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Chapter 523 - Enter The Dragon

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 523 Enter The Dragon

    The city-state of Singapore had millions of residents inside its seven hundred square kilometer land. Its population was mostly of Chinese descent. Back in the 80s, it was one of the Four Asian Tigers and to this day, it was still the most important center hub of economy and world maritime transportation largely due to its control over the Malacca Strait.

    The headquarters of the Dragon Hall was located just on the outskirts of the city in a skyscraper called The Dragon Plaza.

    This seventy-story skyscraper was the tallest building in Singapore. It rose three hundred meters into the air and pierced the sky like a sharp sword. It’s hulking presence dwarfed all the nearby structures.


    A Gulfstream G650 landed on the tarmac of the Singapore International Airport. A girl with breathtaking icy beauty elegantly emerged out from the plane.

    The girl was wearing oversized coffee-colored sunglasses and a beige jacket. Adding on her perfectly-fitted jeans and pair of cowboy boots, she looked commanding and confident as ever.

    A large group of guards followed the girl, hiding among them were Chen Fan and Xie Yan wearing disguises.

    “Sect master, are you sure Wu Guanchao is in Singapore?”

    Xie Yan asked Chen Fan using his Soul Energy.

    The Immortal State Warriors were extremely perceptive to soul energy. They could quickly sense the presence of any other Immortal State Warrior in the vicinity. It was usually considered an affront to even trespassing onto the territory of another Immortal State Warrior, so Xie Yan had not projected his soul energy out to search for his target.

    “He should be here. But something is off about his presence. I don’t want to alert him, so I am not going to pry too hard.”

    Chen Fan said calmly.

    His Divine Will was much more potent than Soul Energy. However, an Immortal State Warrior could still sense its presence when it is too close.

    “Let’s head to The Dragon Plaza.”

    A fleet of black Mercedes-Benz SUVs had lined up outside of the airport, waiting for their arrival.

    Once Guo Nuannuan gave them the go-ahead, the bodyguards got into the car and drove away. Chen Fan and Xie Yan both got into the same vehicle with Guo Nuannuan.

    As soon as the doors were closed, Guo Nuannuan took off her sunglasses and batted her lashes.

    “What’s the plan? Guns blazing, pincer attack or are we going to draw them out?”

    “There is no ‘we’, it’s only me and Xie Yan. You are not coming with us.”

    Chen Fan answered distractedly.


    Guo Nuannuan’s temper was going to flare, but words got stuck in her throat as soon as she remembered that Chen Fan was a murderous overlord.

    She changed her tone and said: “I can help with locating Wu Guanchao for you. I am from the branch of the Guo Family of Singapore, I can find out where Wu Guanchao is easy.”

    “Thank you, but no. He is inside The Dragon Plaza—that, I already know. I am just unfamiliar with his presence and unsure if that really is him.”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    “We might as well head in directly. You can take on much more powerful foes than Wu Guanchao.”

    Xie Yan said calmly.

    Xie Yan lived up to his reputation as a veteran Immortal State Warrior. He was slightly taken aback at first by the turn of events, but by now, he had already gathered himself.

    The fleet quickly arrived at The Dragon Plaza. Being the Headquarters of the Dragon Hall, the security was extra stringent here. There was a checkpoint for every a hundred meters, each was guarded by soldiers in black uniforms with a dragon emblem. Chen Fan had even noticed a few Internal Force Users among the soldiers.

    “I am from the Guo Family and I am here to meet my father, Guo Shoukang.”

    Guo Nuannuan spoke through the open window.

    Guo Shoukang was one of the leaders of the Guo family. Guo Nuannuan had visited the Dragon Hall a few times alongside her father, so her name was registered in the security system. She was allowed into the building with only two guests: Chen Fan and Xie Yan.

    “It’s quite splendid here.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and ambled into the building.

    He had used a disguise of sixteen years old while Xie Yan wore the disguise of a hunch-backed old servant.

    “We paid dearly for all of this. Many of my friends who fought alongside me are dead, but they had laid the foundation for Dragon Hall in Southeast Asia. I couldn’t bear the thought of someone from the inside dismantling all that we had fought and died for.”

    Xie Yan exclaimed vehemently.

    “Isn’t that Guo Nuannuan? Why are you here? Ah… I guess you have finally agreed to become my daughter-in-law?”

    A group of men emerged from the building as soon as Chen Fan’s party was through security. A middle-aged man suddenly spoke loudly to Guo Nuannuan.

    Chen Fan recognized that this man was the Grandmaster from Malaysia: Leng Jianfeng.

    However, Leng Jianfeng couldn’t see through Chen Fan and Xie Yan’s disguise, instead, he gazed at Guo Nuannuan with a warm smile.

    “Nice to meet you, Uncle Leng.”

