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Chapter 514 - The Most Powerful Immortal State Warrior

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 514 The Most Powerful Immortal State Warrior

    The Lin Family’s Immortal State Warrior was dead!

    The Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect had escaped death by forsaking his mortal coil.

    The Dragon Lord was forced into a corner and chose to head into the Valley of No Return as a last-ditch effort to save himself. Chen Fan had followed him into the valley, and by now, no one knew if he was still alive or not.

    The fall of the three Immortal State Warriors had stunned everyone, even the top dogs in powerful nations such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

    Even the superpowers such as the United States of America or the Soviets had to use weapons of mass destruction and the lives of thousands of soldiers in exchange for the life of a single Immortal State Warrior. However, Chen Fan had easily done away with three Immortal State Warriors. Did that mean Chen Fan was already more powerful than any Immortal State Warriors in the world?

    What made this battle so special was the precious footage shot by the drones.

    The CIA had gotten this footage only a few minutes after it was shot.

    Once the contents of the footage was revealed, even the American Military was shocked.

    “Chen Beixuan’s power far exceeded our estimate, so it seems. We need to treat Chen Beixuan as a special case and pinpoint his exact degree of threat.”

    A general from the Pentagon issued an order.

    “I need all the brains from MIT and Stanford. Give them access to the supercomputers and a high level of clearance to analyze this footage frame by frame. I need to know if we should act now and kill him with an N-bomb.”

    Once the order was issued, the American Tech Machine was quickly put to use.

    Renowned professors and experts were sent to a base in the American West Coast to investigate Chen Fan’s case.

    The same thing happened all over the world, as Chen Fan’s conspicuous display of power had finally caught the powerful nation’s attention.

    Meanwhile, inside Kunlun’s base…

    Director Xiao heaved a sigh after he had gotten the latest news.

    “What a trouble maker!”

    Director Xiao was rendered speechless by Chen Fan’s audacity and ability. The Hong Sect, Dragon Hall and the Lin Family were the prime targets of the Special Case Departments for decades, but so far, they had failed to bring them to justice. However, Chen Fan had brought them to heel so effortlessly that it was as if it was child’s play.

    “Lin Langya’s death is a huge blow to the Lin Family. Lin Shuming is nearing the end of his life so I don’t think the Lin Family is as big of a threat as it used to be.”

    Black Tortoise calculated calmly.

    Everyone nodded in agreement.

    Lin Shuming was the oldest Immortal State Warrior and by now he must be over a hundred and fifty years old. If he takes the risk and gets involved in the fight, he might lose his last chance of reaching Earth Level Deity.

    “As for Hong Sect, the Ancestral Patriarch was significantly weakened since he had lost his body.”

    Black Tortoise went on.

    Although the Immortal State Warriors could survive as Divine Souls, their power without their corporeal forms was significantly reduced. Therefore, he would become much less of a threat than he’d been.

    “As for the Dragon Lord, I don’t think he could survive the ordeal either. So our biggest threat right now is Chen Beixuan.”

    Black Tortoise said.

    Hearing the words being spoken out loud made everyone feel a heaviness in their chests.

    While the Dragon Hall, Lin Family, and the Hong Sect were Special Case Departments’ prime targets, they needed Chen Fan’s support to deal with the ever-mounting threat. However, once the old threats were dealt with, a new and unexpected target had arisen.

    The thought of Chen Fan defeating three Immortal State Warriors in one fight terrified everyone.

    Even Ye Qincang could hardly pull it off.

    “General Chen is a Chinese citizen and has an amicable relationship with Kunlun and the military. He has done our nation a great service, and that is it. No more talk of that nonsense.”

    After a long pause, Director Xiao said firmly.


    Everyone lowered their heads and replied.

    Meanwhile, in southeastern China, the entire Lin Family was stunned by the news.

    Some people said that they had seen a white light that flew up into the sky but came back to the Lin Family’s residence before it went too far. The members of the Lin Family lined up before the Ancestral Shrines and heard waves of long and saddened sighs.

    Ever since then, the Lin Family of Southeastern China had retreated to their traditional territory and grew increasingly silent..

    As for Hong Sect, they closed many branches all over the world and disappeared. Someone claimed that they saw a crimson shadow that rose from the east and flew into the Island where the Hong Sect’s headquarters were.

    The entire Dark World was silent for a long while.

    Overlords from all over the world: Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, all became silent.

    Many had believed that Chen Fan’s defeat of Oleg was fake news while some claimed that killing the Grand Magus God was not as incredible of a feat as it appeared to be. No one had voiced their question this time about Chen Fan’s supremacy status in the Dark World.

