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Chapter 539 - Visiting the North Qiong Sec

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     While the entire world went crazy about the battle…

    Chen Fan had arrived at the headquarters of the North Qiong Sect on Mount Bajin, surrounded by his family and friends.

    "North Qiong Pavilion?"

    Chen Fan stared at the new plaque on the pavilion, then cracked a smile and turned to Fang Qiong. The name ‘North Qiong Pavilion' was made after taking a word from each of their names.

    Fang Qiong gave him a gentle gaze, with a bit of gloominess in her eyes.

    Hua Yunfeng said politely, "Master, please come in."

    Once Chen Fan entered the pavilion, he noticed that the interior decorations were almost the same as those in the Green Dragon Grand Array. Apparently, they had reproduced the design with reference to the original. Chen Fan then sat on the center seat and glanced through the pavilion.

    A'Xiu, Hua Yunfeng, Yu Wenjin, Yukishiro Sa, Zhou Jinyi and the perfected masters of the Dark Witch Sect.

    Fang Qiong, An Ya, Lu Yanwu, Zheng Anqi, Wang Xiaoyun and others.

    These people almost made up the core of the entire North Qiong Sect.

    "I established the North Qiong Sect without any expectations in the first place. I can't believe how all of you really made it thrive," said Chen Fan with a smile.

    "Thanks to Yukishiro Sa. Ever since you disappeared last year, she traveled everywhere to gather all of us, then officially set the rules to form the North Qiong Sect."

    A'Xiu covered her mouth and giggled.

    Yukishiro Sa looked as cool as the Goddess of Blizzard, but there was still a hint of anticipation in her eyes.

    "You did a great job."

    Chen Fan nodded at the servant girl.

    At first, he took Yukishiro Sa in just because she was homeless. Since she had a unique physique and could be trained, Chen Fan casually passed on a low-grade cultivation art to her. He had never expected to see Yukishiro Sa rise and eventually become one of the best in the North Qiong Sect. Right then, she even led the others like a queen and consolidated the entire North Qiong Sect.


    Chen Fan cast a spell and created a green spirit qi.

    The powerful Yi Wood Spirit Qi ran through Yukishiro Sa's body and immediately healed her. She used to pant even when she walked, but at the moment, her body had fully recovered and seemed to have exceeded its best condition.

    Yukishiro Sa knelt down on one knee and said with excitement, "Thank you, master."

    "You may rise."

    Chen Fan nodded and said,

    "Now that the North Qiong Sect is fully established, we should have to maintain a standard. The North Qiong Sect is an official cultivation sect. I'll pass on a few arts to each chapter later on. If you focus on your cultivation, you might be able to reach the Immortal State."

    "Thank you, sect master."

    The perfected masters of the Dark Witch Sect, Wu Shanhe and the others knelt.

    Laws of the Dark Witch Sect, traditional techniques of the Yin Ghost Sect and the Medicine God Valley Sect couldn't compare to Chen Fan's arts. Chen Fan was on the top of the world. Even Lin Shuming from the Lin Family lost to him.

    Chen Fan then gave each chapter a secret art. He created them when he was in the Valley of No Return. Even though they weren't the real cultivation techniques, they were much stronger than the ones on Earth.

    "Alchemy Secrets" to the Medicine God Valley Sect.

    "Heaven Witch Secrets" to the Dark Witch Sect.

    "The Thirty-six Spells of Ghost Reining" to the Yin Ghost Sect.

    Chen Fan gave the final one, "Art of Martial Dragon," to the Dragon Hall. All those techniques were the road to the Immortal State. Once fully cultivated, they would be comparable to Lin Shuming. To go beyond the world and become an Earth Level Deity, they would need a bit of luck and talent.

    After distributing the scrolls…

    Chen Fan continued, "Not everyone can cultivate the arts. I'm planning to establish a Discipline Chapter for setting up rules and recording each of your contributions. Every disciple will need to contribute to the North Qiong Sect, so that they can be authorized to start their cultivation, and receive both elixirs and artifacts."

    Chen Fan then turned to Yukishiro Sa and said, "Yukishiro Sa, you'll be the head of the Discipline Chapter."

    "Okay, master."

    Yukishiro Sa was extremely confident.

    Seeing this, Fang Qiong's expression became gloomy.

    After confirming the main details of the Discipline Chapter, Chen Fan left everything else to Yukishiro Sa. He took out a large pile of elixirs and spirit medicines so they could be used as the rewards for the chapter. The elixirs were all from the Medicine God Valley Sect and the Green Dragon Grand Array; many of them had been made more than hundreds of years ago, including the Physique Refining Pill, the Arcane Pills and a small portion of Essence Gathering Pills.

    The disciples left emotionally afterwards.

    Only Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong, An Ya, A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin, Yukishiro Sa, Hua Yunfeng and a few others were left in the main hall. The rest, including Lu Yanwu, Zheng Anqi and Zhou Jinyi, also left since Chen Fan didn't ask them to stay.

    Then, Chen Fan said solemnly, "The techniques I taught the other disciples are only ordinary techniques. You're qualified to learn the real techniques since you are the core members of the North Qiong Sect."

    As he spoke, he took out a scroll.

    "North Qiong Qi Refinement"

    They took the scroll and looked at one another.

