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Chapter 518 - Red Flame Spirit Pills

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 518 Red Flame Spirit Pills

    North Qiong Sect was a side project of Chen Fan which he intended to use to protect his family. However, the sect had become the focus point of the world.

    When people learned that Hua Yunfeng had become one of Chen Fan’s disciples in the North Qiong Sect, they were shocked.

    By now, the North Qiong Sect had two Immortal State Warriors and has become much more powerful than the Lin Family of Southeastern China.

    Some rumors even said that without Chen Beixuan’s help, Hua Yunfeng would never have been able to enter the Immortal State. Although this news was quickly brushed away by many people, the fear it evoked lingered.


    Right after the unknown Immortal State Warrior attempted and failed to enter the Chen Family, the Fire Snake Lord was killed by a girl in a white outfit in Indonesia. Even though the Fire Snake Lord had lost his pet monster during the fight against Chen Fan, he was still considered one of the most powerful Gong Tau masters. However, the girl in the white outfit had killed him in just one stroke.

    People in Indonesia were set on their heels.

    As more details about the fight slowly came to light, people learned that the girl was called Yukishiro Sa, and she was Chen Beixuan’s servant girl. She killed Lin Puojun in Zhong Hai. In addition, she was also the family lord of the Yukishiro Family in Japan.

    The underground world sizzled with excitement as soon as they heard the news.

    “How’s that possible? She is only twenty years old.”

    Someone asked incredulously.

    She had become a Kendo Grandmaster at an unprecedented young age of twenty. Even Erika hadn’t become a Grandmaster until she was thirty-five. Some people claimed that the publisher of the Heaven roll had already started to consider enlisting her onto the list.

    However, this was only the start of a whole slew of events.

    Another girl named A’Xiu from the Yin Ghost Sect of Zhong Zhou had arrived at the doorstep of the Tai Chi sect and defeated its sect master Chen Jiuyang.

    The fight had earned her the thirteenth spot on the Heaven roll.

    Rumor had it that the girl was Chen Beixuan’s senior disciple and even Hua Yunfeng had to address her as the Senior Martial Sister. Soon after that, the Yin Ghost Sect claimed that they will also join the North Mystic Sect.

    A few days later, news arrived from the Southwestern corner of China saying that the Medicine God Valley Sect had also joined the North Qiong Sect and became the Elixir Brewing Chapter.

    The Chapter leader was a girl named Zhou Jin Yi. She not only possessed otherworldly elixir brewing skills, but she also was the only female Perfected Cultivator in the world.

    However, this was not the most shocking news yet.

    The Dark Witch Sect in Myanmar had also announced to the world that they would join the North Qiong Sect and became the Dark Witch Chapter. They would lord over Southeast Asia from Myanmar in Chen Fan’s stead. This development had pulled the rug from under everyone.

    Everyone knew that the Dark Witch Sect was an influential sect no less powerful than the Hong Sect or the Dragon Hall. They presided over Myanmar for decades and had the Myanmar government on a tight leash. The sect had over a hundred disciples and four Perfected Cultivators. Yet, however powerful it was, it had also capitulated to the North Qiong Sect.

    The current sect master of the Dark Witch Sect was also a girl with extraordinary beauty.

    “Chen Beixuan must be a pervert. All of his servants and disciples are drop-dead gorgeous.”

    Someone put in bitterly.

    However, most people were so shaken by the development that they simply missed these subtle details.

    After a few weeks, the North Qiong Sect surfaced to the public’s attention, it’s rank had already swelled tremendously. It had one Immortal State Warrior, two Grandmasters on the Heaven roll, and seven Perfected Cultivators. It’s three chapters dominated three provinces or regions and it quickly outshined the fame of the Hong Sect and the Lin Family.

    That didn’t even include the most powerful Immortal State Warrior, the living legend, Chen Beixuan.

    The name of North Qiong quickly caught the attention of all nations in the world.

    The rise of the North Qiong sect had deterred those who wished to strike at the Chen Family while Chen Fan was absent. Two Immortal State Warriors had tried and failed so far, so no one in their right mind would test the Chen Family again.

    As the world changed and the balance of power was broken and restored, Chen Fan was sitting inside the Cave Abode with his legs folded. Before him was a large Tripod Cauldron. Images of primordial beasts such as the Tao Tie, Jiu Yin, and the Jun Ni were carved all over the Tripod Cauldron. The Tripod Cauldron was made out of a hunk of ancient bronze, therefore, its metallic surface had a mysterious luster that seemed to hold the key to many untold secrets of the ancients.

    This Tripod Cauldron was the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron, one of the seven Magus Artifacts. The other six Magus Artifacts were broken by Chen Fan during the fight, but Chen Fan had purposefully preserved the Tripod Cauldron after realizing it’s an extraordinary utility for elixir brewing.


    While the giant Tripod Cauldron floated in the air, a dark flame erupted under its belly.

    The source of the dark flame was a small pile of black crystals. From time to time, a crystal would erupt into flame, keeping the fire going.