    “Is this for real?”

    After a while, someone finally broke the silence.

    “Many Overlords in South East Asia have seen the fight with their own eyes. The Singapore military also provided footage of the fight to all major nations. It is as real as it gets.”

    Someone else replied.

    “Not even a hundred years ago, when Immortal State Warriors freely roamed the earth had the world seen such terrifying power.” A wizened spell caster said wistfully.

    “Killing Transcendent State Grandmasters is one thing, killing Immortal State Warriors was another.”

    “These Curmudgeons lived over a hundred years and had many deadly spells and arts at their disposal. They could even live outside of their body. The difficulties in ending the life of an Immortal State Warrior was what kept them from fighting against each other directly. However, the old rules were about to be rewritten after Chen Beixuan entered the picture.”

    By then, the CIA’s private forum was already filled with heated debates.

    “He had defeated three Immortal State Warriors! This is unprecedented. Chen Beixuan must be the most powerful Immortal State Warrior in the world!”

    Someone posted on the forum.

    “Chen Beixuan’s achievement was on par with Lin Shuming’s victory over Watanabe or Ye Qincang’s rise to power. It was obvious that Chen Beixuan deserves at least the third spot on the old Divine Roll.”

    “Neither Ye Qincang nor Lin Shuming could compare with Chen Beixuan. Not even the top contenders for the number one spot of the Divine Roll could have done what he had just achieved.

    Someone posted a different opinion right away.

    The two posts were just the tip of an iceberg as many more opinionated comments poured in.

    Some claimed that Chen Fan was stronger than anyone else and backed their claims with facts. After all, Ye Qincang had only killed one Immortal State Warriors: the Ancestral Patriarch of the Green Gang, while Chen Fan had done away with three.

    The opposing size quickly responded with another post, stating that since Ye Qincang had survived the combined might of seven Immortal State Warriors, he was undoubtedly tougher. Plus, that happened fifty years ago, and Ye Qincang surely had grown even stronger since then.

    Even as everyone deliberated with each other with no consensus in sight, a pinned post caught everyone’s attention.

    “Don’t waste time discussing the pointless subject. Did any of you think about the implication of the fight to the world we live in?”

    Everyone who saw the post stopped arguing and waited patiently for the update.

    The ID of the pinned post was The Observer.

    The Observer had accurately pinpointed Chen Fan’s abilities many times, and by now, he had become the authority on any matter related to Chen Fan. Even many powerful national intelligence agents heeded his opinions.

    “Sir, what do you mean by that?”

    Someone replied.

    “A hundred years ago, Immortal State Warriors could not only roam the world freely but also make or break a nation on a whim. However, even the most powerful one of them, such as Ye Qincang had only killed one Immortal State Warriors at a time.”

    The Observer continued.

    “Compare that to our situation at hand, we can easily see the drastic uptick in the death toll. Chen Beixuan had killed Galdan and then the Grand Magus God. Now he has done away with Lin Langya, Ancestral Patriarch of Hong Sect and possibly the Dragon Lord. That is five Immortal State Warriors in total.”

    The observers’ revelation had made everyone let out a gasp of cold air.

    They were so blind-sighted by Chen Fan’s unimaginable victory that they forgot that he had already killed five Immortal State Warriors. This was unprecedented even among Immortal State Warriors.

    “The latest battle had proven that Chen Beixuan could easily crush any Immortal State Warrior. I don’t even think any Immortal State Warrior had a chance of escaping their death in a fight against him. That is what kept me awake at night.”

    The tone of Observer’s comments then took a slight turn as he wrote.

    “Each Immortal State Warrior was no less powerful than a small nation. These Immortal State Warriors were also allied with each other one way or another, so a full-on war among Immortal State Warriors was rare. Plus, not even Ye Qincang or Lin Shuming could guarantee to slay other Immortal State Warriors. That puts Chen Beixuan under the spotlight as the perhaps the deadliest Immortal State Warrior ”

    “His dominance over the other Immortal State Warriors were similar to that of the superpowers of the world over the rest of the counties. Their nuclear capability and military might mean they could crush any nation just as Chen Fan would to any Immortal State Warrior.”

    “He is the king of Immortal State Warriors. There is no doubt about that!”

    The Observer paused a moment and then announced: “That’s it! We should list Chen Beixuan as the King of Immortal State Warriors!”

    “King of Immortal State Warriors!”

    The Observer’s last comment took everyone’s breath away

    On this day, Chen Fan was being officially recognized as someone who had reached beyond the Immortal State. He wielded the same amount of authority, if not more, than a major superpower in the world.