    "Teacher, what's the difference between this ‘North Qiong Qi Refinement' and the normal techniques?" A'Xiu wondered.

    "They are very different."

    Chen Fan shook his head slightly and said, "Using a normal art, you can only reach the Immortal State. This ‘North Qiong Qi Refinement' is an immortal art. It can lead you to the level of Earth Deity level and make you stronger than ordinary martial artists."

    If someone from the True Martial Celestial Sect saw that, they would surely find it ridiculous.

    The "North Qiong Qi Refinement" should be called "True Martial Qi Refinement." It was an art the True Martial Celestial Sect gave to their disciples for building up their Qi Refinement foundation.

    Even though it was an art from an outer sect, it was a real cultivation art. It came from one of the nine great celestial sects, the True Martial Celestial Sect, and was more powerful than any other art from an ordinary sect.

    "Straight to the Earth Deity level."

    Everyone's eyes brightened, including Fang Qiong's.

    They didn't know what exactly an Earth Level Deity was until the battle that day. The power Lin Shuming displayed was exceptional, as if he could summon the wind and move the mountains.

    If they became Earth Level Deities, even the president of the United States of America had to respect them.

    "This art is only for the few of you. Don't show it to anyone else. It's the core of the North Qiong Sect," Chen Fan said.

    "Yes, teacher (master)."

    Everyone agreed.

    A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin and Hua Yunfeng were Chen Fan's disciples; Yukishiro Sa was his servant. That was the reason why Chen Fan would teach them techniques, but limited to the ones from the outer sects. He would never pass on the secret arts of the True Martial Celestial Sect to them.

    When the disciples left, Wang Xiaoyun, An Ya and Fang Qiong were the only three people in the North Qiong Pavilion.

    They were the most important people to Chen Fan in his two lives.

    Fang Qiong was a bit anxious. She then got up and said, "Auntie Wang, Sister An, Xiao Fan, it's getting late, so I'll be going first. See you tomorrow."

    "Why are you leaving? You've already married him, and he even used your name to establish a sect. Why are you feeling shy now?" Wang Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and teased her.

    Fang Qiong blushed.

    But the three of them had known one another since they were young, so Fang Qiong soon got herself back together and acted like she didn't mind at all.

    "Mom, Sister An and Xiao Qiong, thank you for your hard work over the years," Chen Fan said.

    "Hm, you're finally back. Xiao Qiong worked the hardest during the past year when you were gone. The whole North Qiong Corp has over a hundred billion in assets and there are many branches and powers that need to be dealt with. If Xiao Qiong didn't go to negotiate with them and retrieve their power, how would the North Qiong Corp achieve such a huge development?" Wang Xiaoyun glared at him and said.

    "I'm fine, Sister An and Auntie Wang were here with me. Besides, Anqi and Yanwu also helped me out. I'm just the coordinator." Fang Qiong quickly waved it off.

    Wang Xiaoyun shook her head and said, "It's exhausting enough to manage a company with ten billion in assets, not to mention a large corporation with more than hundred billion. I thought you wouldn't have withstood the pressure, but you made it this far on your own, step by step. Xiao Fan has indeed found a great wife"

    Fang Qiong lowered her head with a blush on her cheeks.

    Chen Fan smiled and nodded. Fang Qiong had always been tough and indomitable in her previous life.

    So, after entering the realm of cultivation, Fang Qiong cultivated much faster than Chen Fan. If it wasn't to protect Chen Fan from his enemies, there might have been another Perfected Immortal in the universe.

    "I know. That's why I asked you to stay behind, so that I can give you this."

    Chen Fan took out a jade bottle and poured three elixirs out.

    Those three elixirs were about the size of a thumb. They were translucent and red as if they were on fire.

    "What is that?"

    Their eyes popped out.

    "These are the Red Flame Spirit Pills, and they might be the last three superior-grade spirit pills on Earth. After taking them, a Transcendent Master can enter the Immortal State directly," Chen Fan answered.


    The three of them were stunned.

    They definitely understood what it meant to be an Immortal State Warrior. There weren't a lot of them on each continent, perhaps one in every country. Even though Chen Fan defeated them as easily as if he were cutting vegetables, nobody else on Earth could do the same.

    Chen Fan continued, "You don't have a rich foundation. Although you won't be able to become Immortal State Warriors, it'll be easy for you to reach the Transcendent State. Most of the pills' effects will remain inside your bodies, so your cultivation will proceed faster and you can enter the Immortal State within five years."

    An Ya waved her hands and said, "No, no, Xiao Fan. These elixirs are too valuable. You should keep them for Yukishiro Sa and A'Xiu. They've already become Transcendent Masters. Once they take it, we'll have two new Immortal State Warriors and the North Qiong Sect will be even more powerful. You can also give them to the perfected masters of the Dark Witch Sect, or to Cheng Danqin."

    Wang Xiaoyun and Fang Qiong nodded in agreement.

    Chen Fan said slowly with a serious look, "Sister An, you three are the closest to me. You're a thousand times more important than them in my heart. Besides, these three elixirs affect the destiny of the rest of your entire lives. I must give you the most solid foundation before you start the Immortal Cultivation journey, so you can always be by my side."

    The journey of Immortal Cultivation?

    Fang Qiong looked confused, not knowing what he was talking about.

    Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya looked at each other. They kind of understood what Chen Fan meant.