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Chapter 522 - Mutiny At The Dragon Hall

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 522 Mutiny At The Dragon Hall

    It wasn’t until the Dragon Hall disciples finished talking that Chen Fan and Xie Yan realized how much had changed in the Dragon Hall in the past a year and a half.

    Only a few months after Xie Yan disappeared into the Valley of No Return, his disciples were convinced that he was already dead.

    The Dragon Hall was able to keep up the appearances in the beginning, but as more and more Immortal State Warriors surfaced to the world, they felt the noose tightening around their necks. Without the protection of an Immortal State Warriors.

    A year ago, many factions of Southeast Asia arrived at the Dragon Hall and demanded it to recall its agents from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The Dragon Hall refused their demands and a battle quickly ensued.

    The Dragon Hall had more than half a dozen Grandmasters in its headquarters and many more over the entire Southeast Asia. Therefore, it was not afraid of fighting back.

    However, the involvement of the King of Gong Tau had changed everything. He had pulled the rug from under the Dragon Hall by killing one of its most powerful Super Overlords. It didn’t end there, the head priest from the Temple of Sea God in Indonesia also summoned a deadly tsunami upon the Dragon Hall’s military base, significantly weakening the Dragon Hall’s forces.

    “Damn that Daxin and Sohabi!”

    Xie Yan growled after he learned what had happened.

    The anger in his voice sent a chill into the members of the Hacking Blade.

    “Who are those two men?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    Chen Fan was from China, so he was not sure of the situation in Southeast Asia.

    “The King of Gong Tau was Daxin, and he is the uncle of the current ruling monarch of Thailand. He is an accomplished Gong Tau master and was considered the guardian of the Thailand Royal family. Without him, the royal family would have already perished under the British colonial rule.”

    Xie Yan explained.

    “Sohabi is a priest from Indonesia, a self-acclaimed prophet of the Sea God. I fought him many years ago when I retreated from China to Southeast Asia and had brought him to his knees. I had never thought that he would walk back on the trucewe had both signed.”

    “Is it normal? He abides by the pact when you are alive, but as soon as he learned that you are dead, the pact is nothing but a piece of paper.” Chen Fan shook his head. “I was gone for a year a half, but so many Immortal State Warriors had surfaced into this world already.”

    Chen Fan had no idea that it was his victory against three Immortal State Warriors that had rendered the other Immortal State Warriors restless.

    “What happened after that?”

    Chen Fan asked curiously.

    The Dragon Hall was a mighty faction and could hold out against the combined force of all the other Southeast Asian factions. However, the involvement of the two Immortal State Warriors had tipped the balance of the battle. The fate of the Dragon Hall was hanging by a thread, and not even the Singapore military’s involvement could save them since the other factions also had the militaries of their countries at their disposal.

    The end result of all that was the complete retreat of the Dragon Hall from South-Eastern Asia back to Singapore.

    “You should be safe in Singapore with the military’s protection, so why would you listen to Leng Jianfeng? Who is that ‘Lord’ mentioned by Leng Jianfeng?”

    Xie Yan asked coldly.

    The captain of the Hacking Blade dropped to his knees and explained.

    “As we got hammered by our opponents, someone named Wu Guanchao came to the headquarters. He is an Immortal State Warriors and also Chinese. He told us that he could protect us from King of Gong Tau and the Priest of the Sea God if we surrender to him.”

    “The Wu family was the first to support the proposal, then the rest of the four families followed. Lord Wu Guanchao then became the de facto master of the Dragon Hall.”

    The captain of the Hacking Blades shook uncontrollably as he spoke.

    Xie Jintang started to weep.

    “Wu Guanchao demanded complete obedience from everyone. My family lord spoke out against him and was killed on the spot. He said the death was to avenge the harm you have done to him. Afterward, he had turned the Xie Family into a bloodbath. Only me and a few others had survived the slaughter. Please, Ancestral Patriarch, please help us!”

    Xie Jintang kowtowed fervently.

    Chen Fan shook his head as he listened.

    He reckoned that the Dragon Hall did not have a choice. While under the attack of two Immortal State Warriors, they desperately needed new protection. However, Chen Fan was surprised by the little resistance the Dragon Hall’s four families had put up.

    “Wu Guanchao… It’s HIM!”

    A dark light came up in Xie Yan’s eyes.

    “Do you know him?”

    Chen Fan asked curiously.

    “He used to be the most powerful man in Southeast Asia, a brilliant general from the Wu family. The Wu family used to be one of the three greatest families of the Malacca Strait. Wu Guanchao had challenged me when I first arrived in Southeast Asia, but he was defeated by me. He had disappeared since then and the Wu family then became one of my most loyal subjects. But I had never thought that he would appear at this moment to slaughter my kin.”

