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Chapter 532 - The Beginning of the Showdown

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     "Yes, Master. "

    A'Xiu jumped up in excitement. Her eyes stared at the sky without blinking. She hadn't seen Chen Fan for many years, and despite the huge changes in Chen Fan's appearance, she was still able to recognize him.

    "I am relieved that Xiao Fan is safe."

    Wang Xiaoyun rubbed her chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

    "That indeed is the sect master, he is finally back!"

    The Perfected Cultivators from the Dark Witch Chapter, Hua Family, and the Lu Family all looked toward the man in the sky. He was the backbone of the North Qiong, and with him around, no one could defeat the North Qiong Sect.

    Xiao Fan…

    An Ya and Fang Qiong both cast a longing look at Chen Fan.

    Fang Qiong had been separated from Chen Fan for three years and had only seen him once during that time. She missed him greatly. The long-overdue reunion and Chen Fan's show of divine strength had filled Fang Qiong's heart with joy.

    In contrast to the ecstatic members of the North Qiong Sect, the other warriors were shaken to the cores.

    Chen Fan had ridden on a hundred-meter tall waterspout and arrived at the battlefield. Such a display of power terrified even the Immortal State Warriors.

    "Tsk… He reminded me of the Sea God."

    Many warriors were stunned by the development, and they let out a gasp of cold air. The Grandmasters' faces paled. None of them could pull off what Chen Fan had done since the most they could achieve was to cut open the wave or a waterfall.

    However, Chen Fan was able to command the waves with ease, bending its shape according to his will.

    Dark clouds gathered behind Chen Fan with frequent and intense flashes and lightning. Under the dark clouds, tempestous waves rose a few dozen meters, and the roar of the sea could be heard even at the shore. Such power only belonged to the sages and deities.

    "Chen Beixuan has borrowed the power of the wild sea storm. To do that, he would have to at the least reach the Earth Deity level. Otherwise, he would not be able to pull it off," Yao Daoyi said coldly.

    "He has forged a new-self based on heaven's will. Impressive! I have been contemplating the truth of our world for a hundred twenty years, yet I have still fallen behind a youngster!" Li Changsheng ran his fingers through his long beard and lamented.

    "Sect Uncle, are you sure Chen Beixuan is as powerful as you think he is? If so, does it mean that he has become invincible?" Red Sparrow asked.

    "Humph! This storm covered a few hundred square kilometers and not even a real Heavenly Being could have wrapped it around their little finger. Chen Beixuan must have drawn only a small portion of the storm's force," the old Azure Dragon said as a light came up in his eyes.

    "That being said, what Chen Beixuan had done was no small feat for a mortal. This meant that he was able to draw the Power of Heaven at an incredible scale. His power rivaled that of Zhang Sanfeng and the Grand Magus God."

    Meanwhile, many warriors from Japan were stultified by the scene.

    Watanabe glared at Chen Fan as he charged up his Blade Qi, trying as much as he could to hold it in.


    The storm finally reached the shore.

    Amid the foamy and roiling sea, giant waves rose a few meters tall before they crashed ashore. Seawater mixed with rain was carried by wild gales and slammed down onto the sand and rocks. The wind was so strong that it pressed down on the trees, bending its trunk.

    "Pull back!"

    Many martial artists and ordinary people were forced to pull back.

    They had backed a few hundred meters to get out of harm's way. When they looked to the shoreline again, they could only vaguely trace an outline of a man standing on top of an undulating waterspout.

    The Grandmasters and the Immortal State Warriors remained where they were to bear witness to the battle.

    "Lin Shuming?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and examined the scholarly looking man.

    Chen Fan had never registered such power in another cultivator ever since he was reincarnated. The Blade Qi at the tip of his blade was clearly linked to the Essence Qi of Heaven and Earth. His physique was impeccable, and every inch of his skin was covered by impenetrable qi. If Chen Fan didn't know who he was, he might think that he was standing face to face with an Earth Level Deity.

    "No, he is not an Earth Level Deity. He would have to reach the Connate Spirit level before he could become an Earth Level Deity. That meant he would have the ability to blend perfectly into the Essence Qi of the world and use it at will. It was like a fish being released into a pond of water. He is very close to that level of attainment, but not quite yet. It wouldn't be easy to make that final leap of faith and bridge that gap. Some people are stuck at being so close to the Connate Spirit level for their entire life. "

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    "However, I still sense something threatening about him. Could he have any Dharma Treasure?"

    "Chen Beixuan, I have been waiting for you for three days. "

    Lin Shuming rose to his feet and opened his eyes.

