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Chapter 521 - Meeting With an Acquaintance

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 521 Meeting With an Acquaintance

    “Sect Master, the Dragon Hall has a liaison in the City of Pontianak not far from here. Once we reach the branch of the Xie Family living in Pontianak, we should be able to get hold of Dragon Hall. Please, Sect master, allow me to be a good host.”

    “Fine, I will visit the Dragon Hall before I leave for China.”

    Chen Fan said.

    The entire southeastern Asia was in Dragon Hall’s tight control. It wouldn’t be too difficult for the Dragon Lord to acquire news about the Chen Family in China.

    Both of them had reached Divine Sea Level, so they could fly to their destination. Although they were not as fast as hypersonic jets, they were traveling at the same speed as that of a helicopter.

    The people of the Island of Borneo saw two glowing dots, one azure, and the other black, streaking across the sky. In less than three hours, they covered over a hundred kilometers and reached the City of Pontianak.

    Xie Yan led Chen Fan to the branch of the Dragon Hall located on the outskirts of the Pontianak. However, before they were through the entrance, they heard intense commotions inside the residence.

    “Uh? I register a very familiar presence. Is that Guo Nuannuan?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback.

    Meanwhile, inside the Dragon Hall’s branch…


    Two shadowy figures exchanged blows.

    They both backed away as soon as they delivered their strikes. One of them was a middle-aged man. He was winded by the attack. He covered his chest with one hand to hold back the pain as blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth. He was Guo Nuannuan’s bodyguard, Uncle Xie.

    His opponent was a handsome young man and he was throwing himself at the middle-aged man again.


    Guo Nuannuan screamed at the top of her lungs.

    The handsome young man paused as a playful smirk surfaced on his face. “Have you changed your mind?”

    “Over my dead body! I will never go back with you, Leng Tong!”

    Guo Nuannuan hissed.

    She then scanned the rich heirs standing behind Leng Tong. The sight of one of them took the wind out of her sails.

    “Huang Jin, are you on his side as well?”

    A flicker of shame flashed in Huang Jin’s eyes. However, he was not in the position to defy the Leng Family. He swallowed a wad of spit and said: “Sister Guo, you and Brother Leng are engaged. Even your dad agreed to it. Why do you bail on him?”

    “Humph! My dad agreed to the engagement because that’s his only option. They threatened to strip him of his property and inheritance rights. Plus, what does my dad’s opinion have anything to do with my life?”

    Guo Nuannuan snorted and said coldly.

    “Leng Tong, you will never get what you want! I have misplaced my trust in you because I was stupid enough to believe that you are a decent person. Little did I know that you are the worst, the most despicable scumbag that ever existed!”

    Leng Jianfeng was the heir of the Grandmaster Leng Jianfeng.

    He used to be one of Guo Nuannuan’s admirers, but for some reason, he resorted to violence to get what he wanted.

    “Yuanyuan, you are wrong. We didn’t force your dad, he promised you to me willingly.”

    Leng Tong folded his arms across his chest and gave the girl a smug smirk. “Otherwise, we would never find you here inside the Xie Family’s residence, don’t you think?”


    Guo Nuannuan’s face paled and gaped at the young man incredulously.

    “Guo Nuannuan, your family is not as powerful as it used to be. Am I right?” Leng Tong cracked a cold smile and continued.

    “The Guo Family was one of the four great clans of the Dragon Hall. However, with the Dragon Lord’s dead body lying inside the Valley of No Return, and the Dragon Hall on the verge of collapsing, the Guo Family’s influence was diminished. Your dad is a smart man to seek the Leng family as his benefactor before his enemies pick his bones clean. ”

    Life ebbed away from Guo Nuannuan’s face as Leng Tong went on.

    “Bullshit! The Dragon Lord is not dead!”

    Uncle Xie covered his chest and struggled to squeeze a few words from his mouth.

    “Hehe, bullshit you said?”

    Leng Tong let out a peal of laughter.

    “We saw the Dragon Lord enter the Valley of No Return with our own eyes, and he had been in there for a year and a half now. He was either killed by Chen Beixuan or by the elements.”

    Leng Tong’s words stupified Guo Nuannuan and Uncle Xie. Despair and hopelessness crept onto their faces.

    Huang Jin heaved a sigh and said: “Sister Guo, the world has changed. Without the Dragon Lord, the Dragon Hall members are rudderless and powerless. Brother Leng Tong’s father is one of the most powerful Grandmasters in Southeast Asia, so he is our best option right now.”

    Guo Nuannuan lowered her head in silence. She bit on her lower lip as she strengthened her resolve.

    “Nuannuan, I promise that if you marry me, I will guarantee your family’s safety. Even the new leader of Dragon Hall would have to rely on my father to lord over his territory.”

    Leng Tong’s face softened a little and tried to placate the girl.

    Uncle Xie pressed on his chest as his face grew increasingly solemn.

