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Chapter 526 - Death Punch

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 526 Death Punch

    In his moment of enlightenment, the Buddha had famously said: “A flickering of a finger contained sixty most basic units of time. In each of that unfathomably short moment, nine hundred lives were lost and another nine hundred were born.”

    Chen Fan had killed Wu Guanchao using just one strike and try as he might, Wu Guanchao could not break free from the iron hold of the mighty palm strike. Even his Divine Soul melted away under the deadly energy.

    Daxin and the Prophet of the Sea God were both shaken to the core after seeing the development.

    Although Wu Guanchao had just entered Immortal State not long ago, his peers had expected him to last longer than that.

    “This curmudgeon had increased his power by leaps and bounds over the years.”

    Daxin gave Chen Fan a long glance and then patted the giant snake python his feet. The python slammed the invisible seal with its tail as if it had understood its master’s command.


    With an ear-deafening blare, the python’s tail stirred up huge waves.

    This python was well over fifty meters long and two men could wrap their arms around its girth. His tail could crush an armored vehicle with ease. However, when it slammed into the invisible barrier, the barrier only flickered and held its ground. Meanwhile, the hard impact shredded many scales off of the python’s body.

    “Don’t even bother. We wouldn’t be able to break the Divine Force unless you have become an Earth Level Deity.” The Prophet of the Sea God put in.


    Even as she spoke, Chen Fan had already charged forward.

    Chen Fan had gathered the Power of Heaven and Earth to freeze the very fabric of reality in place.

    These tactics consumed a tremendous amount of Divine Will and True Essence, therefore, the effect could at the most last at the most ten seconds. Since time was of the essence, Chen Fan didn’t hold back his power even the slightest. His True Essence had transformed into scintillating Fist Aura that illuminated the dark sky.


    Daxin shouted as a wet noise came out from his throat.

    Hearing its name, the giant python opened its mouth and spat out a ray of emerald-colored light.

    Upon closer inspection, Chen Fan found out that this ray of light was made out of a moving mist of the same color. This plume of green mist was the python’s Inborn Divine Powers. It was extremely poisonous and a drop of this deadly substance could kill tens of thousands of people. The python had been devouring many poisonous herbs and insects for centuries to strengthen the potency of the mist.


    The green light darted toward Chen Fan at lightning speed and surrounded Chen Fan in a blink.

    Daxin’s face finally softened a little as a faint smile crept onto the corner of his lips.

    As the most successful Gong Tau master of Southeast Asia, Naga was one of his most proud possessions.

    Naga didn’t always belong to him, instead, it used to be a Guardian Spirit Beast of Daxin’s sect. After Daxin took over the sect business, he started to feed the python poisonous plants and the python’s power started to grow rapidly and reached Immortal State. Daxin was confident that no one could survive Naga’s deadly poison mist. It was not only poisonous but also extremely corrosive and could melt away steel in a matter of seconds.

    “Be careful, Chen Beixuan is not an ordinary foe.”

    The Prophet of the Sea God pushed a Sapphire spear from the roiling seawater as she warned her peer.


    Her warning turned out to be quite necessary. Chen Fan rushed through the poison mist and hurled a fist at Daxin.


    Daxin gaped in utter surprise.

    The poisonous mist didn’t cause any harm to Chen Fan, it didn’t even taint Chen Fan’s shirt. Chen Fan had reached mid-stage of the Divine Sea Level, so his power was well beyond the imagination of Daxin. Not even a direct impact from a field cannon could make a dent on Chen Fan’s body, much less the mist. Chen Fan didn’t even need to use his Azure Thearch Longevity Body to ward off the poisonous mist.

    “Gu Worm of Ten Thousand Poisons!”

    Daxin scrambled to put up some defense. He waved both arms and summoned two plums of dark smog from under his sleeves.

    The dark smoke was made out of tiny Gu Worms. Daxin had collected these Gu Worm over the decades and each one of them could kill a man with one bit.

    “Void Dimension Shockwave!”

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the deadly retinue of worms as he charged up his Fist Qi.

    Suddenly, a shock wave rippled through space, turning the air into liquid and annihilated all living things within its radius of effect.

    The True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, Void Dimension Shockwave!

    It wasn’t until now that Chen Fan could finally start to unleash the real power of the technique. An accomplished Immortal Cultivator from the True Martial Celestial Sect could shatter the space and annihilate an entire dimension using this technique. Chen Fan had only reached the Divine Sea level, but his attack was destructive nonetheless.


    The shockwave shot through the air and reached Daxin, ripping apart Daxin’s hands, arms, shoulders, and even his head. In a blink, only Daxin’s lower body remained intact.

    So powerful was Chen Fan’s attack that it threatened to tear a hole through the fabric of reality.

    The other overlords were stunned beyond belief by what they saw.

