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Chapter 538 - Invincible!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     "Invincible! He's truly invincible!"

    Everyone exclaimed.

    "Lin Shuming used to be one of the top five on the Divine Roll and was a mighty figure back on Earth. Sixty years later, his power has increased to an unimaginable level and has entered the Mortal Deity State. Yet, he's still unable to defeat Chen Beixuan. Why is Chen Beixuan so terrifying?"

    An old grand master heaved a sigh.

    Once the news got out, an earth-shattering roar was said to have resounded at the Hong Sect Headquarters; everything went back to silence after that. Many people at the shrines in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia were as pale as ghosts. The whole world was disappointed.

    Chen Fan was too aggressive.

    He had dominated the world ever since he became a martial artist, never losing a single battle.

    Lei Qianjue, Zhou Daoji, Takemiya Hiro, Snowwolf King, many other Immortal State Warriors and that day's Lin Shuming. Every time when they thought they were winning, Chen Fan always showed some tricks up his sleeves.

    "What's that golden flame armor Chen Beixuan was wearing when he blocked Lin Shuming's last attack? Is it a special high-tech armor? Or is it a new artifact Chen Beixuan created?"

    Many wondered.

    Unfortunately, even though there were satellites, plus many spies and agents from different nations trying to film the battle, it was raining buckets and the fight between them had turned the world upside down. There was no way to capture it clearly.

    An expert could still reconstruct the facts based on the blurry footages and the audience's detailed descriptions.

    An experienced analyst gave a review on the CIA private forum. "Chen Beixuan was undoubtedly at a disadvantage once Lin Shuming used the Mortal Deity power. At last, he was forced to use the nin flying swords, which are said to be the treasures of the ‘Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator' from a thousand years ago. It was supposed to be his last attack. Although Chen Beixuan isn't an Earth Level Deity, we can glean from the battle that his power has become incomparable. Not even eight Immortal State Warriors fighting together would be able to defeat him."

    "Looks like we can only rely on the nuclear weapons of the superpowers or other high-tech weapons if we want to get rid of Chen Beixuan."

    Many grunted.

    People had started to think about resorting to nuclear weapons so they could kill Chen Fan.

    "It's impossible. Which superpower would dare to drop a nuclear bomb on a big city? That's thousands of millions of lives! No leader could bear the pressure like this. It could be possible if Chen Beixuan escaped to a wild and deserted place."

    An Oriental Martial Artist answered sarcastically.

    "You're underestimating the modern nuclear power. The United States of America and the Soviet Union developed thousands of nuclear weapons in the 80s, including nuclear mines, portable nuclear bombs and individual rocket launchers, narrowing their range of impact within a small town. These weapons may be powerful, but they cause very little destruction."

    The western Dark Overlord replied, "Besides, almost thirty years have passed now, who knows if America has developed some new nuclear weapons or other advanced weapons, like electromagnetic guns, space-based weapons or the Rods from God."

    Everyone was entangled in a bitter dispute.

    Those were all top secrets of a nation. Only a few knew about them and the rest could just guess.

    "It's useless to talk about the superpowers on our planet."

    The Observer appeared and commented, "If we want the United States of America and other superpowers to get involved, the only way is for them to have suffered major damages because of Chen Beixuan's actions. The Russian leader didn't do anything, even after he murdered the general of the Russian North Division and destroyed seventeen KGB branches. So, America won't step in unless there's another emergency, or if Chen Beixuan threatens its position."

    Other netizens asked quickly, "Mr. Observer, what level do you think Chen Beixuan's power has reached?"

    There was no doubt, the Observer was the most authoritative person on the forum. Rumor had it that even the CIA's Special Case Department wanted to recruit him and had sent agents to track his address.

    "On the Divine Roll at that time, the difference between the top five was actually very small and Lin Shuming was basically the most powerful of them all. Now that Chen Beixuan won the battle, it means that nobody else in this world can threaten him."

    The Observer added, "Unless the Saints of the Christian Church, the Princes of the Kindred and the Earth Level Deities of China are still alive…"

    Many shook their heads and replied, "That's impossible. There would have been some news about them over the last thousand years if they were still alive."

    The Observer gave a decisive conclusion. "So, we can say that Chen Beixuan is the strongest martial artist in the universe. If we rearrange the Divine Roll, he should be in first place."

    "Not even one of the top three on the Divine Roll, like Ye Qingcang, and the adjudicators of the Christian Church are able to beat Chen Beixuan?" Someone doubted.