    "I have to agree that you are one of the most talented and capable youngsters I have ever met. Not even Ye Qincang had reached such a high level of attainment at your age. I think you are very likely to become an Earth Level Deity in just ten years. "

    "Save your breath! Lin Shuming, you barged into the North Qiong Sect and injured my servant girl, you will pay the price today. "

    A cold light came up in Chen Fan's eyes as he spoke.

    Lin Shuming might be a force to be reckoned with for warriors on Earth, but Chen Fan was a celestial lord who had traversed billions of galaxies and seen everything the universe had to offer, so he was not at all fazed by Lin Shuming's threats.

    Most members of the North Qiong Sect were Chen Fan's closest friends in his past life, and messing with them was a death sentence.

    "So be it. We were deemed to fight each other to death since the day Langya passed away," Lin Shuming said with a sad look on his face.

    Lin Langya was his most talented disciple. He had granted him the title of sword-bearer and treated him more dearly than his own son. Lin Langya had even followed him when he went into seclusion to cultivate. During that time, he had taught the young man his life-worth of knowledge, hoping that Lin Langya would carry on his legacy and protect the Lin Family. The death of Lin Langya was a devastating blow to the old man.

    "I expected Ye Qincang to be my first opponent once I came out of my seclusion. This world never ceases to surprise me. "

    Lin Shuming let out a peal of laughter.


    A flash of lightning as thick as a tree trunk scarred the night sky.

    The moment that the lightning faded, both Chen Fan and Lin Shuming attacked each other at the same time.


    Chen Fan punched his opponent with abandon.

    His belligerent Fist Qi shattered the curtain of rain droplets and created a dry path that was over a hundred meters long and two meters wide. So powerful was his punch that it had scared even the Immortal State Warriors who were watching from a safe distance.

    "He had shot his True Energy out a hundred meter without even using the Power of Heaven and Earth! How powerful exactly is he?"

    Watanabe's face changed a little.

    Any Immortal State Warrior could have cast their Qi Energy out for a hundred meters; however, by the time their Qi Energy reached their target, the Qi Energy would have all but depleted.

    However, the deadliness in Chen Fan's punch remained constant from beginning to the end.

    It spoke loudly about the quality of his True Qi. It was so powerful that it was nearly solid and was much deadlier than Blade Qi and Blade Auras.

    "Blades, FORM!"

    Lin Shuming's attack was drastically different than that of Chen Fan. He traced an arc in the air with his thin index finger and transformed the rain droplets into countless small blades. Each blade was a few centimeters in length and was extremely sharp.


    As Lin Shuming thrust his finger at the air, countless water swords charged out at Chen Fan. As they traveled across space, they draw energy from Heaven and Earth and started to grow in size and multiply in power.

    Bang, bang, bang!

    Countless water swords rammed into the Fist Qi.

    Chen Fan's Fist Qi was powerful enough to kill the Immortal State Naga with one punch, so these water swords were too weak to stop it. After a series of explosions, the Fist Qi didn't even slow down a little.


    Lin Shuming curled his finger a little as he shouted out a command.

    The water swords suddenly changed forms and became fast-moving twisters. The spinning motion added speed to these projectiles as they slammed into the Fist Qi. Each impact was able to slow down the Fist Qi slightly. After a while, the Fist Qi had gotten observably slower than before, and eventually stopped moving a few inches before Lin Shuming.

    The first round of the fight had already shocked everyone.

    Although both fighters had only unleased one strike each, the display of power and might was already terrifying.

    Chen Fan's Fist Qi carried the weight of a mountain and could kill an Immortal State Warrior.

    Meanwhile, Lin Shuming had summoned thousands of water swords, each deadlier than the other. The combined forces of these water swords made the strike more dangerous than a few thousand fully armed soldiers.

    They were only warming up, and a more deadly confrontation was coming.

    It would truly be a terrifying sight to behold when they started to raise hell on earth.

    "Try to counter this!"

    Chen Fan let out a burst of laughter as he zigzagged across space and threw a punch. A flash of lightning slammed down and crossed paths with Chen Fan. Instead of electrocuting Chen Fan, the electric energy was tamed by Chen Fan and was used to charge up his punch.

    Almost simultaneously, Chen Fan's shadow had changed into the shape of a soaring Naga.

    "True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, Naga's Transform!"

    The punch fused both the True Essence as well as the Power of Heaven and Earth together.

    The punch carried enough energy to turn the world upside down. It created a white foamy line on the surface of the sea even as it hovered a dozen meters above the water. The lines curved naturally from time to time, making it look as if an invisible dragon was gliding across the sea close to the surface of the water.


    A Fist Aura with azure and white energy slammed down on Lin Shuming.

    Lin Shuming pulled a taut face as his hand reached for the blade strapped on his back.