    Xie Yan would then fish out the consumed crystal from the pile and replace it with a new one. He kept a watchful eye on the intensity of the flame. If the fire was getting too hot, he would start to cool the air turn it down a notch. The Dragon Lord turned out to be a fairly capable fire keeper.

    “These Black Fire Crystals had been burning under the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron for eighty-one days, the elixirs should be completed any time now.”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gazed into the cauldron.

    There were Fire fruits, rainbow lotus, silver grain grass just to name a few.

    These herbs were the Exalted Cultivator’s prized collections and it would take Chen Fan at least ten years to get half of them. Therefore, Chen Fan had only one shot at making these elixirs, if this batch was spoiled, he would have to wait for another decade.


    Suddenly, the Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron shivered and Xie Yan exclaimed at the top of his lungs “MASTER!”

    “The pill!”

    Chen Fan remained calm and started an art steadily.


    The Earth Magus Tripod Cauldron shook more violently, almost pitching the lip off its top. There seemed to be great energy inside the belly of the cauldron that struggled to get out.

    “Master, what is going on?”

    Xie Yan asked incredulously.

    He had seen how elixirs were made many times, but none looked like this. It was as if they had trapped the Monkey King inside the Cauldron to turn him into a pill, but the mighty monkey was not having any of it.

    “Easy now. Remember that we are making a superior-grade Spirit Pill, not just any ordinary elixirs.”

    Chen Fan started an art to exert more control over the cauldron.

    “These herbs had absorbed so much Spirit Qi that they were near sentient. Turning them into elixirs would distort the balance of nature. That is why some Golden Core Immortals would have to deal with Heavenly Tribulation after they created powerful elixirs. As for even more powerful herbs, such as the Immortal herb, Divine Herb or Sage Herbs, they could even transform into the shape of a human and live thousands of years.”


    Xie Yan was stunned by the revelation.

    He had never thought that there was so much more about elixir brewing that he simply didn’t know.

    He had lived over a hundred years, but never once did he learn any of what Chen Fan had just told him. It reinforced his belief that Chen Fan was not a twenty year old man.

    “It’s a shame that I am only powerful enough to create superior-grade spirit pills. I wouldn’t even start to attempt to make the Treasure Pills, Divine Pills or the Sacred Pills”

    Chen Fan shook his head.


    Suddenly, a puff of energy shot out from the Tripod Cauldron and blew the lid off. A ray of iridescent light flew out from the cauldron and attempted to escape the cave.

    “Easy, easy!”

    Chen Fan let out a peal of laughter and unleashed a pulse of energy.

    The energy reined in the rough light and brought it back to Chen Fan.

    “One, two, three… Ha! Terrific! I thought I could make six pills at most, but there are nine here.”

    Chen Fan said as he beamed from side to side.

    He quickly put away these pills inside the gourd. This gourd was also a Connate Spirit Artifact, so the longer those pills were kept in there, the more potent their effect would get.

    “Master, what kind of elixirs are those?”

    Seeing Chen Fan’s excitement, Xie Yan hazarded.

    “These are called the Red Flame Spirit Pills. It was one of the most effective Spirit Pills.” Chen Fan replied readily.

    “How is it different from the normal elixirs we use?”

    Xie Yan asked cautiously.

    “Haha, you mean those mud pellets you eat? Those are not elixirs.” Chen Fan snorted derisively.

    “Real Spirit Pills required thousand-year-old materials. A good example is the Essence Enhancing Pill and the Essence Gathering Pill. However, those two are inferior-grade Spirit Pills. In order to create higher grade pills, you not only need more precious and potent raw materials but also extremely stringent procedures and required a Divine Sea Level cultivator to perform. One of these pills could make a Transcendent State Grandmaster out of ordinary people instantly.”


    Xie Yan was stunned.

    One of these pills could make ordinary people into a Grandmaster? That’s unbelievably powerful!

    “Hehe, but those are just mid-grade Spirit Pills. The creation of superior-grade Spirit Pills is even more difficult. It requires more powerful materials and perfect conditions during the entire brewing process. They are much more potent than the mid-grade stuff as well.”

    Chen Fan continued. “All you need to know about the superior-grade spirit pills was that one pill was enough to turn an ordinary mortal into an Immortal State Warrior.”


    Xie Yan was floored.

    The revelation had utterly astonished the hundred-year-old Dragon Lord.

    Immortal State Warriors were so rare that there were only a couple of them on each continent. If what Chen Fan said was true, then the nine pills he was holding could mean the addition of nine more Immortal State Warriors in the world.

    The thought had drained color from Xie Yan’s face.


    Chen Fan shook his head.

    So powerful were the real Superior-grade Spirit Pills that using it to turn a mortal into Immortal State Warriors was practically a waste. In theory, it required the power of a Connate Cultivator to make these spills, but Chen Fan had pulled it off at Divine Sea level thanks to his immense knowledge of his past life. However, these pills were only half as strong as they should be.

    “It was a success nonetheless and my labor over the three months was not wasted. With these Red Flame Spirit Pills, I can finally put some of my earlier plans into action.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself as his eyes glinted.