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Chapter 537 - The End of the Battle

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     "Chen Beixuan has won the battle!"

    A woman in a white outfit said as she watched the battle from afar.

    She looked sixteen or seventeen from a distance, but up close, her features resembled a young lady in her thirties. She gazed into the distance. Her eyes were dreamy, yet they had a great degree of perspicacity and discernment. Trying to read her expression was like reading a mysterious scroll that contained great wisdom.

    "Pray to the Glorious Amitābha Buddha."

    A kind monk standing right next to the woman exclaimed. Then he said calmly, "Patron Lin had cultivated his Blade Qi for sixty years, but he was still no match against Chen Beixuan. What a shame! If Patron Lin were alive a thousand years ago, he could at least reach the status of a Bodhisattva instead of Mortal Deity. "

    "Hehe… Mortal Deity."

    The woman in the white outfit snorted. "It sounds fancy but cultivators in that stage had to exchange power with their own lives. One year's worth of vitality could last at most an hour on the battlefield. What use is Mortal Deity?

    "On another note, Chen Beixuan would finally claim dominance over all of us after this battle. That is why I asked all of you to come here to come up with a countermeasure," the woman said as a flicker of concern flashed across her face.

    "Pray to the Amitābha Buddha."

    The old man lowered his head and agreed.

    Meanwhile, the audiences near the battlefield were speechless about the outcome of the battle.

    They gaped at Chen Fan stupidly. None of them had expected Chen Fan to not only defeat Lin Shuming but did so without getting harmed.

    If Lin Shuming had failed, who else could bring Chen Fan to heels?

    "He is invincible now!"

    A Grandmaster from the Xin Yi Sect exclaimed with an equal mix of surprise, fear, and admiration.

    The rest of the Immortal State Warriors kept their silence and didn't speak a word.

    Let it be Yao Daoyi, Li Changsheng, or Azure Dragon, they all looked extremely troubled.

    None of them, not even the ones who thought they had been overly generous in estimating Chen Fan's ability, had expected to see Lin Shuming's final coup de grace fail to make a dent on Chen Fan. Lin Shuming's attack should have broken an aircraft carrier into two halves, but it was easily countered by Chen Fan's Armor of Red Flame.

    "I think Chen Beixuan is much more powerful than Ye Qincang fifty years ago."

    Yao Daoyi put in a deep voice.

    "When the seven of us joined forces to take on Ye Qincang, I knew exactly how powerful he was. But I still have no clue as to the full extent of Chen Beixuan's ability. It's unbelievable."

    Li Changsheng shook his head and lamented.

    Both Ye Qincang and Lin Shuming had reached the peak of the Immortal State and the limit of their power was a clear cut line to everyone. They could take on a few Immortal State Warriors, but that's all.

    On the other hand, Chen Fan's power clearly belonged to an Earth Level Deity even though everyone was convinced that Chen Fan had not reached Earth Level Deity yet.

    "He was not an Earth Level Deity, but he was as powerful as one. I just can't wrap my head around it."


    Watanabe's Blade, the infamous Kikumon Cross vibrated as if it, too, had sensed a powerful enemy and was eager to drink some blood. Watanabe shook his head and murmured.

    "Samurai's spirit is about sacrifice, but no samurai should sacrifice themselves for no reason."

    Even the haughty Watanabe had succumbed to Chen Fan's display of power.

    "Master Chen had won!"

    A smile finally broke over Hua Yunfeng's face.

    Meanwhile, the other members of the North Qiong Sect also let out a sigh of relief.

    Wang Xiaoyun and An Ya felt both jolted by the sudden relief and nearly fell to the ground. They had been highly focused on the battle, and the sudden ending of the fight dazzled them.

    "This battle would make Teacher not only the most powerful man in China but also the entire world."

    A'Xiu clenched her fist and said excitedly.

    "I wager that Ye Qincang was no more than Mortal Deity level just like Lin Shuming. I have no doubt that the Master could defeat him."

    Yukishiro Sa put in with a cold smirk.

    The outcome of the battle disheartened the other warriors. Chen Fan's victory marked his rise to power and dominance over the East.


    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and slowly descended toward the land.

    The audiences lowered their heads to show respect to this incredible warrior. Even the four veteran Immortal State Warriors bowed slightly at Chen Fan despite the obvious dislike in their eyes.

    "Lin Shuming is dead, but he didn't die without honor. To show my respect, I will protect the Lin Family from today onward. Anyone who dares to harm the Lin Family will face my wrath."

    Chen Fan said calmly.


    The North Qiong Sect disciples replied.

    The other martial artists and grandmasters all nodded in agreement.

