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Chapter 525 - Chen Fans Attack

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 525 Chen Fans Attack

    The King of Gong Tau and the Priest of Sea God were both veteran Immortal State Warriors. Before Xie Yan showed up, they had dominated the entire Southeast Asia.

    Xie Yan eventually arrived in Southeast Asia and brought both of them to heel. They had been waiting for a few decades for revenge and they finally found the opportunity.

    “Three Immortal State Warriors. This is going to be a hell of a fight.”

    A Grandmaster from the Dragon Hall murmured to himself.

    The other Grandmasters were all terrified by the impending battle.

    Killing any Immortal State Warrior was easier said than done. Even Lin Shuming and Ye Qincang could not guarantee to kill Immortal State Warriors. A large part of the reason behind Chen Fan’s fame was his ability to kill Immortal State Warriors.

    However, facing three Immortal State Warriors at the same time was a very different story. They wouldn’t even give their opponent the opportunity of escaping using Divine Soul.

    “Brother Xie, we have expected you to make it out of the Valley of No Return since you have always been such a smart guy. However, we didn’t expect you to take so long. We almost lost our patience.”

    The white-haired elder let out a peal of laughter.

    He sat cross-legged on the head of a ten-meter long snake who had submerged most of its huge body underwater. The python was over fifty meters long, and its head was the size of an average house. Its eyes glowed like two lanterns, and in between his eyes was a wart-like bulb.

    Many people let out a gasp of cold air once they saw the snake.

    “This beast is very close to transforming into a Naga.”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and was taken aback by the sight of such a powerful beast. He wagered that this snake must be more powerful than the Yin Snake in the Yin Dragon Pond.

    “But we are right about you since not even Chen Beixuan could do away with you. By the way, where is Chen Beixuan, is he still stuck in the array?” Wu Guanchao asked with a smirk.

    The Prophet of the Sea God remained silent. Her hair was the color of an emerald and had the weight of feathers. Even her skin seemed to glow green from time to time. Her reticent appearance was contrasted by the roiling sea under her feet.

    Xie Yan’s face became as hard as an anvil as the reality set in.

    “Brother Xie, if you can promise us that Dragon Hall will forever remain in Singapore, we will head back right away.” The prophet finally broke her silence. Her voice was clear and almost musical.

    The combined force of three Immortal State Warriors was terrifying indeed, but Xie Yan was not a pushover either. The three Immortal state warriors must pay dearly if they want to do away with him.

    “Southeast Asia belongs to the Dragon Hall, this will never change. If you leave now and swear never to rise against me, I will spare your lives.” Xie Yan’s lips curled into a cold smile.

    “What did you say, tough guy?”

    Daxin guffawed.

    Wu Guanchao laughed and said: “Xie Yan, what makes you think that you can handle three of us at the same time? Show us what you got.”

    The Prophet of the Sea God also shook her head dismissively. She didn’t think that Xie Yan stood a chance against three Immortal State Warriors.

    The members of the Dragon Hall were stupefied by the development.

    However powerful Xie Yan was, he could at the most handle two Immortal State Warriors. He had put his life on the line by taking on three Immortal State Warriors at the same time. Worse, Daxin’s snake was equally as powerful as an Immortal State Warrior, effectively making the battle even more unfair.

    “Is the Dragon Hall going to be destroyed today?”

    Some leaders of the Dragon Hall wept.

    Other than Wu Guanchao’s supporters, most Grandmasters from the Dragon Hall were troubled by where the development was heading towards.

    “Nuannuan, what did I tell you? Overseer Wu has really powerful friends. The Prophet and the King of Gong Tau both showed up to join his fight. It’s going to be the end of the Dragon Hall!”

    The turn of the event had elated Guo Shoukang. He spoke to his daughter with animated gestures.


    Guo Nuannuan shook his head and looked toward the young servant boy next to her.

    “You guys have all forgotten about me!”

    Under Guo Shoukang’s incredulous glare, Chen Fan flew up and reached the zenith of the sky.

    “It. It..”

    Guo Shoukang was shocked beyond belief. He had never thought that such an ordinary-looking young man could be an Immortal State Warrior.

    “Dad, I don’t think I have told you this, but the Dragon Lord had become Master Chen’s disciple and is the Sect Guardian of the North Qiong Sect. In fact, the Dragon Hall is also a part of the North Qiong Sect as well.”

    Guo Nuannuan heaved a sigh and said.

    “What are you talking about? The North Qiong Sect? Is he Chen Beixuan?”

    Guo Shoukang was stupefied by the revelation.


    Under everyone’s terrified eyes, Chen Fan ascended higher as if walking on invisible stairs. It wasn’t long before he reached the same altitude as the other four Immortal State Warriors.

    “Who are you?”

    Wu Guanchao and Daxin both shot a surprised glare at the young man.

    The Immortal State Warriors had a small circle, so everyone knew each other. However, the teenager’s face was unfamiliar to them. Unsure which side he was on, the three Immortal State Warriors waited for Chen Fan’s reply cautiously.

