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Chapter 527 - The Strongest Enemy

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 527 The Strongest Enemy

    When Chen Fan and Xie Yan descended to the ground, they were greeted by all members of the Dragon Hall kneeling on the ground with their heads lowered. They were completely enamored by Chen Fan’s power.

    “How is that possible?”

    Guo Shoukang was shaken to the core.

    With a few punches, Chen Fan had ruined his plan of marrying his daughter into the leadership of the Dragon Hall.

    “Father, you have been wrong from the beginning.”

    Guo Nuannuan heaved a sigh.

    The supporters of Wu Guanchao knelt on the ground, bodies shaking uncontrollably.

    “Master Wu.”

    Xie Jintang landed his searing gaze on Wu Jinxuan, the twelfth Hall Master of the Dragon Hall. He shriveled on the ground, hands shaking with fear and looked nothing like a Hall Master.

    “Wu Jinxuan, you have betrayed the Dragon Hall and worked with our enemy. I should have killed you.”

    Xie Yan said coldly.

    “I am sorry, Dragon Lord! Please spare my life for old-times sake!”

    Wu Jinxuan pleaded desperately.

    “I am not the one to decide your fate.” Xie Jintang shook his head and waved a dismissive hand. A few guards came forward and took Wu Jinxuan away.

    Xie Yan then turned around and bowed to Chen Fan.

    “Please, sect master, allow me to be your host.”

    “Welcome, Immortal Master Chen!”

    The members of the Dragon Hall announced in unison.

    Many people had a feeling that today would be the last day for the former Dragon Hall. After today, it would become part of the North Qiong Sect just as the Dark Witch Chapter did. However, the annexation was not a bad thing since the members of the Dragon Hall had long since gotten tired of defending themselves against powerful Immortal State Warriors.

    Everyone knew that Chen Beixuan was extremely protective of his own subjects.

    Chen Fan and the others walked right into The Dragon Plaza and arrived at the main meeting room on the seventh floor. Many leaders of the Dragon Hall, as well as the president of Singapore, had already been waiting for them.

    Chen Fan walked over to the huge curtain window and looked down at the sleepless city-state of Singapore, the jewel of Southeast Asia.

    “We are glad that the Dragon Lord has returned safely. I have already told my man to search and delete any footage of the fight that occurred earlier. We will just tell people that it was a military drill.”

    The president said.

    Xie Yan nodded a reply. Unlike the Guo Family and the Wu family, the Lee Family wielded powerful political clout. Even the Dragon Hall had to rely on the Lee Family to manage Singapore.

    “Is that Mr. Chen Beixuan”

    The president asked as he cast a sidelong glance at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and stood by himself next to the curtained window. No one dared to walk near him as if there was an invisible force field around his body.

    “The Dragon Hall will become a chapter under the North Qiong Sect and Mr. Chen is our Sect Master.” Xie Yan said.

    “But, do you think the United States of America will allow that?”

    The president wanted to say more, but he kept his words unspoken.

    America was one of Singapore’s biggest benefactors and contributed to the founding of the nation.

    Other than Singapore’s military prowess, the American’s support was also a significant factor that had solidified its position at the Malacca Strait. The Malacca Strait was important for the American’s dominance of the pacific, so they needed an ally to safely keep the passage. The Americans were not going to like it when they learned that Chen Fan had pinned the state of Singapore under his thumb.

    “The Americans…”

    Xie Yan became quiet.

    The United States of America had claimed the seat of power ever since the fall of the USSR. She had eleven aircraft carrier fleets that flexed her military muscles all over the seven seas. She was undoubtedly the most powerful nation in the world.

    “The nation of Singapore doesn’t have to be involved in Dragon Hall’s business.”

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    Despite the United States of America’s might, Chen Fan was powerful enough to handle the threat. After all, it was very unlikely that the United States of America would use nuclear weapons against Chen Fan. The United States of America was not the only country that had nuclear weapons.

    “Have you learned anything about my family’s latest status?”

    Chen Fan turned his head over his shoulder and asked.

    “The latest update is on its way. Please be rest assured that no one would dare to rise up against the mighty North Qiong Sect.” Xie Yan replied with a smile.

    “What have you learned so far?”

    Chen Fan asked.

    A couple leaders of the Dragon Hall filled Chen Fan in about what had happened in the last year and a half.

    Chen Fan snorted when he heard that three Immortal State Warriors had attempted to raid the Chen Family. Chen Fan was certain that the man who protected his family from the harm was Tong Shan.

    Tong Shan had cultivated the Tiger Demon’s Physique Refinement Art for three years and by then, he had reached an incredible level of attainment. An Immortal State Warrior wouldn’t be able to harm him even if he stood still and didn’t fight back. However, the timeliness of his protection made Chen Fan believe that someone more intelligent, such as Yukishiro Sa, was ordering Tong Shan behind the scenes.