    The Observer said with certainty, "They're the same as Lin Shuming, maybe a bit stronger. As long as they reach the Earth Deity level, they can fight against Chen Beixuan. Chen Beixuan is now an invincible Earth Level Deity. His strength has exceeded the Immortal State limit, becoming unbelievably powerful."

    "From the data, we can see that Chen Beixuan's physical strength, internal energy and soul energy—including the spells he used—all surpassed Lin Shuming's. He wasn't able to defeat Chen Beixuan, even when he used his Mortal Deity power. Ye Qingcang can become a Mortal Deity… so what? The result would be the same."

    After listening to what the Observer said, the entire forum was immediately at a loss for words.


    What was that? Even hundred years ago during the times when Immortal State Warriors were all powerful, nobody dared to claim anyone invincible. At the moment, Chen Beixuan was on the road to invincibility.

    Many listed a few examples and said that Ye Qingcang or other powerful martial artists could fight against him.

    But they eventually gave up.

    Chen Fan astonished the world with that battle, making every Immortal State Warrior on Earth submit to him with his power alone.

    "Of all the beings on Earth, only one can do that!" The Observer said emotionally in the end.


    In Europe, North America, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Latin America.

    Countless martial artists were focused on the battle with their eyes wide open. When the news came, many old cultivators were dumbfounded. Lin Shuming was one of the strongest a hundred years before. If he lost, who else could beat Chen Fan?

    An Immortal State Warrior said with despair, "Invincible. Chen Beixuan is truly invincible."

    "From now on, our family members aren't allowed to mess with Chen Beixuan. Better be polite when you see the Chinese."

    Countless organizations in the Dark World, supreme powers and prominent families all started to send out orders.

    No matter how famous and how powerful Chen Fan was, he wasn't fearsome enough to intimidate everyone. He was as strong as America and had a lot of enemies at the same time. However, after that day's battle, even the leaders of the top corporations in England would have heard about Chen Fan.

    "After this battle, Chen Beixuan should have surpassed all the Immortal State Warriors, standing on an equal footing with the superpowers in the world," Someone said.

    "He's not there yet. A normal Immortal State Warrior is comparable to a small nation; a top Immortal State Warrior is on par with a mid-level country. As for the superpowers, they all have competitive nuclear capabilities and can easily exterminate humankind. He's still not qualified to be compared to the superpowers, unless he has the power to destroy a country."

    The other one shook his head and said, "Ordinary forces can't compete with Chen Beixuan. Any country should submit to him, except the five permanent members of the United Nations. Chen Beixuan right now can be regarded as ‘the sixth most powerful nation on Earth,' perhaps?"

    This comment rapidly went viral throughout the Dark World.

    "Sixth-nation Chen."

    "The sixth strongest in the world."

    "I'm the sixth on Earth. In front of me are my five brothers, USA, Russia, China, England and France."

    Countless netizens started to make fun of Chen Fan's nickname, but at the same time, they felt completely terrified. Since nuclear weapons were used for dominating the world, even the strongest martial artists were afraid of the superpowers.

    Yet, Chen Fan used his own power to establish a nation, which ranked right after the superpowers. What did that mean?

    Many international corporations and leaders of nations in the world had ordered their men and intelligence divisions to start a special assignment related to Chen Fan. Once Chen Fan entered their borders, they had to treat him like a state guest, just like they did for the presidents of other countries.

    That implied that the president of that country would roll out the red carpet when Chen Fan visited them. They would send out the honor guards to welcome Chen Fan the same way they did when leaders of other nations arrived. However, these were only the rules set by the small nations. The real superpowers didn't care about them.

    But when the news spread to China, Director Xiao, Red Sparrow and the others looked at one another in astonishment, not knowing what to say.

    A nation with only one person.

    The sixth in the world?

    "Director, should we promote Chen Beixuan's military rank?" White Tiger asked softly.

    "Promote his rank? How?"

    Director Xiao was speechless. "The highest military rank in our country is General. Other countries might have something like Supreme General, Five-star General or Marshal. Do we have to create one for him?"

    Then, Director Xiao left right away.

    "The impact of this incident has way passed our control. I must report to our leader."

    Looking at Director Xiao, Red Sparrow and the others stood gazing at one another with an incredulous look.

    After a while, Black Tortoise sneered and said, "Hehe, who would have thought a person could be equal to a nation before today? Even the extremely wealthy billionaires on the Forbes List aren't as influential as Chen Beixuan."

    White Tiger lamented, "Being wealthy is nothing. No matter how powerful money is, how can it compete with powers? Chen Beixuan is truly ruling a country on his own!"

    Everyone looked at each other and were completely speechless. The whole Kunlun base went silent.