    “What? You don’t know me? You were just talking about me.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said lightly.

    Before his words faded, the features on Chen Fan’s face became more refined and his skin started to glow.

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    Daxin shouted at the top of his lungs.

    Wu Guanchao and the Prophet of the Sea God were both taken aback.

    Meanwhile, the crowd on the ground watching all of this let out a wave of cheers. By now, Chen Beixuan’s name had become a household name. Members of the Dragon Hall were particularly familiar with him since the Dragon Lord was involved in the battle at the Valley of No Return.

    “He is Chen Beixuan? He seems very close to the Dragon Lord. I thought they were enemies.”

    The crowd was confused.

    “Immortal Master Chen, what is the meaning of this? We have never intended to harm you, while it was Xie Yan who had rose up against you before”

    Daxin was stupefied by Chen Fan’s presence. He asked in trepidation and confusion.

    “Sect master.”

    To Daxin’s surprise, he watched as Xie Yan bowed to Chen Fan and addressed the young man as his master.

    “Xie Yan has agreed to join the North Qiong Sect, and so did the Dragon Hall. Attacking them is the same as attacking me.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and let out a half-smile.


    His words shocked everyone.

    The members of the Dragon Hall quickly gathered themselves and cheered loudly. The North Qiong Sect Sect recently rose, but it was already the most powerful sect in Asia, so joining it was a piece of great news to the Dragon Hall at such a trying time.

    However, Daxin and the other two Immortal state warriors were not happy at all with the revelation.

    None of them had expected Xie Yan to join Chen Fan’s sect.

    “Let’s move.”

    Without saying anything else, Daxin commanded the snake to turn around and head towards where he came from. The Prophet of the Sea God also disappeared in a blink, leaving a whirlpool in the sea where she had been standing. Meanwhile, Wu Guanchao glanced back at The Dragon Plaza, gritted his teeth and turned into a flash of lightning and disappeared.

    “Haha, you think you can escape from me?”

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter and waved a hand.

    Suddenly, he summoned three barriers, blocking the Immortal Warrior’s paths. The snake couldn’t stop in time and rammed its head into the barrier and was winded by the impact. Wu Guanchao tried to pierce through the barrier using the Thunder Art but failed. Even the Prophet of the Sea God was forced to emerge from under the sea.

    “What kind of spell is that?”

    Daxin was stunned.

    Chen Fan had summoned unbreachable barriers before three Immortal State Warriors. Such an ability would make him as powerful as ancient gods who could create a new dimension on a whim.

    “This is Divine Power, I don’t think he can keep it up for long. We just have to wait until the spell wears off.”

    The Prophet of the Sea God hurried to put in.

    A light came up in Chen Fan’s eyes. The Prophet of the Sea God had hit the mark. The ability he had used was called the Dimension Seal. It was a Connate level spell that could create another dimension in the real world to distort the very fabric of space.

    Chen Fan’s current level could allow him to maintain this spell for less than ten seconds.

    “But that is long enough.”

    Chen Fan attacked Wu Guanchao immediately with a push of a palm.

    Wu Guanchao scrambled to charge up the Art of Five Thunder Fists, summoning countless tendrils of lightning around his body which then merged into one sizzling bolt. The lightning bolt shot out at Chen Fan.

    “You have no idea what the real power of Thunder looks like.”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and then shook his head.

    “I will open your eyes today.”

    With a blaring explosion, a red lightning ball appeared in Chen Fan’s palm.

    The Palm Lightning was one of the most common Thunder Art among the Immortal Cultivators. Its damage output scaled directly with the user’s power. It has several levels and each was denoted by the color of the lightning ball: blue, white, red, golden, azure, violet, and black.

    To use the red lightning ball, the cultivator had to reach Connate State and only the Soul Formation level cultivators could use the most powerful variant: the black lightning ball.

    Chen Fan had consumed part of his True Essence to use the Red Lightning ball. Despite the ball’s small size, it annihilated everything in its path before Chen Fan pushed it into Wu Guanchao’s chest.

    “What is going on?”

    Wu Guanchao glared at Chen Fan’s hand on his chest and was clueless about what had happened.

    He watched as the red energy cut through his thunder art, his Four Righteousness Protection Aura, his protective Dharma Artifact and buried deep into his chest.

    “This is what a real Thunder Art looks like.”

    Chen Fan replied readily.

    Wu Guanchao opened his mouth to say something, but before any sound came out of his throat, his body was swallowed by the red sizzling energy, reducing his flesh into ashes.

    Chen Fan had killed an Immortal State Warrior with only one strike!

    The development had taken the winds out of Sohabi and Daxin’s sails. Meanwhile, a tsunami of cheers erupted among the crowd.

    By then, only one second had passed since Chen Fan summoned the barrier, so he still had nine more seconds to deal with the remaining two enemies.