately started cultivating once they learned the spells. As for the real attacking spells, such as the Dharma Spells of the Five Elements and the Sword Art, An Ya and Wang Xiaoyun weren't interested at all.

    Fang Qiong was very focused so she learned really fast.

    Even Chen Fan couldn't help but exclaim, "Xiao Qiong is indeed a cultivation genius."

    After staying in Zhong Hai for a few days, Chen Fan left for Jin City. He hadn't seen his grandpa Chen Huaian since he returned. Chen Huaian ruled Jin City at the moment so he probably wouldn't go anywhere else.

    The old man was practicing when Chen Fan arrived at the East Mountain Villas.


    Chen Huaian was wearing a white shirt. His hair and beard had become grey and his cheeks were ruddy. Every move he made seemed effortless and natural, like a monkey hanging on a tree, a turtle hibernating and a dragon flying.

    The leaves around him were rustling because of his moves and nobody could go near him.

    Chen Fan though.

    Chen Huaian had reached the last stage of the Foundation Establishment level, which completely surprised Chen Fan. Chen Huaian's mind seemed to be much stronger when compared to normal people. By applying decades of experience in life, he progressed rapidly and was fully committed to the journey of Immortal Cultivation.

    "Xiao Fan, you're back."

    Chen Huaian acted calm while excitement flashed in his eyes.

    Chen Huaian washed his hands and asked, "Have you seen your parents?"

    "I've just come back from Zhong Hai. I'll soon go to Chu Zhou City to see dad," Chen Fan answered.

    "The North Qiong Sect and the North Qiong Corp have been thriving in the last few years! Your little girlfriend Fang Qiong and your servant Yukishiro Sa are both impressive. They're only twenty years old but are able to manage two big organizations."

    Chen Huaian spoke with emotion. Then he suddenly suggested, "Xiao Fan, you're already twenty-two this year. You can't just ask the girl to follow you everywhere for nothing. Shouldn't you find an opportunity to settle the engagement?"


    Chen Fan was a bit startled.

    He had never been engaged in his whole life, but when he thought of Fang Qiong's skinny figure, he nodded. "Sure, let's choose a good date to settle the engagement."

    "Very well."

    Chen Huaian felt pleased.

    Chen Fan was the most outstanding member of the Chen Family. Since he was going to get married and make a family of his own, Chen Huaian wouldn't even mind dying right then.

    But Chen Fan's engagement was a big deal, since he wasn't an ordinary person anymore.

    He was the top grand master on the Heaven roll, a Major General, a legend of the times, Sixth-nation Chen, the master of the North Qiong Sect, the CEO of the North Qiong Corp…

    Each title alone was enough to astonish the world; the whole universe would be shocked to know that all of them were granted to a single person who was comparable to a nation. Being the case, his engagement would surely stir up the world and they had to make the necessary preparations.

    Chen Huaian waved his hands and said, "Go and see your dad. I'm good here."

    "Okay, grandpa." Chen Fan nodded. Before he left, he gave him a considerable amount of milky Spirit Dew.

    Chen Fan had brought it from the Cave Abode. Although it wasn't enough to cause effects on him, Spirit Dew was the best spirit medicine for somebody like Chen Huaian; it could even help him reach the Ethereal Enlightenment level.

    After leaving the East Mountain Villas, Chen Fan first stopped by the Jin City Business School.

    As to news about his few roommates, Qi Wangsun went back to the North, Qiu Yilun was in Lin City and Zhang Mu was the only one who was still studying. Zhang Mu was tall and humble, and he had found a beautiful girlfriend.

    Chen Fan looked at their happy faces from afar. He left quietly without interrupting them.

    Normal living was way too distant from the current Chen Fan. Before he left, he placed a letter under Zhang Mu's pillow, telling him that he could go to the North Qiong Corp if he needed anything; he would only need to show the letter to get help.

    Chen Fan drove around Jin City and found that no one was the same anymore, so he decided to start his journey to Chu Zhou City.

    Chen Fan was absentminded.

    The last time he came, he killed Zhou Tianhao and exterminated everyone at the Hong Sect.

    Chen Fan stayed only for a night, then he went back to Jin City.