    Chen Fan never liked the Lins. They had tried to kill him and harm his family many times.

    However, Lin Shuming had lived up to his noble spirit by injuring only Yukishiro Sa and spared the rest of the Chen Family. Chen Fan was grateful for that. In addition, Chen Fan had never expected Lin Shuming's last killing blow to force him to use the Defensive Divine Power.

    "I have underestimated Lin Shuming's power. I had never thought that he was able to fuse his own life with the sword to amplify the energy he harnessed over the last sixty years. It's a shame that his potential was hindered by the lack of Spirit Qi on earth."

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan's eyes dimmed a little.

    By then, he had already reached the mid-stage of Divine Sea and could make the breakthrough into the late-stage at any moment.

    However, Chen Fan had no clue as to how to level up to the Connate Spirit. The number of resources required for reaching that stage would be more than the sum of that during the entire Qi Refinement Phase. It would take Chen Fan a long time to achieve his goals unless he was able to find another cave abode of a former Earth Level Deity.

    "No wonder the earth had not produced an Earth Level Deity for thousands of years. "

    That being said, Chen Fan wagered that it would take him at most five years to reach Connate Spirit without any help. Plus, he was optimistic about finding another Spirit Source on earth.

    "Xiao Fan, are you alright?"

    Wang Xiaoyun rushed to her son and asked.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and said.

    "I am fine, mom."

    Fang Qiong and An Ya also came forward and gazed at Chen Fan with a troubled look,

    Chen Fan comforted each and everyone's them, reassuring them that he was unharmed. Afterward, he was greeted by the members of the North Qiong Sect, led by Hua Yunfeng. Behind them stood sect masters of all major sects in China.


    After confirming Chen Fan's victory, Yao Daoyi snorted and transformed into a flash of lightning and phased out.

    Li Changsheng shook his head and flew away. Watanabe also walked over to the sea and headed back toward Japan. However, the Azure Dragon stayed.

    Once Chen Fan had finished catching up with his disciples and families, Red Sparrow walked over to him and said:

    "General Chen, this is the vice-captain of the Kunlun unit: Gu Chenghe, Lieutenant General Gu." Red Sparrow introduced the old man in a somber tone.

    "You can just call me Old Dragon"

    Azure Dragon waved a casual hand and said. He was wearing a faded military uniform. His spin was as straight as a lance and his face was filled with pride and confidence. It was evident that this old man used to be a battle-hardened commando.

    "My pleasure, Mr. Gu."

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and nodded.

    "General Chen, your victory has huge implications. It has stirred up no only the organizations in the Dark World, but also many Curmudgeons who had been lurking for ages. Worse, you have become a prime target for most superpowers in the world, such as Russia, the USA, and the UK. I bet they are working diligently right now to pull together special units that will be used to deal with you specifically."

    Azure Dragon's face grew darker as he continued. "You have proven yourself as the most powerful individual in the world, therefore, can not be tolerated by… you-know-who."

    "You mean the United States of America?"

    Chen Fan asked as he narrowed his eyes.

    "Indeed. The United States of America is the real master of the planet. Even the combined might of China and Russia wouldn't be able to challenge her position. Many years ago, when the Christian Church was still a powerful force, the Americans had stationed a million troupes in Europe and barged right into Vatican City and forced the Christian Church to its knees. Just imagine that."

    Azure Dragon lamented.

    "I don't understand. Even though the United States of America has nuclear weapons, they couldn't just use it as they please. However powerful she was, can she really take on all the Immortal State Warriors at once?"

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.


    Azure Dragon shook his head and cracked a mysterious smile. "You will find out the answer in due time. Just remember, don't mess with the US, unless you are ready to face nuclear punishment."

    After he said that, Azure Dragon turned around and flew away. Before he disappeared behind the clouds, his final words drifted down from the sky:

    "You are welcome to visit me whenever you are in Yan Jin."

    "Will do."

    Chen Fan answered.

    After Azure Dragon was gone, Chen Fan turned around, and he was greeted by many fearful eyes.

    After this battle, Chen Fan had finally become the strongest man on earth.

    Except for the world's superpowers, no other forces could bring him to heels.

    The Martial Artists left the battlefield carrying a piece of sensational news. When the intelligence departments and forces in the Dark World learned about Chen Fan's victory, they were rendered speechless.

    Chen Beixuan had won!

    He had defeated Lin Shuming.

    One specific detail about the battle was particularly shocking to everyone. Lin Shuming's final attack could match the power of an Earth Level Deity, but it didn't even make a dent on Chen Beixuan. It proved that Chen Beixuan's power was truly terrifying.