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Chapter 533 - Defeated After One Punch

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Pure Jun Sword!

    In 1874, Lin Shuming entered Mount Shu for selection cultivation. He obtained a secret Sword Art as well as a sword left by an unknown ancient Sword Immortal. This sword was over three meters long and weighed a hundred kilograms. It was forged in a simplistic and crude style with a heavy set frame. Ever since Lin Shuming obtained this sword, he had been refining this blade using his True Essence, and since then, it had been over a hundred and thirty years.


    The infamous blade of Pure Jun that had slain countless Immortal State Warriors was finally unsheathed.

    An intense white flash arced across the sky, zig-zagging a few dozen meters in the sky, tracing a perfect curve. It was the Blade Aura from the Pure Jun Sword.

    Lin Shuming lifted the hundred-kilogram sword with only one hand and started swinging it as if it weighed as much as a needle. In a blink, he had cast a Sword Domain around him. The circular Sword Domain was a few dozen meters in diameter, and it was filled with Four Righteousness energy from the sword. The energy seemed insubstantial, but it was even tougher than steel in reality.

    This Sword Domain was the pinnacle of Lin Shuming's cultivation, his final magnum opus.

    He had enhanced his Sword Art with Divine Powers, making himself nearly invincible. Not even a cannon shell shot at point-blank could penetrate layers of Blade Qi.

    The sect master of the Tai Chi Sect, Chen Jiuyang, was stultified by Lin Shuming's incredible ability.

    "Not even our Ancestral Master could blend the elements of Yin and Yang more seamlessly than him. Lin Shuming truly lived up to his reputation as the Sword Immortal!"

    The rest of the Immortal State Warriors who were watching the fight also pulled taut faces.

    Lin Shuming wouldn't use Pure Jun Sword until he was fully committed to a fight. So powerful was the sword domain that Watanabe doubted the combined force of all the other Immortal Warriors could penetrate it.

    "I would have to use my coup de grace, the Thunder Seal, if I were Chen Beixuan. I wonder what he would do to ward off such terrifying power?"

    Yao Daoyi furrowed his brows.

    "Very well then."

    Chen Fan's fist seemed to have a will of itself. It led Chen Fan through the clouds, turned around, and bore down onto the Sword Domain in order to force it open with raw energy.

    Everyone watched as Chen Fan's body transformed into an azure Naga that was over a few dozen meters long. The head of the Naga rammed into the Sword Domain.


    Flashes of lightning erupted from the point of impact. Qi Energy gushed out and swept across the sea. The gravels and pebbles on the shoreline tremored as if announcing the coming of a tsunami.

    The impact gave birth to a blinding point of light, which quickly expanded and reached out to its scintillating tendrils, creating a blooming flower of electricity that assaulted the visions of the audience. Following that was a wave of Fist Qi that rippled out from the point of impact.

    The Qi Energy swept across the sea and reached the shoreline with great ferocity.

    The Immortal State Warriors were the only ones who were unaffected by the shockwave. The Grandmasters all hurried to turn on their Four True Righteousness Protective Qi, but some were still forced back by the unrelenting shockwave.

    Once everyone gathered themselves, they looked into the distance where the two fighters had been and were shocked to see that the two warriors were surrounded by a vacuum in space where physics ceased to exist. The bellow of the vacuum pressed hard against the sea waves, flattening them and shaping the surface of the sea into a bowl.

    "Who won this round?"

    Everyone gasped in expectation.


    Chen Fan let out a burst of laughter. His body flickered as he backed away a few dozen meters before he charged up energy and punched at his opponent once again.


    Lin Shuming's face was impassive. He swung the Pure Jun Sword around elegantly and created another Sword Domain to block Chen Fan's attack.



    A series of explosions erupted on the sea.

    Each explosion sounded as loud as cannon shots and kicked up large splashes of water. They forced Chen Fan back a few dozen meters but was unable to stop him from attacking again.

    "Brother Shuming is nearing his limit," Li Changsheng suddenly said.

    His comment had left many of the audience dumbfounded until one of them noticed the tattered surface of the giant rock on which Lin Shuming was standing.

    "I see. Chen Beixuan's attack was too much for Lin Shuming to handle, so he has been transferring the load to the rock under his feet. I see where Immortal Maser Li is coming from now."

    The observation finally shed some light on the situation.

    "The tenth punch!" Chen Fan shouted at the top of his lungs as his Fist Aura surged in length.

    The Fist Aura was so powerful that it froze the time, allowing Chen Fan to fuse more energy to it. In a blink, the Fist Qi had grown so intense and large that it had completely surrounded Chen Fan's body. Within the white glow, a dragon seemed to be swimming.

    Even the Immortal Cultivator who had created the Naga's Transform must be impressed by Chen Fan's execution of the art.

    Even at a low level, Chen Fan was able to unleash at least thirty percent of the Naga's Tranform's true power.