    "Jiang Churan, Xu Rongfei, Jiang Tanqiu, Zhang Yumeng, Yang Chao, Li Yichen, Si Yinxia and the Wei Family…"

    All the people Chen Fan knew when he was young appeared one by one in front of his eyes. His eyes became misty when it came the turn for the Wei Family.

    The Wei Family was the first family Chen Fan met after he was reborn.

    Old Man Wei and Wei Ziqin used to be his good friends, and the Third Lord of the Wei used to be one of his subordinates.

    But one and a half years ago, the Wei Family occupied the Yun Wu Spirit Water and surrendered to the Hong Sect while Chen Fan was away. Chen Fan had no idea if it was a decision made by the Third Lord of the Wei or if everyone had agreed, but no one could get away easily after taking things that belonged to the North Mystic Celestial Lord.

    "Now, it's time for the Wei Family to give me an explanation."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    Jin City was just a few hours drive away from Chu Zhou City. Rather than taking a flight, Chen Fan drove there in An Ya's silver grey Lamborghini, which he had won from Chen Xu.

    "Huu! Huu!"

    After a two-hour drive, the silver grey Lamborghini entered Chu Zhou City.

    Chen Fan didn't go straight to the villa on Yunwu Mountain. Instead, he drove to the Ivy League High.

    "Hm, why are there so many cars?"

    Chen Fan looked over and saw a row of luxury cars at the entrance of Ivy League High, including brands like Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz S650, Ferrari, and so on. Many of them had license plates issued in Jin City, Zhong Hai and even other provinces. Chen Fan's outdated Lamborghini instantly became inconspicuous.

    Seeing Chen Fan get out of the car, one of the girls in checkered school uniform who was walking past suddenly wondered, "Senior, are you also here for the 10th anniversary celebration?"

    "It's the anniversary celebration today?"

    Chen Fan was stunned.

    Chen Fan was thinking about dropping by to take a look and leave, but it just so happened that it was the anniversary celebration. So, would many of his former classmates be back as well?

    Thinking of this, Chen Fan hesitated.

    The girl's face bloomed and said, "Senior, come with me. I'll lead you to the hall."

    Until then, Chen Fan noticed that those girls were only about sixteen years old and they were all dressing in cute outfits.

    The one who talked to him was the most beautiful among them. She was a petite girl with a pair of bright round eyes and fair skin, very much like a porcelain doll. Speaking of appearance, she was definitely comparable to Xu Rongfei and Jiang Churan, and should be one of the top school beauties.

    "Sure thing."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    His appearance didn't change at all.

    But the powerful aura he emitted from conquering the world—together with the Lamborghini and the high-end clothes An Ya had bought for him—made him seem exceptional. He was standing head and shoulders above all the other men around him.

    The girl was brave. She came forward and held Chen Fan's arm.

    Although her face was blushing and her friends were making fun of her, she didn't let go and even asked Chen Fan excitedly, "Senior, I'm Lin Lulu, a tenth-grade student. What's your name?"

    The girl was very young. Chen Fan felt like he was looking at his own sister, Chen Guoguo, so he smiled and answered, "I'm Chen Fan from class of 2008."

    Lin Lulu covered her mouth and repeated with astonishment, "Class of 2008."

    "A lot of extraordinary people graduated that year, Senior Si Yinxia who was one of the top students at the National University Entrance Exam, Senior Yang Chao who joined the National Basketball Youth Team, Senior Ji Xingyu who was the Taekwondo champion at the University Athletic Meet, and many more…"

    Lin Lulu counted using her fair fingers.

    "The most famous among all would be Senior Xu Rongfei. She had already been cast in a couple popular dramas while she was still studying and has become a superstar. She's my idol. Senior, do you know them?"

    Lin Lulu's eyes widened and she glanced over.

    Chen Fan was shocked.

    He didn't know his former rivals or friends had achieved so much as time passed, but even if any of them became the president, they were still weaker compared to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan felt sorry, especially for Xu Rongfei.

    He had been busy with his cultivation in the past three years. He planned to visit her in Yan Jin but ended up delaying the trip for a long time.

    "I guess."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    Then, a girl around eighteen years old suddenly came.

    "Lin Lulu, I asked you to welcome Senior Si Yinxia at the door. Who's this?"

    The girl looked at Chen Fan suspiciously.