    Leng Tong was still young but he was already much more powerful than Uncle Xie. He had also brought a few cronies with him and all of them had reached the phenomenal success of Internal Force cultivation. They were all in black outfits and carried large broadswords on their backs. Uncle Xie wagered that they were members of the Dragon Hall’s elite unit, the “Hacking Blades.” He conceded that the chance of defeating these powerful foes was very slime.

    “It’s a good day to die for me, but Lady Guo must escape here.”

    With that thought in mind, Uncle Xie drew a deep breath as determination and resolve glowed in his eyes.

    Suddenly, a voice drifted in from outside.

    “Who told you that I am dead inside the Valley of No Return?”

    The voice startled everyone. They looked toward the entrance and saw a young Chinese man ambled into the residence linking hands behind his back. Behind him was a scholarly looking man in the azure outfit.

    The sight caught everyone off guard

    “Chen Beixuan, and Dragon Lord? Are you both dead?”

    Huang Jin stammered.

    Guo Nuannuan covered her mouth in disbelief as an exhilarating sensation gripped her heart.

    Fear contorted Leng Tong’s face while Uncle Xie struggled to kneel and kowtowed in near ecstasy. Tears welled in his eyes as he said: “It’s so nice to see you again, Ancestral Patriarch. God bless the Dragon Hall!”

    “You may rise.”

    Xie Yan said readily.

    His impassive expression intensified the mood in the air. Everyone felt their hearts were caught in their throats and dared not to make any sudden moves. The Dragon Lord could easily kill anyone of them with ease, so they better stay put.

    “Xie Yan, looks like you got into more trouble than me.”

    Chen Fan was seemingly light-hearted by the situation. He scanned the group of men in black outfits and noticed that their shirts bore the Dragon Hall’s emblem. However, these warriors of the Dragon Hall were standing behind Leng Tong, opposite of the Dragon Lord.

    “Sect Master, I apologize for this… farce.”

    Xie Yan’s face flushed red with embarrassment. He bowed to Chen Fan and said with great respect: “Please allow me to end this nonsense.”

    “Knock yourself out. You are the Sect Guardian so that means the Dragon Hall is also part of the North Qiong Sect now. If I see anything I don’t like, I will intervene as well.” Chen Fan said lightly as he linked his hands behind his back.

    Xie Yan nodded and stepped forward to cast an icy glare at the group of men before him.

    The group of fighters suddenly felt a bone biting chill down their spines and. Xie Yan had cast out his Soul Energy at them, outright paralyzing these warriors.

    “What is going on? I thought the Dragon Lord and Chen Beixuan were at each other’s odds. But it seemed that the Dragon Lord is under Chen Beixuan’s service now?”

    Guo Nuannuan was confused by the turn of events.


    Before Xie Yan did anything to the group of fighters, they had all dropped to their knees to beg for their lives in shaky voices.

    “Please forgive me, Dragon Lord. Please!”

    Most of the Dragon Hall members had never seen Dragon Lord in person, but by then, they had all guessed that the man in black was the all mighty Dragon Lord.

    “Your father, Leng Jianfeng also serves the Dragon Hall. Your ancestor had sworn his loyalty to me in person. So explain to me why are you attacking the Xie Family residence and taking advantage of your sect brothers and sisters?”

    Xie Yan asked slowly.


    Words caught in Leng Tong’s throat.

    “You have attacked my family and betrayed the Dragon Hall. You will get what you deserve!”

    Before anyone realized what the Dragon Lord meant, a dark light shot out from behind Xie Yan and plunged into Leng Tong’s neck.

    With a heavy thud, the heir of the Malaysian Grandmaster was decapitated on the spot. An incredulous expression was frozen on his face even in death.

    Leng Tong’s cronies were all shaken to their cores by the development. Leng Tong was the son of a Grandmaster and a powerful Internal Force user in his own right. However, he was killed by Xie Yan without even giving him a chance to explain himself.

    Guo Nuannuan and Xie Jintang were both relieved after seeing the death of the young man.


    The rest of the Dragon Hall fighters kowtowed to the Dragon Lord and pleaded: “Please don’t kill us. We are just following the Leng Family’s orders.”

    “Humph! The Hacking Blades are the elite force that are loyal only to the Hall Master. Since when did you take orders from Leng Jianfeng?” Xie Yan snorted.

    By then, Chen Fan finally noticed that the huge blades strapped on these warriors back. He wagered that the Hacking Blades was an elite force in the Dragon Hall similar to the Dark Moon of the Hong Sect.


    The Dragon Hall Warriors looked at each other in fear without answering the question.

    Leng Jianfeng was never close to the center of the Dragon Hall’s power. The governing body of the Dragon Hall was the council of the four clans. Without a unanimous decision of the four clans, no one could order the Hacking Blades to do their bidding.

    “Tell me what happened while I was away.”

    Xie Yan said calmly.


    The warriors had no choice but to fill him in on the details.