    Chen Fan's attack shattered the Sword Domain instantly, and it carried forward before plunging into Lin Shuming. Lin Shuming remained calm as he swung the ancient blade in a simple arc. With each inch the blade covered, a different sword art was unleashed from its tip; each more potent and rare than the one that came before.

    However, it was not enough to counter Chen Fan's Divine Art that belonged to another realm.

    Lin Shuming's countermeasures were unable to stop Chen Fan's attack, and the latter landed on the body of the Pure Jun Sword.


    The rock on which Lin Shuming was standing finally gave in and exploded into pieces.

    Lose pebbles flew off of the rock like a spray of bullets. One such pebble even penetrated a Grandmaster's Four True Righteousness Protective Qi and killed the Grandmaster on the spot.

    Meanwhile, Lin Shuming was forced to back off. His body darted backward with lightning speed near the surface of the water.

    He rammed through numerous objects; boulders, dikes, railings, just to name a few.

    He also grazed a few bystanders, killing them there and then. Lin Shuming didn't stop until he was a few hundred meters inland where he could dig his toes into the dirt to slow him down.

    "Come again!"

    Chen Fan's spirit was heightened as blood boiled in his vein.

    He flashed out of view and reappeared a few hundred meters in the air right above Lin Shuming. Lin Shuming wore the same stoic expression and brought his sword around to block the attack.


    The impact hurled Fist Qi and Blade Aura in all directions, hitting and killing many audiences.

    "Let's get out of here!"

    "Holy shit! They are beasts!"

    "We will have to stand at the very least a thousand meters away from them to be safe."

    The audiences pulled further back toward the inland.

    When they finally felt safe, they were so far away from the battle that they could no longer see Chen Fan and Lin Shuming. Instead, they could only recognize two glowing lights, one azure and the other white, flying back and forth in the air, crossing each other's paths. That being said, the destructive energy from the battle was still palpable at such great distance as they toppled trees and highway signs around the audiences.

    Red Sparrow heaved a sigh of relief.

    Luckily, she had the foresight to cordon off a section of the highway ahead of time. Otherwise, more innocent lives would be lost as collateral damage.

    "So this is the power of an Immortal State Warrior?"

    Fang Qiong and An Ya were both stunned.

    It was the first time they saw Chen Fan use his full power.

    His overbearing dominance and divine indifference had taken the girls by surprise.

    "No wonder Xiao Fan never seemed to care about wealth and fame. Why would he if he has such incredible power at his disposal?" Fang Qiong exclaimed in her mind. Her admiration for Chen Fan also gave her a sense of unworthiness.

    Meanwhile, A'Xiu and Yu Wenjin looked at the battle nervously.

    "Teach that old Curmudgeon a lesson, master!"

    The two combatants fought on the sea, in the air, and then on the ground. The world was their stage, and the sky was the limit. So far, Chen Fan had an upper hand in the battle, and he pinned Lin Shuming under his boots.


    The white glow bounced back and plummeted into the sea after another impact, kicking up waves that were over ten meters tall.

    "Lin Shuming, stop holding back your power. I know you are better than this!"

    Chen Fan floated in the air haughtily as lights flickered in his eyes.

    "Very well then."

    A ray of intense light beamed up from under the sea, and in the blink of an eye, Lin Shuming appeared in the air. His clothes were in tatters, and his face was expressionless.

    "The Sword Cultivation I practiced is called the Sword Sutra of Haoran. It was created by an ancient Sword Sage who had reached enlightenment through his study of Confucianism. The teaching of Confucius was entrenched in the Sword Sutra of Haoran and only a fellow student of the holy man could master the art," Lin Shuming said candidly.

    The timbre of his voice had an unyielding quality that befitted a Sword Immortal.


    Lin Shuming darted forward, transforming his body into a streak of Blade Qi. The path of the Blade Qi was unpredictable; its intent was lethal. As it plummeted toward Chen Fan, the intensity of the Blade Qi multiplied with an unprecedented degree.

    "Art of Qi Sword!"

    Prior to this point, Lin Shuming had been holding back his real power and concealed his most deadly Sword Art.

    This was the Sword Art that marked his entry to the realm of Immortal Cultivation.


    Chen Fan's black hair flowed in the wind as he punched again.

    His punch seemed ordinary but something about it had stunned all the Immortal State Warriors.

    Chen Fan's technique had no official name, and if one really wanted to give it a name, it could be called "Dao Fist".

    Dao was the absolute principle underlying the universe. Therefore, even a fraction of its power was enough to shatter realms and defy reality.

    Tried as he might, Lin Shuming's sophisticated sword arts were unable to defend him against the raw power of the absolute force in the universe.


    Lin Shuming's sword was knocked out of his hand while his body was sent flying before plummeting into the sea.

    "Is Lin Shuming defeated?"

    Everyone was stunned by the turn of the event.