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Chapter 530 - The Battle of a Century

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Lin Shuming and Chen Beixuan were both the most powerful overlords of the world, and they were going to have a showdown.

    Most people who heard the news were shocked beyond belief. Lin Shuming had been cultivating in seclusion for sixty years, and as soon as he was out of his seclusion, he had proven his power by crushing an Immortal State Warrior during a fight. Based on his performance, a lot of people believed that he could take on at least three Immortal State Warriors at the same time.

    On the other hand, Chen Beixuan was no slouch on the battlefield either.

    The news from Singapore indicated that Chen Beixuan had only unleashed two punches and two palm strikes.

    The first palm strike had killed Wu Guanchao, and the two punches ended the lives of Daxin and his pet snake. The last palm strike had quashed Sohabi into smithereens.

    His incredible abilities gave him the appearance of a divine sage.

    He had brought the Immortal State Warriors to heels so easily as if they were insects.

    "Not even Ye Qincang had such incredible powers fifty years ago when he faced off seven Immortal State Warriors," someone exclaimed.

    For the longest time, Ye Qincang was considered the most powerful man in China.

    He had dominated China and forced many Immortal State Warriors into hidings. He had used the Kunlun Units and expelled many powerful sects out of China. In the end, seven Immortal State Warriors joined forces to rose up against him, but their counter strike was quashed by Ye Qincang.

    Both Lin Shuming and Chen Fan had displayed more power than Ye Qincang fifty years ago.

    "This is going to be one of those momentous events that happen once every hundred years. It is going to be even more stunning than that between Lin Shuming and Watanabe, or the Ancestral Patriarch of the Hua Family. History will forever remember this fight."

    Many grandmasters could no longer hold back their excitement, so they rushed to Zhong Hai to witness this fight of the century.

    Lin Shuming had barged into the Chen family to seek to avenge for the death of Lin Langya and Lin Puojun. This was going to be a fight to the death, and there should be only one fighter living at the end of the battle.


    Someone claimed that they had seen a flash of lightning at the top of the Dragon Tiger Mountain.

    From the flash of lightning, an old man wearing an outfit with a symbol of Eight Trigrams printed on it emerged. His hair was messy and unruly, and he was holding a Thunder Seal tightly as he charged toward the East Sea.

    Many people also saw another old man dressed in a Daoist outfit at the peak of the Wu Dang mountain. The old man stepped over the edge of a cliff but instead of falling to his death, he continued ambling forward while walking on air. Meanwhile, a Tibetan monk with a kind face boarded a plane, leaving his entourage staring at him on the tarmac; some of them were chanting an ancient sutra.

    The fight had not only caught the attention of grandmasters and martial artists but also the curmudgeons.

    Meanwhile, the users on a martial arts forum had all boiled over.

    [OMG! I feel like history is repeating itself. What happened a hundred years ago is happening again in the exact same way. Only a couple of years ago, even a grandmaster was a rare sight.]

    [This battle is as momentous now as it would have been if it happened a hundred years ago. Chen Beixuan and Lin Shuming would have been strong contenders for the top three spots on the Divine Roll a hundred years ago.]

    [One was the most powerful swordsman in China and the other… an outright freak. Who would win?]

    Posts and comments such as these sprouted out all of a sudden.

    [The winner must be Chen Beixuan. He had killed six Immortal State Warriors by now. That's more than the average number of Immortal State Warriors on each continent.]

    [Not necessarily. Lin Shuming had been cultivating in seclusion for sixty years, and he must have already reached Earth Level Deity. I think he had purposefully held back his power in front of us.]

    [Does Earth Level Deity really exist? I thought it was just a myth.]

    Everyone deliberated with each other about the development.

    The focus of their discussion was whether or not Lin Shuming had reached Earth Level Deity.

    Earth Level Deity had always been a myth. The only written record of such a level of attainment was a thousand years old.

    The only proven case of an Earth Level Deity was Sword Secret the Exalted Cultivator. The mighty warriors came after him, such as Zhang Sanfeng from Wu Dang Sect, the Great Magus from the Dark Witch Sect, Lin Shuming, and Chen Beixuan, and none of them was proven to be Earth Level Deity.

    The last Earth Level Deity in the west was St. Augustine, who died almost two thousand years ago.

    Therefore, not a lot of people believed in the existence of the Earth Level Deity.

    Meanwhile, inside the base of Kunlun.

    "Humph! Not even the Great Magus could reach Earth Level Deity, I doubt Lin Shuming was able to pull it off. "

    An old man wearing military fatigues snorted. He linked his hands behind his back and kept his back as straight as jack pine.

    Director Xiao stood beside the old man and forced a smile onto his face. The energy flowing around the old man was much more powerful than that of the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect.