    “There are so many Immortal State Warriors?”

    Chen Fan was taken by surprise when he learned the number of Immortal State Warriors that had reemerged.

    There was Yao Daoyi from the Dragon Tiger Mountain, Li Changsheng from the Wu Dang Sect, Dharma-rāja Sakya from the Buha Temple, and Daxin from Thailand, just to name a few. Most Immortal State Warriors were from regions rich with history and ancient civilizations.

    “Hum… there is no one from the United States of America?”

    Chen Fan went through the list again and confirmed that none of the Immortal State Warriors were from America. Although the United States of America was only two hundred years old, Chen Fan had expected to find at least one Immortal State Warrior there.

    “The United States of America does not need any Immortal State Warriors.”

    People looked at each other in silence, until Xie Yan finally broke the silence.

    “They don’t need one?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    Nothing spoke louder than that answer about the extreme confidence of a nation. Slowly but surely, Chen Fan started to have a better picture of the mighty nation.

    The United States of America had brought numerous nations to heel, she might as well be one of the most powerful nations on earth. Although she was nowhere near as powerful as she used to be, she was still a force if not the only force to be reckoned with on earth.

    Fear flashed across people’s faces when they heard the name of the powerful nation.

    The United States of America was so powerful that her name alone would inspire fear.

    “Humph. It’s just a human nation. I will teach her a lesson once I have reached Connate Spirit State.”

    Chen Fan snorted as a cold light came up in his eyes.

    Chen Fan might be powerful, but nuclear arms were still his Achilles heel.

    “The world had never seen such a dominant sect as the North Qiong Sect. It has four Immortal State Warriors and twenty Perfected Cultivators. Already, it is much more potent than Kunlun if not the Christian Church back in the days.”

    A Grandmaster from the Dragon Hall exclaimed.

    The rest of the grandmasters nodded in agreement.

    It was not a small feat to have four Immortal State Warriors. Even during the peak of the Church’s power, it had only nine Cardinals, and none of them were as powerful as Chen Fan.

    “As long as we have Sect master, we can take on any foe, even the Christian Church if it were still around.”

    Another Grandmaster exclaimed.

    Chen Fan had killed three Immortal State Warriors in a row and such a feat would shock the rest of the world. More importantly, the death of Sohabi and Daxin would leave a power vacuum in Southeast Asia, giving a precious opportunity to the Dragon Hall to claim dominance.

    “We can claim the entire Southeast Asia! Hundreds of millions of population and over a dozen nations. Just imagine the wealth!”

    The thought had inspired enthusiasm in everyone’s mind. From then on, the dozen or so nations in Southeast Asia would all report to the Dragon Hall, making the Dragon Hall the only master of the land.

    Guo Shoukang stood by himself quietly in a corner of the room. He looked at Chen Fan and then back at his own daughter.

    No one had bothered to talk to him. Everyone knew that he had picked the wrong side and if not for his daughter, he might as well be dead.

    “He is Chen Beixuan… How would I know that?”

    Guo Shoukang lamented.

    Meanwhile, strange things happened in the sky above the Lin Family’s residence. Rainbows appeared seemingly out of nowhere above the empty mansion. The servants and many residents of the mansion moved out a few months ago. However, sightings of strange phenomena near the mansion started to surface around the same time and had become more frequent over time.

    “Ancestral Patriarch is trying to become an Earth Level Deity.”

    One of the Lin Family’s elders said with a shaky hand.

    As days passed, members of the Lin Family became increasingly concerned about their situation.

    Over the last two years, Chen Fan had risen to fame and so did the North Qiong Sect. It had put a huge strain on the Lin Family of Southeastern China and forced it to retreat from all over China.

    The death of Lin Langya was a huge blow to the family. He was the Lin family’s future, so his death had left the Lin Family heirless.

    “After the death of Puojun and Langya, the Lin Family is doomed.”

    Lord Lin used to lament painfully in despair.

    But what could the Lin Family do? They tried to fight against Chen Fan but failed miserably. There and then, they have only one last hope.

    With that thought in mind, everyone looked to the direction of their ancestral residence.

    If Lin Shuming could become an Earth Level Deity, they might have a chance to avenge their defeat.

    One day,the Lin Family Lord wandered to the old residence to see if there were any new developments.

    Suddenly, a brilliant Blade Qi shot out from the old house and pierced into the sky. It traced a white line against the backdrop of deep blue sky that could be seen from miles away.

    “What the…”

    The incredible sight had caught everyone’s attention.


    With a clear and crisp clank of metal on metal, a stone gate that had remained closed for decades finally cracked open. A young man with refined features emerged from within.

    The young man was wearing a traditional outfit, completed with a scholar headpiece on top of his head and a long sword on his back.

    “Long live the Ancestral Patriarch!”

    The Lin Family Lord broke down into tears as he dropped to both knees to kowtow to the young man.