    Even Xie Yan’s face became heavy as he contemplated what he would do if he was in Daxin’s shoes.


    Suddenly, a flicker of panic lit up in the giant python’s eyes as it turned tail and was going to dive deep into the ocean. Before it did that, the beast spat out a ray of green light from its mouth at Chen Fan.

    “Does that beast carry the second Primordial Essence of Daxin?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as he registered Daxin’s presence inside the python.

    Content and incompetence had driven the cultivators on earth to focus on protective measures rather than striving for real immortality. Many Immortal State cultivators on earth had one or two life-preserving last-ditch measures up their sleeves.

    Just as Grand Magus God had his way of preserving his mortality, so too did Daxin.

    “You call that a Primordial Essence? Now that’s rich. Try to dodge this!”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and punched.


    The sky seemed to have fallen around everyone’s ears, and even the passage of time had lost its meaning.

    This punch was so unimaginably powerful that it carried the weight of Mount Tai as it swooped down on the giant python.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    A series of explosions erupted from the python from its head to tail.

    The explosion ripped open its head, neck, body, spine, and tail, turning the creature into a bloody pulp, and tossing its scaly bits and pieces into the air. It was as if a hundred cannons fired at once at point-blank range, reducing the snake’s body into smithereens.


    Chen Fan’s Fist Qi went through the python’s body and reached the bottom of the ocean and caused a sizable explosion on the ocean floor.

    The explosion stirred up huge waves that were over a dozen meters in height. The chance of any Divine Soul surviving such a deadly blow was zero.

    Everyone gasped and was speechless by the turn of events.

    “Incredible! It’s at least ten times more powerful than the Cannon Fist of the Xing Yi Fist Sect.”

    Xie Yan let out a gasp of cold air.

    Unknown to him, this was only the tip of Chen Fan’s glacial power.

    Chen Fan had abandoned any fancy techniques and only used his True Essence to output raw damage. Over the last year and a half, Chen Fan had improved his level of attainment significantly. Then he had gained enough True Essence to hold out against ten Immortal State Warriors.

    “Five seconds.”

    Chen Fan pulled back his fist and looked to the side at the Prophet of the Sea God.

    His first attack had killed Wu Guanchao and the second one killed Daxin. From the beginning of the onslaught, Chen Fan remained calm if not aloof. The victory came so easily to him that he didn’t even need to use any Divine powers.

    The Prophet of the Sea God turned into a frozen statue once she felt Chen Fan’s icy glare on her face.

    She was not sure what to do with the spear in her hand. Should he attack Chen Fan with it? Her heart said yes but her head said no.

    “My Lord, I am willing to serve you as Xie Yan did.”

    The Prophet of the Sea God let out an alluring smile and said.

    “There is no need.”

    Chen Fan reached out his hand and garbed something in the air.


    A deep rumbling noise came up in the sky and was getting louder by the second. In a blink, everyone could feel the Essence Qi in heaven and earth start to grind against each other.

    Then an azure apparition of a palm appeared in the sky.

    This palm was the size of a basketball court. Everyone could feel the weight it had carried with it. The air suddenly became heavy, and many people bent double to gasp for air. All the air was gone, and their minds onto the impending strike.

    “Connate Grand Qin-na Hand!”

    This was the first time Chen Fan used a Dharma Spell ever since he reached the mid-stage of the Divine Sea. Its power was beyond even the wildest imagination.


    The Prophet of the Sea God pleaded and pleaded, but the azure palm didn’t stop. It came down on the prophet with a great measure of decisiveness.

    Even before the palm landed on its target, the surface of the sea was pressed in by the unbearable weight.

    In the end, the attack had left a large depression on the ocean bed and as for the Prophet of the Sea God, she was reduced into food for fish,

    “The so-called Prophet of the Sea God who could summon a tsunami is… dead?”

    Stunned and speechless, everyone tried to wrap their heads around the event.

    Chen Fan had killed three Immortal State Warriors without using any Dharma Treasure. He had killed them with brute force alone. His might and power were every bit as real as the reality itself.

    “Ten seconds.”

    Chen Fan murmured lightly.


    The Dimension Seal suddenly disappeared, loosening its grip on the movement of air and the water. Everything returned to its former normality without any trace of the battle that had taken place a second ago. The distorted ocean bed was the only proof of the battle.

    Members of the Dragon Hall lowered their heads to pay their deep respect to Chen Fan

    “Chen Beixuan is back! The world is going to be shocked once again.”

    A leader of the Dragon Hall murmured fearfully.

    His fear was shared by other grandmasters who looked at each other in confusion and shock. Chen Fan had killed three Immortal State Warriors as soon as he emerged from the valley. His ungodly power is bound to instill fear into the hearts of the other Immortal State Warriors.