    Meanwhile, a man wearing an azure outfit with dragon images on it stood behind the old man and chimed in from time to time. He called the old man "Teacher."

    Meanwhile, at Mount Foguang at Taiwan Province…

    A girl with refined features wearing all white walked out of an intricate building. Although her face suggested that she was in her thirties, her eyes seemed to hold the secrets of century-old stories.

    She was greeted by many tycoons of Taiwan, as well as politicians. They stood obediently before the building and waited for the woman.

    The building had a plaque that read: Square Tower. The person who signed at the bottom was none other than the founding father of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Zhongshan.

    Japan, the Emperor's palace…

    An old samurai walked out of the place. He wore his hair in the traditional Sawaki style and hitched his katana and wakizashi about his waist. He looked up toward the west, basking his scarred face under the soft moonlight. A sharp light came up in his eyes, as an icy atmosphere permeated the air around him.

    Behind him stood many lords and princes of Japan. They came to see him off to China, giving him the same degree of respect as they would to the greatest samurai of all Japan.

    The news of the duel quickly gripped the whole world. Overlords from all over East Asia flocked to Zhong Hai to witness the fight.

    Many powerful nations recalibrated their satellites and focused their lenses at the shore of the East Sea.

    They also sent many special agents into China. They were trying to tape the fight as they wanted to use the footage to better estimate the powers of Chen Beixuan and Lin Shuming.

    Many youths who were interested in martial arts or super humans had spent hours on the Internet, trying to find an answer to the strange things happening under the plain sight.

    "Anyone from Zhong Hai? Something big must have happened. Many overlords are heading there."

    "Indeed. My martial arts teacher mentioned something about the battle of a century. He said he couldn't miss the fight, it's once in a lifetime opportunity."

    "Demogorgon? Or was it a duel between the two mightiest warriors of China?"

    These teenagers were not professional martial artists; therefore, they could only guess.

    However, curiosity drove these amateurs to Zhong Hai, to find out what was going on.

    The Chinese government had responded to the movement of people into Zhong Hai by blocking the seaport using battleships. However, it was unlikely for these battleships to stop the overlords since they could easily conjure a storm to force the ships to hunker down in the bay.

    "Teacher is back?"

    The entire North Qiong Sect was caught off guard by the news. A'Xiu patted her lashes and exclaimed in disbelief.

    "Yes. Immortal Master Chen had killed three Immortal State Warriors in Singapore last night. He had also brought the Dragon Hall to heels. So now, we have a chapter in Singapore," Wu Shanhe said with a broad smile.

    Master Wu used to serve the Yin Ghost Sect, but now he was among the loyalists of the North Qiong Sect.

    The news had lightened the mood and heightened everyone's spirit. Hua Yunfeng heaved a long sigh of relief, knowing that their current crisis had been averted with Chen Fan's return.

    Without Chen Fan, he would have no option but to risk his life and take on Lin Shuming. Should he fail, he would send the North Qiong Sect on a very dangerous course.

    Despite the good news, Yukishiro Sa lay in her bed with a scowl.

    She had worked hard to strengthen the North Qiong Sect, hoping to earn some respect from Chen Fan. However, now, she only wished that Chen Fan wouldn't be disappointed at her for unable to contain the situation.

    "I am still worried about Xiao Fan," Wang Xiaoyun said hesitantly.

    "You have nothing to worry about. Master's power is beyond our imagination," Hua Yunfeng assured Wang Xiaoyun.

    Although he didn't know the exact power of Chen Fan, he could register his unimaginable and boundless power. He was convinced that Lin Shuming had picked the wrong opponent this time.

    "What if Lin Shuming is now an Earth Level Deity? Could Teacher still defeat him?"

    A flicker of concern flashed across Hua Yunfeng's face.

    Three days later,

    The fight was finally happening.

    The day was November 6, 2011, and the battleground was on the shoreline of Zhong Hai, right beside a large rock outcrop.

    This rock outcrop had stood here for eons, and carved on its surface were many praises for the incredible scene of the sea looking from its top. There and then, it had become the focus of thousands of people around it.

    A scholarly looking man sat on the top of the rock, waiting.

    This had always been a quiet spot along the shore, but today, mighty warriors from all over the world had gathered here.

    "The deadliest Kendo Master Erika is here as well?"

    "Oh wait, isn't that Adam? I didn't expect to see him here."

    "Nearly all the grandmasters on the Heaven Roll are here. It's incredible!"

    Someone exclaimed.

    There were over ten grandmasters on this beach and nearly all the overlords of East Asia. Many people were on the verge of tears after seeing such an impressive assembly.

    The crowd boiled over when the North Qiong Sect arrived.

    "North Qiong Sect is finally here? Where is Chen Beixuan?"

    Everyone looked at the newly-arrived group expectantly.