    Xie Yan said with a cold smirk on his face.

    “No wonder the Wu family capitulated to him so quickly. But…”

    Confusion flashed across Xie Yan’s face.

    “When I fought him sixty years ago, Wu Guanchao had only reached the peak of Transcendent State. I had never expected him to have reached the Immortal State in just sixty years. Something’s not quite right. Plus, why didn’t the Lee Family and the Guo Family put up any resistance? I think he had been planning this for many years.”

    The thought brought a solemn expression onto Xie Yan’s face.

    Daxin, Sohabi and Wu Guanchao were all Immortal State Warriors. Even though Xie Yan’s cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds while he stayed in the valley, he was not confident that he could have warded off the combined might of all three of them.

    “Don’t worry, I will help out. I don’t have any pressing matters right now anyway.”

    Chen Fan said.

    “Thank you, Sect master!”

    Xie Yan’s face bloomed and he bowed to Chen Fan.

    Xie Yan might not be able to handle three Immortal State Warriors at the same time, but Chen Fan could easily wipe out the Immortal State Warriors if he wanted to. Having spent a year and a half alongside Chen Fan, Xie Yan knew that Chen Fan was invincible against anyone who was not an Earth Level Deity.

    After clearing a few more questions with the members of the Hacking Blade, Xie Yan snorted and said.

    “As soldiers, it is your duty to obey your orders, so I will spare your life for now. I will give you an opportunity to redeem yourself. Don’t fail me again, or else, death is your only option.”

    “Thank you, Dragon Lord! We will not let you down.”

    The members of the hacking blade were elated and they hurried to kowtow to Xie Yan.

    Huang Jin and the others had shriveled up in a corner, scarcely daring to make any sound.

    Neither Chen Fan nor Xie Yan cared to pay any attention to him or the other rich heirs of Malaysia. They were cannon fodder.

    “Sect master, what should we do next?”

    Xie Yan asked.

    “Let’s head to Singapore to meet with our guest. We have to be careful not to disturb Wu Guanchao. We can’t let him run away before we get to him.”

    Chen Fan said.

    Xie Yan reckoned that Chen Fan’s words had hit the mark.

    An Immortal State Warrior out in the open was not nearly as deadly as one lurking in the shadows. That was why Chen Fan insisted on killing the Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect during the battle at the Valley of No Return.

    Xie Family ordered the Hacking Blades to cordon off the entire Xie Family residence and confiscate everyone’s telecommunication devices. Huang Jin and Guo Nuannuan had to remain in the residence until the mutiny was handled.

    Everyone knew Wu Guanchao’s days were numbers once they saw Chen Fan and Xie Yan were back. However powerful Wu Guanchao was, he was no match against the mighty Chen Beixuan.

    “Mr. Chen, can you bring me with you? My father is in Singapore as well and I worry for him.” Guo Nuannuan came to Chen Fan and pleaded.

    “Why should I?”

    Chen Fan gave the cold and aloof princess a sidelong glance.

    “I…” Guo Nuannuan gritted her teeth and swallowed down her pride. “I beg you.. please.”

    Guo Nuannuan had never begged anyone for anything and those words tasted bitter and sour in her mouth now.

    “Stay here and don’t go anywhere.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and started off.

    Guo Nuannuan’s face changed colors and suddenly, she shouted at the top of her lungs.

    “Chen Beixuan, I have a private jet at the city of Pontianak. I can give you a ride so that you will not alert the Wu family.”

    “A private plane?”

    Chen Fan and Xie Yan paused and then looked at each other.

    If they could fly to Singapore directly, they could easily evade the Dragon Hall’s checkpoints at public airports portals. Plus, private planes can be boarded at any time, so that they don’t have to worry about a flight delay.

    “She is right, Mr. Chen. The plane is under the Guo Family, I don’t think it would raise the Dragon Hall’s suspicions.”

    Xie Jintang said quietly.

    “Very well then ”

    Chen Fan nodded.

    He conceded that taking the private jet was indeed the most convenient and clandestine method to sneak into Singapore alerting Wu Guanchao. Once they landed in Singapore, the chance of Wu Guanchao escaping was zero.

    Seeing Chen Fan was persuaded, Guo Nuannuan’s face finally softened.

    As soon as they boarded Guo Family’s private jet, they flew directly toward the Malacca Strait.

    It wasn’t long before the jewel of the Malacca Strait, the city-state of Singapore appeared on the horizon.