    Guo Nuannuan replied with an aloof nod.

    Someone among Leng Jianfeng’s entourage suddenly caught her attention. She blenched and let out a stifled cry.


    “Nuannuan, you are finally back.”

    Regret and embarrassment were written all over Guo Shoukang’s face.

    Without his consent, Leng Tong would never be engaged with Guo Nuannuan. However, the family’s future was at stake, so he must do what was best for the clan even if it meant selling out his daughter.

    Complicated and strong emotions roiled inside Guo Nuannuan as she glared at her father.

    “Good timing. I was just discussing with Uncle Leng about your marriage. As you know, the new Overseer of the Dragon Hall is facing some challenges to get things back online after the change of leadership. Uncle Leng was nice enough to secure two positions in the caucus of the Dragon Hall for both you and your fiance. It’s a good opportunity for you.”

    Guo Shoukang’s eyes darted left and right, but his voice was firm.

    “Nuannuan, please don’t blame daddy. You are going to get married sooner or later anyway, and it is not like Leng Tong is not good enough for you. Your marriage could bring us closer to the Leng family, as well as the new Overseer.”


    “Nuannuan’s renowned beauty is only matched by Leng Tong’s exceptional talent in Martial Arts. It’s a match made in heaven and a sign that the Leng family is going to rise to prominence within the Dragon Hall.”

    “Indeed, indeed! Make sure you invite us to the wedding!”

    Many leaders of the Dragon Hall congratulated them on the marriage.

    There were also a few people who glared at Guo Nuannuan jealously, hoping their daughter could be as attractive as she.

    Leng Jianfeng had quickly risen to power recently and was the third in command right next to the Hall Master and Lord Lee.

    Guo Shoukang heaped smiles onto his face and thanked everyone for their blessings. Although he was one of, if not the richest man in Malaysia, he was nothing in the eyes of the leaders of the Dragon Hall.

    Guo Nuannuan’s heart sank to the bottom when she saw her father’s cowardice.

    Leng Jianfeng nodded with a smug smile. Meanwhile, a question rang in his mind.

    “Where is my son, Leng Tong?”

    Suddenly, Leng Jianfeng heard a booming voice.

    “I never knew that the Dragon Hall has an Overseer.”

    The crowd was taken aback and they looked to the speaker, only to find an old servant wearing azure clothing.

    “Who are you? Mind your manners, old man.”

    One of the leaders of Dragon Hall chided the old man for his interruption.

    Leng Jianfeng’s face also crumpled and said:

    “Nuannuan, you should teach your servant some manners. Overseer Wu is the new leader of the Dragon Hall. If this old man keeps on barking at us, I will have to force him to shut up.”

    “Just so, Nunanuna, tell him to mind his own business.” Guo Nuannuan’s father hurried to put in.

    Guo Shoukang stood silently, but her eyes were filled with disappointment.

    Suddenly, everyone watched as the old man shook his head and said: “Leng Jianfeng, you disappoint me. Brother Leng had fought bravely alongside me and sacrificed his life for the Dragon Hall. You are an utter disgrace to your heroic family!”

    “Who are you?”

    Leng Jianfeng’s face changed as he shot a surprised glare at the old man.

    “See it for yourself.”

    Xie Yan said as he straightened his back.

    “Pee’ lee Paa’laa…”

    His bones snapped as his body lengthened. The slacked skin regained firmness and color, transforming the old man into a scholarly looking middle-aged man.

    “Dragon Lord?”

    The leaders of the Dragon Hall were shocked beyond belief as soon as Xie Yan revealed himself. Leng Jianfeng was shaken to the core and gaped at the Dragon Lord in utter disbelief.

    “Are you not dead in the Valley of No Return?”

    Leng Jianfeng asked in a shaky voice.

    “I have lived for a hundred years, and will not die so easily.”

    Xie Yan snorted as a dark light brightened in his eyes.

    “Leng Jianfeng, you have betrayed the Dragon Hall, and death is your final sentence.”


    Leng Jianfeng shrieked and backed away. He spun around and zigzagged across the hallway at lightning speed.


    Xie Yan grunted.

    A dark Blade Qi rose from his back, arced across the hallway and landed squarely on top of Leng Jianfeng’s head, severing it from his neck. Leng Jianfeng even attempted to block the attack, but he was far too slow.


    Leng Jianfeng’s dead body thudded onto the floor heavily.

    A Transcendent State Grandmaster was dead in a blink of the eye.


    The leaders of the Dragon Hall dropped to their knees and lowered their heads. No one dared to connect gazes with the mighty Dragon Lord.

    Xie Yan barely graced them with a glance. He flew into the sky, painting a streak of bright light against the white clouds as he shouted: “Wu Guanchao, come out and meet your death!”